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Obama: Unemployment Benefits Will Create More Jobs Than Keystone Pipeline

Saturday, December 10, 2011


That’s another lie. The Keystone creates pipeline 20,000 jobs immediately up to a half a million. Unemployment benefits create jobs? (laughing) Think of that. Unemployment benefits create jobs. What was it that Pelosi said the return was? For every dollar spent on unemployment benefits, the economy grows by a buck and a half or two dollars or whatever? I mean, it’s absurd. It’s literally absurd. Unemployment benefits? Where are all the jobs created? We’ve had the payroll tax holiday for a year. There aren’t any new jobs being created.

The unemployment number is getting smaller because the universe of jobs is if we go to smaller. They’re just simply shrinking it. But I mean the answer to this is, “Mr. President, do both! If you’re focused like a laser on jobs, do both. What is this straw man you continue to construct? What is this either on? Why not do both! We need jobs; you say you’re laser focused on jobs; you understand people want to work. Why not do both, Mr. President?” and it’s like I said yesterday, the pipeline project brings campaign contributions from both sides of the issue: The environmentalist wackos and the oil interests. They are both sending money to Obama hoping he decides in their favor. If he decides now, he cuts off half of that money — and everything he’s doing is about his reelection and nothing else.

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  • nvrpc

    Unemployment creates lazy people eho have no incentive to get off their auss-ess to find work regardless of what it is. Of course this is Obama goal, a welfare nation supported by the RICH..

    • Linda

      As someone who received unemployment benefits, off and on, for over a year I resent that remark, nvrpc. I lost my job in August, 2010, because my employer couldn’t be bothered to take the time to investigate a complaint that had been filed against me by a co-worker who had it in for me. Because I had expenses that needed to be taken care of, I was forced to file for unemployment benefits until I found a job. I didn’t ENJOY having to file UI claims every week, but I had to if I wanted to pay for things like car insurance, gas, and groceries. Make no mistake, Oh-Ignorant-One: I worked my butt off to find a job. I filled out application after application, turned in resume’ after resume’, and went on one interview after the next. And I have a friend who experienced the same thing, only for much longer. We BOTH worked our tails off to find jobs so we wouldn’t have to rely on UI benefits. So please! Do us a favor, and stop making generalizations about people you don’t know.

    • UncleRoy1

      Linda there are exceptions to every rule – but generally all the free loades stay on the dole…… I know several who actually keep books on where and what to do to get benefits….

    • dave in houston

      Get over yourself, Linda. Good for you and your ethic. But there are more lazy bums than there are people like you. It is sad, but the one you called the ignorant one is not ignorant.

    • John H

      Tell me Linda…ever consider the military as a career? Millions have, and the ones who stayed, get free health care and a steady retirement check. And oh yes, those who are still in are getting a steady check too, though for some there are some dangers at the moment.

    • Bill Swindells

      Blah, Blah, Blah smallest violin, etc…

    • Dean

      Is this Obama guy for real??

    • Bruce

      Linda, you have my sympathies. Looking for work is hard.

      Basic economics tells us that the more you subsidize something, the more of it you’ll get. In this case, we’re paying people who aren’t working. That reduces the incentive to find work. It doesn’t mean that *you* weren’t looking for work. However, in general the easier it is not to work (unemployment insurance), the less incentive there is to find work resulting in fewer people being employed.

    • http://yahoo Mickey Davis

      Linda I thank GOD that this Country has programs set up for its citizens,when no fault of their own,hardships occur. What I am against is the many, many people that use the system because they can and are to dang lazy to work.I am against a belief system that encourages people not to work.

    • nvrpc

      Unemployment should be for 6 months only and after that you’re on your own. There are job in ND right now where they pay $85K a year for a truck driver and $15 an hour at McDonald, plus In-and Out Burger pays $13.oo an hour right here in CA.. Not the best money in the world but it will keep a roof over your head and out of the American tax payers pocket.. If you had a brain and looked around you you’d have figure it out that welfare is why we have 50 years + of the blacks and generation after generation of HOOD- lings on the dole. They will never go away until the spigot is turned off for good. Hope you find work soon but I still would have cut you off at 6 months.

    • Casper777

      nvrpc: Unemployment insurance and Welfare are two different subjects. If you have a job, then good and try to keep it. What most ’employed’ don’t realize is to qualify for State unemployment insurance, you have to make a weekly reports to the State documenting all employment contacts, names, addresses, method of contact, etc. And there is plenty of discrimination when you are seeking re-employment. If you are not working, you are discriminated. If you are 50+, you are discriminated, if your ‘security clearance’ goes inactive, you are discriminated.
      The problem is simply there are few to no jobs because they all have left America. We don’t manufacture what we consume. Just try to buy a Christmas present that is made in America, or an article of clothing, or electronics, or the computer that you are typing on.

    • Sahyan

      Caspar, you mean UI recipients actually have to check in *once a week*?! Oh, the inhumanity! Why, that’s practically *slavery*. Or, to put it differently….Big bloody deal. And yes, manufacturing is leaving the US, for much the same reason that Boeing just agreed to move its 737 contract out of (right to work state)SC; to with, too many regulations, too much union power, excessive taxation….You get the drift. Want to put us back on track? Boot Dear Leader, and vote conservative.

    • OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

      I sure you are well intentioned…but really, in California, $13/hr will keep a roof over your head and food in your mouth…not to mention your children… what have you been smoking…calculate it out and see how much $13/hr is per month… If and I do mean “if” a person is able to get a full time (40hr/wk) job at $13 an hour and you get about $2080 month. In California do you have any idea what the average one bedroom rental is per month…

    • nvrpc

      So you must be one of those idiots in the USA that think the min wage should be $25 an hour or maybe the government owes you a job, house, food, transportation, because you for f-ing hatched. Get a life clown. No one owes you the time a day and I’m not willing to allow this country into a socialist cesspool to see that no load get a dime to live from day to day on the American’s tax payer back..

    • Casper777

      I agree with you Linda. If nvrpc has a job, I hope he/she can hold onto it. I agree that it is obvious that Obama wants to take America down. The real unemployment rate is approaching 20%. Once a person ‘falls’ off of unemployment you are not counted as ‘unemployed’ anymore. If you loose your ‘small or family’ business, you are not counted at all. If you recently graduated and can’t find a job, you are not counted. 8.6% is a lie. Government lies, Obama lies, Democrats lie, the DNC lies.
      This Obama Administration has done nothing but kill American jobs and has been killing America’s energy independence – Halting off-shore and on-shore drilling, working against coal production, delaying this pipeline from Canada, etc. Need to eliminate the EPA, Dept of Energy, the Federal Dept of Education and this Administration – all useless.

    • wisdomcries

      That is correct about the reporting…I was self-employed and I couldn’t survive Obama’s “summer of recovery” so I had to close. My State would not give me unemployment benefits so folks like me aren’t counted among the unemployed.

    • nvrpc

      I can tell by your statement to have no idea what DOE does and if you truely do them you’re fool for even suggesting it. Better check real deep into this before you cut off your balls and then say opps…

    • dave

      I cannot believe your comment.What an idiot thing to say. Unemployment only breads laziness. Extending benefits only allows the sloths to contiue to play video games all day instead of work. I started out washing dishes then slowly worked my way to where I am today. Now obama and the liberals say I am part of the problem. I did not bust my ass for 30 years to give half of what I make to someone who says I should be more fair to them.No job take whatever you can and slowly work your way up the ladder like the majority of millionaires did. Amefrica is for the determined to succeed not the give me because I fell I deserve. That’s the way it was supposed to work and the free market allows it to continue……

    • Sahyan

      Linda, look at it this way. It is not the case that everybody on UI is a lazy leech. But it *is* the case that UI encourages those who *are* lazy leeches to wallow in their laziness, because they don’t have to *work* to get money. UI removes the incentive (the *necessity*)to work, so…the more UI the more leeches…and the longer they can continue to leech off the rest of us.

    • Wargi

      Well LINDA let’s look at you story: benefits, off and on, for over a year — so you had work some of the time and couldn’t get work or were you just too lazy to get the claim in on time??

      “I lost my job in August, 2010, because my employer couldn’t be bothered to take the time to investigate a complaint that had been filed against me by a co-worker who had it in for me.” – Everybody is after you?? Kind of fits a pattern doesn’t it.

      “I was forced to file for unemployment benefits until I found a job.” – Nobody forced you to file for it, but it is convenient that you didn’t have to plan ahead. Or if you really got a job now what are you complaining about. Maybe you deserved a better one where every one doesn’t have it in for you?

      “I didn’t ENJOY having to file UI claims every week” – really cuts in on the party time, and then the party made me forget time had passed and I forgot to submit another claim on time.

      “And I have a friend who experienced the same thing, only for much longer.” – My party buddy.

      Now if you were really sincere about getting a job you would not have been offended by nvrpc remarks and stated something like — “I was lucky the unemployment was available because it is helping me survive while I am searching. I wish I could find a job because I am embarrassed every time I go and put in my claim.”

    • Nellie CA

      You are right to feel that you are targeted as lazy. I have never had to file for unemployment and I have never been on Welfare. I had 4 kids, divorced and deaf. I always found a job. My kids didn’t get free lunches at school, no food stamps.
      I was blessed!
      There are lots of people that would rather not work and live off Welfare or unemployment,
      I believe in you! You are what makes America the country we should be, Obama wants us to be a Welfare country, He will turn us into a Cuba! GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY!

    • author5555

      Maybe Obama can explain now unemployment benefits creats jobs when those people are out of work? More fuzzy math dished out by this idiot and he was a Harvard professor. And the liberal retards called Bush an idiot.

    • Tired of the lies

      WHEN was Obama a Harvard Professor?? That’s one that I had not heard before.

    • gofigure

      I still haven’t seen proof that obummer is a Harvard grad.

    • Casper777

      Gofigure: Good point!

    • sid

      is that why generation of families, know only welfare???they were on welfare in the 60’s, and still now!!!

    • gofigure

      When Bill Clinton started to follow the Republicans advice this whole country got Way better. People got jobs and off welfare, they worked and were proud to be able to buy the things they and their families needed. Even a pizza every so ofter. They worked, had goals and were too tired to commit crimes. The crime rates dropped all over. And the benifits of working out weighed the consequences of crime. But here we go again down the tubes with obummer. Vote Anyone but obummer/democrap 2012.

    • Barbara Simpson listener

      The rich?Just who are they to begin with???????How much of them exist?There are only so much of them to begin with.Lets see Idiot Dumbo obummer is part of the rich in light he makes 400 large per year.Rush talked about on his show today how the pile of cow in the oval office has taken in more green from Wall Street then all of the GOP. candidates combined.He also talked about how old Mike”Krispy Kreme”Moore got on cnn and started raising holy hell about it.I do not see how the heck that by that paying people to stay on unemployment can create jobs but make people dependent/addicted on something other then themselves.Let us not forget that that idiot lying liberal in the oval office has never met a payroll,has never worked in private sector nor punched a time clock

    • http://msn Mike Stone Sr

      What a deranged thought process this commie has! I actually feel bad for there are some people, many of them socialists, lifetime welfare recipients and professional bums who never developed a work ethic or will ever feel the satisfaction of heading home after physically working for the sustenance I and my family need!

    • Rick Johnson

      300,000 just walked away and dropped out of the job market after almost TWO YEARS of unemployment benefits. Sure does look as if unemployment created a bunch of jobs. LOL

  • Adrian Vance

    Everything Obama says about employment is a lie. If you go to and input “A-15″ to the search routine you will get a chart that will include all the people out-of-work, including those who’s benefits have expired, line “U-6.” The real national unemployment rate is 15.6% Why are all media reporting it? Not even Fox!

    The Two Minute Conservative at for political analysis, science and humor. Daily on Kindle.

    • Jackie

      Adrian: Thanks for the info but I think you mean instead of and since these unemployment numbers come from our “government” I’d be willing to bet they are even higher than 15.6.

    • http://Facebook Que Dub

      You are wrong. The REAL Unemploy rate is 20% or more!!!!!!

    • sid

      when your unemployment ends, you’re considered, not looking for work!!!

    • nvrpc

      The socialist medias will not report anything that makes their messiah look like a bafoon or should I saw worthless p-o – sheet. It the same reason the editor of “aftershock” would not pint charter 13 however if you’d like to read it I scanned it and made it avaiable to all. Click on my name, page 2, chapter 13. The truth and reality can be found in this chapter. You’ve been warned. Please pass it along.

    • Johnsnare

      The media purposely hides the true unemployment rate to protect Obama. This empty suit has been a disaster since day one.When you have a Community Organizer as your Commander In chief, this is the result. What the hell does a Community Organizer actually do? He went to Harvard for that?

    • wisdomcries

      Also the Gov has manipulated how unemployment gets reported several times now. Just like inflation reporting, GDP reporting, poverty level reporting on and on.

      They just codify how they can distort reports and legally lie.

  • Bree

    “…. and everything he’s doing is about his reelection and nothing else”. Come on now, of course it is! Obama’s specialty is stump speaker and reality does not have the pizzazz of clever talking points.He is a clueless wonder and I wish he was an unemployed one too.

    • chali

      Just think of how many people would receive enough money for an annual salary from the money he spends on each of his vacations. He obviously likes what he sees in the mirror and has no trouble sleeping. It is hard to believe that a human can be that selfish and unconcerned about their fellow human being. As is his wife with her 22 personnel staff to do what? Tell her she is beautiful???

    • patriot2

      she’s sick,and ugly.

    • Myra

      Why are we allowing the Obama’s to spend money the way they are doing? The Democretes will go down as the party who ruined America. They act as if they are affraid of Obama. The Unions will ruin many States this year. They have already ruined our Schools. China says that they don’t feel sorry for Obama but that they feel sorry for the people stupid enough to put someone in office who has never even run a Burger King. We all need to Pray-Pray for God to save us. This man has ruined our country. Did you know that no one in Congress is covered under Obamacare. That’s right we the tax-payers will pay for good insurance for these crooks while we will have a hard time even getting to see a Doctor in the year 2013. Please speak up and fight back and help save our Healthcare. I lived in Canada and I remember how bad it was. We must get Obama out in 2012 and save our Healthcare!!

    • John

      She’s beautiful? I don’t think so. She bears a remarkable resemblance to a chimp with a rear like a forty-dollar mule.

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      Bree, he knows exactly what he is doing. He came here for Kenya an “Unknown Nobody” became the president of the USA with the intention of turning us to Muslim Islam people. How he did it is beyond my understanding, but he did it. He has worked perfectly and his job is about 70% done. He has pushed ungodly laws and has won 95% of the time on that score. HE KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING, DELIBERATELY, IT IS NOT BY ACCIDENT. If we don’t do something, drastic and soon we will no longer be a free USA.

    • John H

      Ever see that video, made while Obama was campaigning, where he was using a port mike and walking back and forth, about five feet in each direction, and talking to a crowd at some outdoor event? He was talking about the economy in that area, somewhere in the NE, and ALL OF A SUDDEN HIS MONITORS WENT DEAD. Suddenly, he went blank, started rambling, could not remember of what he was speaking and started making things up. Then, after a minute or two, he said…”Ooooooooh, I am sooooo tired. Is anyone else tired?” I have looked and looked for that video, which must have been ‘buried’ by the Democrats, cause it has never re-surfaced. That video proved to me right then and there that Obama was a phony, incapable of putting two words together to make a sentence. I wish more people could have seen that video, cause maybe the election results would have been different.

  • fliteking

    “Obama: Unemployment Benefits Will Create More Jobs Than Keystone Pipeline”

    Obama does not think Conservatives will believe this even for a minute. Knowing this he must be pointing the comment at Liberals.

    Translation for Liberal Trolls: Your President thinks you are stupid

    • Kathy

      For once, he is right!!

    • author5555

      Then Kathy, you are as stupid and dumb as Obama is. There is now way that is possible. What type of math did you take in school. Fuzzy math?

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      Yes Kathy, that is exactly why he is president of the USA and what is worse those who put him there, many of them do not know that they were played for fools.

    • Ron

      Is it the November election of 2012 yet??

    • UncleRoy1

      Hey Ron, the dems/libs are always voting early and often, why can’t we???

    • patriot2

      UncleRoy1 they have more cemetaries to recruit out of than we do!if obama gets in again……well.

    • Frank

      I’m one step of him, I know they’re stupid, and hi along with it.

    • Bob

      Obama is now convinced he will win the next election.

  • pacamomma

    Obama invented the saying, “stupid is as stupid does!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://google Leonard W. Giddens

    Worst thing that has ever happened to our nation, the election of a muslim president for the United States. He needs to be impeached so all of his bogus appointees and laws can be overturned pronto.

    • C. Allen Doudna

      But then Joe Biden would be President.

    • UncleRoy1

      That’s true, but Biden is too stupid to put together two words to form a sentence, we can handle him. But,the problem is the ‘play nice’ lame Rhino Republicans. No back bone at all….

    • John H

      Play nice RINO Republicans with no backbone? Which Republican are you talking about? Far as I can see, every one of them is speaking up against Obama, as they should, and unfortunately some are attacking fellow candidates instead of focusing on the issues that count. Newt is playing it cool, and I suggest that both he and Perry have a lot of backbone.

    • John H

      Biden is the jr boy at the moment, but anyone want to bet that Biden will not be the VP nominee next time around? If Obama steps down, as some concerned Democrats are asking…(believe it or not), their nominee will be Hillary. If Obama does run, his VP nominee will be Hillary to increase his chances of capturing more of the female vote.

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      Hopefully she will get the same treatment because she is a woman that Bachmann because she is a woman.

    • Cat

      I doubt Biden could do any more damage to the country than Obama is now. I would take Biden over the Marxist any day.


    • patriot2

      Cat,biden was one of the idiots that thought up the”assault weapons ban”,he’s stupid yes,but never underestimate the idiots that elected him.

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      Never, not possible.

    • John

      Check this out before it is yanked from public view ! Where is the so-called mainstream media ? And where is Congress ?

    • Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori

      Here is something to mull over, perhaps the reason why the Republicans in Office have made no move what-so-ever to impeach Obama for all of his fraud and violations of the Constitution is because by leaving him in office without any kind of congressional challenge is because that after his term is up, if any one succeeds in bringing an eligibility case to court in the future, the government lawyers can then claim that Obama has set a legal precedent by serving an entire term (perhaps two, if we are unlucky) without a successful legal challenge to his presidency, so therefore the constitutional requirement of being “Natural Born” is now moot and can be discarded, so therefore the Republicans can now nominate non-natural born citizens like Rubio, or Bobby Jindal (the Governor of Louisianan) whose parents are from India. Knowing, as I do, just how corrupt both the Democrats and Republicans are, this might very well be the reason why the Republicans are doing nothing. Oh sure, some of them have been blowing just the right amount of smoke up our collective hind ends to appease us, about how they are going to impeach Obama, Eric Holder, Supreme Court Justice Kagan, etc., but when the rubber hits the road, they make no effort to do so, instead they tell us that there is no evidence to link Obama, Holder and Kagan to any “wrong doing”.

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      Be careful what you say, some Rev.’s too! Just look at Wright.

    • patriot2

      Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori,you are incredibly clear thinking.

    • MH

      Those are my thoughts too now they won’t have to worry about their candidate meeting the standard because there is no standard now anyone can run.

  • Robroy

    I don’t care. Just the opposite of o and you will crest more jobs. The only problem is o will take credit for it.

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    GREAT! O-Bozo has been hitting his phreaking BONG again. Is he really THAT Stupid? What were his PHREAKING grades in school anyways? Can we get a re-do with this horse’s ass? I’m sorry, I offended horse lovers everywhere. What a jerk!!!

  • MickeyMike2

    Give credit where credit is due. Obama has one major achievement. He has elevated Carter from the worst president in US history to the next to worst!

  • C. Allen Doudna

    With so many people out of work we ought to have one rip-roaring economy, huh?

  • catfish

    Does anyone recognize who is occupying most government jobs for last 30 years. The same one’s that have benefitted by affirmative action. Many unneeded jobs created to push this agenda. Wake up folks, the muslim in the WH has two agendas, one to give to the black race, the other is to destroy america through socialism.

    • C. Allen Doudna

      Actually, Blacks are having a hard time trying to think of what the first Black President has done for Blacks.

    • patriot2

      C. Allen Doudna,how about what he’s doing TO the blacks,that is what they should be thinking about.

    • MH

      I thought I heard the unemployment rates for young blacks was at about 20% now that obama is president he sure didn’t help them out!!

    • gator

      this kenyan born muslim pig has NEVER achieved anything on his own! every position he has received has been through affirmative action. he is a socialist bent on destroying our country through the stupidity of people who refuse to face the facts. these same people will vote for someone based on the most ignorant of reasons, he is black, they think that he is a good speakereven though he is a moron, watch him babble in front of 5th graders without his teleprompters, some voted for him because they thought he was goodlooking? mf please! many voted for him because of his idiotic catch phrase “hope and change” if you are on the government dole you should NOT be allowed to vote! watch events unfold in Russia over voting fraud because that is coming here in november 2012! hussein obam is relying on Americans stupidity! unemployment creates jobs? what an a-hole! him and pig pelosi need to be hung!

  • fubert bar

    This is the brain trust we have entrusted our country to. They have no understanding at of the concept of ‘creating value’. (How do unemployment dollars increase the GDP?) … not very effectively.

  • Batwings

    I still say, some Patriot needs to JFK the
    S-weet O-ld B-oy.
    Semper Fi

    • nvrpc

      Ditto on that, however this is a big problem no one seems to recognize. The poor S-O-a- beach that takes over no matter who he is, will get nailed to the wall on a daily basis and be hated to the max because to undo all the damage this anti-American Muslim mole has done since the day he walked into office is going to require MASSIVE CUTS like never seen before to DOD and DOE whereby ALL the jobs that support these large organizations are going to go wayside making the housing bubble and loss of jobs and homes look like child’s play. What you have just seen these 3.5 years if just the very small pimple of a elephants auss that is going to burst and get puss all over this nation. In short this is just the beginning of a 1929 to be in place for about 15 years and there are only going to be two classes of people. the HAVES and the HAVE NOTS. Are you armed and ready for about what’s to come.

  • Sam

    You brainwashed drones,do you actually believe the republicans care about middle class americans.

    • C. Allen Doudna

      Yes, the Middle Class was a LOT better off under Republicans.

    • fubert bar

      So, do you read anything on your own, or just parrot what you hear obama spew?

    • fubert bar

      oops … that was supposed to be a response to Sam

    • fubert bar

      oops … that was supposed to be a response to Sam.

    • patriot2

      sam you sound a lot like a brainwashed liberal does it feel to be a deadhead obama voter that can’t see the truth when it’s right in front of you?

    • gator

      another moron that voted for obama because of his catch phrase! you should be ashamed for voting when you are clearly stupid!

  • George

    What planet is this incompetent living on?

  • Folly

    Who wrote this? What does this, “The Keystone creates pipeline 20,000 jobs immediately,” even mean? Or this, “The unemployment number is getting smaller because the universe of jobs is if we go to smaller.” Looks like Bablefish.

  • Roger, TN

    Well at least that illustrates what his strategy has been for over three years. Increase jobs by passing out umemployment benefits for 99 weeks. How is that working out so far? A fake 8.6% unemployment and appromixately 16 million umenplyed or underemployed. He and his cronies should add to the job creation in this way by resigning and taking UI. (Yes, I know that you can not get UI is you quit your job).

  • Frank

    I cannot believe Americans elected such an idiotic person to the presidency, I guess all those elite schools he went to taught him to be stupid.

  • http://na sonny davis

    that man is sick ,i would be also if i had to live that chimp he is living with

    • gator

      that chimp likes to be reffered to as aunt esther! lol

  • John H

    Canada needs this pipeline for their diminishing economy. It will benefit the USA. Obama is fighting this pipeline for one reason” To please ONE of his base support voting groups. You know, that group of tree huggers called ‘environmentalists.’

    • C. Allen Doudna

      The infuriating thing is: We build roads in the Nebraska Sand Hills by pouring oil on the sand. The oil mixes with sand and hardens into something like asphault. We’ve been doing that for several decades and it hasn’t hurt the groundwater one bit. The physical characteristics of oil and sand are such that the oil can’t possibly sink very far into the sand and so all that alarm about contaminating the Ogallala Aquifer is totally 100% fiction.

    • Beetlebom

      You mean “invirofaggs! I watched two invirofaggs pass my house a couple of days ago. It was a brother and his sister and deeply in love. Brother was so bow legged that you could have run a hog between his legs. Sister was so knock-kneed there were calouses on the inside of her legs. After they passed by, I noticed that they inadvertanly spelled OX “vormentalists” – sasquatches – baby killers, (Same tribe.)

  • Robroy

    Do the opposite of Obama and you will create more jobs. Problem is Obama will take credit for it.

  • Sp.5 / 75075

    That makes no frigg’in sense at all. When the company closed I was without work for 1 year., Had went from 60/k a year to 1/4 of that. There went the trips, buying things I needed, things I wanted. Me and many other people can no longer help the economy because we can barely buy food , keep utilities on, pay for car insurance. Lets just let this crazy/dumb a-s government print more paper money & let’s pretend everything is A-OK. Welcome to OZ.
    Enough said – it does no good.

    • Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori

      See why we should have had a second American Revolution along time ago? I believe it is too late now.

    • Larrya pa

      No it is never to late all we mave to do is is get rid of afew like all the marxist black caucus peloci reid clinton and get out of the UN and bum off soros.

  • nctar

    obama and his entourage has been eating them smart pills again!

    • patriot2

      nctar,those smart pills are rabbit droppings.

  • Linda

    My guess is: his teleprompter was broken, and he was winging it. Either that, or he’s been smoking something stronger than nicotine cigarettes. There has to be some kind of explanation for his stupidity.

  • http://Face-book MsManners110

    Before you ndo this, do something about the over 12 million illegal,s taking everything away from the US severing elderly!

  • Newsel

    One can but “hope and pray” that your comment that the oil industry is spending money on Obione is a total falsehood. I mean how stupid can you get…Oh’ but then I forgot the voters in WV doing best what they do and voting the way they do, while Obione is dedicated to closing down the coal industry and a valuable of sources of earned income.

    But, no doubt they have been told “benefits” will be their new source of income….who needs to work for a living anymore. Big brother is here to look after you..until there are no more tax payers left as they have all joined the ranks of “you will be looked after”. And by whom one wonders!

    • gml

      I remember in 2008 when those fools went out to vote early in the election found out that he was going to “shut down” the coal industry right after they had already voted for him. They were a ticked off bunch. Remember how he encouraged early voting? My guess is that not one of them will be casting a vote his way.

    • patriot2

      gml,it’s a wonder any of those union guys vote for him,being the idiot he is.

    • MH

      gml- The amazing thing is he told them in his speechs he would tax the coal industry out of business I heard him. I guess the union workers are so obedient that that let the union bosses tell them what to do even if it kills their jobs.

    • MH

      That’s when the lame brains find out that they killed the cash cow and now no one gets anything and all will be starving in the streets as in Russia and China under dictators we are all expendable because the environmentalists say the earth is over populated now. Someone has to go and it won’t be the government.

  • Capt Chaos

    This guy is so stupid that I cannot think of any thing new to say. So I will just agree with the preceding comments. GOD please save us from this dolt.


    What is this man on???
    Another Obozzo declaration of his blatent stupidity all designed to kee[ our eyes somewhere else while he continues his marzist takeover and destruction of this once great nation soon to be a dictatorship if he continues to get his way.

    • MH

      Yes uou always have to watch what his other hand is doing he loves to distract us from his prime objective.

  • Helen

    It is up to each and everyone of us to put Obama on the unemployment rolls this coming year. Let us all do our job well!!! Then we will be able to celebrate a very, very, happy and blessed new year. God bless America!!!!!!!!

    • patriot2

      not blessed enough,unless he’s proven illegal we have to pay his retirement & secret service for life.hopefully that will be extremely short.

  • John

    Come on. folks ! Obama needs your prayers. May I suggest Psalm 109:8.
    Psalms 109:8 reads, “May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership.”“May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow. May his children be wandering beggars; may they be driven from their ruined homes. May a creditor seize all he has; may strangers plunder the fruits of his labor. May no one extend kindness to him or take pity on his fatherless children. May his descendants be cut off, their names blotted out from the next generation.”

    • Heyoka

      May I suggest reading the whole Chapter as a prayer. Ya might even throw in some insense and a candle…

      And ole Eye of Newt Ging-whatever is a bigger bum than the whole lot, well maybe not Romney… I’ve have been a Mormon since I was 11 and I wouldn’t vote that idiot in as a dog catcher

  • bsfurg

    wake up people Obama doesnt want ppl to find jobs .. hes working dam hard to keep ppl on the dole that way they will vote for him and he wants to take American down so he can build it up again and ppl will bless him.. he cant do anything cause hes to dumb. he doesnt know how to do chit. as he has never done any thing …hes a fake


    I can understand someone being on unemployment for a month or possibly two. But a YEAR? By then, the habits and routines of a regular work schedule have eroded. After a year, they are effectively out of the job market.

  • fat cow says

    more lies about job ,now we lies for this jackass,he has created NOTHING

  • MickeyMike2

    Either Obama has absolutely no idea of what it takes to create jobs. OR, he knows exactly what it takes to destroy America! Take your pick.

    • Sp.5 / 75075

      I think obumer is doing the 2nd option you gave because of the BS he has shoveled out to us.

    • MH

      MM it’s destroy for sure!

  • Proud American

    Creeping, Soft socialism is all that these programs are. Erode the “middle class” by extending the reliance on big government. Obama did say that capitalism never has worked, so what is he and his puppeteers up to except to rope us all in, one way or the other.The easiest way is to buy up 50% of the votes using government employment, public unions, welfare and other “entitlements”. After all, it is not his money but yours, and we are losing it fast.

  • Harry

    Is Obama making some kind of a joke. Or does he believe that we are some kind of moronic imbicile. I have been on unemployment more that once in my life and I know for a fact that the only thing it does is create a stronger desire to find a job where you can pay your bills. Unemployment doesn’t even provide you with enough money to buy food to last till you get another check. It’s a step or two lower than Social Security as far as income status and S.S. is below poverty level as it is. Obama is the moronic imbicile if he expects us to believe this con job. He’s lost his silver tongue. This devil’s deciple needs to go away immediately if not sooner.

  • Marte

    “The problem with socialism is that after a while you run out of other people’s money.” Margaret Thatcher

  • GDC

    Obama’s logic.

    If unemployment creates jobs then we all should be on unemployment and we would have a lot of jobs.

    • Larrya pa

      No the democraps have to be unempolyed and Obuma.

    • Sahyan

      There is, of course, a simpler way, GDC. Since Pelosi suggests that for every $1 in UI, $1.50 or $2 come back to the economy, all we need do is raise UI to…oh, say…$1 million, and we’d soon be swimming in cash. Right? Oh, we wouldn’t? But…then…that would mean that the she-beast of the House was….Could it be **WRONG**? Or even – the mind shudders – **LYING**?

  • gml

    Ever heard the term, “A n****r with a stolen credit card”.

  • joe

    Obama is not interested in creating jobs, his goal is to create a welfare state, where there are no private sector jobs, where everyone is dependent on the federal government for their well being. His mindset is that of a socialist. He believes the government should be in control of every ones money and property, and should dictate to everyone what is right and what is wrong. This oversteps personal religious beliefs of Christians who believe the Bible to be the word of God, to instruct mankind on what is sin. The Bible states clearly and absolutely that sex between two people of the same gender is sinful, and unless repented of and forsaken of by those who commit that sin, they will not be allowed entrance into the kingdom of God. Obama and all those who are forcing the acceptance of sex perversion on America are bringing the judgement of God on themselves along with the ones who practice the abomination of sex perversion.

    • MH

      joe that wasn’t even enough for these clowns now they’re making beasteality legal so if you want to marry your dog or cat I guess it’s OK now. It passed the Senate hope it doesn’t pass the House.

  • joe

    Like all dumbasscrats, he just want votes. He’s an idiot.

  • Gerry

    So, if unemployment checks create $1.50 to $2.00 for each dollar in unemployment, all we have to do is have EVERYONE quit working, pay everybody an unemployment check and we can then wallow in our prosperity.
    Why does that seem wrong?

  • Alfredo

    Is Obama playing To be Stupid or he Really is Stupid,or maybe he want to Destroy this Country

  • okee

    This President mind is warped!!!!

  • Henry Newnan, GA

    Poor Linda,
    This old geiser took a lesser paying job until something better paying came along. It did, in spades.Two lessons learned, one much higher pay and a tiny bit of honor remained intact. Take a risk and grow !!!

  • kim newlin

    Why does Obama not want to create jobs?

  • June9245

    Does this idiot believe the trash he spreads?
    Does anyone believe the trash he spreads?
    2012 election cannot come fast enough; time to put out the trash!

  • jug

    Unemployment create jobs? BS! Unemployment is a drain on the economy, pure and
    simple! It costs taxpayers money, with absolutely no positive return.

    Actually, every thing that doesn’t produce a product, or provide a service, is a drain on
    the economy. Including gambling establishments, privately or govt owned.

  • Judy

    Where is our military who took an oath to uphold and defend America and our Constitution? Why is the muslim terrorist marxist pig still living illegally in our white house? I want to know!!!!

    • patriot2

      think we all are,Judy.

  • TickedoffAmerican

    If Obummers “reasoning” is correct ….then everyone should get themselves fired or layed off from their jobs, then go on Unemployment….this would exponentially create millions…if not billions of jobs! With everyone sitting on their asses drawing a check, watching TV and drinking beer, think how much beer would be sold!……Then the govt. would collect more taxes on the beer sales…..that could be paid out in Unemployment benefits…..who says perpetual motion is not possible?……LMAO

  • henry pascale

    impeach Obama , for being a Traitor to the USA
    send him back to Africa where he belongs

    • patriot2

      for burial,after execution,but not to be dumped in the ocean.I for one would like to make absolutely sure that he’s really expired.

  • Huntsitall

    Simple economics: From savings come the funds for investment to create capital, which creates jobs. Poor people don’t save money and people on unemployment sure don’t save money. People who make “good” money, the rich if you wish to call them that, save money and that can be used to create capital and thus jobs. Tax it away from them and you dry up the source of funds that drives the jobs engine. Consider also the that the tax multiplier is greater than the spending multiplier; thus taxing reduces jobs producing economic activity more than the spending expands it. IT DOES NOT WORK. Summary: You cannot tax and spend your way to prosperity. Obama is a fool and incapable of understanding what must be done, or worse yet, he wants to drive our economy into the ditch.

  • MH

    What are they drinking? I don’t think it’s Kool aid. Unemployment does not create jobs it creates couch potatos and lay abouts always wanting something for nothing. Time to end the free ride they need to be inspired to go job hunting and records show that most people wait til 4 weeks before their benefits lapse to start looking for work.

  • Dorothy

    every one knows it want give any one a job when you see him moveing his mouth he is telling more lies i hope people realize he has to go sooner the better


    What the hell has been crossing that illegals lips….Patomac water!

  • markusdecarcus

    Our Socialist POTUS is intentionally attempting to bankrupt this country using the Cloward & Piven model, this is just another element. Check out this scenario:,1664.0.html

  • John H.

    God, what a frackin’ dipstick! Does this idiot really think we believe getting unemployment benefits creates jobs?

    I mean, that really goes light years beyond stupid!

    • SloopJohnB

      And your economics degree is from where?
      There is some disagreement within the economics community regarding the net effect of unemployment, but it is far from stupid to take either side of the argument.
      Perhaps your inability to articulate the real differences colors your statements.

  • Robroy

    The devil is in the detail is what we got when Obama showed himself.

  • MickeyMike2

    Obama was in favor of the Pipe Line from Canada, but then he realized that he’d be taking business from Muslim brothers. Plus, if Canada built to pipeline to their West Coast and shipped their oil to China, we’d always to able to buy any excess from China. Afterall, we buy everything else from China because it helps create jobs in America. And that’s about what Obama’s logic is.

  • JVB

    I never knew unemployment checks created jobs. Wow…I feel so silly.

    • SloopJohnB

      And so you should. Unemployment checks are direct money that goes to pay for food and clothing and gas, etc., commodities that keep and/or create jobs.


    obama is a freakin imbecile.

    • SloopJohnB

      And where did you get your law degree from?
      Please recognize that imbecile is a loaded term referring to one’s mental ability…it’s just ignorant to call Obama an imbecile.
      His policies may be different, but ad hominem arguments are simply ineffective.

      It’s like saying Yo Mamma is so fat, her thighs are where corduroy goes to die.

  • SloopJohnB

    Obama was right in one sense that continued unemployment benefits mean the unemployed will continue to spend that money on necessities they would otherwise have to go without.
    The availability of unemployment benefits doesn’t necessarily mean people will avoid finding work although it could well mean people won’t get hamburger flipping jobs or landscaping work that pays considerably less than unemployment or their previous jobs.

    I find it amusing that the people who are advocating NOT taxing the rich are probably the great unwashed lower to middle class that aren’t affected by the rich tax yet their dreams and aspirations are such that they don’t want to be taxed on their ridiculous fantasies. Or could it be that their real point is that IF Obama succeeds in taxing the rich the brackets will come down to THEIR level. Like the man says, it’s not rocket science…it’s simple arithmetic.

  • mij

    Obama isn’t losing it, he’s lost it [his mind]. Get him out of the White House now. Join groups that have formed and are forming and call for his resignation, or, Impeach him.

  • John

    It won’t create jobs. All it will do is add to the class of people he has created that are content to sit on their butts and hold out their hand for a government check. The man is a complete fool.

  • A Patriot

    They need a poll asking people if they believe this Obama nonsense. I’d bet, 60% believe it. 38% don’t know. 1% don’t believe it. 1% don’t speak english so don’t understand the question.
    Welcome to Alice’s Wonderland.

    • rotor 700

      It’s now called LA LA LAND, and 20-30% don’t speak English. We now have a president that has space for rent aplenty,and most of his cabinet is probably criminals.


      ***No, that’s ALLAH LA LA Land.

    • mike


    • nifongnation

      Probably? Obama is the mafiosi chief, and his underlings are enforcers or counciliaries.

    • MH

      He never talks to his cabinet they are just for show. He only talks to his many illegal czars that he pays high salaries to and are responsible to no one but the dictator in chief himself. They don’t answer to us but they are taking our tax money in their paychecks.

    • lee


    • Phil

      Sad thing for our country is that both sides of this issue believe Obama will go in their favor. As the saying goes “you can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time” that puts the election in Obama’s favor. The enviremental study doesen’t take a year, it’s probably already been completed. The people should demand an answer before the election.

    • Rick

      It’s all part of the socialist agenda to raise taxes so high it forces companies to not hire, or to go out of business. This way govt’ “creates” feeders out of the masses. Everyone is dependent upon the govt’ and the govt prints money to pay the people. Meanwhile, the wealthy remain the same, but what also happens is the middle class disappears. All part of the socialist scheme. The middle class runs capitalism, rewarding those who take risks, while employing people to create wealth. Socialists don’t like this because they feel the job creators are stealing from those who work for them. The great creator of socialism, Karl Marx, never had a job, and chose to let one of his chldren die fron starvation as a sacrifice to socialism.

    • Rick

      Wanted to add, obama has never had a job from the private sector as well, choosing to live off the income of others…see vacations every other month since he occupied the WHITE HOUSE?

    • lee

      You cannot trust anything the dems say nor any of their numbers. they are all crooks and liars.

    • john j

      You couldn’t be more right ! The libs. eat his spew up with a spoon , not understanding anything about the topics . I’ve never dreamed there was so many ding a lings in the WHOLE WORLD as there is in the ding a ling party … I think we should just call him ELVIS , because the god like influence he has on women , and the more feminine men in this country …

    • Doug Rodrigues

      My 8th grade Social Studies teacher used to tell us kids, “Always vote for Democrats. Democrats are for the people. Republicans are only for big business.” Being a 13 year old kid at the time, I was inclined to believe her. As I got older and wiser, I came to realize that what she said was only a mild brainwashing by the idiot left wing who can only preach “dreams.” All of that feel-good talk about what was possible in society was to create numb skulls brainwashed into believing that everything from Democrats was “good.” Anything from Republicans was “bad.” After many decades, one eventually realizes that the average so-called liberal isn’t capable of logical thought process of computing cause and effect. They are trained not to think, but to simply go along with the Democrat “leadership,” in this case…Socialists and some Communists too.

    • endangered Species

      Don’t malign Elvis like that. He was American and willing served in the military, not even asking to be in entertainment special services.

    • Laura Ayala

      I take issue with your statement. I was against him running the very first time I heard him speak. Not all woman vote just because of looks. One thing I have noticed though, is that men vote for their “party” and woman vote for the “individual” This is not the 50’s & 60’s where woman swooned over candidates. Woman today take politics very seriously. They are not about to give up the freedoms and rights that they have fought for so hard over the last 40 yrs. and even earlier. I personally don’t know a single woman who voted for Obama. I talk to hundreds of woman regarding politics over the internet and I have come across very few who do not find Obama a threat to this country, to the future of their children. I don’t think Obama would have been elected if not for the voter fraud perpetrated by Acorn and other radical groups.

    • lee

      women should not vote for this closet muslim. secret service knows he disrespects women, cheats on his wife, steals money, talks trash all the time, and is a treasonous traitor who wants to destroy USA. wish women and secret service would fix our problem.

  • John Kramer

    They goons got thier head screwed on wrong.
    Unemployment benifits don’t create any jobs.
    They contribute to the national debt. The expansion of the Keystone line creates jobs.
    It might not create enough jobs, but it is better than nothing. I wish the Keystone pipeline was expanded to Cape Cod. It could help me get a better job.

    • JIM


    • ron

      For God’s sake,Jim,please learn how to spell- THEN share your thoughts!

    • http://na the marine

      your right John unemployment doesnt create jobs, Pelosi is talking out of her ass,she is getting senile. And her boss is a moron, if obozo gets back in were done for, will be speaking arabic and mexican and praying to allah, God help our country semper fi

  • James R. Maxwell

    obama has the mental capacity of a lemming as he jumps over the edge of the cliff. Unemployment benefits are designed to help until you find a job. They were not designed to be your source of income. If it means relocating to find work or taking a job
    at a lower salary then so be it. Cut back, learn financial responsibility insted of instant gratification by excessive credit spending. It not easy but no one owe you any thing. If you get off your backside there are jobs available in many areas you cannot continue to live in those states and areas where jobs are gone due to Union greed or destructive taxiation.

    • Jack Jones

      Yeppers, I can agree with you 100%. There was a comedian, I can’t remember his name, but even though he made it a laughing matter, he made a point well taken. It went something like this…..why do people complain about having no water or food when they live in a desert? Don’t they know they live in a desert and nothing grows there? If you want to grow food and have water stop living in the desert. So it is with jobs. You go where the work is. To keep sitting at home and waiting for things to get better is just an excuse. Yes, there are sacrifices. But unemployment compensation is not a life-long deal and it sure doesn’t offer you any chance to better yourself.

  • Don W Boyer

    If Obama believes what he said about unemployment benefits creating more jobs than
    buildin the pipeline, I think he is snorting cocaine again!!!!

    • Don W Boyer

      O K all you liberal literates I see I left the g off of building. I’m very tired of your BS.

    • VegasLarry

      I got a picture of him toking a joint.

    • JIM


    • http://googlechrome David

      osloba will buy it back from China to help their economy. He’ll do anything for Asia. osloba is one smart ape.

    • George2

      Well…Jim, in the distant future, the costs COULD come down. But the refineries are already selling MORE fuels to other countries than we use in the US. Still, I would rather buy from our close neighbors than the Eastern nations.

    • Johnnygard

      George, Are you mixing refined fuel with oil? We do import oil, and oil is what we would get in the pipeline. I don’t know if we export huge amounts of gasoline.

    • lee

      Canada ok, Venezuela no way. o is an evil idiot. o is a domestic terrorist with zero money sense. o has to go asap. and all his corrupt lying greedy cronies.

    • Sahyan

      Are you sure it’s “again,” Don, and not “still”?

    • oliver

      When did he ever quit?? he still does a joint or two in the whitehouse every day {WHEN HE IS NOT ON VAC.] and does his white stuff up his nose.or maybe he colors his black. eather way I sure wish he would get a BIG over DOSE..

  • Lloyd

    Oh bama and his gang of thugs, along with those of the liberal media, entertainment industry, and some of our very own Congress, seem to think that we are all stupid. And they may well be right, for we have let them get into office, and allowed them to make new rules and laws that they do have the constitutional authority to make. But, my God, are we so stupid that we believe that unemployment benefits create jobs. And are we stupid enough to believe the unemployment rate is that printed in the liberal news media. If someone can give me the number of jobs lost during the past three years, and a list of all the new jobs created, and those two lists show that the unemployment number is that they have been feeding us these past years, then I may believe them.

    • Lloyd

      Oh bama and his gang of thugs, along with those of the liberal media, entertainment industry, and some of our very own Congress, seem to think that we are all stupid. And they may well be right, for we have let them get into office, and allowed them to make new rules and laws that they do not have the constitutional authority to make. But, my God, are we so stupid that we believe that unemployment benefits create jobs. And are we stupid enough to believe the unemployment rate is that printed in the liberal news media. If someone can give me the number of jobs lost during the past three years, and a list of all the new jobs created, and those two lists show that the unemployment number is that they have been feeding us these past years, then I may believe them.

    • VegasLarry
    • http://unemploymentbenefitsbringmorejobs. Geraldine Rafferty

      You mean authority they DO NOT have under the Constitution. You said “they do have”

    • lee

      Do not ever believe lying o and corrupt gov politicians or other enemies of our country. things are bad. 2012 is very important. o and his treasonous traitors need to be dealt with

    • lee

      Do not ever believe lying o and corrupt gov politicians or other enemies of our country. things are bad. 2012 is very important. o and his treasonous traitors need to be dealt with

  • Carol

    ….And if you believe that, I’ll bet Pelosi has some stock that she can sell you!

    • Don W Boyer

      I wouldn’t touch ANYTHING she with which had anything to do. Insider trading should be illegal for people in Congress just like it is for us peons!!

  • Steve

    I looked to hire a shop manager for 3 months. The candidates applying were wholly unqualified. Several stated they applied only to keep their unemployment and one stated they needed $50K/yr to start. HE ONLY HAD TO SUPERVISE THREE PEOPLE!! Nobody qualified is looking because they get a gubment check for doing NOTHING!

  • http://none dave thomas

    Obama is a financial joke even for a Democrat.His plan to pay people not to work so that it will create jobs is beyond any rational. Pay people to work and they will work. Pay people not to work and they won’t work.
    Problem: the working people will have to pay for the people who don’t and the smart workers will soon decide not to work rather than work. A stupid idea even for a democrat. That smacks of Socialism and the problem with Socialism is that sooner or later you will run out of other people’s money. How Obama ever got into the presidency must baffle everone. He is a consummate moron.

    • Don W Boyer

      It is a real pity that the Muslims who paid for his education couldn’t afford a class or two in Economics!!!

    • Rita

      I think the President is a fan of the Cloward/ Piven strategy. I wish he was an idiot- what he is frightens me much more.

    • john j

      No , he’s an idiot alright , there’s no one that can goof up as much as he does , with a room full of tele prompters … Texas , er , I mean Kansas …

    • MH

      He’s the perfect puppet with george sorass pulling the strings no mistakes all deliberate.

    • daledor

      I wish that he was dumb. If you want to push a country into the New World Order so that they have to be subservient to those who desire to rule the world then you have to tear down what works into order to make people be dependent upon you.

      Since the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s and their partners initiated Communism and promoted Communism/Socialism in China and Russia the world has only know chaos after chaos. In the early 1900’s, the ‘Communist experiment’ was promoted in Europe and America. People were not to interfere with it. When General Patton opposed Communist Russia in World War II (he said ‘let’s take out those Russian bastards’)he was removed from his post in the war arena. The Russian Communists were to be treated as ‘allies’.

      Hitler was made the focus of the axis of evil while Russia and especially China butchered masses of people, or starved them to death that well over rivaled the truly evil Hitler. Hitler killed hundreds of thousands while China killed millions and Russians killed considerably more than Hitler.

      Communist atrocities were not ‘Page 1′ in the controlled media while Hitler was the only ‘bad guy’ while he was merely one of the bad guys. In a few years the Korean War and later the Vietnam War – why? Because the Communist Chinese influenced North Korea and later North Vietnam. If, at different times, we did not support South Korea and later South Vietnam (both allies in the World Wars) then either Mao or Ho Chi Mien would have not only conquered the southern parts of their country but they would have made a run to take over all countries in eastern Asia (down to, maybe including, India. Oh, but there was nothing wrong with the Communists of course!

      Obama is merely the front man for the New World Order and he is ‘goosestepping’ to their requests. The Bush’s and Clinton’s were New World Order Light and Obama is NWO Now!

    • john j

      DING , DING , DING , Dave answered the million dollar question !

    • Joe

      you asked how he got in there simple answer he was bought in

  • http://Patriot/update Bossman

    Wake Up America if we leave him in any longer we will not have elections. When all the occupiers stare rioting in the spring he will declare Marshall Law and we will not have any free elections. We need to take him out now

    • Rita

      Amen, Impeachment would be a good thing!

    • patriot2

      “take him out”is not impeachment.

  • Michael

    Unemployment creates more government jobs to keep track of the monies paid out, and both add to our trillion dollar debts.

  • CB

    Employers contribute to unemployment insurance.I can stimulate the economy on the wholesale level but every time I turn around I have some payment to make so that other can stimulate it with my money.
    I have to pay State and Federal unemployment.
    Last month I owed $113.Keep in mind, in 25 years I have never had a single employee collect it. I accidentally wrote 1/11/11 on the check rather than 11/1/11. The State called and I re-wrote the check and mailed it the same day. It was due on Monday. They cashed it on Thursday. They sent me a fine for $100 plus interest.

    • patriot2

      CB,now we’re getting down to how the liberals function.

    • Chusks

      I outsmarted them many years ago and started paying workers cash. They liked that better and it didn’t hurt my feelings a bit.

  • Rita

    Recovery summer was in 2009, as we all must remember…except there was no recovery. Our government has been lying about numbers since Joe Biden started calling any stimulus dollar spent on any federal worker’s bonus (yes, any one dollar, for any reason) was counted as a job saved or created. That was mentioned in the newspapers only once in ’09.
    So watch the GOP debates, pick your opponent for Obama in 2012, and let us pray that the DNC does not allow too many dead people to register and vote next November…They have a private Army built up called “Organizing for Obama”. Last month it was “Occupy Wall Street” to keep them busy, last week it was “Re-Occupy our Homes”, and on Monday they want to shut down all West Coast Ports.
    These folks were all trained in the DNC camps and come time for the next election, they will be as solid as the KGB…
    This forum is good to keep patriots talking and we need to do some “organizing” ourselves.
    Join a Republican Club or any Conservative group now and we will stop this madness.

    • pistolero

      You are absolutely right. I am going out and join a conservative group tomorrow. It’s called a MILITIA!!

  • Michael Brown

    Our president is a crack head, MJB

  • RMF

    OK, listen up, i have a fool proof plan.

  • Donna

    I gave up my unemployment benefits after collecting them for 1 year-I got tired of hunting a non existing manufacturing job! they ALLOWED our jobs to be sold out from under us—-FOR WHAT REASON???? You want to keep giving benefits for 3 or more years Mr. Obama???? Then give me 2 more years on it that was rightfully MINE!!!!

  • rotor 700

    I truly believe even if you are a democrat the time is now to vote for a down to earth and honest republican candidate, that will give us all what we want and need, Vote Ron Paul. WE need to relieve ourselves of the Turd in the WhiteHouse.

  • bob

    if some one has been sitting on their arse for 18 months and getting by they know they have 6 months to do something. now mr prez extends those benefits they sit on it for another 12 then start thinking about getting a job. what about his new job czaar he closed down the raytheon plant in wisconsin to build a new plant in china[americans lost jobs with benefits,chinese get jobs and no benefits]. mr prez gets big campaign contributions. what are the kickbacks to the job czar from china.

  • everett

    to even utter such a thought in a free economy is blasphemous and so ______________
    stupid it is remarkable how so many stupid voters still support someone who is bent on destroying our free economy and American ethos.

  • Wayne

    Aside from the re-election game, Obama has 2 goals here:

    First – they truly think that our economy needs to be curtailed down to technologies that render us the same as other countries and in submission to them. Lithium batteries that come from Bolivian resources, European mass transit systems, gutting most manufacturing so we have to buy from China, all of our oil will come from Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, all kinds of redistribution to the third world and to minorities here that reduces us to a similar economic average to the rest of the world.

    Second the creation of NONWHITE economic powers that are both intensely patriotic and anti-American / white. Trillions to South and Central America, Africa, Asia – all of it out of white pockets with no possibility of recovery.

    As much as anything else, Barack Obama’s Presidency is NOT only about Socialism … it about revenge or as Michelle Obama spoke at length about before 2008 – the end of Middle-class Whiteness and not only Social but Demographic Justice (the end of the white man).

  • RMF

    everyone could live on imported Mexican beans and imported Russian vodka, paid for by just printing more money. money made by buying the paper and ink from France.

  • patriot2

    a normal person would have remembered that his lick-spittle lackey pelosi already came out with this idiotic line of horsepucky.see now just how lucky we all are now?we have an abnormal president,& not in a good way.

  • VegasLarry

    Wait till Gingrich and Obama have a debate. Then the voters will see what a real moron Obama is. Can’t wait for that to happen.

    • Larry Owens

      I was watching newt today and he wants to debate the Clown so bad. He will do the same thing Lincoln did to Douglas, follow odumbo to every speaking event and after odumbo gets done spewing his balderdash then newt will counter his speech. Newt even said odumbo could use his telepromptor.

    • Dave


    • am2sweet

      Unfortunately there is one group of people that either aren’t educated enough to understand things or they lack the common sense it takes to figure things out. They will never see what Obama is and will vote for him (again).

  • http://outlookexpress Paul

    I am not concerned about a birth certificate – Does this man have a third grade education???? Remember Jethro Bodine of the big tv show of years ago?

  • Larry Owens

    What a Crook of Crap he Spews about jobs being created with unemployment. Sure just walk to the mail box pretty good job and pick up the Big Fat unemployment check. And we do not need that oil from Canada just let China build a pipeline to the west coast and ship it to them. He will go down in the history books as the Biggest Losers of all time as a president.

  • Lou E. Brown

    I am a math deficient person, but by golly, I am smart enough to know that if a person is taking a handout/unemployment check he/she is not going out and hiring someone in order to create Obambi a job. (I digress to explain the Obambi cognomen..that is a perfectly good word..I was corrected by a friend when I did not speak respectfully about Obambi, my reply was that yes, I respect the office but not when it is filled by an illegal person. My friend did not know that he was actually NOT natural born citizen.) Anyway, I am not deficient in language and understanding and idiotic statement when I see it, such as, having to pass it to find out what is in it. That sounds like an enema to me. Pelosi’s words. Lots of dumb florating around DC.

  • Doodlebug

    You cannot believe one word uttered out of this JA’s mouth. He is the worlds GREATEST LIAR, and will tell you anything to get what he wants. He doesn’t know S____ from Shinola on this pipeline deal and is stalling until after the elections. AGAIN, for the votes.

    Thank you to all my fellow citizens who helped make this possible by voting for this inexperienced, ideologically radical, unaccomplished shell of candidate.

    • Doodlebug


    • REDTOES1946

      WHY, DOODLEBUG? The answer is way bigger than the question and you wouldn’t understand it any way. And that’s what’s sad. I can’t say any more except I feel sorry for you for not having a clue.

    • Doodlebug

      I understand a whole of a _____ lot more than you think you jerk!

    • lee

      o lies. unemployment gives free taxpayer money to nonworkers. until it stops, they will not work at anything. make a job if you cannot find one. people who are working still need babysitting, lawncare, personal shoppers, etc. etc. Help out whoever is working in your family or neighborhood. Think of something new. o is no help. Traitor. Energy independence is vital to USA. Put Americans back to work and quit sucking up to environmentalists. Has union become wussies for oblabla. Falling for more lies? Do not ever trust a liar and domestic terrorist. We need to save America and restore the good normal way of life of freedom and choices, no big big,numerous taxes. no excessive regs. more jobs here. no GE. no aid.

    • Doodlebug

      Seventeen hours later and you still don’t if you are going to let my comment stand???? I’ve seen worse than I wrote be let on.

    • Doodlebug

      Twenty-two hours later the head honchos decided to let this comment of mine stand. What do you see in this that was so bad? Who can clue me in as to WHY, Redtoes 1946, you seem to have all the answers! I’ve seen a lot more rotten stuff on this website than what I’ve said.

  • mike

    “unemployment creates jobs” “we have to pass it to see what’s in it” “fannie and freddie are sound investments” “this is recovery summer”
    “those house bills will not be brought up for a vote in the senate”…. extra lead for each of those brilliant individuals…. liberty gets messy sometimes…

  • Dave

    Piglosi said this, do they think we are fking retards or what? I can’t take it anymore!!!

  • Jack

    This clown has to go. It is not even funny anymore.

  • http://facebook Ruby Franks

    Anybody would beat that idiot

  • Tom Stewart

    The One Thing My Dad Always Said Is Never Listen To A “Proven Liar” Hence We Have A Paperless Muslim Pres Obama, Yikeess, Gary Kreep US Justice Has Released The Results Spending $950,000 In “Campaign Funds” In 2011 With 11 Law Firms In 12 States For Legal Resources To Block Disclosure Of Any Of Barack Obamas Personel Records. Mr Kreep Indicated This Info Goes To Coy-otes Proven “Liar” Eric Holder Who Refuses To Comment On The Matter. God Bless America And The Tea Party Patriots.

  • Linda

    The only reason the unemployment has dropped because there are millions who have used up all they can draw and now have NO income at all. They do not count all the contractors who are out of work and can not draw unemployment. I would bet that if all these people were factored in that unemployment is at 30%. Yes we need the pipeline and the jobs it will bring to Americans. We need to stop shipping all the customer service to India…and I do not have anything against India…you do not see them sending jobs to America when their people need work…and we need to stop building Mosques in Egypt with American Taxpayer money when we can’t pay our own Debt our Nation owes!!!! There comes a time we need to do as a nation as we have to do in our homes….if we don’t have they money….we don’t spend !!!! Simple as that.

  • Bill

    He is an a@@ hole!

    • Dave

      Plain and simple my friend!

  • Keith J

    Obama and Pelosi are a pair of fools who have no understanding of economics. We need to forgive them as good Christians should; THEN VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE ASAP.

  • Jack

    I totally agree with this article. The pipeline will create jobs and lasting jobs at that.

    As for unemployment, because of the lost US jobs due to this downturn many are suffering and losing everything. Unemployment takes care of surival but it’s never been enough to maintain, just slows the losing process. I know, because I am one. Once the unemployment stops the losing process accelerates. It’s easy to say take any job, I am over 50 and apply for any and still am unemployed….they are only hiring younger thinking they are always cheaper yet adequate.

  • daveB

    Once you realize Barry Hussein is an Anti-American terrorist, then his logic makes sense.
    Otherwise he is a lying Marxist. Just the thought that this Manchurian Candidate may get reelected makes me want to vomit. No American of sane mind could actually believe what comes out of his mouth

  • handyman98362

    Obama is NOT an idiot. He is not a moron. He has been well trained in slowly moving America to the Marxist/Leninist Socialism/Communism. The basic first move is the ‘reeducation’ of the children, then work to put as many people on the public dole as possible, even if they don’t deserve it. Eventually the majority will DEMAND more and more from the government until chaos breaks out and martial law is instituted to ‘prevent further damage and control the masses’. Cancel elections and congressional duties, then take over all government processes. Presto, Freedom is gone and one person runs the entire country. YES, Barry has been very well trained….

  • Richard

    And I thought the world laughed at us when Carter was president (an idiot) and againwhen Clinton was presidet (he couldn’t keep it in his pants) but now that obama has come along they would be laughing if they weren’t going cown the drainfrom the same BS he is trying to pull on us. This isiot is Carter’s answer to his every prayer, to not let him be the worse president in out history.

  • al duhan

    Obama is right Unemployment does create more jobs. It takes more people to print the money. Has this idiot done anything right yet. His biggest guest is to give the queers more rights then we the people and the children

  • big papa

    Is Obama insane.Does he really beleive that we are that stupid. I know that 44% are they still support him. How can an unemployment check of $140.00 a week replace $1,000.00 a week.

  • dragonfFIRE01

    does anybody but him believer the BS he’s shoveling?

    • Dave

      Yes, the Libtards do!

  • Eugene

    Why the complication with numbers? Or Piplines? Or UE? The economy and leadership is easy to gauge…reach into your pocket. (And I don’t mean your credit pocket.)Any of the once mighty dollar to fiddle with in your pocket? Yea…me either.

  • AuntieCoosa

    Is he insane or is he ignorant? He’s only been a Community Organizer. I guess he means that Unemployment Compensation creates the “job” of being a community organizer’s employee, a placard maker, an occupy marcher, … occupy rapist, occupy thief, occupy deffecater, occupy murderer and the like.

  • jr

    He is an embarassment to our country. To say that unemployment checks create more jobs just shows how little he knows about jobs. The sooner he is out, the better. Not many companies will hire until he is gone!

    He could not even run a State correctly, let alone an entire Nation. He’s suing states right and left and the states are the ones who should be suing him.

  • death to non believers

    following o’s logic, why isnt unempolyment pay good for eternity, and our mimnimum wage $87.00 an hour. that would solve our countries poverty problems.

    its sad our media repeats what o says as the absolute truth.

  • Larry

    This does sound like something an idiot would come up with and for who does the unemployment benefits create jobs other than the minimum wage places like Mc Donald’s and Burger King because what you get in unemployment will only buy cheap food. The amount of the benefit will not buy but cheap clothing that comes from China so they get the job benefit not the United States so we are jest keeping the Chinese in work. Is this what the SOB Moron Barrack Obama’s mind works because he wants to help other country’s to flourish and has told many that the United States will help them even help them Financially. Obama is about as smart as a dead fish and stinks as bad as the dead fish that’s been in the hot sun for a couple of day’s

    • michigan patriot

      you shouldn’t insult a dead fish he would have to get a lot smarter to be as stupid as a dead fish

  • Bill 1776

    How do you know when Obama is lying? When he opens his mouth.
    What is worse than obama? The fools that voted for him.

  • T. Jefferson

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha “gasp” hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • http://InternetExplorer GunnyMarine

    This clearly show the stupidity of Obama which is another reason he should not be in the Presidents seat.

  • jim

    Comparing O’Dufus to Carter and Clinton is unfair to the previous Presidents. The new Whitehouse mantra is fool 38 % of the people all of the time and jerk the rest off !! The sheep will always follow no matter if they are being led to feed or to slaughter

  • Marlene

    Dear God… jaws hurt from laughing!!! Hahahahahahahahaha. This moron is so nuts!

    • http://unemploymentbenefitsbringmorejobs. Geraldine Rafferty

      I can’t stop laughing either!!

  • Axeman


  • Ann C

    Obama seems utterly demented, a complete egomaniacal anti-American who refuses, flatly refuses to sign on to the pipeline enterprise when he KNOWS FULL WELL that it will put between 20,000 up to hundreds of thousands of people to work.

    My question is: where are the members of Congress who will stand forward and tell this tyrant that our country is DYING and we-the-people are NOT going to stand by AND PREPARE for its FUNERAL!!

    It will be Obama’s “funeral” by means of either impeachment, arrest and trial, or sending him packing November 2012.

    May our Lord’s hand of mercy not be lifted from us. We say God Bless America. I believe it is time that we say May God’s mercy and grace and guidance be penetrating our hearts and minds to stand for what is right, to speak up, to defend our precious freedoms, to let God know that we DO NOT WANT HIM OUT OF THE PICTURE. NEVER HAVE, NEVER WILL.
    One Nation Under God (our Creator God) for as long as nations exist.

  • Gina

    No, it’s about Crony Capitalism and this time the Crony is Warren Buffet. He’s onto something here, his investment in miles of railroad BASF and his hiring of a group acting like environmentalist to protect his investment. Read the article.

  • Joe

    Mental deficient President left out the adjective word “GOVERNMENT” before jobs! GOVERNMENT JOBS requires HIGHER TAXES to pay their UNEMPLOYMENT CHECKS!!!! Only people on the government handout will go for Obama. Well, I am sick and tired of paying their way!

  • Joe


    The U.S. Congress sets a federal budget every year in the trillions of dollars. Few people know how much money that is, so we created a breakdown of federal spending in simple terms. Let’s put the 2011 federal budget into perspective:”
    “”””• U.S. income: $2,170,000,000,000″”
    “”””• Federal budget: $3,820,000,000,000″”
    “”””• New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000″”
    “”””• National debt: $14,271,000,000,000″”
    “”””• Recent budget cut: $ 38,500,000,000 (about 1 percent of the budget)””
    “””” “”
    “”””It helps to think about these numbers in terms that we can relate to.””

    “”””Therefore, let’s “”remove eight zeros from these numbers”” and pretend this is the household budget for the fictitious Jones family.””
    “”””• Total annual income for the Jones family: $21,700″”
    “”””• Amount of money the Jones family spent: $38,200″”
    “”””• Amount of new debt added to the credit card: $16,500″”
    “”””• Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710″”
    “”””Amount cut from the budget: $38″

  • John Hart

    What an idiot. The only way to create jobs is to let those who know what they are doing keep what they make and encourage them to invest it. BO’s policies are exactly the opposite. He takes from the productive and pays people not to work and in his mind, is creating “jobs.”
    The Democratic party shot it’s self in the head electing this clown, pray they don’t bring the entire Nation down.

  • Joe

    ” $385″” “

  • Old Cop

    Well, let’s face it we have a GOOF for president !!!!!

  • heylottylotty

    How long can mr. nObama print money before his fingers wear off? If he continues as he has so far he will have everyone in America working for the government. Then we can all pay taxes of 75% which will of course allow the “leadership” to prosper. Hollywood will become a 100% propaganda mill which will make the actors happy. The masses (that’s us) will get free health care and food stamps. We can then get in line for food auctions, medical drawings, and sewing material (for our clothes). There will be foreign military police that don’t care about us but will trade our life for whatever they can get from us. Won’t the new America be grande? No discrimination… White, Black, Yellow, or Red… We pay while they play. When will we grow up??? HELP!!!

  • Raymond

    Why does Patriot Update refuse to disclose their
    source of financing?

  • R.F. HORKA


  • http://InternetExplorer Homer

    It takes a real imbecile to think that unemployment benefits create jobs. Its name alone tells the whole story, UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS. It is time for this man and his whole cabinet to go. That includes all czars and their hirelings.

  • http://InternetExplorer Homer

    What’s this? If you find it offensive to bozo you don’t print it?

  • Chuck

    Don’t be too hard on Obama. Apparently, although not his fault, the environment of Washington has an electromagnetic mental smog in which the I.Q. of the occupants drops in increments with each year in office. I fervently, for Obama’s sake, hope that he doesn’t get a second term as his I.Q. is already severely diminished and the geometrical progression of declining mental capacity will render him unable to count his toes, much less give the ILLUSION of mental competence.

  • Bruce


    • shannon853

      with the thinking (hahahaha as if he can do any)of obama, if all kinds of industry including the wall street bunch is sent overseas, the country will have more jobs then citizens! now want jobs? drive out 23 million illegals then demand congress force all american businesses and industry back to american soil and make them hire only american citizens. the more industry moves to foriegn soil, the less jobs are here to hire any one! give idiots power and look what has happened. both congress and teh president are brain dead. time to take the power from congress and the president and the vote of the people will bring sanity back. time the people force feed congress what is wanted and let congress do as we say or hang them high!

    • the77surfer

      Very well put, I love it when people speak their mind. Being politicly correct means being silenced. WE THE PEOPLE need to take OUR COUNTRY back, from the workers we hired up in Washington D.C. Keep on speaking up and out LOUDLY.

    • Zoly

      Well put! Its true that the media and the
      politically correct folks try to muffle those
      with strong opinions. Its purely manipulation. Its wrong. We all need to talk to voice our opinion all of the time and
      discuss all sides of issues. Not let the
      voice of silence and selective material THE MEDIA run our lives. Turn them off disconnect your cable TV. Read, write and
      send lots of email. Worka around the lying
      media and all the Hollywood newscasters.

    • Eddie G.

      Shannon853,just think if there were no congress,no Obama,no czars,no federal agencies,and just military to protect our shores,the post office to deliver mail,and fair tax withut the IRS. With yankee ingenuity and an unbridled free market minus enviro loonies,this country would soar back to normal. No Federal Reserve with fiat funny money but the return of the gold standard and “real” money. None of this is new,it used to exist in this country before but voter apathy and ignorance sent it down the tubes whilst the elected kept re-elected over and over again to become more and more corrupt and robbing the people blind to line their own pockets. Hopey,changey,will be reality not Obama’s way but the people’s way by firing all the long term SOB’s in congress and government in toto. Vote your conscience but vote smart,we can’t afford dumb anymore.

    • haditinsd

      Shannon, the government forced these jobs out of the country with high taxes and over regulation. More of government “FORCING” won’t bring them back. Think about it.

    • Chuck

      I agree with you in part, haditinsd, but there are things government can do to bring businesses and jobs back to America. Government can reduce the regulations and taxes that would give incentives for businesses to stay in America. In addition, government can increase import taxes and tariffs, along with regulations on companies doing business overseas. Give incentives to companies that make American products and hire Americans & punish those that don’t.

    • Linda Boykin

      The thing is, if you’re telling the government to “force” business’ to do something, you’re telling the government to assert even more controlling influence over free enterprise. Obama needs to get rid of and lower regulations and business taxes to get companies to “want” to come back to, made in the USA. More mandates, we just don’t need.

    • Chuck

      You’re right Linda Boykin. However, since when does the taxes and regulations governing American free market have to be expanded globally? Companies that make American products, for Americans and hire American workers should not have to compete with companies that choose to make their products overseas and hire foreign workers. Companies that choose to take their businesses overseas and utilize cheap labor should have to pay higher taxes and be subjected to more regulations than those that are here, making products for Americans and hiring American workers. What we have now, as a result of NAFTA, GAT & WTO, is an unfair trade advantage in favor of third-world countries and large corporations. This needs to stop! Repeal NAFTA, GAT and get out of the World Trade Organization and the UN, as well as get the UN off of American soil.

    • Joe Slater

      Yours is a popular idea however, let’s consider why these companies moved their production off shore. One could say it had a lot to do with profit but, in what form or context ? We, the people have learned to pay the rock-bottom price for what we want while demanding the highest possible price for our labor. At some point, our demands exceeded what we are willing to pay. The companies had two choices, move off-shore or go out of business. They decided on moving. If you want to force them back, we will have two choices; pay higher prices or, work for less pay and benefits. Remember when we could buy a new car for less than $10,000.00 ? I do. I also remember when $9.00/hr was a decent rate of pay. Every time the average wage has risen, the cost of everything else also cost more and, if you were one of those workers whose pay didn’t rise, you were left in the dust. We have to decide what we want and how we want it because we can’t have it both ways. That is, unless we invent some earth-shattering invention we can produce for next to nothing and, the whole world wants to beat a path to our doors.

    • charlie

      How right you are, Joe. Too bad more people do not have the courage to say everything you just did.

    • Jack Montalto

      In view of BHO’s latest blunders i.e. giving tacit approval to the OWS miscreants, as did Pelosi, not going forward with the pipeline, and doing nothing about the drone now in Iranian hands. And that will end up with the Chinese if it hasn’t already. So I have labled BHO as 3I: Inept-Incompetnet-Idiot. Perhaps if they paint the pipeline GREEN he and his environmental cohorts will be more amenable to its construction.

    • icetrout

      T.R.would so beat obama with a “BIG STICK” for saying something so dumb!

    • art

      Americans were fooled thinking that they were electing a black man and what they actually got was a straight up sleazy back-stabbing migger of the lowest kind and the price of this mistake may be the loss of our country> His plan to destroy the economy is going better than he could have ever planned.

    • Wayne

      The sad thing is that our illustrious dictator flat out TOLD everyone that he was planning on destroying America “America is the greatest country on earth, and I am going to change it.” That probably isn’t word for word exact, but it is close. And all those idiots voted for him anyway. I just hope they wake up before the next election, if dictator osama lets us have one.

    • art

      Imagine what it is like to be a soldier these days. The nig in the whitehouse sends you off to war and you proudly, bravely go. Then the nig says you should pay for your own injuries because “…you knew the risks before you went..” Then if you were lucky enough to survive combat the nig says you might be a potential terrorist and puts you on a special watch list in appreciation of your patriotism. Worse yet, the nig puts radical mooslums in the military so you have to watch your back at all times including when you return home so that you don’t become a victim of “workplace violence”..!!!

    • http://N/A jerry

      NO one could have said it better…obozo most
      likely sacrificed the drone to his mussie ,commie, pals..I feel certain his people ratted out the SEALS that were killed in the helicopter,since they were the same ones that took bin ladin..too bad they won’t get BIN Liein’…

    • Jim

      O will never tell the truth about anything! He is a LIAR

    • Robert Hawley

      Bruce, I have to take exception with one thing you said,”Hasn’t got a clue” This traitor knows exactly what he is doing.

  • Jean P. Bodet, Sr.

    What is all of this Bovine Dung that the occupant of the White House is spreading around? Does he think he is fertilizing the ground and it will make jobs grow? He needs to slip on some of it to find out he is full of it. Quit flying around the globe and stay home to do the job he was hired to do. Cut the CRAP!!!

  • Mike Dorsey

    The Department of Energy was created to make the United States energy independent in 1979 I believe, when gasoline was rationed. They have have not done their job, dissolve this government group and save that expenditure! Obama says extending unemployment compensation will create more jobs than the Keystone pipeline. He really isn’t that stupid! He is pushing the socialist agenda to economically cripple this country so he can “fundamentally change America” to a country of losers who depend on the government for their every need, which does not include freedom, while the few at the top control the people from a position of power and wealth. His agenda is evident in most everything that he does, except now approaching the election, he may actually propose something that makes sense, we’ll see.

  • larryi

    that traitorous son of a b___ is following his plan to a T.. If something don’t happen soon to that muslim I am afraid it will be to late.

  • pistolero

    In reading many, many comments on several different sites, I find the idea of “impeachment” mentioned numerous times. I too like that idea. However there is a major flaw at work here. The House of Representitives creates the “indictment”. The indictmentis passed to the Senate who are in reality the “jury”. The Chief Justice of The Supreme Court acts as the “judge”.
    Now, in the Senate we have a majority of Democrats led by a guy named Dingy Harry (per
    Rushbo). You can now bet the farm ‘ol dingy is not gonna let anything happen to his busom buddy obummer. SO, it dies right there.
    Gee, ain’t politics wunnerful?

    • June

      pistolero-The answer is NOT impeachment: #1-it takes too long and requires a 2/3’s majority of both houses; #2-obama-soetoro is NOT, legally, the president, therefore, impeachment does not apply! From the beginning, I’ve said there should be a military arrest, tribunal and conviction for espionage and treason, against the USA; there is only ONE sentence, for conviction. The reason for a military tribunal – -he IS a domestic terrorist, right along with the rest of his cohorts!

    • Dwight Hill

      Impeach him ? No , it that to happen , all laws he had passed , will stay as our laws . No sir , that’s too easy . We need to charge him with TREASON ! For a start . Then start charging Peliso with theft , and Reid the same . And anybody else who was working with Hussein .

    • Chuck

      Pistolero, that’s all the more reason to vote all Democrats and RINOs out when they come up for re-election.

  • Mutantone

    remember every one that the democrats are living in a different world than ours, they firmly believe that they are the peoples party that they are all encompassing and always have been, well disregard that fact that they were the segregationist,or for racial quotas,or that they started the KKK but aside from that they are the peoples party, race creed do not matter, well as long as your not Catholic or Jewish, they are all for your rights as long as you join the unions to work. In their imaginations millions of jobs are created by unemployment everyday in all the states well maybe not Washington DC but that is what they are there for to help the people as long as they get their payments from the Unions and lobbyist they are there to help the People get unemployment to create more jobs, well just as long as you do not look at the actual numbers of the cost per job they made but vote for them again this next election and they will still be for the People as they have always been.

  • Dan Morgan

    What a walking, talking IDIOT!

    • Chuck

      If you’re talking about Obama being a walking, talking, idiot, I agree with you, Dan Morgan.

  • Gary

    Employment means that the worker is producing. Unemployment indicates the worker is not producing. If people aren’t producing, how is the economy gaining. This makes about as much sense as spending your way to prosperity. The explanation can be found by taking a look at who said it. Pelosi. The woman is an idiot.

  • Patriot

    Sure unemployment benefits creats jobs. The president is absolutely right. Welfare does also. It creates jobs for volunteers that cook food at soup kitchens.

  • Chuck

    Don’t be too hard on Obama. Apparently, although not his fault, the environment of Washington has an electromagnetic mental smog in which the I.Q. of the occupants drops in increments with each year in office. I fervently hope, for Obama’ sake that he doesn’t get a second term as his I.Q. is already severely diminished and the geometrical progression of declining mental capacity will render him unable to count his toes, much less give the ILLUSION of mental competence.

    • steve

      Very well put — best comment yet
      How this IDIOT is still President is unreal

  • Dale

    Ladies & Genilman
    Check out the web site campaigntodefeatobama
    there is vedios where Obama he wasn’t born in the U.S. and there’s 1 where Michele is commenting on their visit to Barack’s home country of Kenya and there is an interveiw with his Kenyan grandmother where she say’s that he was born in Kenya that she witnessed his birth. Pluse a lot of oyher stuff on Obumer.

    • Chuck

      Dale, the sad thing is that nobody, especially those in Congress, seems to care or even believe Obama is illegitimately occupying the White House.

  • D. Hanes

    My God! This man is truly insane… Yeah, so much better to keep paying unemployment instead of some comapny paying a salary. What is wrong with this idiot?

    • Larry Owens

      I agree, it is scary to see the type of people that voted and got this man elected to be the president, I don’t blame odumbo BUT the Fools that helped him get Elected. I call them fools because odumbo has made them look that way. I would be Ashamed to admit I voted for him, he has done so much to downgrade/destroy OUR country. No More Obama in 2012!

  • Tony N

    we can create more Jobs than either way by amending the 2005 Bankruptcy and Consumer Protection bill and close the Loop Hole that is allowing assets to be swallowed up by Derivatives holders like the Multi-National banks because the bill allows them to be first in line to seize these assets . The Money from MF Global Collapse is probably in the hands of these firms because of this 2005 Bankruptcy Loop Hole and this is causing massive asset confiscation that is a threat to USA Sovereignty if these assets can be seized by a International Firm without it being done in a Process under the Commerce Laws of the US Constitution .
    We need what this article suggests ;

    Let’s Make The Clawback Risk REAL Posted 2011-12-06 10:47
    by Karl Denninger

    Here is why this 2005 Bankruptcy and Consumer Protection Law is so bad for the Middle Class , all the small banks that have gone broke, see here, ,or will have had their assets and those assets that belong to Middle Class people swallowed up by the International Bankers because of this 2005 Bankruptcy Law and that Directly infringes on the State sovereignty and commerce laws right ?

  • Dr. Evil

    If you can find anybody that actually believes that unemployment benefits create jobs enough that the tax return is greater than the expense, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I would like to sell them. Oh! Yeah. Pelosi believes that, or at least she claims she does.

  • Henry

    There is an Idiot loose in the White House !!

    • Dwight Hill

      An Idiot ? There’s like hundreds of then walking , talking , and drop the the ground on their bellies and move like a reptile !

    • Chuck

      Yeah, and there’s about 95% of Congress, as well as 40% of so called Americans that still think he is doing a great job who are also idiots.

  • Tim Lucas

    Just one more year if we can make it. I’d die for some good news. So much sick crap from this administration that has done little good for this country. Radicals prove they have no leadership nor leadership ability. They sit around Bill’s(terrorist) house, have a few snorts and talk crap and agree with each other’s lame stream ideas. They must have been giddy when Obama got in. Since then a big fat zero to negative impact on our lives. A fifth grader could do a better job leading this country and I’d vote for a can of orange juice.

  • Canadianson

    Proof positive this fraud in chief is dumber than Carter. How can anybody continue to support and vote for this moron?

  • the77surfer

    Tear down the old , so as the NEW KING can rebuild his country the way he DICTATES! Please look real closely at what OBAMA is trying to “change” OUR country into. I know for a fact that unemployment benefits don’t help me at all.The reason for this statement is because I make about a forth of my regular paycheck. I really like to work for what I need. I’m sorry for all you that have a worthless degree, that now you have only the option of working for the ( city, county, state, or federal ) government. The next time you should try to find a degree that requires procuring a career on your own merits, not on the tax payer’s backs. We need to be a country of production, not consumption. Be more creative in your thinking, you don’t need to keep up with the Joneses. If your possessions define you, then I believe you might need to re-evaluate your priorities. DON’T let our PAID politicians tell you how to live your life, you have FREE WILL, use it to the best of your own ability. Lastly THROW THE BUMS OUT OF OFFICE, ALL OF THEM !!!

  • Marc Jeric

    I have a solution for unemployment problem: put everybody – I mean 100% of all citizens and illegal aliens – on government dole/unemployment checks – and like a miracle our unemployment rate will fall to ZERO! Our GDP will skyrocket!

  • Wolf Sage

    Obama can be stopped by taking down the ANTI-AMERICA propaganda machine: ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN (A.K.A. the Main-Stream-Media (MSM))!

    With NO propaganda machine, Obama’s approval rating would drop to 25%

    Boycott their advertisers, boycott their shows, and boycott their owners:

    Paramount Studios (CBS)
    Universal Studios (NBC)
    Disney Entertainment (ABC)
    Warner Bros (CNN)


    • Chuck

      I’m already boycotting all sponsors of these organizations, as well as MSNBC & FOX. However, I’m afraid there are still too many people unaware of the fraud and corruption going on within this administration and Congress. More people need to Wake up!!!

    • Dave

      We don’t want to take down CNN, NBC, etc. until they tell about the latest sex story that has just come out. I heard that Obummer, Pelosi, and Joe Biden have been having a love triangle for over two years. UGGGHHH!!! Not a pretty picture!! Word has it, that David Axlerod knew about it, but didn’t bring it to light because he knew that Obummer (with his Chicago connections) would go after him and he would disappear! Now, if this story were true and could be proven with videos (UUGGHH), you would NEVER see it brought up on CNN, NBC, etc. But, change the names to anyone on the RIGHT, and it would be on the TV within 10 minutes,even without a shred of edvidence that it was true. That is the way the left-wing wakkos and their goon reporters (CNN, NBC, etc.)work. Doesn’t have to be true. But the Amereican people are stupid. If it’s on TV, it’s true. That’s why Jerry Springer is so popular! That’s also why CNN, NBC, etc. wouldn’t ever bring it up. Obbummer would be finished!!!

  • Fred Mitchell

    Obama, does’nt have a clue for creating jobs.Manufactctureing Companys are not gonna be hireing till he is out of office. Too bad he don’t read the newspapers or watch the news.

  • Vixen03

    Obama is on to something here! We can create more jobs by Un-employing Obama!

  • michael sharpe

    The stuff that Obama states and attempt, is not new. These are pages directly from FDR and LBJ’s playbook;It is the “new deal system” that is socialist and seduces Dem. voters. Nothing that He says or does is new.America must and can get out ahead of this wicked system.

  • toto

    Well, that just does it, lets all just quit, then every will be creating jobs…..for who?

  • Richard Vandervort

    It’s pretty obvious that us common folks just aren’t as smart as the rich elite in Washington.
    Under this theory coming out of DC if were all unemployed and collecting benefits there will such a job growth that we’ll need to sneak in more illegal’s so we can fill the over abundant job slot’s.
    I’m guessing with the new ways of teaching in our country if you go to school long enough you’ll come out brainwashed enough to believe this type of statements.

  • U.S.Patriot 01

    this man is an idiot he has NO common sense.I truely believe he is the real Manchurian candidate controlled by those that bought the presidency for him.he got a lot of foreign money in his campaign chest and will again this election.

  • bilbo baggins

    The number of jobs this pipeline will create has been much exaggerated. The official number of permanent jobs created will number less than 225. Not thousands. 225. I wish people would stick with the truth on this to make their points.

    • Richard Vandervort

      Hey, If they stuck to the truth Obama and company would be out of a job too.

    • 2WarAbnVet

      If it created one job,. that would be one more than Unemployment Benefits extension.

    • art

      Bilbo you either a mooslum or a communist..which is it ??

    • Richard Vandervort

      Art, Do your homework and you’ll have that answer!
      Look up the American Communist Party and read the direct conections between Islam and the Communist party as well as the connection to other well know organizations in our country and through out the world.
      I would give you the links to the true party site but they fear the truth and most times stop me from showing people.

    • Johnnygard

      bilbo, You think 225 people can build a pipeline from Canada to Texas? PULEEZE!! In your lifetime? It will take more that that to build the pipes. It will take almost that many people to get the pipes to the job site. It will take that many people to dig the trenches. It will probably take more than 225 engineers. Will you please come right out and say that unemployment creates jobs (I mean more jobs than just the employees at the unemployment office that hand out the money)?

    • Chuck

      Fine, bilbo baggins. Tell Obama to stick to the truth. He claims that unemployment creates more jobs than the pipeline. Even using your number of 225 jobs created by the pipeline, Obama’s claim is grossly false. Unemployment creates zero jobs, never has and never will, unless you include the government sector jobs that may be created due to the need for additional people to process the unemployment claims for benefits. Face it Obama and those in his administration are lying idiots and so is anybody that believes his ridiculous, idiotic claims.

  • floramae


    • rbentrdr

      Total domination? Did you know that the feds went to the Mormon storage place (it’s part of Mormon culture that they store food) and wanted NAMES of those people storing food??? They are also driving the small farmers out of business; their kids are no longer allowed to do most farm jobs. Like Mao, he tends to starve us to death if we don’t recieve his mark on our forehead!!

  • Zoly

    Can you believe he said that? Juzt another example of how he thinks. Who does he thinks pays the unemployment? The Government? No the taxes from the private sector–US the citizens. Remember the government does not make money, it spends money. All their revenue comes from the American people. Lets take the big checkbook away from them!!!!!!!!

    • Mike

      Zoly if you think about what BHO does from the stand point that he is trying to bring this country down (so he can change it where a few will dictate to the many, him being in the few department) it will make sense.

  • locobro


  • 2WarAbnVet

    We know we’re in trouble when the “smartest man in the world” (or so we’re constantly told) turns out to be an idiot.

  • locobro

    Our tax dollars get waisted any way

  • btb

    need to get this idiot out fast, hes on phase 2. he took over healthcare so he could control one sixth of the money in the us. now he is increasing fed. emisionsso he can push the us out of refining oil. people if we stop refining our oil the end is near. we will be letting the sand boogs decide our oil prices, and obama and his chink energy zar will blow the price thru the roof so they can push there green bull foward

    • Mike

      If ALL Americans could just realize just how scary our future is. The Progressive socialist have been implementing their plan for decades, little by little until most can’t see the forest for the trees and its almost over for American’s freedom and what our Constitution has given us, not to mention all the soldier’s that have fought and died that we enjoy the precious freedom from a tyrannical government.

  • Richard Vandervort

    Obama has had a lot of fun saying this to other world leaders, ” You must step down – You need to go! ”
    It’s time for We The People to say the very same thing. “Obama You Need To Go!” “Step Down, Get Out, Leave The Country Mr Obama!”

  • Moe

    Forget getting this criminal out of office before the election. The Constitution says that the President must be a “Natural Born Citizen”, and that has been defined as a person born of TWO Citizen parents, not one. Next they’ll be saying that his daddy was a Citizen, and creating those documents as well.

    By Law, he is not a elegible because when his mother went to Kenya, and it being a Muslim Nation, she immediately became a Kenyan Citizen as were any accompanying children. Repatriation of a former adult citizens requires such people to file repatriatioon papers and they must be approved. Minor children must do the same at the age of 18 years. This act alone makes him enelegible for the Presidency, regardless of his place of birth. But the political machines on both sides of the isle either don’t want to make waves or unspokenly support his distructive goals.

  • art

    Imagine what it is like to be a soldier these days. The nig in the whitehouse sends you off to war and you proudly, bravely go. Then the nig says you should pay for your own injuries because “…you knew the risks before you went..” Then if you were lucky enough to survive combat the nig says you might be a potential terrorist and puts you on a special watch list in appreciation of your patriotism. Worse yet, the nig puts radical mooslums in the military so you have to watch your back at all times including when you return home so that you don’t become a victim of “workplace violence”..!!!

    • Richard Vandervort

      If you only knew how close to the reality this is!

  • http://EXPLORER JOHN

    This incompetent government thinks unemployment is a job,they count every one that signs up for unemployment as a new job. Every body that signs up for welfare is a new job.

    • Richard Vandervort

      John, You can’t sign up for Welfare dummy because you’ll be putting some illegal out of work.

  • TonyinMO

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen where someone calls “unemployment” a job!

  • R.Paper ballots jr.

    I am having a tough time with what BHO said,or is he making us believe he is only at that level of stupid? And Why? Saying and doing are completly different things! If niether is done it still hurts employment. I thing it’s like when you make a small hole in a gourd full if tasty seeds and a monkey squeese his hand in side finds out that hand gets stuck and wont pull out unless hand let’s go of seeds! B H O needs to learn this lession! I’ll help get rid of this doup in 2012! and so will the masses.We need a thinking President!

    • Richard Vandervort

      It’s not that Obama’s lacking thought but in his mindset of thinking. Read this and you’ll have a much better understanding of Obama because he is a card carrying member of the party.

    • Richard Vandervort

      Is it that again I’m awaiting moderation because your to afraid of people learning the truth?

    • Richard Vandervort

      I can see there’s liberals ready to give a thumbs down and not willing to see if this site has the nerve to let you see links to the truth.
      Think before your ready to judge someone but asking you to think might be asking to much and that’s a big part of our trouble in this country.

    • Mike

      We need a patriot who realizes the importance of the office and who under stands what our Founding Fathers had designed, where government is minimal and peoples freedom is greater than any other country on earth, so that we can not be restrained in our creativity and continue blessing the rest of the world by our achievements and prosperity! We need to realize that we were founded on Christian principles and that 98% of our Founders were Christian and that it was totally important to them that God was/is in control and he decides if we are to to be blessed or not and that his will was/is intertwined with this country’s existence and future.

  • R.Paper ballots jr.

    I am having a tough time with what BHO said,or is he making us believe he is only at that level of stupid? And Why? Saying and doing are completly different things! If niether is done it still hurts employment. I thing it’s like when you make a small hole in a gourd full if tasty seeds and a monkey squeese his hand in side finds out that hand gets stuck and wont pull out unless hand let’s go of seeds! B H O needs to learn this lession! I’ll help get rid of this doup in 2012! and so will the masses.We need a thinking President!

  • June

    What planet did Obama come from? LaLa Looby. This is the president of the USA and this is what we get? He needs to be impeached. Now.

    • Richard Vandervort

      No,Empeachment is not your answer to the problem but removal for being Ineligible is.

      Back in 1875, the United States Supreme Court, in Minor v, Happersett, ruled that:

      “Natural Born Citizen” was defined as children born of two U.S. citizens – regardless of the location of the birth. It found: “The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also.”

    • El Lobo Solo

      Yes you bring up a good point, but is there enough backbone in Congress & what remains of our judical system to press the issue?

    • Richard Vandervort

      Your right to the lack of backbone in Congress and whith as many judges that are corrupt the job now is placed on the people.
      We can by enough numbers of citizens put enough pressure on the Congress and the court’s to where they have to act or expose themselves for the corrupt people that they are.

  • Faye Shamblin

    Well this sure proves how dumb Obama is and I know what he is trying to do but you liar and thief we will not let you be elected again you are a fruad and treason and need to be tried and put out of America.,

  • lizaz

    What a crock of bs!!! How stupid does he think we are???? We have GOT to get rid of this administration in NOV 2012..we cannot survive another 4 years of marxism!!!!

    • Richard Vandervort

      The damage that will take place in the next eleven months will be so devastating that what the outcome of the election really will not matter.
      Obama Must Go Now!

  • Ed Orr

    b.o. has signed the death warrant of the United States of America and it is Chicago style gangster administration and those poor mindless followers and voters and unions who will carry out that sentence.Anyone who votes for or supports b.o. are traitors to this nation and are spitting on the graves of all those who have given their lives to protect and serve our country and its way of life. Every patriot has a duty to converge on D.C next year to demand the house draw up articles of impeachment for real high crimes and misdemeanors then deliver it to the Senate to indict, convict and incarcerate him or deport I’m to the country where he was born.

  • Towncar07

    Our President has is RIGHT…for once…let’s get him on unemployment benefits ASAP…Then our country might again prosper.

    • Richard Vandervort

      The unemployment line is far to good for him and his cronies.
      Trials of Treason is more in the line of fairness.

  • John Cothren

    This will shock the simple-minded dumbocrats,
    but only employed people produce. And this
    brain-dead muslim in the White House says that unemployment will increase production???
    Yeah, maybe increase the load the employed has to pull. This imposter-in-chief needs to be led out of the White House in handcuffs &
    tried as a terrorist. He has already inflicted more damage on American citizens than ten lifetimes will ever heal.

  • Richard Vandervort

    Lie’s from the Obama camp have become so rampant and out of control that they’ve become their reality.
    Remember that it’s bred into the Muslim believers that only through lie’s can they achieve their true agenda’s.
    Look up the connection between the world of Islam and the American Communist Party if you have the nerves of steel you think you have. “Look at their membership roster and see who in government are card carrying members.
    Obama is ready to create hundreds of new job’s, That of private contractors to supply food for the hundreds of concentration camps through out the US most equipped with crematoriums where they’ll need workers to clean out the ashes when their done.
    Are you ready to take back America Yet?

  • John Hart

    The way to create jobs is to let people keep and invest what they make. Democratic policy is exactly the opposite, that is why recovery is dragging. Obama takes from the productive and pays people not to work. In his mind, that’s the way to create jobs.
    Democrats shot themselves in the foot electing this clown, pray he doesn’t bring the entire Nation down. (re-post, test of site moderation)

  • Richard Vandervort

    I can’t express the anger that’s there when I’m seeing the actions from the whole Democratic party.
    I should be calling a spade a spade and calling them American Communist Party but we have some of them in the Republican party too. “Look it up – Goggle”
    The Fast and Furious is just the tip of the iceberg to our trouble today because while America slept our governments been setting up concentration camps in every state and a lot equipped with crematoriums like Hitler used. “Now that anyone not supporting Obama is a Terrorist can you guess who there for?”
    Were about to see the end of freedom in this country while people sit on their butt’s doing nothing.

  • JackK

    I agree with this article. If they both create jobs then obviously then do both, but as most of us sane people in the world know where are the jobs if unemployment creates jobs we have had 99 weeks for years and 400,000 keep getting laid off each month and it has had no affect at slowing it down. The govt. and socialism and we cannot spend/borrow ourselves into jobs and prosperity.

  • Richard Vandervort

    How stupid do we need to be in America? Look at the occupy wall street movement then ask yourself why was it so well indorsed by the Obama administration?
    Wall street is the heart of capitalism and the very thing socialist need to crush so they can push socialism and communism on our society.
    By crushing the monetary system socialist can through dependency of government then control the population.
    There is a need for a movement in this country but not on Wall Street but in Washington to see to the removal of Car Carrying Communist, Socialist and Muslims from our government and Judicial System along with returning our system the Constitutional Values it was founded under.

    • Richard Vandervort

      We allow the socialist mind set to be taught in our schools to where you don’t need to be good at what you do or ever try hard but just showing up and participating you earned an equal prize.
      Well, Real life isn’t that way and if you don’t apply your efforts you don’t get the equal prize “The Pay Check”.
      This is the real world of Capitalism and just why we are the greatest nation on earth because if your willing to apply yourself you can achieve a better way of life.

  • Richard Vandervort

    Through Lie’s like this one the socialist thrive on peoples ignorance to reality.
    The sad part is in the fact that it’s people like Obama and all the other liberal Pigs that create terrorist. Through thinking their so superior that they alone know how others should live their lives under oppression.
    Human nature drives people to want to see betterment in their lives and oppression breeds depression and the will to fight back.
    Much like the cat backed into the corner by the dog the cat will strike out at the dog in the effort to be free and move on. So why would anyone be surprised when you push the little guy back financially into his corner he strikes out in retaliation thus your new terrorist is born.

  • Johnnygard

    When I first heard Pelosi make that statement, I thought it was probably the dumbest thing she had ever said in her lifetime – and that is saying a lot! Now Obummer comes along and repeats it, even after he has had time to think about it.
    So I thought, how can over 40% of the people still support him? Remember Dan Quale mispelled potato or tomato? Everybody in the country heard about it, thanks to the MSM. But over 80% of the people will NEVER HEAR THAT BHO MADE THIS RIDICULOUS CLAIM. Because of the MSM! Notice that no one around here tonight has even TRIED to stick up for the statement.

  • jerry5

    i am still in shock that someone would think unemployment would creat jobs. this has become a real never never land. i guess he must think the people in this country are stupid and beleive everything he says. may god help us.

  • skip gainer

    Is obarry for real nobody can be that stupid to think unemployment checks will create jobs. Most people can not live on unemployment checks, they lose financial ground every day. If this is the smart version of obarry we surely do not have to look for the stupid version of obarry. Obarry is not only trying to destroy our economy, but is doing his best work at destroying our way of life. No pipeline no jobs because obarry can not get his own way, cry baby!!

  • DrewBeScrewed

    At this time,the best way to create new jobs is to rid the nation of obama. He’s pond scum…the s#!t of humanity. He’s the result of a bowel movement of Mud Butt the communist.

  • unclebarry1

    That is the DUMBEST statement to pass Obumas lips yet. Why don’t we all go On unemployment to create a world of jobs. Stupid. Dumb.Incompetent. Obuma’s got to GO.

  • Richard Vandervort
    Go to: The library of congress and then look up the American Communist Party and you’ll better understand our problems of today.

  • Richard Vandervort

    Go to: The library of congress and then look up the American Communist Party and you’ll better understand our problems of today.

  • Richard Vandervort

    Records of the Subversive Activities Control Board, 1950-1972 / introduction by Ellen Schrecker. — Frederick, MD : University Publications of America, c1988. — 102 microfilm reels.

    LC Call Number: Microfilm 90/8018

    Documents reproduced from the holdings of the National Archives and Records Service. The collection is divided into Part I: Communist Party USA and Part II: Communist-Action and Communist-Front Organizations. The editor selected for inclusion those series of SACB’s documents that contain historical information on the CPUSA and the Action and Front Organizations. Included are digests and indices of witnesses’ testimony and exhibits, case indices, biographies of witnesses, SACB reports and orders, and transcripts of hearings. The filmed records do not cover the board’s administrative files, which are available at the Archives. This collection is a major and rich source of information about the entire Communist movement in the United States and also about the activities of the FBI during this period.
    This is just one on record at the library of Congress. Look them up!

  • toosmarttovoteGOP

    Seven lies in two paragraphs? C’mon you walking colostomy bag, ypu’re nor even trying!

  • Dave

    Has anyone thought about the 200+ million people in this country who are totally fed up with the crap that this administration is illegally cramming down our throats? This country could be totally shut down within 48 hours if only half of these people took to the streets just like the Wall Street protesters did. Obummer and Pelosi loved the Wall Street protesters, didn’t they? They would love all of us for doing the same thing, right? Except we would be doing it to make them resign!! What are they going to do???? Haul off 100+ million people to jail???? Sure!!!! There is absolutely nothing that Obummer and his left wing wackos could do. Only this time we don’t leave the streets until Obummer resigns. He’s for the good of the country, right? So to get this country going again he’d resign, right? OBUMMER WILL NEVER ADMIT HE’S DOING ANYTHING WRONG!!! IT’S ALL BUSH’S FAULT!!!

    • Vic

      I think there would be a significant difference between us being in the streets an d the Europeans…we wouldn’t be throwing rocks and bottles, nor would we be as easily contained!

    • lee

      o,biden,hillary,chu,geitner,bernanke,reid,holder,pelosi,etcetc, all the crooks in dc need to be put in gitmo. tired of liars,thieves, and totally corrupt,overspending,destroying idiots in charge. closet muslim is not legal pres. he is a fraudulent treasonous traitor. we Americans deserve a hardworking, patriotic,honest,nice,ethical,moral good man.not the slime in there now.

    • Rip

      Oh Yeah they would love it alright, just the excuse they would need to declare Martial Law !
      once done we would have this illegal usurper as dictator for the rest of his bas–rd life !
      and just think, either way the election goes there will be dissent, and if it boils out into the streets we will have the same result, this P.O.S. will try anything to push U.S. over the edge

    • Marian

      Obama’s head is so twisted how can anyone believe him?? What are those people on beside welfare that belives a thing he sayes.
      I watch Fox a lot and I can’t even believe what Obama’s suporters say.

    • Steven

      When he steals the election then we will take to the streets because we have nothing to lose…..

    • bob

      I’ve been thinking that for a year.Be prepared because thats gonna happen

    • Antone

      Actually, my suspicion is that they would use it as the excuse they need to declare Marshal Law… and take over the country.

      We already know how they treat conservative groups. Look at the distorted bile they spew towards the Tea Party. They paint this group as a bunch of violent, racist, and a terrorist breeding ground–while they turn right around and support the Occupy Wallstreet crowd.

      Can you imagine how ballistic they’d go if the Tea Party was anything even remotely like the OWS (bowl) movement… let alone if they were marching on the capital. lol. Not to mention that we have jobs… and we don’t have George Soros and the Communist UNIONS paying many millions of dollars to foot the bill for us.

      I say we’re better off to get Obama out peacefully. And if that fails, then to organize covertly and spring the New Revolution on them unawares. Such a protest march now would not be very effective and would weaken our ability to move aginst the corruption later, after peaceful means of resolution have been exhausted.

    • Steve

      No, you have the Koch brothers to fund the Tea Party.

    • El Lobo Solo

      The Koch brothers are native born Americans & it is still legal under the Constitution to peaceably assemble & associate or contribute to a cause. Besides, I don’t think the Koch’s were ever indicted for insider trading or collaborated with the Nazis such as Obama benefactor George Soros.

    • http://Dianna Dianna Van Zandt

      The most important thing is that the 200 million get out and vote next year. The only thing right about this article is once Obama is unemployed than the jobs will improve.

    • Willie A Russell Jr

      Thay willnot resign. Thay will declair Martial Law, and take away all your wrights.
      What most people don’t know is that there is a law on the books that will alow them to do that.
      Obomer is just looking for an excuse to do that.
      Weekend Warrior

    • El Lobo Solo

      You mean Excuetive Order(s):

      10995, Feds can seize all communictions.
      10997, Feds can take all electric power, fuels,minerals, public & private.

      10998, Feds can seize all food supplies public & privte, including private stored food.
      10999, Take all means of transportation.

      11000, Federal seizure of US citizens for “work forces” under Fed. supervision.
      11001, Feds can take all health & education & welfare facilities.
      11002, Postmaster can register every single person in US.

      11003,Feds can take all airport & aircraft.
      11004,Feds can seize all housing, finances & can forcably relocate residents after designation of areas to be abandoned as unsafe.
      11005, Feds can take all railroads.

      EO 11051, All above orders can be put into effect by FEMA.

      Signed by President Bill Clinton,
      6 June 1994.

  • Al

    Who would own this pipeline?
    Who is the CEO, and board members of that company?
    Maybe there is no opportunity for “PAYBACK” Get it?

    • Rip

      Right, they did it to us with the trans Alaska pipeline. We paid for it with our taxes, then they turned it over to the oil companies so they could sell the oil to foreign countries. We then have to buy oil back from Other foreign countries at a substantial increase in price, so we get screwed anyway. I would assume that the Canadians would retain ownership. Hopefully the states involved would tax it in some way

    • Marian

      If the government gets out of the way we can drill hear in Ohio and West Va.

    • Marian

      When people come hear it is to get away from corrupt governments. So once they get hear they try to cange our government. Who can figure that out? It is time for God to come and get this whole mess cleaned up.

  • http://e niles

    If Obama isn’t the antichrist I sure don’t want to be around when the real one shows up.

    • Goodforall

      I have said this from the get go. Look at how he avoids using the name of God. Look at who he has surrounded himself with. Look at all of the “locked up” info and records about his past. We were the strongest Christian nation in the world and he is bringing us down at constantly attacks our religious heritage. Just think about it.

    • Samuel K. Stalnaker

      Well, I don’t think Nobama is the Antichrist, because too many people dislike, (hate) him. The Antichrist will be loved by most of the people of the world. Then he’ll betray the Jews and that’ll start Armegeddon.
      Anyway, you are right Niles, we don’t want to be around when that happens. The Antichrist is probably walking among us now, but who knows?

    • Sarah H. Studstill

      Obama comes so close to fulfilling the requirements for being the Anti-Christ.

      He has most of the places that he has visited in turmoil – He has increased the Middle Eastern wealth; indeed, increasing the paranoia of leaders in some countries of Asia while diminishing the respect of our friends & allies all over the world.

      He has encouraged dictators to be over-thrown, on the surface that appears to be a very good thing but in doing so, left in its wake utter & complete chaos -a vacuum where the Muslim Brotherhood stood by to step right in – or Al Quaeda, etc.

      In a word, he has created a world in chaos in 3 short years now – including our own country – so I’d say he is as close to being the Anti-Christ as any in my lifetime.

      Worst of all, he hasn’t missed an opportunity to make us a Godless country tearing down the very foundation upon which our Country was built.

      It is imperative if we are to salvage this great land that we all go & vote he as well as his cronies OUT in 2012. Can’t come fast enough!

    • http://patriotupdate Joel

      there’s one way to find out!

    • Remington 870

      Good point Samuel, concerning the beloved anti-christ. Obama is either liked or disliked, but never loved. He is the liberal icon who will destroy American and remake into a 3d world commie town. Americans who want to keep America great are getting sicker every day and when Obama steals the 2012 election, only then will Americans take to the streets. Th2 2012 election will be stolen by Obama and that is what scares the crap out of me.

    • gipb

      obumer is the anti-christ’s court jester.. before he took office he was the village idiot..

  • Alan McIver

    The idea is to ruin the country and the dollar, ala Soros, and or Bill Ayres, as both have expressed or demonstrated the desire to do so. Soros attached the British pound.
    Ayres wrote, ‘You don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing’ Neither are sorry.
    Tax breaks put us deeper in debt, and we already are accumulating 4 billion a day.
    Energy independence would enrich us all.
    Simple to me.

    • Rip

      Two names,(not sure of the spelling) Cloward and Piven

  • Doodlebug

    Thank you to all my fellow citizens who helped make this possible by voting for this inexperienced, ideologically radical, unaccomplished shell of candidate.

  • flameinhair

    HA! Do you believe this guy? Oh wait…he may be right. After all…he said the USA has 57 states too! What a DOPE!

    • Capt. Link Hogthrob

      Wrongo! The chimp in chief stated that he had been to 57 states AND STILL HAD 1 TO GO. Do the math…that would equal 58 states!

    • Joyce

      But then Asia and Hawaii (the former US state that BO says he was born in), recently merged, so now it’s 57 again. If he keeps merging countries like that, we may eventually get down to 50.

  • Big Bubba

    I have yet to hear any politician with any plan to bring manufacturing and mining jobs back to this country. Until we demand to see a plan we will end up with the same or another idiot as our President.

    • Patrioticnut

      B.B., manufacturing will never come back to our country in any volume. The simple fact of the matter is that because of our inflated earnings over the past few decades we have done ourselves out of those jobs. Now our economy is to far ahead of that curve to make it possible. I said never, what I should say is until our economy is rebooted at the lower level that it truly should be. A crash is coming and no president can prevent it.

    • John Beck

      Right Bubba, if this government isn’t completely restructured this time, it isn’t going to happen. The only one of them that is considering a complete restructuring is Perry. The rest of them are mainly talking about a little here, a little there and we will end up with the same old corruption.

  • Larry Owens

    Here is an interesting website, lets join and sign the petition to help Defeat him.

  • C Caros

    Every cent spent by a government entity – city, county, state or federal governments is a tax payer debt which adds to the national debt. EVERY SINGLE CENTS!!!

    However, Farms, Ranchers, Business, Companies, Corporations, other private sector entities by property, hire employees, pay salaries, pay utilities, pay taxes, taxes, taxes, generated jobs in multiple logistics, storage, retail, wholesale, services, etc., etc. They all innovate, create, donate moneys, built schools, hospitals, churches, generate jobs, etc., etc. This all adds to the GDP/GNP, government revenues and not to the national debt.

  • Don Sr.

    There is something that really troublesme concerning our leaders. In all honesty it seems to me that we have a mental defect here. First pelosi started talking nutty….vote in something so then we can see what’s in it? And now on top of this obama talks like there is something truely wrong with him. I’d like to beleive that they are just messing with the minds of the people, but why would anyone do such a thing? Now the more talking they do the more convinced I am that there is something mental going on. I”m wondering has God left them up to reprobate minds.? My goodness America, can’t they be removed on that account alone?

    • Joyce

      All of his cronies are stoned out of their minds due to all those “drink-and-dope” parties they have in the WH almost every evening, to the point that none of them can put 2 sentences together that make any sense.

  • right turn

    If people without a job create jobs let’s make sure Obama joins those people.

    • Sarah H. Studstill

      The VERY BEST comment posted here!
      Thank you for posting that!

    • red riding hood

      let’s put one more on Unemployment but he will get paid FOREVER, we as a country were stupid to even get this nut elected, though he bought votes so what did we expect??

    • Debbie

      this is the most stupid thing I think I’ve ever heard. and he expects us to believe him! I’m at a loss for words.

    • Lee Baldwin

      One thing the Barry Soetoro Show is not at a loss for words, Debbie. Expect Harrison J. Bounel aka Barrack Obama to explain all of this with such a spin it will sound like unemployment does create jobs. The guy can’t open his purple-lipped mouth without a lie coming out.

    • slapjack

      If we do, I want him to retire to a MUD hut in Kenyan with a par 8 g miniture golf course on forty acres and a mule to ride to town. The Commie pretender deserves nothing after he leaves office but the above mentioned things.

  • Doc Jim

    If the current Administration is re-elected; it means that >50% of the voting U.S. are “clueless space cadets”. What a sorryass day that will be…….

    • Richard Vandervort

      Doc, If that 50% of the blind and blatantly stupid would just right click this link and open it to a new tab or window and read assiming they can read I believe they would say Obama must go now too.

    • daves

      We haven’t even come close to total disarmament of the United States. There are no more Soviet satellites so those goals cannot be achieved.

      China, despite the Communist Government, is a very capitalist country now.

      Pretty much, your list does not frighten me into voting Republican any time soon.

    • TXRtiredCavTnkr

      I don’t think the intent was to scare you into voting one way or the other. I think the intent is to educate you enough so you can pull your head out of your ass and realize we have an administration that believes unemployment creates more jobs that a huge construction project.
      Good luck, and you can hug your own trees. If I catch you hugging mine you’re getting arrested.

    • VulcanDude

      No Doc Jim, It just means over 40% of Americans are on food stamps or some kind of Government assistance. So, These people will more than likely vote to continue getting help from the Government. The Left knows that the people are DEPENDENT and STUPID. So, That along with the usual Class and Race Warfare and Constant Character Assassination of anyone on the Right is how they get the STUPID to vote for them. And, That’s how they stay in power. Yup, Obama is an Anti-American Marxist Disgrace Hell Bent on destroying America as we know it. So, That we can become part of a One World Government. So, The STUPID got their PRINCE OF FOOLS. GOD help us all if he gets another 4 years to finish the job!!!!!!!!!!

    • daves

      I will vote so that my tax dollars are spent to help needy Americans.

      It is a far better use of money, compared to war, subsidies for wealthy people, foreign aid and military bases across the world.

    • Ernest T.

      I agree so we are voting for Ron Paul, and anyone but Obama if he does not get the nomination.

    • TXRtiredCavTnkr

      I’m 47, have worked since I was 16(12 if you include the farm years) and this year I went on unemployment. It lasted for 2-months and I did whatever I could to get off of it. There are a lot of people that enjoy the assistance and would rather not have to work, but this administration has created a lot that are not used to it and would rather take a pay cut than a handout. We are not all the same, so don’t lump us all together.

  • Dean

    I am now convinced that Obama is mentally incompetent.

    • http://patriotupdate Joel

      No he isn’t, he’s doing exactly whay he set out to do, destroy America!

    • lee

      he is stupid (needs teleprompter and writers) and he is evil (nasty,mean guy who wants to destroy all goodness-boys,women,USA,conservatives,Jews,all religions but selfish self. he loves to eat pork and pray once in a while for more for himself. he is a treasonous traitor to all.

    • TORRRR

      The Manchurian President is following the agenda laid out in this book: DREAMS FROM MY FATHER! He is following in the footsteps of his hero: HUGO CHAVEZ! He is behaving like every wannabe dictator and tyrant has done in all of past history!
      The Islamic/Muslim agenda is to lie, deceive and kill to further the Islamic ideaology and institute Shiria law!
      Our weak kneed and lily liver’d, spineless president is in lock step with them, as we speak!

    • Lee Baldwin

      TORRRR is dead-on correct about sharia. ISLAMIC people in general only want to rule the world religion wise & they are mandated to kill infidels should we argue that point.Here is a great read that supports what I say~

    • Bud

      Obama has been out to destroy our country since day one. Why do you think that he wouldn’t retrieve that spy drone in Iran or destroy it? He wanted to give his Muslum brothers in Iran our technology to help them destroy us also. Treason is too good a charge for Obama.

    • JB

      No he isn’t, he’s doing exactly whay he WAS SENT out to do, destroy America!


      Obama’s not competent enough to have done it on his own. He’s just a marionette (and just as mindless).

    • Co-opted Confederate

      He is notonly mentaly incompetent he is totally Certifiably INSANE

    • budman

      Either that or he is smoking those funny cigarettes or sniffing something. If he doesn’t realize how foolish this statement is, it just proves he has no clue even about basic economics.

    • david k.

      that statement kinda reminded me of curly drilling another hole in the bottom of the boat moe asks why?to let the water out.thats how dumb that is?obama must still be hittin the pipe.

    • Evan

      What took you so long?

    • daves

      I wonder if any of you have any comments about unemployment and jobs??

    • Dean

      I have a reply, Dem’s haven’t done a damn thing for 3 years

  • http://None Nancy

    Obama, the stupid SOB will burn in Hell, and
    the sooner, the better!!

    • Mike

      You know, I can not find happiness in ANYONE going to hell, not even Obama. One day spent in a lake of fire is incomprehensible, much less eternity! If he is what many have concluded, a socialist who is out to change America from what our founding fathers had been Divinely inspired to create then he is treasonous and should be treated like a traitor but we should not wish anyone to hell, wish or pray that his heart will change.

    • cathy

      Thank you Mike well said. We do need to pray for him.

    • Grif

      well said Mike , our God and Savior is in control !

  • nvrpc

    The bottomline can be found by clicking on my name, scroll down to the animated finger and then click on the words next to it. Until these mnor issues are addressed and corrected the U S of A is doomed into he-ll

  • Greg

    How stupid does this dumb muslim think the American people are? If people let him get away with this, I swear they are kissing his ASS…

    • JoJo

      LOL well, those that agree with this so-called logic should be voted out of office. There are still more of us than them, we just have to make certain that we’re engaged and ready to make some change in the senate and vote in more TEA party house members.

    • September

      Americans are stupid, I know way to many who intend to vote for him again. Then on the other side, others are looking at Newt, he is the same person, different color. What is wrong with everyone?

    • Debbie

      I don’t care who runs against Obama We need to vote him out !!!!!

  • Mocha 10

    obama is a mus lim and the mus lim idealoge is to inflitrate america and destroy it from within. If there is one good mus lim in this country, like mr. romney said recently, then why don’t they tell americans just what they are doing? Show me one thing that mus lims do that is “Peace Loving”? We are being attacked from within and it must stop now!

    • lee

      deport all moslems now. destroy all mosques. check out murdered victims in center cemeteries. murder. give lie detector tests to anyone you suspect. gitmo or deport. start with o and holder.

    • Jim

      I don’t believe that he is a muslim. He is an atheist. He pretends he is a muslim in order to identify with an anti-American group, but it doesn’t match his spiritual belief.

    • El Lobo Solo

      “The Muslim call to morning prayer, is one of the most bueatiful sounds on earth”.
      Barack Obama

      I am not saying Obama waddles like a duck, but his policies certainly are quackery.

  • Trackman

    Folks, we have to take over the Education and teach the History of our Country and get ride Of the Professors that are indoctrinating our Kids. We have to put pressure on all University’s and get rid of these Bum’s.

    • Mike

      Your right Trackman, the Universities have these Progressive left wing professors who spout evil and call it good, while they call what is right and correct something horrible! Then we have the socialist party who is undermining the values of the American family to cause our society to collapse and be brain washed ready to except government control, with absolutely no freedom. Everyone best do their part in informing those who have drank the coo-aid because we are in deep ****!

  • http://none Swampdog

    Believing that unemployment benefits will create jobs, is like believing that cartoons are real. More convoluted feces for us to swallow.Oh Doodlebug, the answer to your question is….because!

  • Mocha 10

    Truth is something that our current administration will not tell you. Everyone who sits in Washington telling Americans what they can and cannot do are liers. We have a law about lieing. Time to enforce ALL our laws against this re gime in Washington.

  • david k.

    obama might be evil but hes not dumb,denying the pipeline he pisses off the unions,ok the pipeline he pisses off treehuggers,he goes against the unions they will back him anyway,but piss off the treehuggers they wont vote and stay home,hes not stupid.

    • lee

      o is dumb. even lots of his advisors are dumb. he has been too lucky. he is too evil and too treasonous to continue to be so lucky. o has to go asap. and all his corrupt minions.

  • JoJo

    Liberal logic at its finest. WHERE does the money for all off this unemployment come from?? TAXPAYERS that WORK and EARN enough money to PAY taxes each year. Sorry Obama, people sitting on their collective butts DO NOT increase jobs, unless you’re referring to the thousands of people hired to work in the government offices handing out the payments. What will happen when the working people get tired of working and paying for people to sit around all day? Oh…wait…THAT is Obama’s goal, to turn us ALL into one world government slaves.

  • Capt. Link Hogthrob

    “Obama: Unemployment Benefits Will Create More Jobs Than Keystone Pipeline”
    There is literally nothing too absurd for the asinine @$$h0le in chief to read off the teleprompter.

  • Capt. Link Hogthrob

    “Obama: Unemployment Benefits Will Create More Jobs Than Keystone Pipeline”
    There is literally NOTHING too absurd for the asinine @$$h0le in chief to read off his teleprompter.

  • Adrian Vance

    Unemployment benefits, the extension and expansion thereof, will create more people dependent on government and permanent power for the “Democratics,” the people who named their party with an adjective! You cannot make them up.

    The Two Minute Conservative at for political analysis, science and humor. Daily on Kindle.

  • Charles

    Wonder if he is still smoking pot, his mind does not function like a rational person.

  • GarySellersville

    Forget whether it is true or not (which it isn’t) B. Hussein Obama doesn’t give a crap about what the people want. Most people that I know would rather be working and going to Macy’s than sitting home, wondering whether they will ever get a job and going to Walmart. People want to be employed Damn it!

  • oliver


    • Richard Vandervort

      Haven’t you learned a thing in life?
      God does help those you are willing to help themselves.
      God gave you the ability to help yourself but it’s through your own wisdom and knowledge and willingness to use it that you or any of us will prevail.

  • Rick Clauser

    So even if we were to agree that u/e benefits creates more jobs than the Keystone, then why not do both?

  • SKPatriot , MI

    This is what you learn at Harvard? I’d request a tuition refund. Oh, wait. I doubt Obama didn’t had to pay a dime of his tuition.

  • Dano in Texas

    The boy was just raised wrong in Indonesia. Too bad for us. Not going to be a happy new year!


    If BS was music; Obama would be a brass band!

    Americans must truly be asleep to let a remark like this and all the evidence that has piled up higher than Mt. Everest go by without a peep of challenge!

    • Mike

      A complete orchestra…

  • Spyder dalton

    Reopen the asylums, stop sending them to Wasington!

  • Richard Vandervort

    For the 2008 campaign the portrayal of Obama as the man in the blue suit with the big red S on his chest was all over the media.
    Today it’s the American citizens that need to be in the blue suit’s with the big S to show your now and will be from now on the Supper Citizen’s well informed and not willing to take it anymore from a corrupt governmental leadership.
    Obama and company You Need To Go and this means NOW!

  • http://PatriotUpdate Mariana

    I once read an article about Vincent Price, who played on the original movie ‘The Fly’, and he talked about how difficult it was for him and his co-star to keep a straight face and keep from laughing during the filming. I picture Obama having the same problem with this line that unemployment payments will create more jobs than the Keystone pipeline. I wonder how many times he had to rehearse it without rolling on the floor laughing before he could say it with a straight face?

  • http://yahoomail Herman McCloud

    Just how does unemployeement benefits
    create more jobs when unemployeement
    isn’t a job description but only a
    temporary benefit caused by the loss
    of jobs, As usual this creepie assed
    president obama has, as usual, turned
    everything around to misslead the public
    into believing a one sided version of his
    own personal evaluation of any of his past,
    present, or future activities either directly or indirectly, Thats why everything
    negative that has happened to this country is someone else’s fault and Never his. The
    fact is he has created a loss of more jobs
    in this country than any other president as
    well as the most quantity of National Debt
    of this Country exceeding all presidents in the whole history of the United States of America, And yet has the gumption (and I use
    this word wisely because I know that he has
    no ball’s,) To defend himself into making
    the people believe that he is always right
    in choice and decision and yet he won’t even
    prove that he is an American Citizen of this
    Country but has managed to spend millions of
    dollars to cover up this issue, We can not
    afford to have this imposter guide us down
    the path to total destruction and thats is
    his goal, To Destroy our Government and create his own version of government, Which
    is a form of socialistic type government
    Inforced by the military or malitia, and controled by a dictator, I wonder Who the
    bastard has in mind) “Yeah, Right. !” The
    bottom line here is we hafe to get this
    bastard out of our goverment before we
    end up losing our Country and Freedom.

  • tweety

    Does this comment of Obama’s make ANY SENSE to any kind of thinking person? Just HOW does extending one’s unemployment benefits create more jobs???? On the contrary, it would allow people to slow down their job hunt! The guy is a lunatic!

    • Mike

      What amazes me is there are still American’s who do not get it! They are in left field, they have allowed their values to be altered along the way or the never had any.

  • tweety

    We are thumbs-downing the fact that you were moderated.

  • Shauna

    Along with your comment that ATM’s have stolen the middle class jobs, this comment idiotic.

  • Paul427

    This has to be a form of mental retardation! Could they really be so stupid? This is why Marxism and its younger brother socialism are the most mind numbing and idiotic philosophies on the face of the Earth. When it comes down to their proponents saying things as provably, tragically, naively, and completely wrong as these dumb statements, it leaves the population of the United States no hope whatsoever. Let’s just pray that no real crisis will come causing the population at large to rely on President Genius’ ability to make good judgment calls!

  • Keith Mc

    obama has less of a brain than the scarecrow did on The Wizard of OZ.

    • SpaceChief

      The real problem is that a majority of voters elected Obama in spite of his pre-campaign rhetoric. All the voters saw was a charismatic black man who is really a hologram. All image and no substance.Stupid, stupid voters! And the rest of us are paiying for your stupidity.And the only way a dollar into the economy will produce two dollars worth of wealth is if it is private money.

  • GOPar

    Too many of the statements on here and other articles are too pessimist. The American people will not give in. They are still strong and have overcome difficult times in the past. We are a nation of doers and will not sit back and let Our Country be run into the ground by socialists. We have been strong for two hundred years and have never given up.
    War World I and II lasted four years each and we won both. This war within the Nation has lasted almost four years and again WE WILL be triumphant. We are winners! We will not give in to any nation or group of people that opposes our way of life.
    God Bless America!!

  • Co-opted Confederate

    Build the Pipe Line or Bust! Some one needs to smack Boobu Obumus squarely in the lips for lyingso glibly to the American public. he seriously needs to be cut down a peg or two. (any way possible. His ego is inflating faster than the cost of living is rising.

  • http://Comcast Vinniea

    The Nit Wit in Chief has never had a real job and the Wicked Witch of the West is as corrupt and incompetant as he is!

    The sooner we get rid of them the better !

  • Lori

    This guy is truly sick!

  • Richard Vandervort

    This last Blatant lie should have been the straw that broke the camels back.
    Were at a point where all good Americans need to make a choice, Let freedom come to an end or take a stand to seeing to the removal of Obama and all of his cronies.
    We don’t need guns, bombs or the first signs of violence that could give Obama the excuse for marshal law.
    The people carry the power of a sledge hammer driving a tact in a board just by a total shut down of business, government workers and purchases of any kind and it would only take days for success.
    The one demand needed to returning to a working society is the present leadership stepping down now.
    Our economy could have been fixed trillions of dollars ago but would have lifted the death grip on the people, We know in Washington they’ll never do that.
    Imagine what it might have been for the hundreds of thousands that lost their homes, cars and everything else they worked so hard to get just so they could be kept under the elite and government control.

  • John Wesley

    I hope O reads these comments. That might give him an idea of how people feel about him.

  • JayVet

    The guy who opens a new McDonald’s in town will create more jobs than this guy ever will. I used to think Obama was just incompetent but I am now becoming more convinced every day that he actually wants the country to fail. I’m not so sure this country as we know it can survive the damage he could do in another four more years.

  • Richard Vandervort

    When government gets out of the way of America’s business sector and let’s them do what they do best we’ll see a start towards a recovery.
    Free enterprise creates jobs not Washington Lie’s!
    Step Down Obama, You Need To Go!

  • Richard Vandervort

    After this you’ll understand the Lie’s!
    Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963


    Mr. HERLONG. Mr. Speaker, Mrs. Patricia Nordman of De Land, Fla., is an ardent and articulate opponent of communism, and until recently published the De Land Courier, which she dedicated to the purpose of alerting the public to the dangers of communism in America.

    At Mrs. Nordman’s request, I include in the RECORD, under unanimous consent, the following “Current Communist Goals,” which she identifies as an excerpt from “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon Skousen:

    [From “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon Skousen]

    1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.

    2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war.

    3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

    4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.

    5. Extension of long-term loans to Russia and Soviet satellites.

    6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.

    7. Grant recognition of Red China. Admission of Red China to the U.N.

    8. Set up East and West Germany as separate states in spite of Khrushchev’s promise in 1955 to settle the German question by free elections under supervision of the U.N.

    9. Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the United States has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are in progress.

    10. Allow all Soviet satellites individual representation in the U.N.

    11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.)

    12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.

    13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.

    14. Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent Office.

    15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

    16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

    17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

    18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

    19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

    20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.

    21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

    22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

    23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

    24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

    25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

    27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”

    28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

    29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

    30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

    31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

    32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

    33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.

    34. Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

    35. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.

    36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.

    37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

    38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

    39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

    40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

    41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

    42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use [“]united force[“] to solve economic, political or social problems.

    43. Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.

    44. Internationalize the Panama Canal.

    45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction [over domestic problems. Give the World Court jurisdiction] over nations and individuals alike.

    Note by Webmaster: The Congressional Record back this far has not be digitized and posted on the Internet.

    It will probably be available at your nearest library that is a federal repository. Call them and ask them. Your college library is probably a repository. This is an excellent source of government records. Another source are your Congress Critters. They should be more than happy to help you in this matter. You will find the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto interesting at this point.

  • SweetOlBob

    WHAAAA ?! Sorry to malign our great president, but the hopeless jerk thinks we eill believe anything he says. He even gets the serial liar Pelosi to stich her rotten oar into the water with another lie like she wasn’t informed about waterboading and 90% of the guns in Mexico come fron the United States.

    Unemployment helps the economy. Bwaa Ha Ha Ha ——— !

  • Othello

    Ok, Obama and Pelosi need to put away the crack pipe. Unemployment CREATES jobs?!?!?!? HUH! They have to be on drugs to actually believe that. But then again, they want to be able to tell you what to eat, what you can do for a living, where to live, and so on. Vote his @$$ out 2012.

  • Richard Vandervort

    The Government prays on the ignorance of it’s people and while making the little guy poorer and unemployed they in fact become richer through inside trading in the market that effect through their policy making. When writing laws about the wrongs of inside trading they made sure to seeing the exemption of their having to live by those laws too.
    When government gets out of the way of America’s business sector and let’s them do what they do best “Making Money” we’ll see the first start towards a full recovery.
    Free enterprise creates jobs not Washington Lie’s and the Liar’s need to step down from government!

  • Richard Vandervort

    Obama after getting away with his first unconstitutional act’s feels secure in what he’s doing because our citizens haven’t shown the nerve to standing up to him and his cronies.
    Direct violations to our constitution are a daily thing now and freedom in this country will soon fall to the wayside.
    We have seen third world country’s standing up for their freedom with demands for the removal of corrupt government yet our people are willing to sit on their butt’s and watch the greatest nation on earth go down in flames.
    I as many before me served my country believing in the preservation of freedom and now ask was it all in vain?
    Our countrymen aren’t willing to stand up to preserving the freedom at home for the one’s that are now serving our country. Will you not fight to insure freedom here for them to return home to.
    Obama must go and we the people can tell him and his corrupt ban of thieves to get out now!

  • http://msn thomas Lee

    Obuma needs to stop those liquid brunches. Unemployment benefits does not create work. that is used to go to stores and pay bills. The people in that business needs someone that spends more than unemployment money. Besides, the employer is the only one that pays the benefits. No employee money is paid for unemployment payments

  • red riding hood

    I agree with ole Barry, more jobs for people in the GIVING unemployment monies, but does anyone know who is unemployed and has NO unemployment $ coming in??? Anyone even think of that or do our idiot Washington inhabitants even think about this. BUILD THE PIPE LINE FOR GOODNESS SAKES.

  • politicstick

    The only jobs created by allowing people to remain unemployed (while being paid for their efforts) are the jobs at the “hemorrhoid doughnut seat cushion” factory!!!

  • Michelle

    WTF!!!!!?????? HOW the hell does unemployment benefits creat jobs? What it does is allow those who cannot be bothered to look for a job to get a pay check. I personally could give you a handfull of examples of people who did not even look for a job until their unemployment benies were either exhauseted or about to exhaust. There people are insane and anyone who believes the garbage they are spewing is too.

  • Paula

    But people want to work! This guy is so bad for our country. He doesn’t understand our work ethic, our need to achieve.
    HOw I wish we could fire him right now. He has another year to further weaken us. I’m beginning to believe he really is trying to bring us down.

  • guest on this planet

    Hopefully he will join the unemployed in 2012

  • Chuck

    Amazingly stupid republicans. The pipeline jobs are a damn myth. Keystone will NOT create 20, 000 jobs – more 200 permanent jobs and perhaps a thousand construction jobs short term. It’s a plain bald-faced lie to force passage for the benefit of big oil. But go ahead – you’ve got that corrupt idiot Gingrich ahead in the polls so that alone tells me there is not an intelligent republican left in America.

    • Mary

      Any construction or permenant job creation is better than what this idiot in chief has proposed, would you prefer to throw more trillions at wind mill companies that go broke and file bankruptcy as soon as they cash the check? This is about what is best for our country and you stupid democrats think it is one party line only! Get a grip. We need job creation, China is licking their chops at the opportunity to get their hands on that oil, do you suppose they are thinking green?????

    • Roswell Evans

      Your trying to tell me a pipeline from Canada to Texas will only create 1000 construction jobs. You must have gone to the same school obama did. He says that unempoyment benefits will “create jobs”. How upsurde!

    • http://waitingforindependence Independentwaitingforindepence

      Chuck, How do you come up with this stupid stuff and then expect anyone to believe any of your garbage. Over 1600 miles of pipeline in several different states and you figure maybe 200 jobs. What you think they are going to work in one state at a time. You must be one confused liberal. Good luck with your obozo vote.

    • eggsbenedict

      Chuck – I’ll bet that this is not the only subject you have been wrong on!

  • Yellow Horse

    No obamas right!!!All Arab Muslims know everything!!! Just ask one of the smelly creatures in your town!!! Or ask obama cause he is and african arab muslim!!!

  • Richard Gibbard

    He must be thinking of the extra clerks who might get hired at the ghetto check-cashing stores.