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Rock band Madison Rising puts conservative thought to music

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Named for Founding Father James Madison, they’re a “libertarian … pro-American … pro-constitution” rock band. Where other bands sing about ex-girlfriends and drunken nights, Madison Rising sings about Occupy Wall Street, the Second Amendment and liberal media bias.

Lead singer David Bray described the band as a “war drum for patriotism”: a constant and uninterrupted pro-American message.

“There are a lot of country acts that are out there that’ll say they’re all about the USA, and then in the next song they’re talking about bar fights and drinking beer in a bar,” explained Bray in an interview with The Daily Caller. “We’re not against those things, but our album and our message is very strictly” on topic, he said.

He wants kids, whose initial instincts might be to go out and do something unproductive “to hear his music and say, “I’m going to go and I’m going to do something a little bit more positive with my life. I’m not going stand around with a sign … I’m going to start a business.”

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  • stephen russell

    Love it blend: U2, The Fixx, rock n roll, ballads, AC DC & wow.

  • Alan

    Thank you so much for what you’re doing. I have been hoping that some voices would come forward that could reach the younger generation. I am the chair of the Polk County, Or. 912 project and may be able to
    set a concert date for you if that is ever something you might be interested in. Please feel free to contact me. Thanks again, Alan

  • Juan

    Best of luck and the very best wishes to such honorable endeavor.

  • rotor 700

    WOW! Something positive for a change. Please continue what you are doing, as it WILL have a positive effect on everyone.

  • Babci Cathy

    I met this young man at the Rally for Gibson Guitar Company. He and his band are all adorable. Judging by the way younger women were hanging around swooning, they won’t have to count on this old lady to buy their albums.

    Good luck guys!

  • john j

    I hope you guys go far , and it’s nice to know that ALL decent bands aren’t freakin’ libbies !

  • Ron Powell

    Few of the younger population have the maturity to do what they are doing. I’m glad to hear there are still responsible and patriotic young people in this country that haven’t been brainwashed by the libs.

  • Ed Hayden

    America needs a true patriot voice in the music media. Remember when John Lennon wrote his song about President Nixon..

    Nixon tried to stop his citizenship…Lennon was being honest about his dishonesty as a president… Americans from all political party’s and cultures must come to the truth
    that to restore America we must return to those values and principles in which made America the greatest nation on earth with liberty and freedom for ALL. TODAY WE HAVE A ELITIST GOVERNMENT. and they are all for one at your expense no matter if you are poor, middle class, or rich.. Government wants you to believe their is a class war and there is between government and the classes ! ( Citizens) Do not believe Obama and the majority of congress… They are not on your side…

  • bforfreedom

    These guys ROCK! Take a listen.

  • Purple Eagle Entertainment

    Thank you for your kind comment and support. I suggest you look at this comic a popular conservative cartoonist did on the band. It will make you laugh for sure! Especially after the comment you made :)

    Give the gift of knowledge to your kids and grandchildren this holiday:

  • http://x Washington22

    Music is one of the best way to speak to the masses. Hopefully younger Americans will be influenced by this media. Thank the Lord.