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Ron Paul Explains: Isolationism vs Non-Interventionism

Monday, December 19, 2011

ron paul isolationism

The recent GOP debates have been a learning process for many of the Neo-Conservatives. First Rudy got a little education and now McCain can get some good information he can use from the good Dr. Paul about the difference between Isolationism and Non-Interventionism.

In his own words…

Some people don’t mind the use of the word “isolationism.” But the word has been destroyed. It has been used as a pejorative. That is if you believe in non-interventionist foreign policy where you mind your own business and we just take care of ourselves and don’t start wars around the world. Oh that’s just isolationism. What’s the accusation? Oh you’re the kind of guy that would start World War III. Like people who didnt’ war to go to war in 1939 are the ones who caused the war? What kind of thinking is that?

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  • Hank is back

    For those who are genuinely fearful of Ron Paul’s foreign policy and don’t HATE him for other reasons but using foreign policy for an excuse, I suggest you read the following:

    Ron Paul wants us OUT of the UN, so we can look after OUR own interests, and not THEIRS.

    Ron Paul wants to cut ALL foreign aid. Cutting foreign aid to Israel’s enemies is a net plus for Israel, even if we cut theirs as well.

    If Israel no longer receives foreign aid, they will be free to look after THEIR own interests, and not OURS.

    Israel has not acted against iran yet for the following reasons:

    They are part of the UN.

    They receive foreign aid from the US.

    They have received the go ahead to act against Iran from neither the UN nor the US.

    Here is how we fix those problems:

    We get out of the UN, and who knows? Israel may follow suit.

    We stop BRIBING (foreign aid) Israel not to act in their own interests.

    We mind our own business and let israel do what it feels it needs to do.

    The next questions that might arise are: Wouldn’t Iran still be a threat to us and Israel? Will we or israel be able to defend ourselves? Doesn’t Israel need our protection?

    These are all legitimate questions, but not a one of them can’t be answered satisfactorily.

    Yes, Iran, IF it gets SEVERAL working nukes, it MIGHt be a threat. We will give the fearful the benefit of the doubt and say that even if Iran only has one weapon, they are still very dangerous.

    But yes, we will be able to defend ourselves, because the US has a huge defense-shield network, and Israel has its own as well as ‘access’ to ours. The US has tens of thousands of its own nuclear weapons. Israel has 300 to 400 or more of its own nuclear weapons. Israel, ON ITS OWN, took out the entire Egyptian Air Force (the biggest, best trained, and most sophisticated Air Force in the middle East at that time) in a single day in 1967. Israel, ON ITS OWN, took out Iraq’s nuclear weapons program in 1981, despite the fact that Iraq’s main purpose of that program was a defense against Iran. Israel, ON ITS OWN, took out Syria’s nuclear weapons program in 2007.

    So, no, Israel does not need our protection. In fact, the recently retired head of Mossad (Israel’s version of the CIA) and current conservative Israeli prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have both stated that they can handle iran without America’s help.

    For those that are worried that iran may be a greater threat once we pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan, I say to them we have no choice, unless we want top stay there FOREVER and go BANKRUPT.

    It should also be noted that our presence in Iraq has only emboldened Iran because we took out Saddam and gave the Shiites of iraq the reins of government.

    For those concerned about cuts in the department of defense:

    The Department of Defense, like ALL government agencies, is full of graft, corruption, obsolete programs (like the F22 raptor), social engineering, and redundancies (like paying contractors TWICE to do a job ONCE). DoD pays contractors for equipment and services based on a set price, rather than market incentives. This leads contractors to charge more money for less quality, with no consequences. No bid contracts lack the competitiveness, efficiency, and quality associated with the free market.

    Military installments (900 in 100 countries) around the world would be shut down, including those in Germany, Japan, France, and Britain. The reason why these countries have such lousy militaries and need us to protect them is because we are there and they have grown dependent.

    Troop pay and Veteran benefits would not be cut, nor would body armor or necessary equipment.

    We spend half of the world’s military spending. Half of it could be cut without affecting our military presence, and a large portion of the rest could be cut without weakening our military might.

    As has been asked before: if you were Chuck Bronson living in a tough neighborhood, where would you keep your weapons? Locked in a safe back at home, or on the kitchen counters of friends, enemies, and strangers?

    Troops would be put on the border, thereby eliminating the need for a special border patrol and the DHS, and the National Guard would again be under the direction of State governors, eliminating the need for a federally directed FEMA.

    Putting troops on the border and around seaports would also eliminate the alleged threat posed by suitcase nukes.

    For those worried about Ron paul not going after this nations REAL enemies:

    Ron Paul voted to authorize going after Bin Laden and other members of the Al Qaeda network. Kill or capture. He also supports allowing privateers to do this much more efficiently than 150,000 troops on a nation building experiment.

    And for those who believe that Ron Paul blames this country for 9/11, here is the truth:

    Ron Paul has NEVER blamed the American people, the AMerican way of life, the American dream, or the troops for 9/11. He has blamed the US government. If it is okay to blame the feds for the economic crash, the poor education system, bankrupting the nation, and shoving immoral and unconstitutional laws down our throat, why is it not okay to blame the US government for the problems our country has on the international stage?

    Here is what Ron Paul means when he blames our foreign policy for 9/11.

    Our government funded BIN LADEN, helped Al Qaeda during the Balkans episode, refused to shoot Osama THREE TIMES when he was in our crosshairs, were ten minutes too late bombing Tora Bora (where he was hiding), prevented highly skilled mercenaries from going after him, and took ten years to find the man, when with our CIA, our military, the reward on his head, our foreign aid (bribery) to Pakistan, etc., and God knows what else, we should have been able to do it in six months.

    Not to mention the CIA and the FBI each had a file on Mohammed Atta, and if they had been allowed by Bush and Clinton to access each other’s files, they would have detained him and foiled the attacks.

    With all this, how can you NOT say that our ‘benign’ government is not just as culpable as the hijackers?

    We will have to bring the troops home one way or the other. Would we rather do it on our own terms (by doing it ASAP, but taking precautions), or would we rather do it on the terms of our creditors and our enemies (by waiting for a fiscal collapse caused in part by our Defense spending and the borrowing and inflating required to fund it)?

    This is how empires die, by spreading themselves too thin and treating everything as a threat.

    This is not isolationism. Isolation would require us to withdraw from the world in toto. Ron Paul wants Free Trade (not fake free trade like NAFTA and WTO), diplomacy (not fake diplomacy like the UN and Foreign Aid), and in the case of a real threat, Constitutional Declared Wars.

    • Patriott 101

      Great post Hank! I encourage people take the time to read your information. It goes a long way to clarifying a lot of mis-information targeted at RON PAUL.

    • Yoursantaclaus!

      Way to go Hank. You hit the nail on the head my friend.

    • Glenn

      I am rolling over laughing right now. Why? Because when I first read this article I was going to do a post titled “Didn’t Hank Jr write a song about this? I think Hank Jr’s song is very appropriate as a comment. “If you mind you own business” ! ! ! ! That’s the way I see it. I approve my post !

    • Frank

      I basically agree with what you said except: “Troops would be put on the border, thereby eliminating the need for a special border patrol.” Last I heard, Ron Paul would not put troops on the border, rather he would expand the Border Patrol & make sure they do their job well.

    • Hank is back

      “Resources now used for protecting Iraq and Afghanistan’s borders will be used on our border”, is what I usually read.

      Resources may include money (and therefore equipment) to fund Border Patrol and the men hired may have recent military experience (I would imagine that is preferable to men with just police experience, given the state of the border in some areas). So technically, the military WON’T be on the border, except where there is an actual war zone, which we now have in some places in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

      And the National Guard and States would be permitted to aid the Feds where needed.

    • Originalintent


    • jim 28th reg.

      Yea and that’s exactly what we need. One of the requirements for Border Agent sis they must speak Spanish and that’s not required for troops. So who would be the best on the border.The puppet masters are afraid of Paul that’s why the MSM ignores him & it is also why they have scrapped the bottom of the barrel dragging up this maggot Newt G. He’s a dam# cancer on this nation.

    • http://windstream Sandra Leathers

      Hank, thank you so much for clearing all of this up. I decided last week that if I get a chance to vote in the primaries, I would vote for Dr. Paul. He will get us headed back down the road to recovery. He will rule by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which the president administration has shredded. He will also do something about the ponsi scheme of the Fed. Reserve. I just hope enough people are paying attention and vote him in. I believe this is our last chance to get it right. We also need to look at our senators and Representatives. There were only 13 Senators that voted against the National Authorization Act. All the rest of them need to be voted out, for either not reading the bill, or not caring about the American Citizens. Rand Paul told them what was in the bill, but they still voted for it. We have got to be very careful who we vote in in the next election.

    • martin

      You might as well vote vote for Obummer Ron Paul (Neville Chamberlain) doesn’t have chance to beat Obummer.

    • jim 28th reg.

      If we can get the truth out there R.P. will win the people are not as dumb as you think. But we have got to get the truth out .

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Jim 28… We know the truth. Thank you very much…. The truth is that if you vote for ron paul, you will be voting for obama.

    • Patriott 101

      You are refusing to look the situation of our country square in the face or else you are refusing to look at the solutions to those problems. You have also refused to acknowledge that Ron Paul is the most electable candidate running as a Republican.
      He has the most appeal among independents and anti-war democrats. If Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination it will be because mis-informed or ignorant REPUBLICANS wouldn’t vote for him in the primaries!

    • falling

      Ron Paul cannot win in the general. Even those who love his fiscal policies will not vote for him once the topic of welfare, medicaid, medicare, SS, food stamps etc. comes up. These are not mandated in the Constitution and RP would end them ASAP. No Democrat is going to vote for RP cutting the welfare state, when Obama is going to be promising to increase it. RP has no chance to win a general, none whatsoever. He may well win in Iowa, because there has been a very large underground movement in Iowa, particularly among Democratic youth and college students, to change party affiliation in order to vote for RP in the primary…knowing that he has no hope of beating Obama and enjoying the idea of making fun of Republican’s with a big RP win in their first primary.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Patriott101 … ….We refuse to vote for r.p. because he is not presidential material… He is a creepy, whiney old man who has some weird ideas and some weird followers. He won’t win because his ideas are too far outthere. It is not because we are ignorant. Maybe it is you…

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Martin…. The people of Iowa do not want r.p. to win the caucus because he is considered a novelty candidate . They feel that he would cause their caucus to look amateurish… I heard that on t.v. today… Sounds right!!!

    • am2sweet

      Thank you Hank I’ll be taking a second look at Ron Paul. All I know is that we can’t let Obama win next year. The more I read about what he’s doing the more I worry. He’s signing things and approving things we don’t want or need. One bill on his desk right now says we can’t have more than 7 days worth of food in our homes. No stocking up on groceries. Another bill says we can be arrested just for breathing I guess since the police or military wouldn’t need any reason to put us in jail. Lovely to know that this country could become hell.

    • Hank is back


      If I remember correctly, you are a Bachmann supporter.

      I just want you to know, that of all the candidates besides Doctor Paul, even though I disagree with her on so much, she is the only one other one I wouldn’t feel ashamed to vote for. She is a real conservative and I have respect for her.

      And as Texan living overseas (until Texas secedes) says:

      “Conservatives also need to know that EVEN WHEN REAGAN and ALL the GOP voted to condemn Israel’s attack on Iraq in the 80′s, Ron Paul was the ONLY vote in the Congress to vote against the condemnation.

      Pratically the LONE vote in support of Israel’s sovereignty was Ron, even when the GOP condemned Israel. Ron wants to end ALL foreign aid, and Israel’s enemies get 10x more foreign aid (and it’s a large portion of their economy, whereas our aid to israel is not even a percent of theirs) so it would HELP Israel overall.”

    • Riverdweller

      Absolutely wonderful post Hank and very understandable for those who want to understand.
      Do you post on WND ? There is a Hank there who makes some good posts.

    • Hank is back

      I have posted there before, but I am not a ‘regular’, so it is probably not me.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Hank the Skank… That is just what you are here for… Pay homage to your “Dear Leader”.

    • Hank is back

      And once again, you are incapable of refuting anything. No facts, no brains, no guts, or no patience?

      Any of the above excuses would fit you.

  • Susan

    Excellent comment, Hank. Glad “you’re back!”

  • nvrpc

    Ron Paul sond like a good guy as long as he runs republican and not 3rd party. If he runs 3rd party you are going to get Obama for 4 more years. bank on it. If Ron doesn’t run republican then he shuld do the nation a favor and don’t run on any ticket at all. If he runs 3rd party I will hold all of you and him repsonsible for America’s demise for the reasons I have sited. You’ve been warned. Ron needs to run republican and he’ll get in like flin…

    • captain shays

      I am giving YOU a warning. We who support Ron Paul are more loyal to our country than to ANY political party and we see the writing on the wall. ALL of the establishment candidates running against Obama will continue to allow the Federal Reserve to control our money supply and drive us into massive debt into the next three generations. They will ALL continue to police the world and engage in wars that have no value relative to our national security against countries that have never attacked us or threatened us and with the lives of our sons while their’s stay home. They ALL dish out HUGE chunks of corporate welfare whether they call it a research grant, a tax break or a subsidy or a no bid contract. Beware of a politician who says “I will provide incentives” or “I will make investments”. It’s ALWAYS corporate welafare and it ALWAYS subverts the free market. They will ALL keep us in the extra-national trade agreements that have destroyed our production base whether the World Bank, the IMF, WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA or the SPP. NONE will secure our borders. They will ALL continue to grow government in size, spending and intrusiveness into our lives and wil not stop the emergence of an authoritian police state.
      Our motto is NO ONE BUT PAUL for he is the ONLY ONE who stands against ALL the above. Either you come on board or you WILL lose to Obama. You have been warned

    • buddy

      you are right on. people who say anyone but obma has got to realise that bush is the man that help get us obma. rowe was the power behind bush. rowe is now the power behind mitt. bush complety rebuild cintons reputation when he should have had his AG bring charces. so this stuff they put before us erevy 4 yrs is the same thing. the dictar stays the same just new names.we have been voting for this crap for 30 are 40 it getting any better?

    • http://windstream Sandra Leathers

      This is true. We have been asleep for too long. Time to put a true Conservative and someone who cares about the country in the White house.

    • Millicent

      I am giving you a warning. There is no way on God’s green earth this nutjob will ever win. Obama must be double over with laughter. I would never in a million years vote for this lunatic Antisemitic bigotte old coot. I would vote for a third party or not bother at all. Obama Paul? Yeah Commie or Nazi.

    • jim 28th reg.

      Milly Mr Paul would have a better chance if those like you would stop barking this silly crap and start working for the only chance we have to turn this nation around. I’m to ancient and broke to do anything but run my mouth to all who will listen but I know Mr Paul would have a much better chance if you would work for him rather than against.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Jim28… We will continue to fight against this cadaverous old coot. He is not qualified to be president and you should think about it.. He is a weak man who has NO chance of winning and if you vote for him, your vote will be for obama. The word has been out for a long time. He has been running for 30years,so I think everyone knows what a nut he is.

    • Patriott 101

      The media really did a job on you Millie! Either that or you are actively working for the people that want our constitution shredded! There is only one candidate that will protect our constitution and (try) to keep us out of war! The rest all pledge that Iran won’t get or have a nuke if they are president. Well that means bombing another country, because Iran isn’t going to give it up! Bombing another country is war! If bombs fell here, wouldn’t that be war?

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Capt. You people have been sniffing the glue too long. You don;t even know who you are loyal to. You have been brainwashed into thinking that Dr. Paul BEARER is the beginning and the end of everything. Hate to break your bubble but he will NEVER get the nomination. He is a silly little creep who sits on park benches in his raincoat. I wonder what he is doing under that newspaper????

    • LL

      You are truly ill. Does your mother know what you’re doing in her basement?

    • Patriott 101

      Again, it is way too early to discourage people from voting 3rd party for Ron Paul. Ron Paul is running as a REPUBLICAN! Ron Paul may be the Republican nominee, then one of the RINOS (or milk toast Republicans) may run 3rd party! Worry about that.

    • LL

      That’s exactly what happened in 1980 when John Anderson broke away and ran as an independent. He got 6% of the vote and we all know Reagan still won in a landslide, as will Rep. Paul.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      L.L Dream on…Your tin foil hat must be too tight.

    • Susan

      And so, if CORPORATE GOP ‘decides’ to ignore/manipulate the TRUE votes cast by We the People, you would expect that We would just genuflect? Should we say “Yes, Master” with that?

  • tod

    Hopefully God will forgive us with Dr.Ron Paul 2012 for the ONLY PROVEN HONEST)for Well Over 30 Years,Intelligent,God Fearing,Patriot running for President,PERIOD !!! I’ve been thinking about them hiring gaurds for FEMA,and I’m begining wonder that they be getting really worried about Dr. Paul Wining,and are planing to have him killed ! If they do kill him it would gar-en-tee a riot looting and general ca-os everywhere .And save them from being arrested for High Treason when he won,plus give the a excuse for Marshall Law, and His dick-tater-ship !!!

    • buddy

      fema already has witten plans to biuld fenced compounds in all 57 haha states.wonder if they know whats coming? And with all the things that oobmas people have done why want those running for the repubs say anything about it.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      tod.. Do you realize how ignorant that you are??? He might be scaring little kids if he hangs around the schoolyard too long, but I doubt that he will frighten anyone with common sense.

  • tod

    oops; That they (might) be

  • john paul jones

    An article in the local daily paper here last week titled ‘WORK TO PREPARE STATION FOR NEW JETS CONTINUES’—magnifies the tremendous waste of dollars being perpetuated by the DoD at Marine Corps Air station Beaufort SC. This concerns the Joint Strike Fighter program where the f-18 Hornet is being replaced by a new f-35B which can take off & land vertically. The Navy notified contractors last month of plans to build five vertical-landing pads at a cost of $16 million to $19 million at the base according to officials the article read. They describe these pads being made of advanced high temperature concrete material. I can’t even imagine why 5 concrete landing pads would cost the Navy Dept that much. It seems astronomical for just 5 concrete pads. To top it off, work that started in September continues on a $70 million hanger & training facility for the new JSF project. But the real ‘clincher’ to all of this is that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has warned the JSF program could be a part of Pentagon cuts; the Plane’s developement also could be delayed or even terminated. Does this make any sense? Apparently a lack of oversight to put it mildly.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      JPJ… Well, since you and the other moonbats plan to take over, I am sure that you can straighten that out Quickly.Be sure and disband the military, confiscate all the arms and wave the WHITE flag for the world to see Paul Bearer will be so proud of you!!! You are a good little helper.

    • john paul jones

      My post had nothing to do with waving a white flag but rather with economics 101. Takes a lot of education to understand simple economics–girl. No wonder the country is facing a staggering $15 trillion debt & what I referred to in my post is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Glenn

    I would appreciate an email or post as to why you have held up my posts.

  • Glenn

    I now have copied and pasted all and sent to Mr Paul’s headquarters. Have a nice day!

    • Dale

      I want to thank you for helping keep Dr. Paul informed as to what people are saying as I do my self. But I also let him know about all the negative articals I print all the comments and send them to his campaign. It seems like some don’t listen to the canidadates and make their own intelident decisions they rely to much on the main stream media. thanks again and keep it up.

    • Millicent

      I have listened to the debates. After hearing looney Paul I started laughing. Now it is not a laughing matter. This Antisemitic bigotted old fool is as dangerous to America as Obama.

    • Riverdweller

      Written like a real hard core liberal.
      Go play on alien nation or something – maybe the San Diego Freeway at 2 a.m. when all the bars let out and the drunks are racing each other.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Riverrat… You are a hard core fool.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Millicent…. Seems these fools are laboring under a false conception…

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Millicent… These folks sure get upset when we make fun of their “Dear Leader”. Tacky, tacky, tacky.No sense of humor!

  • Terry Black

    It seems now that Ron Paul has taken a lead in the Iowa Polls the mud slinging has started!

    Google the following article – Gingrich Linked propagandist Recycles Debunked Ron Paul Smear

    • Glenn

      you betcha and this venue is moderating pointed comments out. go figure huh? I have copied and pasted all correspondence to Mr Paul. Next will be sent to the News Media if my moderations aren’t lifted soon.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Well here is something else you can tell Barney Fife. The people in Iowa consider him a novelty candidate and they feel that if he won the Iowa caucus, it would reflect badly on Iowa. Sounds like they are pretty much onto him. They consider him a kook.

  • Glenn

    Too Late Sent to the News Media

  • Glenn

    I am rolling over laughing right now. Why? Because when I first read this article I was going to do a post titled “Didn’t Hank Jr write a song about this? I think Hank Jr’s song is very appropriate as a comment. “If you mind you own business” ! ! ! ! That’s the way I see it. I approve my post !

  • Donald DeHoff

    Dr. Paul has an “operating room” mentality. Our widespread military forces is one of our best defensive weapons. If someone attacks us in Germany or Japan, our U.S. and other force have time to launch their forces, and vise versa. Simultaneous attacks on all of our forces would require more resources than most countries possess and would surely result in an early detection of their deploying units. If we retreat to the U.S., we become “sitting ducks”, and we would not have the German or Japanese forces at our side, and they each have a top-notch military. As the Canada Free Press slogan states, “…Because, without America there is no Free World”.

  • AngelDnA

    I don’t care if he’s dead, I’m still voting for Ron Paul come November 2012. He’s the only one that is making any sense to get America back on it’s feet again. He’s the only hope for a revival of the constitution to rule the land instead of a bunch of czars and dictators. I wish more people that don’t like Ron Paul would read and learn the constitution and the bill of rights and all that they pertain to the freedom and protection of America and her citizens. I fear our resolution if we don’t get some policies put in place like the ones that Ron Paul believes in. Power and responsibility back to the people as America was intended in the beginning. That is our only hope. Ron Paul reflects that. All Hail Ron Paul!!! Good luck, America…

    • http://windstream Sandra Leathers

      Amen to that. Hope God is listening to our prayers, for I have been praying dailey for Him to heal the nation. Ron Paul is the only one running that will turn this country around. He has been telling us for years about the corrupt Fed. Reserve. If he had been voted in the first time he ran, we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in now.

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Angel, He isn’t dead. He just looks that way.. Sort of scary.

  • Constitutional Believer

    The Only Choice is Ron Paul 2012! And all the support we can vote into the congress and senate to help Dr. Paul, to help us take back Our Country! But Yet There is Still More To Do!
    Hello Family, Friends, Patriots & Acquaintance’s.
    Now Is the Time for All Good Men and Women to come to the aid of Our Country!
    If Not Now, When?
    All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing!
    If Not You, Who?
    Make the Difference and Take a Stand with other Good Men and Women, Join Us Here!
    Take Care and GOD BLESS The Whole World!
    Mr. Harris
    aka Constitution Believer, Constitutional Believer, Constitutional Believers.
    Happy Birthday Jesus! Merry Christmas to all and have a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

  • Ridge Runner

    If we don’t get ron paul elected or some one like him it is going to be woe is me.Any body that would kill a lot of inocent people don’t need to be even allowed to be in this country much less in the position holder and obama is in.

  • Joyceann

    It’s funny when we hear Paul talk – we understand exactly what he says – from his early writings to his years of ineffective work in Congress. Common sense tells one a fanatic is dangerous – Obama is a fanatic and Paul is also. His Polbots are as scary as Obama. They can’t explain, they must deride and call names to anyone who even brings up truths about him. Their extreme threats make the hair stand up from the freaky right as much as Obama’s left. Paul is a conservative – since when? Paul is an isolationist and you can split hairs and call it Non-interventionist – it equates the same. If he can’t see the threat of Islam right here in our own country he is blind. He wastes time telling us what is wrong with our America – we already know what is wrong. We know we have work to do to get back to our constitution. He has no answers about what to do about anything. We can’t go from rules up the wazoo to no rules at all, and that’s his stand. Hang the Fed, but what does he plan on using for money? Not a peep. The Tea Party of today was never his people, are not now his people and never will be his people. We know who we are and we were never Paulbots. Quit saying the Tea Party is returning – another of your lies. The Tea Party is first about getting rid of Obama – an extremist on the Left. We want a republican, and nobody running now is anywhere near perfect but we have to start somewhere. We will continue to vote out the corrupt and bring in constitutionalists. We will fight ineffective unionists and start hiring the effective teachers in our schools. We will stop the war on religion and make those who stand for what this nation stands for the norm. This will all take time, but in the meantime, going from one extremist on the left to a extreme dottering man with fanatics on the right will not be the way “we the people” will do it. I like my presidents not to be walking the line of altzheimers – sane one minute – confused the next. Quit redefining what he is Paulbots and quit calling anybody who doesn’t agree an idiot. And don’t threaten me, about not voting so we’ll get Obama. You are right – one extremist isn’t any better than another. You are just one more reason that makes getting rid of Obama hard to do, but we will. There are more of “we people” taking our country back than there is of Obama’s and more than your little cult.

    • sue w

      Well Joyceann, it is nice to know that YOU speak for the tea party! I have been a Tea Party activist since the movement began…and was under the impression that noone spoke for us. We are individual Americans, not Republican or Democrat, and whether you approve or not— many (like me) are Ron Paul supporters. YOU are going to dictate the “norm”… God help us!!

    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      JOYCE ANN… Great post.. Thanks. I just want to mention to all the former Cain supporters who may be wondering who started all the dirty garbage about him… I suspect that it may be DR Paul Bearer and company. They are flooding the Iowa market with dirty campaign ads. I am not surprised, as that is the way they do business. He is a narrow minded, mean spirited little person. One good thing about Newt’s numbers dropping is that they are not going to paul. Looks like Santorum is coming up in the polls.

    • Patriott 101

      I must be a different kind of Ron Paul supporter than you have encountered before. I respect logical arguments for other candidates and make logical arguments for the only constitutional conservative running for president (that will try to keep us out of another war)!
      Another war that is not necessary or at least necessary right now!
      Israel is the nation most threatened by Iran (IF they were to get a bomb). They have a very capable military that could neutralize the Iranian nuclear program overnight! It is American meddling that has kept them from doing this already! Obama has (as much as) told Israel to leave my Muslim brothers in Iran alone!
      It is time to butt out! Let Israel deal with Iran. We can support Israel (if necessary) but Iran will never be dealt with under Obama!
      Obama will oversee a Muslim Caliphate that encompasses the entire earth if he is not removed from office.

    • LL

      Poor child, you remind me of my mother’s saying: “Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s blisters!” Before you continue to pain yourself, I suggest a dose of reality. Read

  • Glenn

    I agree. I am very fond of Israel. I have visited and love the country. My opinion is to let Israel do what they got to do to keep their country safe. The United States just needs to be there as a back up for them if needed. If they call for our help we need to be there immediately if not sooner for them !

  • c stan

    I look at it like this… Congress will stall much of what Mr. Paul would do… Because thats what Congress is good at, serving themselves, But the things he would push through and would have “alone” the power to change, would be good for the Country… Our Country… not everyone elses at our expence! Just a Thought!

  • Adrian Vance

    There is no reason for us to have all these soldiers all over the world when we can put a big nuke on any world target in 30 minutes.

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  • Constitutional Believer

    Well what we have now is and what we will have with Mitt or Newt is a lighter version of this now Tyrannical Dictatorship! Dictatorships with the military might to yield on US soil with the reversed comme positatus! And now the powers that be, can use the mere suggestion that anyone can be a “enemy combatant” because of a person’s belief and/or opinion that can be considered rebellious if it’s not the same as the Tyrannical Dictatorship’s view. The Only Choice is Ron Paul 2012! And all the support we can vote into the congress and senate to help Dr. Paul. Then help us take back Our Country! Hello Family, Friends, Patriots & Acquaintance’s. Now Is the Time for All Good Men and Women to come to the aid of Our Country! If Not Now, When? All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing! If Not You, Who? Make the Difference and Take a Stand with other Good Men and Women, Join Us Here! Take Care and GOD BLESS The Whole World! Happy Birthday Jesus! Merry Christmas to all and have a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

  • Glenn

    The Republican nominating committee should really take heed of Ron Paul’s supporters. If he doesn’t make the ticket….oh well. They want the world to collapse so be it. I’ll vote for obama and get it over with. voting for the other republican candidates would be just as bad as voting for obama only they would draw out the pain. Not unlike pulling off a bandaid slowly. My prayers are that Ron wins big time ! Rip the bandaid off quick and let our nation begin to heal.