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Obama’s 2012 Resolution: Rule by Executive Order

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

obama phone

The mainstream media have finally caught on to the president’s agenda,more than a year after this author exposed it in this pages. On New Year’s Day,the Los Angeles Times carried a story detailing Barack Obama’s strategy for 2012:bypass Congress and rule by executive order. The Times quoted Obama adviser Josh Earnest’s curt euphemism that,“In terms of the president’s relationship with Congress in 2012…the president is no longer tied to Washington,D.C.”The newspaper then outlined the president’s agenda:

As the year unfolds,Obama will use executive authority to roll out more initiatives designed to boost the economy and assist struggling families,the White House aide said. Obama has already unveiled 20 such measures under the White House’s new slogan,“We can’t wait.”

Earnest said that the White House’s goal was to contrast the image of a “gridlocked,dysfunctional Congress”with “a president who’s leaving no stone unturned to try to find solutions to the difficult financial challenges and economic challenges facing this country.”

Earnest further revealed Obama will push for his “jobs”bill,try to bolster employment in the public sector,and focus on building jobs through —wait for it! —infrastructure. (Shovel ready jobs 2.0.) But he thinks he will do better to ignore Congress altogether and campaign,Truman-style,against a “do-nothing Congress.”

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  • Adrian Vance

    This man thinks he is Emperor! It is just that simple and he is just that insane. He has been given everything all his life because of the color of his skin and yet he despises white people because his white mother abandoned him to her parents who ironically were far better equipped to raise him in their Communist tradition.

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    • El Lobo Solo

      “The Emperor has no clothes”

    • patriot2

      thought that was his resolution every year since the election.

    • daves

      The Republicans are playing political games with the lives of many hurting Americans. Good for you Mr. President, lets fix this problem and then worry about the election.

    • jim

      You are anothwe one of those Obuma nuts, what has this Muslim dictator done that you seam to love about him, OK you are a Muslim also and a black one at that. just go back to the shit hole where you came from we Americans don’t need your kind. Don’t show your mug around me I belive in the 2nd amendment yup I carry a gun to.

    • daves

      Jim – I believe the President has done many wonderful things for this country – and a few bad ones also.

      If you want to shoot me because my beliefs are different than yours then I think it is you who should leave America. But, you are always welcome to bring it on. I am here in Minnesota, where would you like to meet?

    • Redd Frogg

      Spoken like a true Commie.

    • Jackiesue

      His wife does. Did you miss her $2000.00 sundress she wore in Hawaii?

    • Dee

      That’s a hell of a lot of money for a sundress and it was probably at taxpayers expense too.

    • Damon

      Is that why he shows his “donkey” every time he talk.

    • am2sweet

      This man I would say is about as dangerous as Hitler if he gets to stay in office. I got a news letter from The Heritage Foundation and they said Obama is now putting a tax on Christmas trees to fund a new government program—The Christmas Tree Promotion Board. This board would supposedly ‘enhance the image of Christmas tree. I’d say that sounds like someone in need of a mental health unit instead of a Christmas tree program. And this is the least of his ideas to screw America.

    • warren reynolds

      I can’t believe that there isn’t thousands of protesters in front of the whitehouse everyday, that’s where the fleabaggers should have set up camp, people like me that work can’t go and hang out there for days at a time, if we don’t do anything to change washington, it will only get more socialistic and unfamiliar.

  • Dud Elit

    … And here we go, the would-be dictator is showing his true face, corrupted to the core! This is nothing but another step towards bringing about a marxist-fascist dictatorship in America, which has been the long term goal of this administration from day one. Wake up people!

    • Konig

      there are final ways in which dictators are or can be removed. Lybia, Egypt, Iraq. Do we the American people have the will to see him removed by all measures? Probably not. Congress certainly is not going to do anything to the “Black guy” out of fear. we also cannot wait for God’s judgment of HELL either. Now is the time for action.

    • warren reynolds

      set it up Konig, I only live an hour from DC and can go there on the weekends…. how about a million man march to resign or impeach or simply deport the treasonist usurper????

    • David A. VanBockel, M.D.

      As they say on obama’s website, Warren, “I’m in!” It has been 16 months since I marched in Washington, DC, but would be honored to join you, Konig, and others, fully equipped.

    • guestresponder

      The senate and the house have the power to
      veto obamas bills and he can be arrested by
      a sheriff. They can veto any of his executive
      orders also

    • SaneRepublican


      Please show us where it says in the United States Constitution that “the senate and the house have the power to veto obamas bills” and “they can veto any of his executive
      orders also.”


    • David

      HOW ABOUT “WAKE UP CONGRESS”. This has got to stop one way or another. If congress can’t strap it on…then heaven help us.

    • Rocky

      If Congress can’t or won’t stop this latest unconstitutional action by Obama there is only one alternative left. Will Americans do it ? Probably not !

    • eaglebear

      Ive been telling my elected officials to start impeachment on obama for some time now to no avail now is the time for us like minded Americans to take action,freedom is not free you have to fight for it daily;LETS ROLE!

    • SaneRepublican

      or “Let’s Roll” (take your pick)

      You people crack me up!!!!

  • nvrpc

    In some cases this is great, like a cashless society and 10% flat tax but my bet is he’ll take it a lot further. here’s what I think is going to happen.

    .News Flash 2012: – You’ve been given four years to get settled in with American’s new form of government and new leadership now it’s time for some real change. Are you ready to giggy? I promise you my second term will be more memorable than the first. To assure you’ll always be taken care of my first order of business upon re-election is to write an EO to eliminate term limits.

  • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az

    I’ve posted this before, but it seems appropriate to do it again, and again and again. We need a new CEO! We also need to clean up our legal department.

    America’s CEO

    Imagine you are a board member of a corporation and the officers (senators and congressmen) you appointed signed a pledge never to raise prices and eventually you would fire them.

    Well in reality it is the CEO who usually reports to the board, so let’s imagine that in 2008 as a board member you hired a new CEO to turn the company around. Since the hiring, you have not been given an operating budget to approve. He has not yet presented a strategy with goals and objectives for his executive (Senate) and management (House) team. As a matter of fact, he does not even meet with them. The board-meeting agenda only consists of a request to borrow more money, which has now reached 40 percent of your operating expenses. The company’s debt has increased by about 60 percent; the stock price is at an all-time low; one of his division chiefs okayed an operation which resulted in the violent death of one of your employees. His qualifications and history as presented in his resume’ are questionable.

    Most of the time this CEO travels the country promising your customers and shareholders that the products and services will get better if they give him more time and money. He tells them he is doing everything he can but that his executive and management teams don’t know what they are doing, they can’t make a decision and it’s their fault the business is in shambles.

    As a board member, I would fire the CEO based on no confidence in his leadership ability. Wouldn’t you?

    So, as board members, isn’t it about time to call a meeting, cast our votes, and fire our “Dear Leader”, zer0bama. We can do just that, in November. So let’s do it for the good of what’s left of our country.

    • Mike

      I am tentatively planning a meeting in Vegas come May or June. My plan is to have one weekend with 15 thousand plus dedicated to one goal. I’m up in the BHC/Laughlin area. If we had some good speakers and some planning, and a common goal…

  • Captain PJ

    His arrogance and narcisism shall be his downfall.

    • Francisco, Miami Beach

      I agree wholeheartedly. This guy will go down in defeat with a Republican mandate kind of victory. You watch.

    • David

      Can we wait until November???

    • Doodlebug

      “NO” we can’t wait until November. Why in the H doesn’t the Congress set this arrogant a$$ straight. He can’t be allowed to continue controlling us and running this country into the ground. Congress it is up to you to straighten this idiot straight!

    • Doodlebug

      I’m jailed again by the moderation police! 4-10 hours and we will know how they decide.

    • CAllenDoudna

      Hey! He’s the Fourth Greatest President in History! So everything HE says we all have to agree with–or we must be racists!

    • SaneRepublican

      LOL!!! Does this mean Dubbya was 17% more arrogant & narcissistic since he issued 17% more Executive orders during his first 3 years in office (126 vs 108)? LOL!!!

  • Sonja M

    How much longer are the American people going to put up with him breaking every law and congress sitting back and doing nothing?

    • Ladyliberty

      Sonja, what do you suggest we do? You have a plan?

    • Sonja M


      If I said what I really thought they would moderate me forever!

      I guess we camp on our politicians doorsteps. Maybe they would get the idea they work for us NOT the other way around!

    • wayne

      Great idea!!
      Everyone is camping in all the wrong places, well, mostly wrong places.
      It is the politicians that have ALL the power, America started out with “The People” having the power, now we have none- Zero power. As people slept and ignored “the radicals” saying “That could never happen in America”, it was happening at the same time, little by little, slowly taking and taking,until now- we have nothing left!!
      Everyone (almost) seemed blind to what was going on in D.C., and “the blind” called us that saw history repeating itself and declaring what was happening and on it’s way- radical, commies, fear mongers, conspirator’s, etc. If you do not believe it, look at how many are STILL BLIND to what D.C. is doing to us and the BLIND STILL DO NOT SEE IT and still calling those that do see what is happening “Nuts”, when, in fact, it is the other way around. I do not understand how those do not see what is happening can not see it, unless they are-
      1- 100% blind (no conscience at all)
      2- Are in with, agree with or part of the agenda.
      3- Never picked up a history book.
      4- Never read the bible. (you do not have to be religious to read the bible, but it would help understand it).
      5- Agree with the koran, quaran or however you want to spell it as it states it is ok to kill us, as we are “infidels” or Jews or Christians or anyone that does not agree with them, in other words, this peaceful bunch only wants to kill those that are not like them, even within themselves they do not agree on everything, well, except for killing all not like them.
      You may say you have a neighbor that is just so sweet and nice and honest. Their “holy book tells them it is OK to lie and put on an act to get our sympathy, etc. For them, it is an all out war (Jihad) and all is fair for them to do or say to the enemy. The bottom line is to convert us or have our heads cut off.
      Do you not find it strange our bible states the day will come when we will be offered to convert or have out heads cut off.
      Coincidence? I call it “REALITY”

    • daves

      You forgot number 6.

      6. Doesn’t believe the lies being told by the extreme right wing.

      P.S. The Bible says we should kill and destroy any town that is worshiping a foreign God.

    • Bud


  • moses


    • daves

      Romans 13:1-14
      Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.

  • Thomas Berquist

    This man is insane. If he is going to campaign about do nothing congress start with Harry Reid. He has blocked almost every bill, coming out of the house, from coming to the floor. Wake up folks before this man offically makes himself dictator of our then banana republic. He must be put on trial for treason along with many in his administration.

  • CAllenDoudna

    You may be sure that the people who support him would howl to high heavens if the police searched without a warrent, failed to read them their rights, threw them in jail without charges, wouldn’t allow THEM to vote–but it’s okay to ignore that part of the Constitution that says the President has to get the okay of Congress first.

    • Ladyliberty

      CAllen, not since the NDAA has passed. The military will have the right to kidnap them and send them to GITMO!!!

    • Michael

      Our military will not turn on its own. o has mercenaries (mercs) to do his evil work.
      Do you recall o wanting to build a force more powerful than our military?
      He’s already started with the NDAA and camps.

  • Glo

    Way to go Thomas Berquist! I’ve said many times; he should be tried for treason.
    That way, every thing he has done will be null and void.

  • David in MA

    When will congress start exercising their authority to review and either uphold these executive orders or shoot them down?
    OR, are they in on the overthrow of America?

  • Bobseeks

    I am beginning to think that this is all staged with the GOP being as much a part of it as the democrats. If the repubs were serious about stopping maobama, they would simply de-fund the government until maobama stops.

  • richard keeney

    you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink , obawa and the demograps and republicans don’t get it time for talk is over , vote , joy to the world year round , GOD forgive us , because things are one way or the other we are going to get this AMERICA back on the right cousre , with or without the demograps and republicans whom are no better them , grap

  • OAHS

    Where is a good marksman when you need one?

  • gofigure

    Obama and his “do nothing congress” is a total joke. When Obama was a senator all he did was vote “present”. He was a “do nothing senator”. With Rick Santorum it is definately “Game On”. I “Can’t Waite” for Obama to get his next “Fat Lip” Politically Speaking. Go Santorum Next Stop – The White House!

    • Steven

      What ‘do nothing Congress’? I WISH we had a do nothing Congress.
      “No man’s life, liberty, or property is safe, while Congress is in session.”
      Mark Twain

  • straight shooter

    VOTE RON PAUL 2012
    Ron Paul does NOT personally condone homosexuality, abortion, drugs, wars etc. The constitution says that the President is NOT to be involved in making these kinds of decisions. It belongs to the STATES, who have to have the input of individual citizens. Only congress has the right to declare war. Give Israel the right to defend itself. It is called freedom and democracy instead of Dictatorship!

    • Steven

      “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams (Founding father and 2nd President of the USA)

      Ron Paul believes the Constitution IS designed for a people WITHOUT religion or morality. That is an ESSENTIAL element of libertarianism.

  • dave CS

    My question is WHO THE HECK IS GONNA STOP THIS CRAP? How the hell can democrates and republicans…thats CONGRESS let this bastard do this and not MAKE BIG NOISE TO THE PEOPLE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT. I mean when the hell is FOUL…FOUL?

  • J J

    His holiness needs to put on the brakes!!! He needs to stop breaking the laws of the country he is the top dog of. He needs to read the Constitution every single day to make sure he is on the right path because I haven’t seen him on the right path since he took office.

    • David

      That’s funny…and this will happen…when???

    • gofigure

      Hell Freezes Over

  • Hardtack

    Ron Paul: “As soon as I’m sworn in, I’m cancelling all existing executive orders.”

    I’m an engineer, not a lawyer, so I’m going on the assumption that the president has the power to do that. . . . . . Sounds like a great idea.

    • Steven

      As an engineer, you should know that taking down a massive structure requires more care than tossing explosives at it. That said, I support the goal. To the extent the President has the right to issue an executive order, they have the right to revoke the such orders. I would agree with Ron Paul that many, itf not most, executive orders are actually invalid because they exceed the authority of the President.

  • Steven

    I thought resolutions were commitments to CHANGE. Obama has been ruling by executive order, or attempting to do so, since he LIED while taking the oath of office.

  • CJB

    Well, if other states follow the lead of Georgia, we could have a real legal free-for-all or with the union Obots and the Foodstamp Obots we could have a genuine shoot’em-up event that El Fuhrer Usurper would probably love to see at that point. The question then would be; would he have enough support to declare martial law and extend his illegal rule? This might get real interesting folks.

  • Duane

    If we want to be such a helper, quit sending a billion dollars a day overseas. I like many am on fixed income. I can’t make anymore , nor, do I feel obligated to pay for the whole damn world. This idiot has got to go. Unfortunate there is obviously anumber of folks on the other side who agree. I don’t know why, but they are just in aw of plain arrogant stupidity.

  • The Lions Den Roars

    Like King Homo stated , I started taking VIAGRA . Therefore I can screw all the American People.
    Right Pelosi .

  • Wolf-Talker

    OF course we can’t wait, any and all new laws, plans, etc should all be instituted via Executive Order, the Powers of the President are Supreme. He is the President and he does not need the Senate or the House to pass any bills. If they want to know what might be in any bills he (the President) deciedes to send to them, they “must” pass them first and then read themlater to find out waht they have passed. The old way of running the Country is just that “the old way” old and out dated just like the worthless peice of paper the Constitution, Not!

  • Wolf-Talker

    Now is the time for the Great Black father to hurry and issue new Executive Orders, he is waisting too much time it is almost the fifth day of the new year. The very first one should be that all elections are illegal. The next one all political parties are illegal. The next the House and Senate are illegal. The next the new official religion is muslim. The next Congress is illegal. the next Republicans, Democrats, the Tea Party are Terrorists and as terrorists they must be rounded up and exterminated. The next The TSA will become the new military, the Amry; the Navy, the Air Force and the Marines are illegal. The next any and all laws will be issued from the White House and all States must comply with them. The next all jobs must be unionized. The next all privately held monies in banks, credit unions etc is to be confiscated and innediately turned over to the Federal Reserve Bank. The next all privately owned weapons are illegal and ammunition, the TSA to go door to door to confiscate all illegal weapons and ammunition, anyone posesing a weapon, off to the FEMA CAMPS to be reeducated. I could go on and on, but this would be too much like work for the Great Black Father in Washington and we all know he prefers to be on Vacation rather than work!

  • Bob

    Contact your congressperson and senator and demand a response on what they plan to do to stop this insanity. Court challange and impeachment sound like a good start.

  • Daniel
  • Pegi

    The sooner Obama is gone, the better! In our country we have presidents not kings. And stop blaming congress for everything. You had both houses for 2 years and accomplished almost nothing except Obamacare which most everyone hates. Try running on your record Mr. Loser! We have 3 separate branches of goverment for a reason…you!

    • SaneRepublican

      Let’s look at some data from the National Archives (any of you people can research this information if you people would bother to take the time). I know it is a sin to you people to ruin perfectly good invective with something trivial and meaningless like history, facts, and data. It’s so sad that you people can’t handle it.

      Never the less, here’s your list of all the things Obama didn’t accomplish (and by “didn’t” I mean laws passed by Congress and signed by the President):

      From the 111th Congress (2009-2011)
      January 29, 2009: Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009
      February 4, 2009: Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (SCHIP)
      February 17, 2009: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)
      March 11, 2009: Omnibus Appropriations Act, 2009
      March 30, 2009: Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009
      April 21, 2009: Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act
      May 20, 2009: Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act of 2009
      May 20, 2009: Helping Families Save Their Homes Act of 2009
      May 22, 2009: Weapon Systems Acquisition Reform Act of 2009
      May 22, 2009: Credit CARD Act of 2009
      June 22, 2009: Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act
      June 24, 2009: Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2009 including the Car Allowance Rebate System (Cash for Clunkers)
      October 28, 2009: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010, including the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act
      November 6, 2009: Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009
      December 16, 2009: Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2010
      February 12, 2010: Statutory Pay-As-You-Go Act
      March 4, 2010: Travel Promotion Act of 2009
      March 18, 2010: Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act
      March 23, 2010: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
      March 30, 2010: Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, including the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act
      May 5, 2010: Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act of 2010
      July 1, 2010: Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010
      July 21, 2010: Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
      August 3, 2010: Fair Sentencing Act of 2010
      August 10, 2010: SPEECH Act of 2010
      September 27, 2010: Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010
      December 8, 2010: Claims Resolution Act of 2010
      December 13, 2010: Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010
      December 17, 2010: Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010
      December 22, 2010: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act of 2010
      January 2, 2011: James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010
      January 4, 2011: Shark Conservation Act
      January 4, 2011: Food Safety and Modernization Act

      From the 112th Congress (2011-present)
      April 15, 2011: 2011 United States federal budget (as Department of Defense and Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011)
      August 2, 2011: Budget Control Act of 2011
      September 16, 2011: Leahy-Smith America Invents Act

      WOW!!!! That 112th Congress is very impressive. Talk about a “do nothing Congress”!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Liberty Bob

    I wonder how many people will here of this and know the implications behind it. It is not a treasonable. There is nothing he has written or done in aiding a declared enemy of the United States of America. Can he do this? He sure can. Can he get away with it? Yes he can if congress fails to act on it. By there record of the past year he will get away with it. The congress has allowed a none Citizen to perform the duties of the president of the United States of America. Not even a investigation after a outcry from the majority of citizens to do so. Why? I think it is by treaty in the U.N. Globalisim. The new world order. To secure a position in the top arena or theater.

    I doubt if any thing will change. The real threat now comes to him through appointing himself as president or a king. Canceling the elections on the basis of a created national emergency. That congress is unwilling to deal with. I think this could occur some time after the 1st or 2nd quarter. When our economy possibly completely collapses. He can do this as commander and chief of the military and FEMA. This is my opinion on the matter. Concerning the command of executive order of the president of the United States of America. It may or may not happen. But this president is in a position to do it. Just like. F.D.R was. Remember F.D.R. died in office and so did mayor young in Detroit, Michigan.

  • SaneRepublican

    Let’s look at some data from the National Archives (any of you people can research this information if you people would bother to take the time). I know it is a sin to you people to ruin perfectly good invective with something trivial and meaningless like history, facts, and data. It’s so sad that you people can’t handle it.

    Never the less, here are the number of Executive orders issued in the first three years of the last two administrations:

    George W Bush
    2001 – 54 Executive orders issued
    2002 – 31 Executive orders issued
    2003 – 41 Executive orders issued

    Barack H Obama
    2009 – 39 Executive orders issued
    2010 – 35 Executive orders issued
    2011 – 34 Executive orders issued

    So that makes 126 Executive orders issued by Bush(the lesser) and 108 Executive orders issued by Obama. And since according to you people’s (il)logic, issuing an Executive order is tantamount to a dictatorship, then I guess than means Bush was a bigger DICtator than Obama (Dubbya was about 17% bigger).

    So much for the stereotype of black men having bigger d….


    • cwgf

      The problem is that Obama made a Recess Appointment when there was no Recess. This is a violation of the Constitution, which O’Liar swore to uphold when he took office. Furthermore, O’Liar is a Usurper and OCCUPIES the White House illegally. He does not meet the Constitutional requirement of being a Natural Born Citizen. The man should be tried for treason.

    • SaneRepublican

      Two points:

      1) This essay & my reply was about Executive orders, not recess appointments. so try to pay attention to the topic at hand next time.

      2) And since you brought it up, you mean going home for the holidays does not count as a “recess”? LOL!!!! That’s almost as logical as “I smoked marijuana, but I didn’t inhale.” LOL!!!