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US Textbooks: Muslims Discovered America

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Muslim Discovered America Video

Saudi-funded textbooks being used in America’s K-12 classrooms.

Teaching, among other things, that Jesus was a “Palestinian,” the state of Israel never existed, and that the Muslims discovered America before Columbus. At this rate, perhaps even Saudi grade-school textbooks, complete with jihadi and dhimmi declarations, will come to instruct American school-children.

“Public Schools Teach the ABCs of Islam,” by Erick Stakelbeck for CBN News, October 9, 2008: – Several recent studies have shown that American students are alarmingly ignorant about U.S. history and world events.

Experts have attributed the problem to everything from failing schools to substandard teachers.

But what about content?

For instance, did you know that Muslims discovered America? Or that Jerusalem is an Arab city? That’s just some of the “history” that students in America’s K-12 classrooms have been taught in recent years–with the help of taxpayer money.

A new report by the non-profit Institute for Jewish and Community Research finds that American high school and elementary textbooks contain countless inaccuracies about Christianity, Judaism, Israel and the Middle East.

The Institute examined 28 of the most widely-used history, geography and social studies textbooks in America. It found at least 500 errors.

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  • jd1958

    What school? Where?

    • Elaine

      Now that is bloody stupid!!!!

    • http://ThePatriotUpdate Michael G.

      They may as well haul these books out, douse them gasoline and burn them all.
      What bird-brain is letting this go on?

    • DefendConstitution

      Your dept. of education at it’s finest. The dept of education is one of many that needs to be shut down. Do you hear me Newt?

    • Donna

      First they teach our kids about sex and then LIE to them about REAL AMERICAN HISTORY!!! GUESS WHOSE responsible for this stupidity!!!

    • Korean War Vet

      Defend Constitution: The NEA (National Association for Education) should be shut down as well. The Department of Education and the NEA are bedfellows.

    • wayne

      I will give you one guess and one hint-
      It starts with an “O”

    • Evelyn Levine

      The fault for this being taught to your children is your fault. Obama could tell them to take guns and come home and shoot their parents. But would they follow that garbage. Take action against your school board and it you fail, take this to court and if that fails, take your children our of public school. It will change when the Republicans take office.

    • hijinx60

      Just where is all of the outcry from the ACLU about “seperation of church and state”?? I wonder what they would do if the schools started teaching anything that was Bible based??

    • Bea

      O’chelle said, “We are going to re-write history”…

    • Carol Goodwin

      That has to be a rhetorical question, right? Obama back-handedly helping Muslims take over our country! Have you noticed that most of the states are not making any effort to squelch Sharia law? Or did you miss that one? We need to clean house and i do mean the whole country. Anyone attempting to brainwash our children is the enemy and we need to DEPORT all of them.

    • Jon

      Actually there is nothing in the Constitution about separation of church and state. This is a fallacy created by those that don’t believe in religion.

    • Bert

      We are all letting this go on when we let the government tell us what to do with OUR children and when we allow a people to come into this country who say they want to distry it and kill us all.

    • Evelyn Levine

      Not only do they want to take over America but they want to rewrite our history. Baloney. Jesus was born to the Jewish Nation and presented the gospel to Israel. Scripture says, “Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the Church of God which He purchased with His own Blood. For know this, and after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. The Muslims are the wolves. The Blood of Christ was shred for the entire mankind first given to the Nation of Israel. The Muslims get it wrong because they are blinded and cannot see truth. Truth comes by hearing the Word of God. So this is holy baloney. In Christ Name

    • Ron Homan

      One more reason to elminate public schools at all levels and just require an education in American History, math thru trig, and resding compresention in order to get a driver’s license, job, bank loan, and establish all and any finacial documents.

    • Evelyn Levine

      If I had children in public school and knew this was being taught to my children, I would take them out and put them in a Christian school or home school. I am educated and could do this and my children went to Christian school. But parents if you allow this, then something is missing in you. God would not want wolves tarnishing your children’s minds. God bless

    • kohlsbear

      I want to know if you know all about this why doesn’t our Congress who is suppose to be protecting the American People from the kind of things that will eventually destroy America? Where are they? The people that can and must put a stop to this. If you come to this country you are invited to live like the Americans live. You are not invited here to change our society and if that is you goal go HOME we do not need you here.

    • tod

      The Only Good muslim is a Dead muslim,PERIOD !!!

    • Dave

      Sorry but members of Congress are to busy remodeling their summer homes with government money, or making reservations at a washington brothel, or hiding in airport bathroom stalls to do anything about muslim invasions. Congress is filled with a bunch of blow hards NO PUN INTENDED.

  • dan

    and if you are stupid and lazy enough to send your child to school, ANY school where you do not have a direct hand in the cirriculum, then you deserve what is produced…your child does NOT deserve the abuse, but you do.

    • Marinesgo

      My daughter got a True/False question marked wrong in Clayton Co., GA. The question was: Martin Luther King freed the slaves. T or F.
      She put False and that was wrong.
      I went to see her teacher and then went to the school principle.
      They both agreed that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, but the corriculem says to teach that MLK freed the slaves… WTF!!!!

    • Elaine

      Dan, I can just see it now! Parents running up to the school just “losing it” in the principal’s office! They will have to! If there are GOOD Teachers on here, please excuse my temper, but I do know of teachers who DON’T stand up to anything… they get lazy and “just want to have their jobs.”
      I have very little respect for teachers because they don’t like “making waves.”

  • Jeff Reuteler

    Another problem with public schools is most HS students don’t care and don’t try to learn. In my former position other people within company would call me with questions about history because they simply did not know. Many HS but not all simply are not interested in learning and the teacher can’t force students to learn.

  • Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori

    And so, as schools in America make our young people ever more stupid, what are America’s parents doing about it? NOTHING!

    • Alice

      It’s time for those of you with children or grandchildren to get involved with your local schools/PTA’s and school boards. Pay attentention to what is being taught. You MUST be vigilant!

  • WVF

    I never knew that camels could swim more than 3,000 miles! I do my best to be civil on these blogs, but if this nonsense is true about the textbooks, IT IS ALL BULLS$$T!

    • Lee anne

      I believe those textbooks are provided by Saudi Arabia for schools they fund in the US. As to things they gave us I know Algebra was invented by the Arabs.

      As to camels swimming 3000 miles, when I was stationed in Saudi Arabia in the 1980’s (USAF) we routinely used Camels to ride back to the USA for R&R. They were great 😉

    • http://googlechrome David

      If muslims has discovered America, the country would have been destroyed long ago. This has to be because of that ass in the WH. This country is going down fast and obama is the cause. America is fast being turned into Obarakaca.

    • patriot2

      David if muslims discovered America they would have blown up all the cars by now,& nobody would have built tall buildings.they would also have honor killed all the women & had to turn gay thus needing to stone themselves to death.and thats how we know they didn’t discover America.

    • carol

      Yeah — and Al Gore invented the internet.

    • patriot2

      carol he also invented global warming,hypocracy & really bad movies!!!!

    • Ben

      “I know Algebra was invented by the Arabs”

      I suspect that it was invented by one of the peoples they conquered, and appropriated by them. What have the Arabs produced in the last 1,000 years? A history of thievery and murder, and little else.

    • Gerd

      Apparently that hump on a camel is a flotation bladder. Who knew?

  • EnoughStupidity

    This is what happens when you put a damn muslin in the “white house”. Probably being taught in poverty stricken schools where they don’t pay attention any way.

  • Bulldog

    If I had any kids I would not send them to that school.

  • palladin

    Camels..ships of the desert

    • Bob

      Wether it’s Saudi Arabia, the USA or Red China, reality is what your government tells you it is. Propaganda is as prevalent here as it is in any other society, ask questions or accept the bs they feed you.

  • Janice Fortin

    No jackass would believe the muslims discovered America. does anyone think for a split minute they would have given it up to the INDIANS????? This is a complete FICTION AND ONCE muslim lover is out of white house, those text books will be destroyed.


    “US Textbooks: Muslims Discovered America”

    Yeah, right!!! And they were first to go to moon , discovered penicillin and the polio vaccine, won both world wars singlehandedly, blah blah blah blah blah.

    • Ed

      Plus you forgot they also invented,laptops,iphones, ipads and B Obama and the nonkilling of pigs

    • Ed

      Part Two Plus I forgot to state they invented the beheading of raped single woman, also they invented the Burka that allows us to look at the ugly women.

  • marcia

    And if you do homeschool, please learn to spell..CURRICULUM

  • Suzanne St. John

    i found that the 7th grade history books have only one chapter on the Roman Empire, one chapter on the Byzantine Empire and 7 chapters on Islam. What are we doing about it. Nothing. Guess parents don’t care what their kids are being taught or not being taught. SHAME!

  • Donnie

    You can rewrite history to what you want it to say, but the real history will never fade away. What is so sad is that there are so many liberals in this country that want to support this kind of crap. Show some proof other than just Islama propaganda and I might believe it. Either way, this country was founded on Christian fundamentals and that history can not be erased. God bless America.

    • Gerd

      Oh it is being erased. Harvard was founded as a Christian university. Hard to find any trace of that there now. Look at the graduates, the communists in Obama’s administration and all the socialist, progressive, atheists in high places.

    • Alice

      It’s time for those of you with children or grandchildren to get involved with your local schools/PTA’s and school boards. Pay attentention to what is being taught. You MUST be vigilant! History can be changed by evil people with everything being produced and taught in only digital form. If you can get people only to depend on digital books read on tablets, who says they won’t change the words? There wouldn’t BE a HARD COPY to tell the truth, let alone correct their lies.

  • donald

    That is a bald face lie. muslims can’t even discover their own ass. They are only known for killing women and fornicating with goats.

    • Jerry-A Goldwater (Goldvasser) Republician

      Goats? Thanks for enlightening me. I always believed it was camels.

    • WVF

      Camels are too tall for them.

    • http://ThePatriotUpdate Michael G.

      In their case it would probably take both hands and a flashlight, and I doubt they could find it then.

  • Tpatriot

    Are the teachers that stupid that they don’t understand there material?

    • Patriot

      Remember Osama Obama bowing to the Saudi King? No doybt, he recognizes Islam and NOT Christianity. So, part of Obama’s Youth Camp (a/k/a Hitler’s Youth Camp) is to continue following the Third Reich procedures and brainwash and turn the children against God, their parents and everything else that a free nation stands for. How, you say? By starting the forcing of children to study Islamic rule.

    • Dianne

      They do what their union tells them to do.

  • jb80538

    Too bad muslims won’t leave the US.

    • http://ThePatriotUpdate Michael G.

      Why leave something you discovered?

    • Betty Boo

      No way in l would muslims leave this country . The greatest country in the world & they are about to make it their own.

    • Betty Boo

      They scrapped the best word in my previous comment the word HELL

  • Jon

    Let me guess, they flew on a magic carpet. What do you expect, they do that in all their other fairy tales.

  • SMW

    EXACTLY! If you’re going to report such balant lies in our school books…tell us where, so that we can take care of it!!!!

    • ruth

      so true, i would have to talk to my kids about my grandchilderen, that they better see what their schools are teaching their childeren. DAM, this makes me mad, the bum in the WHITE HOUSE is the reason why all this shit is going down! vote him out. GOD BLESS AMERICA and OUR MILITARY and ISREAL.

  • Mike Conway

    Let’s see a physical copy of this book. Can we see some scans of the textbooks that are saying these things. And yes, what schools?

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

  • Linda Rivera

    Hard working, struggling taxpayers are sending their children to school where they are taught LIES – indoctrinated to be anti-America, Anti-Israel, anti-Christian and PRO-ISLAM. It is a huge crime against America’s children and this nation.

    Our schools have a moral, ethical obligation to destroy every one of these nation-destroying textbooks. And teach TRUTH

  • http://none Marvin

    What can you expect with our current POTUS.

  • mark

    Get your kids out of public schools! They are simply brain washing centers for liberal indoctrination.

    • jb80538

      It’s been an indoctrination since the DOE was first in place. We need to do away with that agancy.

  • http://n/a ms stars & stripes

    And yes, I believe there is a Santa Claus… for real. (smiling)



    • celticwaryor

      Your post is nearly impossible to read! All caps and no separation between sentences. You sir, are obviously a product of our current educational system.

    • celticwaryor

      Hey Moderator…WAKE UP! You can’t tell me it takes over an hour to moderate 25 flippin’ words!

  • Jim

    Our educational system is run by liberals.
    Send you kids to private schools or school them at home.

  • Louie

    What, never heard of the Arbia Nights? Sinbad could have sailed before Columbus. Sinbad must not have saved the princes yet from this part of the world. Sure hope that they don’t get another Sinbad. Let’s all find out what is being taught in our schools these days.

  • KC

    What do you expect with a muslim president?

  • nctar

    Isn’t anybody watching what their children are being taught?

  • Sandra Charlton

    It is true. I checked out my grandsons book at his new school to make sure his school did not use them. I have seen some of the work books from other schools where they have taken childred on a “history outing” to a Muslim mosk and invited the children to pray thier prayers. One of the mothers could not believe what they were doing as she watched. Muslims have a goal of taking over the world and it’s scarry how many Americans can’t open their eyes to see whats happening!

    • Bea

      Sandra, that turns my stomach.

  • kushibo

    Wow that Obama is ever talented… he snuck in his pro-Muslim propaganda while Bush was still president!

    • Shannon

      Yeah, I hope everyone hear who is spouting off about Obama realizes these “facts” were presented from when Bush was still in office.

  • FVRider

    I guess Saudi Arabia is the new Russia? Russia has always claimed they invented everything. Now the Saudis have taken over the claim. Interesting. Maybe Saudi and Russia will get in a “We invented it” war.

    • http://ThePatriotUpdate Michael G.

      The only thing the Saudi’s invented was the sandbox.

  • Gray Beard

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! REVISIONIST HISTORY AT ITS BEST! What do you expect? We have a Muslim President, who is allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to take over the Middle-East and, who is not an American Citizen, so what do you expect. Re-elect this idiot and watch what our children will be learning next. Is anybody reading this old enough, or have studied enough history to remember what Stalin did in Russia, by revising history to meet the Communist Party Line? He also slaughtered 25 to 30 Million of his own people who disagreed with him and his revisionist history. Will Obummer do the same thing in the United States? Remember after the last campaign, watching school children singing Obummer’s praises. If the voters of the United States are dumb enough to re-elect this bum, or allow he and his cronnie crooks to steal the election, then you, the voter, is getting just what you deserve. Soon, the Christians and Jews will never have existed on Earth. It will all be just ‘Fantasy-land!”

    • emerutil

      You forget: The black thugs made it possible for the Obamination! It will happen again, unless we take countermeasures, and protect legitimate voters!

  • David USAF

    Where are all the people screaming “seperation of church and state”. The hypocracy of the left is mind numbing.

  • Rick Johnson

    Congress shall write no law establishing a state religion nor PREVENT THE FREE EXERCISE THERE OF.

    • Rick Johnson

      oops wrong page

    • Bea

      I was just there and knew what you meant.
      And, I agree :)

  • dana pallessen

    once again i am glad i grew up when i did. we learned in 1962, that leif erickson discovered this part of the world. their sagas said so over 1000 years ago and archeological proof was found in 1962. being of scandinavian descent, i have been proud of this fact for 50 years! muslims? what a joke and a disservice to the next generation.

  • Jeffako

    Any change to textbooks not based on historical fact should not in any way be tolerated.
    Keeping in mind that the Bible is a history book in itself and is written by many. It greatly predates the Koran,Quoran, whatever.
    The people in the universities who use donated money to formulate propaganda are whores and would sell their mothers if the price was right.
    That’s all for now folks.

  • Carolyn

    I would not even let my kids go on a Muslim based outing. I pulled my kids out of the public schools 15 years ago, and am glad every single day that I did.

    The Department of Education, and Administrations of all the schools need to be shut down. Give the schools back to the teachers and support staff. Let the public decide if the children should go on a muslim history outing. Me, I prefer an American history outing.

  • steven

    Well you know what happens when parents object to such things. They are smeared in the media as “right wing racists”.

    • emerutil

      I proudly wear the label: right wing racist homophobe.

  • Steve

    Luke 10:18And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
    In ancient Hebrew the word for lightning is barack, the word for heaven or the
    heights is bama and to connect the words either an “a” or an “o” is used.

    2 Thessalonians 2:3 (King James Version)
    3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there
    come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

    Political Correctness a term first seen in Mao’s Little Red Book, a communist engendered abomination that is instituting censorship little by little.

    “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”- George Washington

    Carl Marx, once wrote that, the goal of the Communists was to quote,. “enter into men’s minds and cast God down from his throne.”

    Matthew 12:31Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.


    In ancient Babylon their economy was based on usury.
    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
     Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution clearly states that only the Congress can print and coin money! 

    The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was slipped thru congress during the Christmas break with the majority of it’s members absent. 

    The Federal Reserve is self serving and privately owned in violation to the Constitution, charging interest on illegally printed money. Money printed from nothing!
    In America On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. Five months later A UNITED STATES PRESIDENT, PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY was MURDERED BY COMMUNIST!
    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
    In ancient Babylon their priest sacrificed babies to their gods baal, and molech.  
    In America the communist under their socialist programs have sacrificed over 50 million American babies to their god satan!
    Leviticus 20:2-5
    2Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel , Whosoever he be of the children of Israel , or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel , that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.
    3And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.
    4And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not:
    5Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.
    Luke 22:35-36 Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. 36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.
    Jeremiah 50:16Cut off the sower from Babylon, and him that handleth the SICKLE in the time of harvest: for fear of the oppressing sword they shall turn every one to his people, and they shall flee every one to his own land.
    Jeremiah 50:23How is the HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH CUT ASUNDER AND BROKEN! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!
    Jeremiah 50:14 “ Put yourselves in array against Babylon all around, All you who bend the bow; Shoot at her, spare no arrows, For she has sinned against the LORD.

    All nations compassed me about: but in the name of the LORD will I destroy them. Psalm 118:10


    “The thing that separates the American Christian from every other person on earth is the fact that he would rather die on his feet, than live on his knees!”. George Washington



    • Uzitiger

      Satan is the Islamic allah that the crazy Islamic followers murder people for. They did discover that America was a target for their death cult and now want to turn it into another Iran, Saudia, Afghanistan or other Islamic cesspools. If we don’t stop them they will. They already planted an Al Qeada (toilet seat in Arabic) sleeper in the White House.

  • TickedoffAmerican

    Hey…..if the ragheads want to rewrite history…..maybe we could correct the textbooks to portray all islamic extremists as flaming fairies?….Two can play that game…

  • catfish

    What the muslims discovered is that the government will allow freeloaders. and illegal immigrants to live here and vote.

  • redneck

    Muslims are lying PIGS.

  • Paul

    Even sadder is that this stuff was probably going on when George W. Bush was President as well. WHY does this country insist on imploding? Liberal mentality and influence is as big a threat as the Muslim psychos.

  • John P. Centonze,D.D.S.

    Oh for crying out loud! Why don’t we stop wasting time and just declare that everything of any value from the beginning of time was brought about by Islam. This way we can get these clucks to shut their yaps and let them wallow in their ignorance. I’m just waiting for the the Muslims to invent toilet paper so that they will stop wiping themselves with their bare hands. John P. Centonze,D.D.S.,Waterbury,VT

    • Gerd

      I wonder if we can get that little habit in an American text book. One more reason not to buy Halal meat.

  • Bippy Bellito

    These public schools have to be in New Jersey or Philadelphia. NJ’s public schools are the worst in the country (regardless 0f the pap the NJEA lies about). Philly schools gave up on educating kids 10 years ago. It’s all about raping the system for pension and buy out deals. HALF the teachers can’t properly read, or speak English.

  • Sparrowhawk

    This is shocking. But you could have provided your readers with the names and publishers of the textbooks, and where they are being used. Otherwise, we’re all as much in the dark as before.

  • Jack Hotchkiss

    How oh tell me how can we become any dumber? With Obama our head Muslim in charge is how. This is not opinion only statement. Look what we have dug up, discovered and exposed in the last seven days about the Marxist Muslim in charge, the EPA is thinking about shutting down the North Dakota oil fields. Not to mention the pipeline from Canada. Through “agenda 21″ you will forced to move to a Government approved living space, Her
    hin-ass Clinton wants to leave us defenseless against our rogue out of control Obama’s Banana republic. New York now takes through ( C.P.S.) home school children from their home. Congress created 40,000 new laws in 2011.
    I am not one to call for a revolution or an original “tea Party” BUT many things are going to have to change rapidly.
    I do call for the dis-banding of the EPA now.

  • Richard

    Just remember “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND!” If we would start failing these children that don’t learn and make them do the class over again till they learn we might just get some that know something. It didn’t hurt us before. Now we just dumb down the kids and pass them along. Pass the problem on to the next years teacher and the next etc. Then they graduate and become politicians.

  • Dave

    I guess no one ever said our public school teachers were educated enough to know the truth. We do need an incentive to increase our educational levels, but not by the Federal Government being involved – the’ve done nothing but screw it up with excess administration.

  • faithwalk

    Excerpts from 6th grade Language arts book, The Language of Literature, published by McDougall-Littell

    “Nadia the Willful” by Sue Alexander p 66-68
    “Tribesmen, strangers, everyone whom Tarik asked, sighed and gazed into the desert, saying, “Such is the will of Allah.”
    At last Tarik knew in his heart that his favorite son, Hamed, had been claimed, as other Bedouin before him, by the drifting sands. And he told Nadia what he knew—that Hamed was dead.
    Nadia screamed and wept and stamped the sand, crying, “Not even Allah will take Hamed from me!” until her father could bear no more and sternly bade her to silence.”

    Abd al-Rahman Ibrahima from Now is Your Time! by Walter Dean Myers

    p 366-368
    The Africans came from many countries, and from many cultures. Like the Native Americans, they established
    their territories based on centuries of tradition. Most, but not all, of the Africans who were brought to the colonies
    came from central and West Africa. Among them was a man named Abd al-Rahman Ibrahima.

    The European invaders, along with those Africans who cooperated with them, had made the times dangerous.
    African nations that had lived peacefully together for centuries now eyed each other warily.
    The Fula had little contact with whites, and what little contact they did have was filled with danger.
    Ibrahima learned first to recite from the Koran, the Moslem holy book, and then to read it in Arabic.
    From the Koran, it was felt, came all other knowledge. After Ibrahima had finished his studies in Timbuktu,
    he returned to Fouta Djallon to continue to prepare himself to be a chief.

    The scribe by Kristin Hunter p 654-656
    And Mom takes down her Bible. She has three Bible study certificates and is always giving me lessons from Bible history. I don’t exactly go for all the stuff she believes in, but sometimes it is interesting.
    “In ancient times,” she says, “no one could read or write except a special class of people known as scribes. It was their job to write down the laws given by the rabbis and the judges. No one else could do it.
    “Jesus criticized the scribes,” she goes on, “because they were so proud of themselves. But he needed them to write down his teachings.”
    “Man,” I said when she finished, “that’s something.”
    My mind was working double time. I’m the best reader and writer in our class. Also it was summertime. I had nothing much to do except go to the park or hang around the library and read till my eyeballs were ready to fall out, and I was tired of doing both.
    So the next morning, after my parents went to work, I took Mom’s card table and a folding chair down to the sidewalk. I lettered a sign with a Magic Marker, and I was in business. My sign said:

    • Bea

      Thank you…finally some back-up to the headline.

      This is disgusting.

      Parents and Grandparents..go get the kids books and look at them and then ask if they read this stuff in the classroom. Get busy!!


    I didn’t know camels could swim that far or maybe they where flying on their magic carpets.

    • ZudZ

      I know that was supposed to be a dig at the filthy muslims, but you’re making us look bad. Camels are actually a North American mammal which migrated to the middle east a long time ago. Don’t give the sympathizers any ammo. They’ll use it.

  • Kay10

    The Muslims have done nothing but inherited a big ocean of oil to sale and use the money to destroy the world with their stupidity and uncivilized teachings. What a sad legacy to leave. I never ever thought that our Country would be destroyed from within so easily.

    • June

      All with the help of their “facilitator” – -obama-soetoro! Once we get rid of him, AND the “commie unions”, we can begin to “correct the mess HE created”, with the help of his uber liberal nazi-muzlim, progressive radicals – -all currently sitting in OUR White House, our halls of Congress and the “internal terror organization” know as CAIR (council on American islamic relations)! Don’t let anyone try to “feed” you the bull about islam being “peaceful”!

    • TheThinMan

      Looking back at world history – most countries are destroyed from within – usually through decadence and treachery.

    • jim

      Not at all surprising, with a Muslim, Socialist as pres! We need a Real American President!

  • Terry

    What is interesting is that it was white europeans that actually founded the new world. They were in North America before Indians arrived. At least 6,000 years. Also, the Koran was written by jewish rabbis. Islam is actually muslim judaism. Israel in the middle east was established in1948 for the Khazars. over 95% of the people living there are from Khazaria, and never came from Palestine. The Jews there have nothing to do with the people of the Bible. That is why they hate God and Jesus Christ so much. One other thing, the royal family of Saudi Arabia are jewish. King Faud, who passed a way a few years ago was a jew. The first Prime Minister of Israel in the middle east, David Ben-Guren was actuall a Buddhist. Besides, Budda was actually a white man. It was the white civilization that established the Chinese civilization, and all other civilization. Israel are the white, Caucasian, Anglo-Saxon, Germnaic, Scandinavian, and kindred peoplels of the world today. They are composed of white people.

    • Wapitiman

      I have scraped more valuable substance from the bottom of my shoe!

    • http://ed Edward Levy

      can I have some of what you are smoking, shooting, sniffing, TERRY.
      Either you are gaming us with your comments or you are in need of help at a mental facility.

    • Incredulous1

      Hey Ed, maybe Terry’s “home” allows internet access as “therapy.” LOL! (I crack me up!)

    • http://patriotupdate littlepat

      Just imagine – all these great discoveries by people that still wipe their asses with their bare hands!


      Terry – what on earth are you drinking? Or are you delusional? I’ve never heard such nonsense.

    • Dalek

      You been reading their textbook haven’t you? Heres a news flash. You fall into the brainwashed pool.

    • outspoken

      Terry, perhaps you don’t have any children that you care about, that they have an accurate picture of OUR history. If your comments were in jest, sir they were NOT funny….this is very serious, our children are being taught so many inaccuracies that hopefully their parents can straighten out. Even your comments show how sadly misinformed YOU are, if this is what you believe. I really feel sorry for you, your many posts have really shown your ignorance.

    • murph

      You were right about Israel.
      I think you should check the rest of your statement though.

    • Frances

      I couldn’t agree with you more however look where you are posting. I refuse since everything is censored unless they agree.

    • TheThinMan

      Amazing – I’d like to have your references on this CRAP you spout. White Europeans 6,000 years ago – before American Indians? what hooey. Even the claim of Leif Ericson doesn’t go back 2,000 years. founded – what is founded.

    • Ole Vet

      Terry, you fool, you are just a product of our socialist teachers’ unions, or have been snorting angel dust, maybe both! So many statements with no confirming info sources for proof. Are you currently on meds, or should you be?

    • Bea

      That is the funniest re-write of history I have ever read!

      (You are kidding right? Or did you attend Chicago schools?)

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    Yeah. That Obama Department of Education is just one big barrel of Jihad-is. Nothing like taking America down one cultural brick at a time. What confounds me is why American Jews support the Democrats – The Party of Slavery, Islamic Fundamentalists and Marxism. None of these groups wants to see Israel succeed and prosper like Christian Fundamentalists. Amazing.

    For the Record, Jesus Christ was Jewish.

    • sally

      I have asked this question before, the christian republican/conservatives support israel, and the jews are dem’s…all minorities will vote for obama again, even the jews…most republicans are moderates and they are more dem’s than republicans, there is not much left in our society. The moderates and the dem’s will finish destroying this country….Chris Christy is a moderate, more dem that republican. I am so excited. Newt will have a hard time with all the moderates,in getting elected.
      Many people believe that Mitt is running to lose as he isn’t even a debater, so that obama can win again. Look Bain Corp, gave Obama $1.2million for his campaign in 2008, someone needs to wake up!!!!

    • harry

      sally,if you think newt is conservative you need to do a little research.go to newtgingrichthirdwave and you will find the forward he wrote for his friend tofflers book in which gingrich endorsed replacing the constitution and more govt control over the life of citizens.he doesnt care if hes endorsing conserative or liberal policies,it all depends on whats in it for him.he said edwards shouldnt be pres because his affair showed a lack of moral character but we should ignore his indiscretions,he cant have it both ways.there is too long a list of problems to put them all here

    • http://bellsouth Duke

      Roscoe, Was he not from Nazareth? I’m not so sure that makes him Jewish………. Not to initiate an arguement………

    • http://bellsouth Duke

      ………at any rate, I don’t think a “Sand Flea Rag Head discovered America. They been smokin’ too much Opium and Hashis in that water pipe!! As usual, they are just a delusional breed as well as Kenyans. They just cannot stand not to be connected to something sucessful that they can’t destroy. We just need to jerk the books and teachers from our classrooms. Period!!!

  • Terry

    One other thing, Stotsky is also a jew.

  • Graywolf

    Just a part of the Communist Goals of 1963. #17-20 pertain to American schools, so if they are destroyed by Communism or Muslim sneak attacks it is all the same. The goal is to destroy the USA, Israel, and the Christian faith. With all the Marxist Czars and unknown number of Muslim Brotherhood members in the Regime we are in deep dodo.

    • Jack

      I read your post as intended, as “doodoo,” but allow me to say that we are where we are because of all the “dodos” in government and the dodos who put them there.

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    Yeah. That Obama Department of Education is just one big barrel of Jihad-is. Nothing like taking America down one cultural brick at a time. What confounds me is why American Jews support the Democrats – The Party of Slavery, Islamic Fundamentalists and Marxism. None of these groups wants to see Israel succeed and prosper like Christian Fundamentalists. Amazing.

    For the Record, Jesus Christ was Jewish.

  • Roscoe Bonifitucci

    Yeah. That Obama Department of Education is just one big barrel of Jihad-is. Nothing like taking America down one cultural brick at a time. What confounds me is why American Jews support the Democrats – The Party of Slavery, Islamic Fundamentalists and Marxism. None of these groups wants to see Israel succeed and prosper like Christian Fundamentalists. Amazing.

    For the Record, Jesus Christ was Jewish.

  • Graywolf

    Just a part of the Communist Goals of 1963. #17-20 pertain to American schools, so if they are destroyed by Communism or Muslim sneak attacks it is all the same. The goal is to destroy the USA, Israel, and the Christian faith. With all the Marxist Czars and unknown number of Muslim Brotherhood members in the Regime we are in deep dodo.

  • Terry

    One other thing, Stotsky is also a jew.

  • Terry

    One other thing, Stotsky is also a jew.

    • James Andrews

      Do you mean ‘Trotsky’?….I’ve never heard of Stotsky.

    • Robbie in GA

      With Terry’s mentality, probably thinking of TV’s Starski and Hutch since education came from TV!

  • UAAmerican

    What did you expect the result to be once our govt begins their input into the “education” of our youth.

    • Not PC

      The women and children are in the government camps now!The government will control your relatives every aspect! You people have in your spineless gutless way slept! now your country is gone you have lost it and you will never get it back! Turn on your sports, take your Mexican drugs and crawl back under your rock and go back to sleep! You deserve everything you are getting! They aren’t done with you yet!

    • Ole Vet

      Communists know the best way to ensure a long reign of socialism is to take over education of the children. This was done by the Nazis and is now being done by the mullahs of Islam. Until this is ended, they will continue their reign of hatred of the U.S. and all technology since the 17th century!

      The ONLY reason Islam is in the position of power it is in now, is OIL! If another cheap and plentiful source of energy is discovered or developed, and I hope it will be, or is, they will have no way to continue their goal of forcing Islam on everyone, unless WE let them, with our ‘political correctness’ enforcers!

  • Pat

    All that US money that went to the Saudis for oil and aid over the years is coming back to haunt us. The camel is sticking its nose into the tent and telling us what our children will learn about Islamic history! Parents, this is a red alert to read your childrens’ textbooks. Please post what you find, thanks!

  • Jesse

    Just part of the leftist plan to destroy this country. People wake up and search out these lies. Our constitution is in jeopardy. There is a generation or two that has been taught lies and it continues today. The left will stop at nothing. God bless America!

  • DocJohnM

    How ridiculously stupid would a school board have to be to implement these texts into the class room? A book burning session anyone? I’ll bring the marshmallows! I’m a descendant of Daniel Boone, next they’ll be saying he was a Muslim too. And George Washington? This is beyond revisionist history, it’s absurd. Stop attacking Jesus and Israel as well, again, absurd theology!Since when does a conquered land suddenly become sovereign as in Palestine. Palestine was conquered during the 6 day war by Israel so the Palestinians have no control or say but of course Obama and the UN say differently. Horse feathers! Obama needs to sit down, shut up and let the adults talk.

    • Bill

      How would they know? They don’t read them.

  • faithwalk

    This stuff is all over their language arts books too not just the social studies books.
    All you have to do is search various spellings of muslim, islam or mohammad in the index at the back of their books or in the online text books.
    Such statements as “mohammad talked to God” and Islam is versus “Christians believe” and casting of doubt on Christianity and the Bible are prevalent.
    One mentions how the Koran helped make women have more rights and be spiritual equals. Ha.

  • Mark Hallenberg

    They plan to be the first to the moon too.
    [ just need to get a few more folks into the government – a second term should do it… ]

  • Sandy/LA,CA

    Hmmmm! Did the Muslims take over our government after 9/11? That’s when all these unconstitutional bills and laws started being passed and GW said America will never be the same! Let’s look into this!!!

  • Maxine

    Burn all the books and fire the teachers


    Time to start buring books and kicking some Musliems and Politicans out of this Country.

    This is BS just like letting sharia law allowed in some justice courts.

    IT’S TIME TO GET RID OF OBAMA and the rest of his soicialist musliem regeim.

  • Evan

    Don’t even bother posting a story like this unless you reference the text books and name the schools.


    Time to start buring books and kicking some Musliems and Politicans out of this Country.

    This is BS just like letting sharia law allowed in some justice courts.

    IT’S TIME TO GET RID OF OBAMA and the rest of his soicialist musliem regeim.

  • Evan

    Don’t even bother posting a story like this unless you reference the text books and name the schools.

  • donvan

    These Muslims are going to see just how tough the American people are one of these days before long and we the people will wipe up there blood in the streets with there own carcusses

  • steve

    if I had children in public schools,they wouldnt be in tomorow,how can this happen please tell me its not true.

    • Donna

      I have been an educator for a number of years and with much regret. I have learned what has been going on since my first days in my state’s school districts and it sickens me!
      If I had kids in school today, they would be removed immediately. The schools are a disgrace to learning. Look at the state board of education and see the liberal influence! Look at what teachers are scripted to teach. In some states teachers teach the state test!
      Talk about the dumbing down of America’s kids; the universities have dumbed down the teachers. If I had my extensive education to do over….I would likely self educated! There is not one profession that can be free of liberal teachings in our state universities.

    • emerutil

      What about vocational and technical education? I’d like to see them Islamize that!

  • Mike

    Anybody who believes that history cannot be changed our erased needs to read 1984 by George Orwell. Be afraid! Be very afraid!

  • T. Jefferson

    Barry should be very happy with this twisting of history. Everyone knows that the Scandinavians and even the Scots and Irish were coming to America long before the muslem were even sailing out of the Med.

  • Patrick Henry

    Enough of this liberal lefty BS, get the Federal Government out of our classrooms and lives!! Oblamer and his Socialist pals are pushing hard to “fundamentaly transform America” like he campaigned on. STOP him and all the Liberals, vote them OUT!

    • June9245

      “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    • BohdanUke1

      June, you make too much sense and therefore not many will take note a/o understand the simple truth of what you said.

      Unfortunately, most of the comments I glanced over seem to have come from those who are themselves a product of the current and recent public school system.

      It’s really too late for our generation because of the insane voting decisions our peers have made by electing those that would destroy our fragile Republic.

      They have destroyed our children’s future. Cry for the children…

    • Edward

      It didn’t start with obama, he’s just not ashamed to be called an idiot.

  • Richard Taylor

    Who’s responsible for this? The American Education Association, Teachers Unions, all spelled Commie SEIU etc. They teach this crap because the various unions and the American Educational System DEMANDS that they teach it if they want to keep their jobs, although most teachers were brainwashed in their respective colleges and Post Grad training programs.

    Go back to 1950’s standards ….. Women wear modest blouses and skirts or dresses, men wear suits, ties and shined shoes or slacks, white shirts, sweaters, ties, sox that match, and shined shoes, except for PE Teachers or Coaches. Remember, you are NOT on the same plane as your students and they DON’T have to ‘LOVE YOU’ to learn.

  • Moses

    It is put down in the Constitution, that you can’t sue the Office of the President of the United States; but nowhere is it written that you can’t arrest the President of the United States, under the clause of “Civilian Arrest”. Having said that, it makes me wonder why some one has not filed a suit against Obama, nit as President, but as an average Citizen of Kenya, charging him with being in this country illegally, and Pushing to have him deported?
    For that matter why has no one dared step forward to file claims against his family, to get them deported; or claims against his backers, (ie: George Soros, and others), to have them stripped of their ill gotten gains?
    One thing I think that needs to be done, is for all of us who read these articles, and then write in responses to said articles; we need to take this stuff and spread it around to our friends and families. WE need to get “off the dime” and get busy, to KICK Obama out of office, restore the Constitution of this land, and get rid of all socialism and Muslim attempts to debase this country and make it over into another Islamic State.

    • Bill

      Tell your representative in the House. All Impeachments muist begin there Art. 1, Sec. 2 U.S. Constitution

    • Deb Stanley

      Yes, but he has to be tried by the Senate and have a 2/3 vote to Impeach. That is not going to happen with this current Senate.

    • emerutil

      With today’s “leaders” in power, writing, messaging, or calling them is an exercise in futility!

    • bc

      Go to VISION of AMERICA and read Judge Whacks obama in Eligibility CASE

  • old Navy

    Next thing we’ll hear they invented the light bulb, Model T and, and rubber tires.

    • Not PC

      Depends on what your taught! You should have been teaching your brats some common sense! You people were tooooo busy sleeping!!!

    • jc711

      Looks like YOU haven’t been taught, or you didn’t learn ! It’s not “your” in this case; it’s ” you’re ”
      You are = you’re, as in ” you’re stupid ” !
      “Your” is possessive, as in “your car”, or your brain ( which is in need of a grammar refresher course, not taught by public school teachers… ).

    • http://patriotupdate littlepat

      They haven’t invented toilet paper yet or silverware.

    • emerutil

      Whatever makes you think they did not? Why, they even invented bad breath!

  • SFC J. Simmons, US Army, Retired

    Who is letting this disgrace happen? More importantly, why are they not rotting in the ditch they were shot and thrown into?

  • Kenneth W. Baguley

    I guess we’ll have to have required reading of the Bible in order to have the truth studied. The decendants of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob or Israel were given the land by the Lord as an inheritance…

  • RonT

    For those that make fun or berate the situation, you need to remove your head from the glutismaximus! The Islamic movement is alive and progressing quickly. Deerborn Michigan has the largest community of Muslims in the State. Michigan makes provision for foot washer are put in place at public or state run schools for the Muslim student to use for prayer purposes. A Catholic University is being challenged by a group of Muslims to make place available and remove images reflecting Christ, because they make the Muslim students uncomfortable. This is all due to people either ignoring or brushing this off as a fade/trend. Parents need to get in the faces of educator as well as Senators and Representative and rock their world. Otherwise, it’s going to get alot worst. One more thing, in Oklahoma the people voted to ban Sharia law. A judge rule the vote did not stand. the Circuit Court out of Denver, concurred! The Judges didn’t have to justify anything. But it’s obvious there is the possibility of having two ruling documents; the Constitution and Qarn! So, you can sit at your computer and write snide remark or express your anger, but if we don’t get out to the schools and Universities to tighten these educators up we will so be covertly taken over!

  • James R. Maxwell

    As we have seen all to often since the end of WW II the Communist, Socialist, Liberals and others have attacked those who they can
    sway by lied most easily, the Children. If you want to destroy a nation you first infiltrate and corrupt the minds of Children to more easily spread you lies and deceit.
    The vast majority of our teachers today were
    corrupted early in life and have followed the liberal, Socialist mindset. You have tenured professors in colleges who hate America and if not for tenure they would be less than a footnote in history.

  • Robert Young

    Do you need more reason than this to Abolish the Federal Department of Education and allow control of Education to revert back to the individual States. Our State Department of Education can, working through the Local School boards, mandate the courses required and the text books needed. Keep the Federal Government out. The needs of our children can best be determined at the Local and State level.

    • Bill

      Never happen, put too many unemployable people out of work.

    • tony

      every thing the fed gets into they screw it up because the people getting into what ever it is they have no experiance in what they get into.

  • Kenneth W. Baguley

    Arabs? They came through Abraham and Esau who sold his inheritance for a bowl of pottage. Israel had 12 sons. One of which was Judah whose decendants became known as the Jews. They are the inheritors of the land for thousands of years. The Palestinians? They are the castoff Arabs…
    The other nations don’t want them and don’t help them other than to give them weapons to kill the Jews…

  • http://yahoo Tom Gill

    Is any one familiar with the term,fifth column?,or,”those who control the past,control the future.Those who control the present control the past”?How about’I don’t give a damn for a man who can only spell a word one way”?How about,”that you do unto the least of these,you do to ME”?Look up the authors yourselves.While you are at it,look up the founding fathers warnings about what is happening….Will you fight for your children?Will you fight for your country?Will you fight or your freedoms?Or will you just stand by and watch the truth be destroyed by liberal/muslim people?What will YOU do?Whine?Pooh-pooh the situation?Just let someone else Fix it?Not your problem?

  • david

    “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of his country”. Get out and vote this muslum SOB out of office, and take control of our country before it is to late.
    start with obummer and any congressman that is not doing their job to protect the american people. Maybe we need another crusade.

  • Kit

    My God what has this country become? I am sick and tired of politically correct and if we do not address the muslum arrogance for our great land than we are doomed. The muslums in our country are destroying are Christains beliefs and I for one will not put up with this. We can only solve this by electing a conservative, Christain to the white house.

    • emerutil

      I cannot find one true Christian running for office. No real Christian has a chance in today’s political climate.

  • Mike

    Actually America was first discovered by the Mongaloid race across the land bridge, followed by the Chinese, the Phonecians, the Vikings and finally Amerigo Vespucci (CC wasn’t even close, he discovered the West Indies….). I have never seen where the Moslems even’t tried…

  • Lonnie Mings

    In what states are such textbooks being used? Have Americans completely lost their minds? Before, I suspected it. Now I KNOW it’s true (of some Americans). Sheer lunacy; they might as well get out and bark at the moon. Muslims are good at fooling themselves. Now they’ve fooled us too.

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Yes. And Neil Armstrong was a secret member of the Mulsim Brotherhood.

  • baron von broutsworth

    These liberal/progressives will join anyone to bring themselves to power, only thing though, the dept of education is full of useful idiots who will wipe the feet of muslims or be beheaded, they have a name for it, dimmitude, thats where the conquering muslims force us to pay taxes to them daily, for life. It’s in the koran, it’s also rightous to lie to all non believers, it’s ok to kill anyone who isn’t a muslim, all for the furtherance of muslim sect. Jimmy Carter established the DOE and established their unions in order to pay them back for their votes. He is marxist. Almost every thing he did was in violation of the 10th amendment. I think he ties with woodrow, Johnson, and roosevelt(2 of them) as americas’ abomination.

  • Eddie

    I have said for a long time, when they get control of the schools and the children, it is all over. Well, this pretty well proves it is all over my friends. America, as we knew it, is gone. Sad, but true. America, R.I.P.

    • George

      Control of the K-12 education is crucial to the future of this country, absolutely. The lefties are not going to give it up without a fight. Not only the $ 600B + per year, but shaping the attitudes of future voters. That parents, and conservatives in general have allowed this to go on for so long is pathetic.

      The country’s most famous Catholic, Newt, seems to have a shot at President, and is a foe of the teacher’s unions, and the deconstructionist agenda in general.

      If Indiana, which passed state-wide vouchers last year is any indication, parents flock to enroll their kids in Catholic schools when presented with school choice.

  • Mary A

    The CA school textbooks do glorify the Muslims and their religion. We teach our children and grandchildren the truth and they are taught to learn enough to answer the questions on the test then forget it. We have to do this on other subjects as well. We check their textbooks and they tell us what is said at school. They are grounded in Bible Doctrine and are on the alert of false teaching.
    Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old (mature), he will not depart from it.

  • willyt

    You mean the Pilgrims would have landed at Jalalabad Rock? Florida retirees would congregate around Abu Dhabi Beach. The Keys might be named the Emirate Islands?

  • wisdomcries

    Listening to progressives and hearing the lunicy that oozes from their lying lips…ie: Wasserman-Schultz, Ovomit, Reid, Pelosi…usually has rational people with a fully developed and functioning pre-frontal cortex skake their heads and mutter that you just can’t make this stuff up…well I was wrong

  • wisdomcries


  • Vietnam Veteran

    Well, we know OBozo did, much to our dismay.

    Ron Paul, the only conservative still in the race. Are you willing to settle for another RINO in the White House?

    • emerutil

      Better a RINO than a full blown jihadist!

  • Eddie

    Pardon me but a stupid ass arab could find their ass with their hands under their sheet. They are just about the stupidest humans ( and I use that term humans extremely loosely) on the planet. The only thing I know they can find is a suitable goat for “fun and games”. If there were none left on the planet nobody would notice they were gone. Discovered America….hahahahaha..yeah right. I bet it was abdullah on his magic supersonic carpet. No way they had a ship unless the somali pirates stole it from somebody. I’ll be so glad when we get to play Cowboys and muslimes.

  • DB

    Didn’t the Muslimz fight the Alamo and discover the west? Oh yea and Hawaii?

    • Bea

      Haaaa!! 😀



    • sid

      don’t forget, there’s 57 states!!!

    • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

      The Muslims are pouring billions of dollars into publishing houses where our text books are being written and the books are being printed for he schools according to their rules. They are pouring billions into our schools to see that our children are taught according to the Muslin rules. Will we stand on our principles and tell them to keep their money??? Make a guess!

    • Steven Carson

      I will gladly spend money and help donate to them in another way if they think they are going to come here and take over our country. My donation comes in lead and comes right out of my gun that I have a right to in the Second Amendment.

    • Guest

      Again the Muslims are so concerned with us here in the USA they are not paying attention to their own status on the planet.

      Fact is when I was taking Humanites in college the professor started out with various topics pertaining to world history. When he got to religion he never mentioned Islam or Muslims. Guess he didn’t think it was a religion. I don’t either.

      Mr Obama ought to go teach Islamics about Constitutional law and shove it down their throats. Here’s a guy who said he taught Constitutional law at Harvard but doesn’t know the USA has 50 states and not 55. I bet he doesn’t even know how to get to Harvard.

      Who authorizes these phony text books to the USA schools. And why don’t the students have civics any more???

      Doesn’the NEA read the books our children are reading at school??? What with their union pay they must be capable of doing some checking on textbooks. We don’t need any Muslim “teaching” in our schools . We are a Christian/Jewish commbination of people and one nation under GOD. Not Mohammed the barbarian who killed many of his own people. And Muyslims are “homor killing” their own children cenruries later Guess they have learning disabilities.

      We parents ought to start checking their school books and when we see something that is fiction SAY SO and STOP this interference from other countries that are going broke because of the Muslims on welfare, food stamps, state school aid and trying to tell we the PEOPLE what we should do or just go ahead and do it like Mr know-it-all Obama.

      He is a misfit in this country who needs to be removed. fired, impeached and imprisoned for high crimes to a free Reoublic under GOD.Along with his cronies who covered up his illegality to be any- thing to do with politics.

      We will be glad to see him go. The sooner the better. Before the election !!!!

    • hearmetalking

      Muslims discovered used Toilet paper, it was only used on one side so they said we can still use it for kleenx

  • Dave

    These muslim are the most intolerant,bigoted,racist people on the earth.And they show it by threating and killing people and causing fear if say something about religion.Their religion is fake and made up.The koran is a hate fill holy book.You keep letting them set up there camps all over the U.S. and you are going to be very sorry you did but it will be to late.Hell they already got all the chirstain over their leaving the country because they fear for their life’s.Their adgenda is to bring Shariah Law to our country and destroy american’s way of life.

    • armyvet

      Dave, they have set up camp in the White House, didn’t you know?

    • Righthook

      My question is WHY do we have Saudi funded textbooks in our schools in the first place????????

    • steveni

      To help Obama make America an Islamic state perhaps?



    • chuck


    • Shirley Slaughter

      This is what the Administration wants and the people of our country are so trusting or something, they stick their heads in the sand and let it roll over them. Wake up America we are under attack.

    • Lee

      This is what happens when you have a Muslim President….

    • RonT

      Makes you wonder where all your tax money is going to! The liberals are never held accountable for funds expenditures. But should you be bold enough to challenge any thing you are berated, belittled and basically called stupid! American should support their own books, so there is no obligation to anyone outside our Country.

    • Glenn

      If you fight this could you be classified as a terrorist by our military and loose your United States Constitutional rights?

    • Guest

      For the same reason we have garlic being imported from China when whe have the garlic capital of the world right in our own back yard, and french style cookies also made in China, not to mention butter cookies! BECAUSE WE ALLOW IT! I don’t buy food that comes from China. If they are killing our pets, how long before they kill us w/food?!

    • Roger

      If you expect others to read your comments, please read you own and correct your spelling and grammar errors.

  • Ihatelibs

    Barry just has to remember to get his ass in court on Thursday or they’ll be a bounty on this drug mule’s head

  • Roger

    Muslims founded America? I doubt that considering they can’t get out of the 10th century. Show me some paperwork from the patent office that shows that they invented anything. If it wasn’t for oil, they’d all be goat herders. They didn’t develop their oil fields, Americans and people from other countries did. If all the workers in the oil fields left, they would be broke almost overnight.

    • armyvet

      Roger, didn’t you read in History about Sheik Christopher Columbus? :-)

    • Christel

      Totally correct Roger….and that’s exactly why we have to get off of the foreign oil and produce it in the USA. Leave those lousy bastards in the dirt – really. Problem we have a Muslim in the White House that would rather sell us out and not sign the pipeline…that way his ‘buddies’ can continue to rape us with the cost of oil.

    • Kenai

      Well, they did invent the suicide belt bomb. Other then that, I can’t think of anything else.

  • vincent

    Yeah Betty, a conquest followed by the imposition of Sharia law. Homosexuals, Jews, Christians and lesbians will be stoned or decapitated. That is Muslim utopia! And if you are a dog owner, well, euthanize those unclean critters! And your company shuts down for mandatory prayers. Synagogues get torched, girls get sexually abused unless they wear burkas, and illiterate Muslim immigrants get welfare and medical care.

  • DB

    Wasn’t it a camel who stepped in hole and up through the desert ground came a bubbling crude? Hence the Saudis discovered oil?

    • Bea

      Haaa! Texas Tea!

      I miss the good ole days…when I felt… safe.

  • Mike

    Actaully according to most historians and map makers the map supposedly used by Columbus also showed the actual coast of the Antarctic that was under the ice, which would mean whoever drew the original map came way before Christianity, Muslims, Buddism, Hinduism or any ism you want to name.

    • alero032000

      Mike, if you read what Christopher Columbus himself wrote about his journey, he talks about being directed and guided by the Holy Spirit, so NOT before Christianity.

    • Mike

      Obviously you failed reading comprehension. I don’t give a whit what he said. I said the map he supposedly used predated all known religions because it showed land features that haven’t been exposted for tens of thousands of years. And don’t give me that stupid “The world is only 6000 years old” tripe any moron with a smattering of real learning can do the math to find the age of the world, and believe me it is far older than a mere 6k years!

  • Mike

    Jefferson’s Rules for a Good Life

    Thomas Jefferson compiled this list at the request of a father who had named his baby son Thomas Jefferson Smith. They were pared down somewhat from an earlier list Jefferson had sent to his granddaughter, Cornelia Jefferson Randolph. Here are 10 rules for a good life:

    1. Never put of until tomorrow what you can do today.
    2. Never trouble another for what you can do yourself.
    3. Never spend your money before you have it.
    4. Never buy what you don’t want because it is cheap; it will never be dear to you.
    5. Pride cost us more than hunger, thirst and cold.
    6. Never repent of having eaten too little.
    7. Nothing is troublesome that we do willingly.
    8. Don’t let the evils, which have never happened cost you pain.
    9. Always take things by their smooth handle.
    10. When angry, count to ten before you speak, if very angry, count to one hundred.

    • Dan

      Mike, you are so full of cra_ we can almost smell you

    • Bea

      Everytime I think about obozo I have to start over.

    • Big Ugly, Wyoming

      It’s called the Map of the Ancient Sea Kings.

  • kermit dupre

    How can anyone who loves their children send them to a public school?

    • GranAnn

      Who is r eading these textbooks before they are purchased by our schools. If they keep it up, there won’t be any Christian children going to public schools!!! It’s disgusting!

    • Righthook

      Some people can’t afford private school. Besides, there are some conservative areas that still have good schools…not many, but a few. And the key is just to pay attention to what they’re learning, and teach them what’s right where a textbook might be wrong. Parents have to stay involved. To say a parent doesn’t love their child if they send them to a public school is irresponsible.

  • DrBillLemoine

    Textbooks are written by teachers for publishers. Errors are responsibility of the book companies, sometimes caught by teachers who ordinarily read and approve texts for their districts. School boards are responsible for content–state level first, then local school boards/administrators when they adopt erroneous and distorted content. Call your local and state superintendent for action.

    • Jeff Rozen

      Actually Bill,it is the school districts faults. They are not checking the content of the books carefully enough, all they care about is what they cost.

    • Skipper

      I hear book burnings give off a lot of heat!

  • Apatriot

    Yes Sir, with this new education our kids will grow up to be Gay Socialist Muslims.

    • bucknaked

      just like muslim in chief obummer

    • DEL WOOD

      You do realize that this article was writen in 2008, George W. Bush was president. Most of the text books are edited by republican religus conservites in Texas and deside what goen in text books and them published by Neal Bush’s comoany.

  • Carole Broderick

    Newt wants to get the Feds out of Education and return it back to the states. He taught American History so he knows how our country was formed.
    From what I’ve heard, US History about the Founding Fathers, The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not even taught anymore. No wonder the younger generation is so ignorant of exactly what a great country they live in and they don’t see their rights being stripped away by OAmericanDestroyer. There is no excuse for this. Evidently, they don’t have time to teach the true American History, because they have to teach elementary children sex ed and homosexuality and homosexual heros thru-out history, which, of course is more important!
    And schools wonder why all levys get voted down. I think we’re all FED UP with paying to indoctrinate our kids in the liberal cr** agenda. Maybe the parents of these children should take them out of school, or at least stage a boycott and keep their kids home for one day, like the internet boycott last week.
    Ok, let’s all pray, pray, pray that the right person to defeat OmightyTraitor wins the Republican nomination and lets all work to get him elected and do what we can to assure (monitor) fair elections and do what we can to get the Oblabla out of office. He has done so much damage, and his American Flag burning wife said they need 4 more years so they can “do more.” God Forbid! Our Country needs us to step up and get involved and do everything possible to save it. We can’t put off our involvement anymore. God Bless America!

    • yoyo

      I think you are confusing Newt with Ron Paul.

    • Righthook

      Some schools do actually still teach those things, although there probably aren’t many. My daughter’s 4th grade class memorized the Preamble last year, and has learned about the Founding Fathers. They also still say the Pledge of Allegiance, with “under God” it in, which many schools do not.

  • http://AT&T cutie

    Wake up people before it is to late! Mr OBOMBA needs to go before he ruins this country some more.!Can’t you people see what he is doing to this wonderful country of ours? Just hope you will not vote for this man in NOvember 2012. If so we are ruined forever! WAKE UP!

  • Katie222

    This isn’t news…no responsible oversight re: content of textbooks since the late 50s. Our kids in govt schools are being taught lies that even their so-called teachers believe these days. Will this raise any hue and cry to fix things? I think not…’nuf said.

  • Frank

    So, the Muslims shoulder the blame for introducing all of those nasty viruses to Americas indigenous people and lead to their demise and not Columbus.
    How will the left handle this – will they stop protesting Columbus and shift the blame to the Muslims?

    • Peggy

      Doubtful, I suspect.

  • TheThinMan

    Oh but there was a “state of Israel” called the Kingdom of Israel. It came about because of King Solomon’s son refusing to relax the tax burden on his people, so 10 of the tribes left the kingdom and created their own Kingdom of Israel and left Rehoboam the Kingdom of Judah and Benjamin as a vassal state, if I remember correctly.

    that Jesus was a “Palestinian” true – although it depends on your wording and understanding – the entirety of Samaria, Judah/Israel/Gaza north and south was the nominal Palestinian jurisdiction of Rome. Jew’s as late as 70 AD considered themselves to be “Palestinians”, and they didn’t want “Christians” to be considered a sect of Judaism – which it was.

  • Amy

    This is so scary it made my stomach roll when I read it. Time for all parents and grandparents (who are probably better taught in US History anyhow) to be looking at the text books of their kids. Please don’t be silent about this. Contact the elected officials of your state regarding this information.

  • Enrico

    Satan is working order to subjugate a nation, it must be attacked on three fronts, health, wealth and education.Some quotes from the koran “War is ordained by Allah, and all Muslims must be willing to fight, whether they like it or not. 2:216. Intermarriage is forbidden. 2:221 Don’t believe anyone who is not a Muslim. 3:73 We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Their habitation is the Fire 3:151 Oppose and admonish those who refuse to follow Muhammad. 4:63 Have no unbelieving friends. Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them. 4:89.Don’t take Jews or Christians for friends. If you do, then Allah will consider you to be one of them. 5:51.A prophet may not take captives until he has made a slaughter in the land. 8:67…… Smite the necks of the disbelievers whenever you fight against them. Those who die fighting for Allah will be rewarded. 47:4 Now read Revelation Rev 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

  • tony

    If the muzzies are so great why are they hardly at allon the Nobel prize lists. Check them out the Jews are on their more than Anybody else in history of it. The muzies just want to kill and distroy. They want everyone to live in a third world country like obozo is trying to do to us.

  • http://google JoeH

    Better take a serious look at home schooling or Christian private schools. You children’s minds are at stake!

    • Peggy

      Home schooled students fare equal or above
      government schooled students. You need to inform yourself before making bogus statement.

  • Patrick Henry

    Muslims did not invent toliet paper!!!

    • bucknaked

      they don’t need your ole tissue, they use their fingers.. now you know why they stink to high heaven!! just ask barry.

    • steveni

      They use Camels to wipe their butts. LOL

    • emerutil

      Ever notice you can often smell the camel jocks before you see them? A very unpleasant smell, at that!

  • Rocket Man

    Jesus of Nazareth commonly referred to as Jesus Christ, is the central figure of Christianity and lived from 7–2 BC to 30–36 AD and is still believed to be alive by His followers. The 2nd century Roman emperor Hadrian wanted to erase Judah and the Jewish/Christian Nation of Israel from the face of the Earth. He renamed it Palestine (as the enemies of Israel do to this day). Muhammad was the founder of the religion of Islam and lived from 570 to 632 AD and no evidence of early global sea travel is in any records by his followers who lived for global conquest (as they do to this day). Christopher Columbus however was an explorer, colonizer, and navigator who lived from 1451 to 1506 AD and lived to return to Europe to document the story.

    • Peggy

      And, Christopher Columbus believed the world was ROUND, based upon the BIBLE!

  • farmer.d

    What a crock of crap! How can textbooks like this be sold in the USA??

  • http://PatriotUpdate Gary Adkison

    If muslims discovered America, where are the historical records? Even native Americans recorded their history and Europeans are part of it, NOT muslims.
    And Jesus was a Jew.

  • Donald l mather sr

    WE MUST VOTE OUT ALL PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR ABOVE STORY.. i JUST HOPE ANY ONE in the classroon will force schools to correct such BS going on with DOE Abolish it with EPA.Obama Care and the judges appointed by OBAMA ?????????? VOTE RIGHT.

  • http://webnewsdaily mike

    Im sick and tired of corrupted hisstory.the muslim lies which they think stupid anerican children know now history, we can blame the commie schools that want to ruin your families and community. I take pride in america but our educators don’t. they have no pride in america. the gov. kicks the books around and youre educators don’t even correct mistakes. this country is shame ful. watch Jaywalkers on Jay Leno. history? Id be ashamed to give the answers they give. disguting. you teachers should be named to iluminate the fool ish and stupid school system. kids are not getting educated any more. brain wash em teacher!!!

  • History Lover

    Most teachers just teach the crap we are told to teach. However, some of us teach the true facts from real books and sources and not the agenda driven textbooks. We also go over the textbooks and let our students see the twisting of truth by textbooks for themselves.

  • Terry

    Better yet, deport all Muslims from the United States. Barrack Obama started all this BS with Muslims and our representatives in Washington let it happen. Pelosi,Reid, McCaskill, with the money supplied by GE and Soros are all responsible for the downfall of America. I thought our Military Generals were supposed to be protecting us from other slime ball governments as well as those unamericans that infiltrated our government. Not happening. God will intervene soon and those who aren’t walking with him will perish.

    • Peggy


    • Shannon

      You can’t deport someone because of their religion. That’s unconstitutional. And not all Muslims come from the same area. Many were born in America! Some converted from other religions. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • pikemaster

    They are “RIGHT” ! muslims did discover America how stupid are we?? about 3 years ago when Obutthead took office.

  • Jorje

    This story is intentionally misleading.

    Do you know why they don’t identify a textbook used in public school classrooms that teaches that Muslims discovered America? It’s because there aren’t any.

    But I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as it gets some people all excited.

    • Outlawcajun

      Didn’t he mention, and show abook called “Arab World Studies’, or was
      I seeing things?

  • shsmith

    What American textbook states “Muslims discovered America. As a teacher in Texas, that is unadulterated BS. Never have I heard such crap! As far as I know there are no textbooks saying such cr

  • shsmith

    There are no textbooks in the state of Texas saying that! Whoever said that is a complete liar!!!!!!

  • toto

    Okay, my head is going to explode! PEOPLE! WAKE THE HELL UP.

  • james

    If we ever get a president who at least “likes” America,we can produce more oil and gas from North America than they can in the east.Then,if all the American companies came home,we could break them and venezuela in a matter of months.They have nothing but oil and sand,and a hateful attitude.

    • pikemaster

      We already have a 50 yr. supply of oil here and many,many wells that are capped off because of Obutthead and his cronies.We just need someone with the balls to uncap it !


    Your making a joke of this. When your children come and home and tell you Ahab Arab discovered america and not christopher columbus who is he going to believe his school teacher or you. You are so stupid as parents. His is what they are teaching in school parents are dumb. Teachers and peer pressure have more influence on your children then you do.
    Unless you read and teach your children at an early age American History, they will believe what is taught in school.

  • WIZ

    These aren’t errors they’re outright damnable LIES it’s time to stop this utter nonsense and use school books MADE IN THE USA!!!

  • charles

    under muslim rule Christians will become muslins or die for Christ first then the gays will be second the then those the say there is on God id will be be muslim or be dead

  • John Galt

    Maybe they made a time machine, discovered America, and went back to the 5th century – where they live (and want us to live) today.

  • Cavw

    I am surprised @ the lack of more information from Mr. Stakelbeck’s incomplete information or is it merely missing in Ms Jones report?
    What books? Title? Where? What schools?
    I’d like more information so as to add this to my growing arsenal against the public school books.

  • charles

    under muslim rule Christians will become muslins or die for Christ first then the gays will be second the then those the say there is no God will be be muslim or be dead

  • Yellow Horse

    I guess the School Board is doing their regularly fine job!!!

  • ripete

    The muslims took control of the White House Jasn 2009

  • OAHS

    Gore invented the Internet and Obama is one of the 4 best Presidents in US history …

  • Right Wing Ruth

    WHO the F is proof reading this crap before the American schools serve it up to our kids? Unfreaking believable!

  • Randy131

    There is a great war coming, as is explained in the ‘Angel Prophecies’ of this new millenium. It will be considered the 3rd World War, but the sides will be of different religious beliefs, which will end in the final battle of Armegeddon. The West and the Judaeo and Christian religions will be on the verge of anihilation when a leader of German descent will arise from the fartherest west and save them, by first saving Europe that was thought already lost. Once Europe is saved a new leader of French descent will arise and finish the war with victory all over the world and the complete anihilation of Islam forever. The Lord Jesus will reign supreme as Islam will be shown to originate from Satan’s trickery and lies, for Satan, being the greatest of all liars, will and has told a thousand truths to get the innocent and naive to believe just one lie, and that is Islam.

    • Larry E

      Und so Herr Randy wo gibt es? Wo kommt er aus? Wissen Sie die nahme dieses mann?

    • emerutil

      Gog of Magog?

  • Larry E

    Gee, and all this time I thought that it was Egyptians before Christ, or Siberian Natives who actually discovered North America by coming across a land bridge or something similar. Did the Arabs have swimming camels, or how exactly did they get across the ocean?

    We have to remember that Mslms helped found the USA. I mean it has to be so because our Glorious Leader has said so.

  • roger

    Discover America my ass. The Portuguese and Spanish squashed the Muslems in the 14th century.

    • emerutil

      Unfortunately, the entire civilized West needs to do so again!

  • John W.

    Perhaps our government-school students can also “experience” such staples of radical Islam as….genital mutilation (without anasthetic) for women……stoning to death or hanging for women who have sex out of wedlock……beheading for drug offenses…….multiple wives…..the general second (more like eighth) class status of women in Islam.

  • James

    Actually the Semitic/Hebrews from the King Salomon’s time made the voyage to the Americas before all of the proposed founders in our history books. According to discovers of ancient pictographic Hebrew on rocks in north and south America indicate that our History has been altered. Also there is evidence of the Ten Commandments etched into stones found in the North America. As well as Native Americans practicing or observing similar festivals similar to the Hebrews of ancient Israel as well as some similar language.

  • David in MA

    The Crusades returnith.
    To arms, brothers, to arms!

    The islamic muslims must again be defeated.

    Wear proudly the Tunic with the Red Cross!

    Start at the American White House, the cleansing, start today.

    Pray for the Oath Keepers.
    Hope for the Lone Wolf.

  • Bett in Fl

    Of course the local school board blamed the state for allowing the texts. These are elected positions that show blatant disregard for omissions, commissions of painting Jihad as a ‘struggle’, tell that to our troops! We need to clean house and stop them from ‘training’ the minds of our children as now in middle schools as well as high school. Vote in responsible people who recognize this danger. Dennis Yberra wrote a book: “The Trouble w/Textbboks”

  • tmt

    Has anyone noticed how many clothing labels now say “made in Kenya” or “made in Indonesia” ??? Well, I have noticed and I wonder why jobs are being everywhere but in America. Obama is a treasonous, no good bastard. He despises America because he thinks we got our wealth by stealing it from other countries. The guy is a brainwashed ideologue. I will be celebrating the day he is defeated. God help us all.

  • Deanna

    The blind are being pumped and primed for acceptance and obedience to the Antichrist when he comes. It’ll be SO easy for him.

  • Outlawcajun

    Any one leaving kids in public (government) schools, with what passes as ‘education’ now
    is crazy. Public education isn’t about educating, it’s become government controlled indoctrination centers.

  • DH

    This is so outrageous. If any of these textbooks remain in a school then every teacher using one should be summarily dismissed immediately.

  • Billy

    I think the muslims taught the indians how to bar-b-que, too. We need to publish a book on how to have a muslim pig pickin…Sunday picnics @ the mosque with a towel twist for the smokers…america wake up…

    • El Lobo Solo

      Should I bring potato salad or cole slaw?

    • El Lobo Solo

      I think the Muslims did discover America.
      They invented the flying carpet.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Mohamed flew to America after smoking some high grade Hashish on his bong.

    • WASP

      The rags discovered America in the 70’s to 90’s
      and we were moronic enough to let them flood in
      like the rats that they are. They’ve always been good at “discovering” other peoples lands and invading them. If we bury a lot of them, the worms and microorganisms will help them fertilize the whole world.

    • oldgringo

      Pork and Beans would be just fine!…..Ed

    • catchesthewind

      Howabout bacon for the BLTs

    • dab

      naw el lobo….bring everyones favorites….
      PORK RINDS lmao

    • tim

      It just boggles my mind that at the top of this story it says over 500 mistakes were found isnt over 500 LIES found

    • Loren Macnab

      Isn’t interesting that it has taken 400 years for the Muslims to take credit for the discovery of a Christopher Columbus, a completed Jew. Now with the recent discovery of the remains of Jews exterminated at Treblinka, validating the existence of the Holocaust they remain silent.

    • El Lobo Solo

      I bet the text book says the Muslims invented the cipher zero too, but they were beat out on that by the Mayans.

    • joseph femiani

      why are muslims so evil and deceitfull? why are liberals and blks so gullable ?why is a muslim named idiot our pres.?why aren’t we the people taking up arms against him since our justice dept is bought as well as congtess and quite possibly our millitary?after all he has taken our lives and turned them into shit houses for jackasses.heaven help those of you who foolishly voted this imposter into office .you think you have a education ?the change we need is to keep liberals out of our government as well as ganster unions.

    • Scott

      so the Vikings were Muslims?? I never know that!!

    • Texan living overseas (until Texas secedes)

      Americans do need to wake up! And STOP support nation building in muslim countries!

      Why are we REBUILDING our future enemies?!

      Only Ron Paul wants to STOP training muslim armies and STOP building muslims’ new roads. He voted FOR the afghan war, but he voted AGAINST rebuilding them. If you think about it, this what EVERY conservative wanted after 9/11.

      We didn’t say “oh gee I want to rebuild them into a modern country and give them tanks and guns”. No! We wanted to DESTROY them and come home. Heck, we could’ve probably made a peace treaty with the Taliban and had them hand over Osama for execution a decade ago.

  • DH

    The secreatary of the Department of Education needs to be fired immediately. They found 500 errors in these books and they are still using them? What in the sam hill is going on? Is this Obama?

    • David R. Nemirow

      Yes!!! It is Obama, or at least his mind-set.

    • Sandra San Sanna Danna

      We should get used to big lies from the Muslims. It is part of their religion to lie to the infidels. We are blind sided by our attitude toward telling the truth. The truth is what Muslims say it is. Doesn’t everybody accept that yet? The Educationists seem to accept that, bless their politically correct little hearts.

    • Joel

      DH is not Obama he do not has brain for it is the evil forse that stard agaist America long time ago.

    • czyganka

      What ?????????????????????

    • catchesthewind

      A small sample of the public school education under obama.

    • Drop Dead Fred

      I could not have said that better.

    • Drop Dead Fred

      Now kids, let this ba a lesson to you. Don’t smoke crack! Or rely on the public educational system.

    • http://patriotupdate JIMMY CROWW

      must be a HARVARD GRAD !!

    • WASP

      Dissolve the Dept. of Education. It’s a ocymoron. It’s already part of the ghost agency, the Propaganda Ministry.

    • Wolf-Spider

      What’s “a ocymoron”? Is it anything like an “Oxymoron”, like “military intelligence”?
      The Federal Dept. of Ed. is nothing more than Jimmy Carter’s pay-off to the teachers’ unions. So, yeah! It should be abolished.


    • Idaho Jim

      I disagree, DH. The entire department of education needs to be fired. I don’t know about where you live; but, in my state, we have a department of education. The problem is the one at the federal level. BTW, we also have departments of Environmental Quality, Agriculture, Commerce, Food Safety and Sanitation, Labor, Transportation, and many others. Your cry should be for the firing of most of the intrusive federal state. Please read “Ameritopia.”

      Kind regards, Jim

    • SweetOlBob

      This bunch of lies, like the fairy tale of moderate muslims, is being put forth into the vacuum of young minds masquerading as the truth. These kids know nothing of honor killings, stoning of rape victims, using little boys and farm animals for sexual pleasure, throwing acid on women, chopping off hands and feet, beheading, or anything else that the filthy, inbred muslims do as a matter of course. They need to see some pictures of the barbaric actions of muslims and then see the lies these terrorist supporting ragheads have slipped into their textbooks.

    • Joan

      I don’t trust the muslims, their idea of history is scumbag. LOL

  • everett

    just grooming the young voter to accept we have a muslim alien president

  • http://PatroitUpdate ?

    The Vikings were in America way before Columbus. The only thing the Muslims have discovered was sharia law. I am tired of this country catering to the muslims. they haven’t contributed anything to this country except terrorism and death.

    • News Desk at 101

      The Hebrews were here before the Vikings, but then again, the Vikings are of the 10 northern Tribes of the House of Israel. As a Heeb, I believe I know my ancestors history line.

    • dntmkmecomovrther

      The Vikings were Norse, not Semitic. The Northern tribes of Israel were decimated and deported between 740-686BC to Assyria. There is no history whatsoever that these folks immigrated to the Northern Norsk territory.

    • News Desk at 101

      How little you know of the Tribe of Dan, of which I am descended from.

    • gunn tartan

      welllll, you may want to update what you think you know of the northern tribes, i.e. the norse and the russian emigration two thousand years ago to scotland. any decent linguist will tell you that gaelic evolved out of the hebrew … hello, hebrides? hebridean sea?

    • Heyoka

      Naaa the whole semitic thing is a sham the way this one is. The common problem is that people attribute dark skin and hair to the Israelites. This is associated with the phenotypical Jew of Eastern Europe. These are Ashkanazi Jews but are not necessarily of the blood line of the Hebrew people. While the genetic links appear to indicate that the matrilineal connection to the middle east is from only 4 subjects. The bulk of Ashkanazi genes are from sources that are European and not Middle Eastern at all. These Eastern European Jews are part of a culture that adopted the Jewish religion. They are not the same blood line as the Sephardic Jews who are part of the true blood line. They are lighter in complexion and hair color. The Biblical phrase, “those that say they are Jews but are not”.

    • catchesthewind

      Are the muslims then not from the 10 lost tribes of Israel. There are two many common denominators for the muslims to not have jewish ancestry.

    • News Desk at 101

      The Muslims came about as an act of “indiscretion” in the dessert.

    • Rooster

      Small correction. You mean Arabs. There were no Muslims then. Although most Arabs have been absorbed by Islam, not all are Muslim.

    • emerutil

      Abraham’s biggest mistake. Muslims are descendents of that unholy union.

    • SweetOlBob

      No one should belabor the facts regarding where muslims came from or if they were of the lost tribes or just came down out of the trees.
      They are here and we can see what they really are. We need to stop wondering and guessing what their origins were and stomp them out for what they are now.
      They are uncivilized throwbacks to the 7th century and follow a murderous supposed religion.
      they want to subjugate our country. But they have done nothing in centuries to improve the countries of their origin. They have contributed nothing to the world. All the marvelous gifts they claim to have given civilization came from peoples they conquered with their murderous ways.
      They are evil. They should not be allowed in any civilized nation.

    • Heyoka

      Sue the individuals responsible for this in their individual capacity. Don’t let the school board in and do not let the school board attorney represent the individual. Ruin them and make it public.

      How to keep the school board out???? Simply inquire as to the requirements of truthful representations of actual history and ask the school board if it is their duty to teach truth or their policy to indoctrinate childern intentionally via utrue propaganda. They will of course say no, therefore the individual responsible is not complying with school policy and is acting on their own without authority. Sue them for everything you can sue them for and get them fired as well.

      Do something but do don’t just flap your gums. The doers of the word are justified the Bible says.

    • Joel

      Cancel yes the muslim discovered America Columbus clean al the jail and brought all of them whith him but the indian kill them when they mention the sharia law.

    • Drop Dead Fred

      joel; Pass the pipe. I’m not stoned enough to understand you yet.

    • Drop Dead Fred

      I simply can’t click the thumbs up button enough times. so lets just pretend I did it a thousand times.

    • http://patriotupdate JIMMY CROWW


  • KM

    Could not get this site to open on several tries. Thought that it had been “scrubbed” by DHS/FCC or some other freedom-of- speech loving entity.
    What a terrible farce that textbooks are indoctrinating children.
    Muslims discovered America? In what parallel universe?

    • catchesthewind

      I think it is high time that students be required to bring text books home and parents be required to read them.

    • Joel

      KM muslim is another identity paralell to socialism comunism new age that have been working in this country for long time soffly under the nose of the american people..our experience in those last tree years tell us that we have to stard educating our jouth and childen but first our teacher on what going on and specialy ask alots of cuestion to all those prefesor in all the universities in this country.

    • Donald DeHoff

      KM, This might make your day. There are several revelations in the Qur’an that either directly or indirectly imply that our Earth is flat, and in one it states,”the Sun sets everyday in a muddy(or cloudy) pool, whereby many peoples(plural) live”, which also implies the Earth is flat. Some of their religious leaders voiced this belief up until about the year 2000, which was after NASA had trained and flew several Muslim astronaughts who all went on space flights. I suspect “they” had interesting “debriefs” with their religious leaders. The Muslim culture also permits a Muslim male to be embarrassed or ashamed if his wife gives birth to a female child, even to the point of punishing her. Any high school biology student knows the female sex of a child is determined soley by the male’s “X” chromosome—and there are many more.

  • Mad


    • Speed

      Of course! It’s so obvious-when you REALLY need something handled,you need Bikers!
      You know the old adage;
      “The best way to get a biker to do something is to tell him he can’t do it.
      The best way to keep a biker from doing something is to tell him he HAS to do it.”

    • Wayne G

      As an avid HD rider, I will be glad to ride to any mosque with my 6-pk. Let me know when and where. READY TO RIDE.

    • catchesthewind

      Dont forget a qt of pigs blood.

    • Wayne G

      I had an email that proposed titty bars and pubs next to every mosque, with strippers etc. We need to promote this at every mosque in the USA. They build a mosque, we open at least 4 bars, with strippers, and maybe even a gay bar and lesbian bar.

      Gang up America, show your grits and tits.


    • Drop Dead Fred

      Mad I’m with ya. Just need to fashon a trailer under my BBQ and I’ll haul it behind my sbc trike.
      Friend of mine had a great Idea for the girls a while back. Throw some railings around a flat bed and add a couple of stripper poles some lights and music.
      He calls it heels on wheels.

    • http://pan2 EEL RIVER KID


  • cmvbih

    And some wonder why we shouln’t totally abolish the Dept of Education – a Jimmy Carter creation that Newt Gingrich VOTED FOR and wants to continue!!! If Newt thinks he’ll be able to overhaul the beast, he needs to think again. When something’s evil, it has to be totally eradicated.

    If schooling had been left to the parents and local school committees, this would NEVER have happened.

    • Larrya PA

      Anybody but Obuma.

    • trukn

      Newt wasn’t in office when Jimmy Carter was President.

    • d stout

      That is good info. Try to get that into a main stream news rag. Huh!!! there is plenty of materialon the awful beginings of Islam. Their religion is vile, disgusting and filled with lies. there is not a shred of truth to it. Their leader was a murderer, a womanizer and I could go on. You have heard of the “blind leading the blind”, well you got it with the false teaching of Islam. And yet we have those who are allowing it into our country as something good and wonderful. God help us all. The bible predicted false religions and this is one of them.

    • Dennis Patrick Foley

      don’t forget the painful truth mohaaahmed and muslims in general practice marrying 6 to 10 year old girls then screw them. Ya they’re alful civilized ,aren’t they. Frickin PIGS!!!!!!!

    • Granny

      You left out that he was also a pediphile.

    • emerutil

      That’s pedophile

    • http://patriotupdate JIMMY CROWW

      we have elected local school boards and all they are are TROOLS.

  • Army CWO Retired

    Yes. That’s correct. Muslims discovered America and they sent the first men to the moon. It was a crescent moon, of course. Muslims are also building a large rocket to send the first men to visit the surface of the sun. I know, I know, I know…the sun’s too hot you say? Well. Muslims aren’t STUPID you know. They’re going at night!

    • Todd Newton

      I Love it.. You are right on with your statement. HOOAH…

    • Geneva

      Great! Just love it! Thanks.

    • http://aol cowboygary

      Great spin on history! Might add that Washington, Jefferson and Madison prayed five times a day while facing Mecca; Paul Revere and the Buffalo soldiers rode camels; Betsy Ross wore a burqua; and Lincoln was a closet raghead. Pardon me while I jump on my camel named Clyde… Oh, and CWO Mohammed–thanks so much for your service!

    • http://None Edna Mac Donald

      Your statement re Muslim reasoning was “right on”. What did they do before the Scotch road over into their territory ? Rape all the females and kill each other. Wander around in the heat and cook their brains. Those building credited to them was only that they pushed the cement, they certainly did not design them. Also the alphabet came from the British Isle area, I have evidence of that. Ask me and I will send you the evidence. The Muslims invented nothing except a drape to cover their heads and bodies to keep the sun off.

  • James

    Do they teach what General Pershing did in 1911 that instantly stopped a muslim war? Hell no! Dept of education and the EPA must be eliminated immediately.

  • Wolf-Talker

    All BS

  • Choey
  • rkz777

    And our money pays for all of it,as the all mighty guru of the muslim world (hobama) is using it to defeat America. Who do we thank for this, well all those leftist-socialist-democratic-communist that call themselves Americans who voted for this idiot and swoon over him every time they see him. LORD OUR GOD, PLEASE PROTECT OUR CHILDREN FROM THESE maggots of hell and pestilence.

    • James Marvel

      Don’t ask God to protect your children if YOU are not willing to do what is necessary to protect them. Get involved, with your local government, the schools and with voting. If you are not willing to watch over your kids and make sure they are taught according to the dictates of your own conscience or learning, then you will get federally mandated schooling/mind washing. Which will it be??

    • Drop Dead Fred

      I would start by blaming his friggen socialts family and all those a$$ Holes who preached marxisim etc.. back in the 60″s 70″s and 80″s.
      Blame those screwed up educators that cling to a decaying social ediface which has always ballanced pecariously on the brink of economic collaps and totalitarianisim.
      There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

  • JGS

    I have a question about the Saudi built and sponsored schools for their Muslim children to attend here in America. Does the state department of education have jurisdiction over what they teach and does the state get into their schools to check the curriculum and certification of their teachers like they do for all other schools and teachers? Does anyone out there know the answer to this question? If they do not, it’s about time there is a change to this whether or not the Saudi’s paid and built the school. It’s in American and that state should have control over its curriculum. Also, what about prayers in these schools? Are they allowed to pray and learn at the same time while our children are void of that privilege?

    • James Marvel

      I should have thought that way. Hmmm, time for some new questions for the political rats to answer. Darn good questions, JGS.

    • Jim

      And are they being trained in those schools here to hate and kill all Jews and slaughter those “infidels” that will not convert as they are in Saudi Arabia?

    • Drop Dead Fred

      DCS should step in like they do with home schooled children and those children of devout christian families.
      Whats good for the gander is good for the goose.

  • Norm Winne

    It appears that Terry took a Bible, a Koran and several other religious historical volumes and put them in a blender. If he had left them a little longer he would have created the following paragraph… which actually makes more sense!!!
    “What is interesting is that it was green Martians that actually founded the middle east world. They were in North Palestine before Budda arrived. Haveing nothing to do with 6,000 jewish rabbis. Also, Khazaria was written by jewish Khazars. Islam is actually established by the Chinese. Israel in the other civilization was having nothing to do with 95% of the people living there in 1948. The royal family of Saudi Arabia read the Bible and never came from Chinese civilization. That is why they hate the Scandinavian Prime Minister. Besides David Ben-Guren established the Chinese civilization of the world today and it was the white kindred peoplels. Anglo-Saxon, who passed a way a few years ago, was composed of the Germnaic royal family and was actuall the white civilization, who believed that the Bible was the Word of God, Jesus Christ was and is our savior and all who believe in him will have everlasting life!”

  • Bill

    These cave age savages still wipe there ass with there finger! Discovered America, Like Hell. Rag heads should be ran out of the country, or at least treated as Australia is treating them this is our land, live with our customs and let us be and you do your thing, if not leave! So long as my tax dollars don’t go for it or any part of it and they don’t build it on the area of the Twin Towers I don’t care if they worship here, but they live under our laws, our way and they don’t get upidety about it! I for one still don’t like the idea of them being in America, not after jumbling for joy and celebrating when the towers where hit. I feel towards them the same as I do illegal Mexicans coming across the border, they don’t belong here. As far as I am concerned please leave and take your camel back with you along with your other sex toys!

  • rkz777

    just remember, you don’t accept anything that’s not American, and you don’t do anything against the United States Constitution. When these idiots tell you or your children to bend and accept the muslim/socialist/communist or any other life, you know what you must do. If you don’t, then you have already lost.

  • juandeveras

    Robert C. Davis is the Professor of Italian Renaissance and Pre-Modern Mediterranean history at Ohio State, having received his PhD from Johns Hopkins. His research indicates that muslims enslaved more European and American Christian citizens between 1500 AD and 1800 AD than the total of Africans enslaved and sent to the West during the same period of time. Some 400 residents of one Icelandic town were “stolen” in one night during the 1500’s. Some 466 English ships were taken in one decade during the same century, when muslim boats sailed right up the Thames, grabbing bpeople as they went. As many as 6000 Italian residents of coastal towns were taken in one night. It is estimated up to 1,250,000 white Christian Europeans and Americans were taken into muslim slavery during that time. Thomas Jefferson took the first steps toward forming a US Navy and Marine Corps as a response to this threat.

  • Larrya PA

    if they started teaching that in school when my kids went to school,I would have home schooled them, Looks like thats whot we have to start doing they sure are not learning in public schools ,only to be a good commy.

  • Pappy

    Lets hope that Georgia can accomplish what the useless congress cannot or rather willnot do. Hopefully, the rest of the states will get their collective heads out of their a**es and follow suit. The states also need to nullify the bills that have been passed in the last few weeks that severly curtail out rights and liberties.

  • rkz777

    JGS, I want to tell you that they probably have their prayers and the teaching that their people discovered America at their schools here in America, but also did you know that recently a raghead placed a law suit against one state for not providing him with his muslim type foods, and he WON! But on a better note, he’s on death row and has only a short time left,WELL NOW!

  • USNpops

    CAlifornia schools are teaching a course czlled “Live like a Muslim” in their middle schools. Parents complaining are told that the kids can “Opt Out” but will get a reduced grade for the Social studies class.

    Can you imagine if the Schools were to hold a “Live Like a Catholic” course?
    As Hitler said, “Give me your children and I can convert your society in 10 years”

    • amagi

      Yes, USNpops, and Lenin said: “Give me the
      childen and the seed I have sown shall
      never disappear.”
      This is treason a on a large scale.

  • R.Cook

    If you want to improve education support “Parents and Students for Academic Freedon PSAF

  • Ralph Novak

    Sorry to interrupt this festival of racist, paranoid misinformation but Islam has nothing to do with communism or socialism. and Jesus, of course, WAS a Palestinian, by most definitions of the term

    • Carl Sagan

      Thanks! I thought I was the only one who realized how racist and wrong everyone here is.

    • Maximus

      You know nothing about Jesus if you believe he was not Jewish.

    • Jimbo

      Birds of a feather, flock together. Commies, Muslims, Nazis, humanists, and people who believe the lies and “theories” associated with evolution, all hate their creator. John 3:18 says that those who don’t believe are condemned already, (they refuse to believe the truth). You are one of them. Christians reach out to unbelievers because we are commanded to. The Muslims, Nazis, etc… may have variations and different beliefs from one another, but it’s their common hatred of Jesus (The Biblical Jesus) that makes them a part of the same clan. Believe and repent, or suffer perdition. God is not mocked and He will not give you an unlimited amount of time to believe. Read the scriptures.

    • SweetOlBob

      Ralph Novak: You are either badly informed or a blatant muslim apologist. There was NO Palestine state EVER. Jesus was a Jew, conquered by the Roman legions. The reason for him to go to Bethlehem as an unborn fetus was to fulfill a Roman decree.
      Muslims today are a murderous, 7th century bunch of baby raping, little boy and farm animal molesting, marriage forcing, rape victim stoning, beheading savages. They have no place in any civilized nation.

    • Joel

      Mr. Ralph you can not cover the sun whith one finger we allready have a muslim communist in the W.H. where have you been educated.

    • Donald DeHoff

      Ralph, you have not done your homework. Socialism and Islam are similiar in structure. They both have strong beliefs in their cause. The socialists have their “god”(leaders) in the form of a non-religious group or a leader. Islam uses the same general format but their god is Allah. However a group of fanatics or an individual, still deals with the people. Of course, Islam controls all facets of Muslim life, as interpretated by that small group. Check with Google, they will square you away. Also, “The Patriot Depot” is a good source of info.

  • McClarinJ

    Well, Mohammed was born April 26, 570A.D., some 900 years before Columbus reached America, so I guess it’s possible. But I have not heard about any archaeological findings or other evidence that establishes this claim. I’d be happy to take a look but until then I’m a little suspicious that someone is rewriting history.

  • Carl Sagan

    I think the comments in this thread are very racist and bigoted toward Muslim and Middle Eastern people.

    I bet you all call yourselves Christians too…how disappointing. Effin’ losers.

    • Shannon

      Agreed- these people have really racist and violent rhetoric. Not something I would ever think would be in an ideal America.

  • Gordon Jensen

    We can’t afford to have this pernicious administration in power until Nov. 2012!

    • http://AOL Ellen

      Or sooner — Emperor Obama and his thugs cannot be ousted too soon. I hope we can surive until November — and that people who voted for this empty suit have come to their senses by then.

    • emerutil

      I disagree. Obummer’s voter base will vote for him again, no matter what.

  • nvrpc

    Don’t GAF, just get all the muslims off our soil and tear down anything they have built so they will never be remembered. Muslim are muslims and they hate American’s no matter where they have their ausses parked. The sad part is the dorks in thsi country have let them in when they all should have been turned around at their point of entry.

    • emerutil

      Look at Europe. Oh, my God, look at Europe!

  • mcbp

    My Gosh! This is Terrible! WAKE UP AMERICA! WAKE UP NOW!

  • Susy Q

    Thank you Korean Veteran. I couldn’t see very well and said thanks Nam Veteran. Your Korean vet. Thank you.

  • Rob

    why the hell do we give a damn about saudi views? this is AMERICA!! not saudi arabia. i could give two shits about the saudi’s. why haven’t we destroyed and taken over their country yet?? can someone answer this one… at least!?

  • John

    I wish they would list the publisher and the books so we can check if our local schools use any of them

    • Shannon

      They aren’t going to list the publisher because this information is NOT TRUE.

      A real journalist would have fact-checked.

  • Robert Wyatt

    I am curious as to HOW THEY GOT HERE. Did they have a breed of camel tht could walk on water?
    I seem to recall that at one time in Human History, the Russians took credit for inventing everything from Apples to Zebras.

    • http://None Edna Mac Donald

      Some one of our GENEROUS Presidents have permitted our Ports or some of them to be RUN by Arabs. And all that being so very nice to that Muslim Leader, like the Major of New York. They must be passing their money around to GREEDIES. I have discovered that when I am “nice” to folks I know will try to be dishonest with me, guess what. they just consider me a FOOL. Inferior people think that folks who are nice to them are fools to be taken advantage of, and boy do they do it. That’s what is happening to us in U.S.A. Our folks we put in charge are BEING NICE to these NASTY ACTING INDIVIDUALS, and they are classing us as idiots, and treating us as such. And so far we have just been CONTINUING TO BE NICE. Jesus never said to do that. What did he do when he went into th Temple and found Money Changers in the Temple ? Did he kiss their arsesses. He was MAD and he showed them he was angry and tore up their tables. Jesus certainly was a Jew. He tried to remind his fellow Jews to go back to the teachings of the Torah which Moses had presented them with. Read the story of Ruth. The Muslims have always been vulgar and despicable in their treatment of females. Yes, protect our borders from invasion by despicable people, who become criminals against our immigraion laws as soon as thei cross illegally. We must be careful not to class these Native Mexican Nationals as Mexicans, as there are Mexicans in Mexico who do not belong to this class. Problem is the Mexican Government does not want to hassle with these people and helps them cross into the U.S. providing them with water and food for the first leg of their food journey and even flying them to the border and providing pickup truck service to their entry points.

  • cae

    Just curious but is there anything that muslims have discovered…anything at all?
    Are there fameous muslim writers, artists, inventors or discoveries in science and muslim…I can’t think of even one.

  • fat cow says

    anyone dumb ass believes this has his brains in his ass,a spanish sailor discovered american not some damb muslim,tell these damb muslim they discivered nothing at all and they need to leave,quit tring to change our history

  • Joseph Hunt

    Why haven’t the parents sued the school board???????????????????????????

    • http://AOL Ellen

      How many parents attend School Board meetings? I was president of the board in my local community a few years back. Very few parents attended the meetings. When a few did come they were forced to sit through hours waiting to be heard if they had any concerns. When I took over as President of the Board I asked for and got a motion passed to hear parents’ concerns before the business meetings.

  • S. Lehman

    No wonder people want to home school their kids these days. You can’t trust what they are being fed in schools any more.

  • ScatCat

    This isn’t funny!!!! This is part of the Fabian Socialist agenda to indoctrinate our youth and destroy our American heritage!!! We must root this out and stop it wherever it is found!!!

  • http://ThePatriot Ken

    Lord Help Us or we are going to feel the wrath of GOD!

  • Pistolero

    Our schools teaching “middle eastern history, etc”.
    When in hell are they going to teach AMERICAN HISTORY and maybe even CIVICS????

    • 2WarAbnVet

      The NEA (union) basically began to take over education in this country in 1966, and the quality of learning has been going downhill ever since.

  • Jack Bishop

    Why all the ranting and raving? If you are a true born again Christian put your faith where your mouth is. All this islamic bull is nothing but a frustrating spirit to keep believers from winning many into the Fathers Kingdom. The harvest is white but the laborers are frustrated. All that is happening has been prophecied about and prophecy will be fulfilled but be about the Fathers work and His Kingdom will be filled. HALLELUJAH ! ! ! !

    • http://None Edna Mac Donald

      Are you trying to say we are supposed to Pray about it ? The Bible says someplace I believe, God helps those that help themselves. Sit on your Pew and Pray all day while the Muslims rape your little girls, along with the Illegal Mexican invadres. Get up off our whatever and do something. Vote, go to the school and voice your complaints along with all your neighbors and vote, vote, vote, while yo u still have the chance. Do you suppose voting will be allowed if Obama makes the grade again ? Ha

  • Jill

    They gotta start the lie somewhere. How else are they gonna steal the U.S?

  • mark foster

    This is the muslim “AGENDA” through all the money we give them thru the purchase of their oil. They operate with Satan’s wisdom to destroy the country which represents the “TRUTH” and that is the gospel of Jesus Christ! Why do you think they haven’t targeted any other religion I am speaking from over 20 yrs living in the middle east.
    Wake up and take a stand, if they want seperation of Church and State why do the Muslims get a free pass with this issue?
    Call your Politicians and take issue with this or we will all find ourselves under SHAHARIA lAW!!! Islam is a Lie and is the devils tool to destroy America!!!

    • http://None Edna Mac Donald

      I am not sure what the religion in Iraq talks about, BUT, we did not just help them get rid of a dictator, but after that GAVE THEM MONEY and the services of our MEN TO BUILD THEM WATER WORKS, ROADS, SCHOOLS, SHOPPING MALLS, ETC. ETC.

      And did they thank us ? Hell no. They wanted us OUT of THEIR NEWCOUNTRY so that they could be friends with Iran again.

  • WASP

    After we take the handcuggs off Israel and allow them to take care of Iran, we need to “steer” them to do the same to Saudi Arabia.
    Little did Lawrence of Arabia know the f-ing mess he was creating there. Good movie, but BS results.

  • heylottylotty

    Visit your local school “book store” or library. Copy down the names of authors and publishers of history type books and look them up on the internet. Then you will know. AHHH. Now, whatcha gonna do ’bout it??? School Board Meetings!! Contact Tea Party for more info. Also read AGENDA21 from the UN. You will be amazed.

  • Richard Vandervort

    I can not express enough the need for our children to now be home schooled to save our children from the liberal gay Islamic agendas now set in our schools today.
    Laughter is the word of today when you hear the BS of the no child left behind programs the liberals have in place for your child’s learning.
    Have you ever questioned why your child has no more sense then a rock? Try the new standards they learn under, If one child just doesn’t get it and can’t keep up with the group instead of working with that child to bring them up to the group level we just lower the level of education down to their level and no one learns anything.
    I can understand the governmental outlook to the process because it’s much easier to control the moron then the well educated person.
    You wouldn’t teach a pig to act like a lion because it might put up a fight before it becomes your pork chop dinner for the night. Well, It’s the same way with your children because if you teach them to think for themselves they might want more out of life then being your slave laborer.
    More of our greatest people through history came from home schooling and that is well documented through history.
    The popular statement is no child’s mind should go to waste but the governmental meaning behind that is that no child’s mind should escape our chance to twist and pervert it into obedience.

    • D. plamondon

      Yes, all they did was to “dumb down the Schools” for the slower kids,and all the smarter kids lost out !!

    • http://None Edna Mac Donald

      Read the history of Catherine the Great of Russia. That’s exactly what she did. She couldn’t convert the adults to her ways, so she took control of the schools, the young folks, and trained them the way she wanted them trained. This is fundamental. There are a few who rebell, thank God that gave them brains.

  • 57girl

    We need to vote Ron Paul in and the Department of Education out. Our Government would not be successful in their goals of their NWO if they didn’t brainwash our children. My grandson (10)asked his teacher to explain the Patriot Act to him, after hearing us talking about it here at home and she sent a note home saying he was too politically informed. The schools don’t want our kids to know the truth.

    • http://None Edna Mac Donald

      Who is it that decided that a statement from Ron Paul was questionable comment ? Shouldn’t a kid get information from his parents and ask pertinent questions of his teacher? Seems as though the teachers are instructed to CONTROL the child’s thinking. too bac

  • Sam Wiford

    I remember hearing about a lady from Wisconsin telling about a whole chapter in her son’s history book about Obummer being president before he was ever elected. This is the crap our kids are being taught. The National Education Commission needs to go. We work with youth and it is amazing what they don’t know today – just the simple things. I guess that’s because they are being taught Muslim history!!!!

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Young Americans are sufficiently gullible to believe anything they’re told. After all, they voted for that scuzzball Obama in overwhelming numbers.

  • September

    This is just as bad as the La Raza classes taught in our public schools in Tucson Az. They have been teaching the children to protest, that the Mexicans own Ariz. It has taken us years to stop this, plus law suits, not to mention all the protesting they did to keep these classes, they even had the children chain themselves to chairs during school board meetings. They brain washing that the Mexicans are victims of the whites in this country. Now we have the Muslims pulling this crap, I am sure our commander and chief is very happy with all this. It’s time to protest ourselves and quit paying for our property taxes until our schools get their act together. No more pay increases for all these schools and teachers. These principals are pulling in 6 figure salarys for a job that is only 9 months a years not to mention all the paid holidays. Enough already.

  • bpf53

    “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”….the direction this traitorous President is taking the country those words may again have to be said throughout the land. Civil war will again come to this once great land if the course this country is now set on is not reversed!!

    • Connie

      Lock n Load!

  • FreedomScribe

    Control the minds of people and you control the people. Anyone who doesn’t understand how the Left (the enemy) controls the media, the education system, the unelected bureaucracies like the EPA, the judicial system, the health care system, the social agencies, etc., etc. is too stupid to survive. Is Us against Them and unfortunately, there are more of Them than Us. Who’s going to lead us? Flip-flopper, wishy-washy Mittens Romney? The unrepentant Pillsbury Doughboy Gingrich (notice the last syllable of the last name), Ron “Pat Paulison”, Rick Insanetorum? We are all doomed unless we rise up and lead ourselves. Prepare and pray. +

  • Dan says

    Well this guy needs to go ASAP plus all the other cronnies !!! Soon as we get the WH cleaned out this will change back to where it should be..What a disgrace!!!

    • http://None Edna Mac Donald

      Were you watching Fox News the other morning after Barachie went out on the town and even crooned for the folks ? The BOSS behind him came on the scene and showed herself. Valerie Jarret. She, by the way, was reared Muslim, as well as Obama was in Indonesian Muslim schools. He attended Catholic schools just long enough to get his ABC’s and arithmetic together. He was honored at graduation for his Muslim speech he gave. First Christmas Season he entertained Muslims in the Whitehouse and did not have a Christmas Tree. So much noise was made about it thatthey had a Christmas Tree the next year. Obama was chosen for his color. He is just a front for Valerie and her cres.

  • Anonymous

    This is utter BS!

  • Aunt Jane

    I’m with Ron Paul on this one. Get rid of the Dept of Education and return control to the states!

  • Georg von Starkermann

    What schools received these books? Where are they located and what do they say.? Are we making a mountain from a sand hill here?

  • Marc Jeric

    I think it might be of interest to read what a couple of Arab philosophers said about their compatriots some time ago. The great Arab historian Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406) wrote as follows:
    “Arabs can gain control only over flat territory. This is because, on account of
    their savage nature, the Arabs are people who plunder and cause damage … Eventually,
    the civilization of those whom they conquer is wiped out… The places that succumb to the Arabs are quickly ruined. The reason for this is that the Arabs are a savage nation, fully accustomed to savagery …Savagery has become their character and nature. They enjoy it because it means freedom from authority …Such a natural disposition is the negation and antithesis of civilization.”
    The disciple of lbn Khaldun, Taqi al-Din Ahmad al-Maqrizi (1364-1442), an Egyptian
    Arab, writes:
    “The Arab can obtain authority only by making use of some religious coloring, such as prophecy or sainthood …The reason for this is that, because of their savagery, the Arabs are the least willing of nations to subordinate themselves to each other, as they are rude, proud, ambitious, and eager to be the leader …The Egyptians’ (meaning
    the Arabs’) character is dominated by inconstancy, indecision, indolence, cowardice, despondency, avarice, impatience, disdain of study, fearfulness, jealousy, slander,falsehood, readiness to denounce others to the king and to accuse them; in brief, the foundation of their character is composed of the vilest faults produced by the meanness of the soul. ..That which dominates in the character of Egyptians (meaning Arabs) is the love of pleasure, the propensity for enjoyments, the love of trifles, the belief in impossible things, the weakness in resolution and decision. They are extremely inclined to cunning
    and deceit; from their birth they excel in it. ..They are characterized by the absence of reflection …They act as if they would never have to render account. ..”

    Well, this cannot be called racism or by any other “politically incorect” characterization, since those are the opinions expressed and written by the two of the greatest Arab thinkers and philosophers themselves.

  • http://None Edna Mac Donald

    Absolutely, all of you making statements above are right on. Now, the Koran is OKAY to be in American Schools (for education purposes), Yeah, but the Hebrew/Christian Bible is not permitted, and no Christian/Hebrew prayers are allowed. What about the Pledge to the Flag ? Are we supposed to say Under Allah, now instead of Under God ? We have been asleep. We must wake up and wake up all the rest of the Americans. If so many Illegal Mexicans had not come across the border and taken all the jobs, and I am also referring to farm jobs, no American would be out of work today. You know, the first Americans worked in the field, and were wonderful farmers, raising animals and food for our nation. And, we must protect our Constitution as it was first written and keep it as our United States of America Constitution.

  • Winston

    Sure, and I guess those Muslims road across the ocean on their camels? Such nonsense is insane. Muhammed was illiterate and became powerful only becasue he married a rich widow. He created Islam out of pagan beliefs (Mecca had over 350 gods parked on shelves in the “Black Stone” monument. There’s much more to the lies and deceit of Islam that is pathetic for anyone who falls for it…the work of Satan indeed.

  • http://google Helen Allen

    I’m sick of Obama’s lies, corruption, deception, trashing the Constitution, committing treason and sedition, and no one in Congress has the guts to call for his arrest. If Obama weren’t sitting in power right now, we wouldn’t see these textbooks full of lies and made up crap. Obama welcomed the Muslim terrorists with open arms. Has anyone forgotten he was brain washed in a Muslim school to hate America, and how he bragged about studying the Communist Manifesto saying Lenin was his hero and the Communist Manifesto was his bible. Either remove this evil demon now, or America will be under Sharia Law this time next year and there won’t a thing we will be able to do to stop it. Look what he’s done to our military. Our Military is now the smallest since WWII. Act or forever become a slave of this dictator.

  • Jim

    Every child in America should be acquainted with his own country. He should read books that furnish him with ideas that will be useful to him in life and practice. As soon as he opens his lips, he should rehearse the history of his own country.
    Noah Webster, On the Education of Youth in America, 1788

  • Ready to Fight

    Still think we can fix this Country without an all out Revolutionary war? I think not it is time for all out war on Washington and all Government!!! Enough is enough!! Send them all to HELL in a hand bag!!
    Lock & Load People!!!

    We should all help every Muslim meet Allah!!

    • emerutil

      It has been tried. 1860s. Disastrous results. The bad guys (North) won. It would happen again

  • CapitalistNature

    The US constitution was founded when Aladdin rubbed the lamp. What a fallacy. This would of never gone on with a truly conservative president.

    • JR

      Don’t kid yourself. Conversative politicians are getting their pockets stuffed with Saudi money also. All it takes is money to get what you want from any politician be him/her a conservative or liberal. Saudi Arabia has plenty of money to go around. Has any conservative politician come forward to put a stop to this propoganda in our schools…? The answer is NO! Please correct me if I’m wrong for I would love to be wrong on this one.

    • Rostislav

      Hardly you are wrong, Sir! I’d even add to your just statement “Conservative politicians are getting their pockets stuffed with Saudi money” the simple fact that simultaneously these politicians are helping Saudis to make the money by their meek silence about the disastrous EPA policy of closing all the giant energy resources of your own great country. With the Muslim at her helm it’s understandable, but it seems that your Congress is becoming Muslim too – and THIS is not understandable at all! Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

    • handyman

      Thank you for your comment from across the big pond! We need more input from people from around the world, who recognize that this great nation is in serious trouble. That makes the whole world in worst trouble than it already is. Praise be to God, the Father of Jesus Christ who is the Savior of the world. God Bless America, who still represents freedom for the people.

    • Elizabeth

      No, Handyman, we do not want more comments from across the pond. There was a woman that had come here to live and had lived here for about five years. She was totally engulfed in liberalism and yelling at my friend that she KNEW the correct way. Peggy telephoned me about this female and I reminded Peggy that she had lived here her entire life and her family since the late 1500’s!! and this female would certainly know everything in five years. You cannot argue with fools from across the pond.

    • Paladin61

      Rostislav, Greetings. As a teacher of modern history here, I am doing what I can to point out some of the 500+ mistakes in our textbooks. Some of these concern Russia herself. In MY classes, we know that Russia has saved the west at least three times: against the Mongols; against Napoleon, and against Hitler. In MY classes, we know who did the most. Remember what Alexander Nevsky said about the Mus lims: “We march to Kazan!”

    • Elizabeth

      Wrong, this is why I am glad that I sent my children to private schools. The government schools that most people know as public schools have been so full of textbook garbage that they would not know the truth if they fell over it.

    • Clan Mom

      One of the greatest contributions of Russia to the world was the eradication of Small Pox.

    • Pete0097

      The Russians were saved from Hitler by the United States as was all of Europe. Without our food, guns, airplanes, ships, and trains, the Russians would have fallen to the Germans (although that might have been a good thing) We even sent techology and fissile material for nuclear weapons to the Soviets after the war (thanks Truman)

    • Leo

      To Paladin who said : ” Russia has saved the west at least three times: against the Mongols; against Napoleon, and against Hitler. ” I’Am Russian and what you said is crap,crap,crap .3 times cram .This is the fine example of soviet propaganda . That’s what they teach in russian schools . In fact , Mongols saved russians from Teutonic Order . Napoleon has been finished by englishman ( have you heard about Waterloo ? ) and USSR wouldn’t survive alone without help from USA.And don’t forget , Britain fought Hitler since September 1939 . Russians at that time made alliance with Hitler , they together invaded Poland and divided country between them .

    • Rostislav

      Ah, Sir, history is so complicated by a lot of interpreters, that I can’t say anything absolutely definite even about my own country’s past. Of course, Russia was struggling with Mongols, but never as a united country – in time of Mongol invasion her territory was just a lot of ever-quarreling (and often treasonous to each other) princedoms. The very word “Russia” was used no more frequently than, say, “Germany” in Napoleon’s epoch. As for our fight with Hitler – well, again, it was rather USSR, not Russia, which signed pact of friendship with Nazies in hope to outwit them for starting Stalin’s huge invasion (operation “GROZA”) into the very West, which Stalin later pretended to be saving. If Hitler wouldn’t start his own invasion just two weeks earlier, the situation could be close to conquering West, not to saving. I was the only child in my family to survive the siege of Leningrad (my elder sisters died of hunger), but I really can’t say who was their real murderer – nazies or GROZA planners? Anyway, I must say that history is a really thrilling subject indeed and I would be most honored to participate in your lessons even as a mere amateur. Respectfully – Rostislav.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Both parties are getting their pockets full! Some go into politics with a little money and all come out with alot of money! If you think differant then you are dumber than I think you are! But of course your government wouldn’t do anything wrong! The American people are so dumb that they need a G P S on their lawn mower to find their way home!

    • El Lobo Solo

      @ Rostislav
      I am getting similiar info from the Oak Initiative, but it is not always the national politicians that are getting the money. In many cases, Saudi money is reaching down to the county & city level to buy influence. Anyway, we will rally to restore our country in November.

      Last election in 2010 showed that. That is to say, the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR et al thought the people of the USA would be a “push over” much like Europe over the last generation(s). Now they realize they have a struggle on their hands as evidenced by the last mid-term elections.

      Keep the Faith!

    • Debby

      JR, I think the more important question is, what can WE THE PEOPLE DO about this? We should all at least write to as many senators and representatives as we can. I cannot believe that the parents of these children are allowing this. Are they just not paying attention? Liberalism is growing in this country like a cancer, and the only way to correct it is to fight each battle as it comes along. People need to get together and let it be known that we will not tolerate this any longer. There is power in the masses. Of course it might be a little harder since Obama signed that bill into law last week which takes away one of our fundamental freedoms as American citizens. I am referring to the NDAA. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. I was shocked, and it’s my guess that most Americans don’t even know about it.

    • toosmarttovoteGOP

      Consider the source. CBN is not noted for accuracy.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Nor is the now retired CBS anchor man Dan Rather & crew who invent memos from deceased National Guard Colonals as in the 2004 election.

    • rotor 700

      Debby please check out Agenda 21. This will really wake you up.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      You people have slept and let the foreigners, politicians and cut throats take your country! Now they don’t give a damn what you people think or do! You think your vote counts? If you do, then you are delusional! Don’t think of getting your little pop guns out either, they will get their tanks and rockets out and squash you like a bug! Remember the schools and collages are teaching your kids and they’re in the government camps now! The government is first and the family, maybe second! This is what you people’s lazy, spineless gutless wonders have created! Now crawl back under your rock and go back to sleep!!!

    • El Lobo Solo

      Its called “asymmetric warfare”. All the weapons you mention that will be used by the establishment(barring large defections from armed forces) against the people didn’t help us prevail in SE Asia a generation ago.

    • Elizabeth

      Okay, JR, put your money where your mouth is. You, JR, go out there and attack the books filed with lies. Let’s see you do something instead of talking.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Could it be the entire country needs to go to mandy pandy land find some backbone and start doing something about it!!!

    • RULKEN

      No your right ! We need to get rid of most of the sitting congress, and senate, and put constitutionalists in there. Representatives of the people, not the lobbyist, or special interest groups, or the labor unions.

    • Viet Vet

      How about simply a honest patriotic American President?

    • Robby777

      One can only dream… As senator, Barry visited Nigeria and promised the city that his birthplace would not be forgotten. Barry Soreto? His father was not an American citizen, even though his mother was. The fact that he was born in Hawaii does not make him a native born citizen according to the LAW !

    • Elizabeth

      Robby777, he was not born in Hawaii. If a person were born, say, in Brooklyn, New York and they traveled to Montana and asked for a birth certificate they would be refused. The people in Montana would tell the parents-we can give you a live birth statement but not a certificate saying the child was born in Montana. This just says that the child was not born dead and it was a live birth.

    • rotor 700

      Yes please help elect and vote for Ron Paul.

    • Hobbit

      Ron Paul 2012 R3VOLUTION!

    • Gary Stilson

      Welcome home brother, my sentiments exactly. Just give us a patriotic, honest man. From a fellow Viet Nam vet.

    • Elizabeth

      Let’s face it, we have this person in office because we have stupid Americans that want to dance, party and watch sports all of the time. Many Americans are irresponsible and they drag down true Americans. After all the atrocious behavior of this administration there will be those that vote for this mess again because they are focused on partying and watching sports on television.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Going to need more than that! Better start with some caring citizens first!

    • handyman

      They did when they flew into our bussiness towers (the twin towers!) They are as American as Obozo!

    • Her Capitan Fick

      I wouldn’t doubt that it wasn’t staged! The flying into the buildings! The government wouldn’t hesitate to kill Three Million people to get what they want, to hold onto power! If you think differant, then you people are fools! Probably are anyway!

    • Meralu

      This is such a foolish statement that it makes my blood boil.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      I wouldn’t doubt that it wasn’t staged! The flying into the buildings! The government wouldn’t hesitate to kill Three Million people to get what they want, to hold onto power! If you think different, then you people are fools! Probably are anyway!

    • DisgustedinTexas04

      Remember in November!

    • Her Capitan Fick

      What happens in November? Your vote… Hummmm! George Soros, Tri Laderal commission will stage it for themselves! They just give you an illusion for your delusional selves!

    • Jon

      This would not have gone on with AMERICAN TEACHERS!
      “WE” will take OVER America, with out ever using a GUN. “WE” will use your Teacher’s and your Foolish Young!
      Look’s like they have almost done it!

    • RULKEN

      The problem with most of our schools are the teachers! They continue to demand, demand, and demand, for ridiculous benefits, and protection from reprimand for poor performance by their peers.
      As a factory worker your expected to produce a minimum quota, and if you fail to do so then the management will show you the door, and replace you. That’s not unreasonable in my opinion, after all, they are not in business to lose money. We as parents should hold our schools to at least the same standards that a company that makes parts for an automobile, or refrigerator, don’t you think?!
      Educate our children properly or your going to get fired, now or anytime during your employment!

    • Her Capitan Fick

      They have done it! The government has tied the teachers hands! The P C has done it and you the parents have helped them by sitting on your hands and sleeping! You people are a bunch of blamers always looking for someone else to do it for you! You’re toooo stupid to look after your own interests! Now go back to sleep! The women and the kids are in the governments corner now! The government will come first!

  • Jacoby

    No worries, Muslims also discovered and brought to the world homosexuality, beastiality and child molestation. How else can we explain the wearing of dresses, love of pork and marriage to infants?

  • http://MSN.COM Omega2

    How SIC the NEA TRULY IS. The WIGGER sure is destroying everything good in this country. Time for another parade to DALLAS!!! The DEVIL is well and busy with his agenda for DOMINATION OF CHRISTANITY. LOCK AND LOAD.

    • rotor 700

      Lock and load, and don’t forget to start shootin.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Stop the idle threats!You start shooting and the government will squash you like a bug! Soon your kidsand Grand kids not to mention your neighbors will tell the government where you have your pop guns hid!It will be for your own good you know! They will just want to save your life! Now go back to sleep!

  • lizaz

    The teachers’ unions provide us with sub-standard teachers and those with a personal agenda, and it’s very difficult to get rid of them. We must get control of our country again in NOV from the top down!!!

    • Warpuppet

      or before

    • anonymous

      First off the teachers in this country for the most part are busting their rear ends trying to teach kids the necessary information necessary to graduate. It is the politicians the general public puts in office who sets the standards and it is the destruction of the family those same politicians YOU elected to office that is behind that as well. I am NOT a union supporter!! I hate having $250 ea month taken from my check and used to destroy kids and my country through their agenda but at a political level. It is the family, in particular the parents who are supposed to be the ultimate educators of our children!! As a father of 4 I take sole responsibility to make sure my kids know right from wrong, Know the Lord as their Savior, how to read, write, and do arithmetic!!! If you are leaving that up to the public schools then YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!! Not part of the solution. You want a strong future America take the time to be a great Father and Mother…don’t get divorced and leave the kids hanging!! They need you both and they need you to be involved in their lives not absent or self indulgent!! The movie Courageous does a great job spelling it out if you are too dense to understand what I am saying.

    • Robby777

      So sad you are ao brainwashed. You even believe such drivel.

    • seabee combat vet

      So sad that you believe such drizzel from the libsyourself a$$hole!

    • toosmarttovoteGOP

      It’s less the union than the ever more under-funded school system.

    • seabee combat vet

      If you haven’t noticed, kids don’t teach themselves!

    • Jon

      UNDERFUNDED? WE spend more “Wasted” money on children that will not even TRY to speak English, learn ANY math or cares about the History of AMERICA! Hang the American Flag “Up Side” down WHEN FLYING A “MEXICAN” flag ABOVE THE American FLAG. When we have so called “teacher’s” that were CHE “T” shirt’s and tell their Student’s that America is and will always be a Country of SLAVE OWNER’S, and that America NEED’S to be overthrown? And WE don’t give enough for the TEACHERS??? FVCK YOU!

    • Elizabeth

      It is and was the unions that destroyed the school system

    • rotor 700

      Or what Lizaz? More talk or real action?

    • RULKEN

      You can get control of your school board, and they are the ones that set the agenda for the teachers, and their unions!
      Get rid of the unions, and get control of the school teachers once again. Get rid of ten-yer and all the bad apples that call themselves “teachers”. There is a multitude of fine young teachers, that will bend over backwards to get a job. What are you afraid of, the teachers suing the school board? Abolish the school district and start a new one.
      Come-on people use your heads.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Won’t happen, the government have been programing these politicians since 1900! See if you can try to view it this way.. Sharks teeth, one serves its usefulness, leaves and another slided right back in its place. Oh sometimes they will slide a good one in its place just to put you people back to sleep! Now go back to sleep!

  • Rick…

    Muslims would never have the wheel if American’s and English didn’t bring it to them. And they discovered America? They didn’t have the knowledge to build a seaworthy boat!

    Moreover, they wouldn’t have all that oil if WE didn’t show them how to pump it out of the ground! They’re an ignorant, barbaric race of people.

    • ArkOzark

      Racism is never the answer. Highest levels of mathematics originated with these people. Ignorant are the ones who write these textbooks. Probably liberal white Americans.

    • Calcinael

      If your speaking of algebra it was only pioneered by Muslims or people living in Muslim occupied countries. You wont find this in a text book.

    • Rosalee

      did you not read the very first sentence? It said “Saudi-funded” text swere being used. They must have had a very large part in writing these books. This kind of agenda would only help the Muslims further their cause and that is to take over the U.S. and make it Sharia complient.

    • toosmarttovoteGOP

      Not too likely since this type of fear-mongering and dishonesty is typical of conservatives. Liberals tend to favor progress which is impossible without truth.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Progress is not progress if it is dysfuntional.

    • Mary

      High levels of Mathematics came from thee people before they became muslim. They were a very inteligent race of people before muhammad dumbed them down. And after muhammad took over, the inteligence they passed as their own was stolen from the peoples they conquered and murdered

    • rotor 700

      Too much inbreeding per Muhammid the Pedofile

    • Ken Wise

      Mary, Your history is wrong. Prophet Mohammed came centuries BEFORE the mathematics and astronomy of the Muslim Age (Dark Ages in your textbook). You and so many other commenters on this site operate in a fact-free or non-fact-treated-as-fact world. Bizarre.

    • OldCodger

      The so-called “Arabic” numerical system is strangely similar to that of ages old India system. The ancient people of India built flying machines (Viimana) and their books tell how to build them. They also divided the second to very small time increments, indicating a technological past. They probably shared a lot of information sometime in the past, including with Muslims seeking knowledge. I understand stringed musical instruments were brought to the Western World from the Muslims by the Crusaders.

    • Corrina

      I find it ever sooooo amusing how you insult the very fools you were trying to defend!!! That is excellent!!!! LMAO, you are brilliant(that is sarcasm by the way)

    • RULKEN

      You can call us racist all you want, the fact is,,, that not all muslims are terrorist, but all terrorist are muslims!

    • Shannon

      Ha, that’s not true. Ever heard of the IRA? Christians.

    • Calcinael

      Islam is not a race.

    • Are You Serious

      No, its garbage.

    • Elizabeth

      Rick, the most intelligent remark of this column. Earlier, in the sixties, these people were really dumb and came over here to learn. We taught them and now they want to lie about themselves and history. It is nice to help out ignorant people but you don’t want to cast your pearls before swine…which it seems that we had done.

    • Meralu

      A man that escaped from Iran as a teen, a cancer Dr. just saved my life when no one else knew how to do it.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Well now, give Meralu a cookie! Happy that you still have your life, but that’s just one of them! 99% of them want to kill you!

    • Her Capitan Fick

      They can’t be too ignorant they’re developing a bomb and a rocket! Lets not forget they’re dominating and changing the rules in the U. S. Someone here is stupid and I don’t think it’s the Aribs! Maybe just maybe it could be the stupid cowardly gutless wonder Americans! Come on in, you can rob, steal, give our kids drugs rape them, even kill us! We don’t mind! we are even stupid enough to pay you to do it! HUMMM!

  • Steve Doyle

    If I find a text book containing that crap I’ll have the school district in court. I didn’t fight for this country to have my daughter turned into a muslim. The truth will set you free!

    • Her Capitan Fick

      If the government wants your daughter to be a Muslim and she wants to be one, then she’ll be a Muslim!

    • Her Capitan Fick

      The courts are in the Government camps! Lets not forget the truth will set you free! And those rooooose colooored glasses that youuuuve been looookin through! Now go back to sleep!

  • SAM

    In the 50′,60’s and 70’s the communists tried to infleuence the US. They were not successful so they attacked from within. Teach the children and they will grow up hating what America stands for! obama’s friend, bill ayers comes to mind! Do they have their man in the White House?

    • Elizabeth

      Sam, you are correct about that. This is the whole truth-the State Department and UN infiltrated this country. They entered the colleges and taught their bias agenda. When we spoke up about their backwards ideas they had the gall to tell us that this was an involved issue and we could not comprehend it. After the colleges were taken over-the average person was conservative at this time. These bias bozos put high school teachers in the schools to brain wash students. As time went on they reached to younger and younger people. Today they talk stupidly about this Christian country and the Christian founders being of a cult. As it was pointed out, these people were ignorant and lived in squalor in their countries. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Communism did influence the U. S. that’s why you’re having these problems now! You thought it couldn’t happen in this country! In 1948 the ACLU started taking prayer out of schools. the Christens just laughed and said no way! I don’t think they’re laughing so loud now! You bunch of lazy morons are getting everything you deserve! Now go back to sleep, your country is lost to the foreigners, thugs and politicians!!!! Your kids and Grand Kids are in the Government control now!

  • Barbara

    Yep, they discovered America alright–a few year ago!!! And now they are trying to destroy it. Shame on us, if we let them get by with it!!

    • Valerie

      How right you are, Barbara!

  • proudintexas

    I would like to know just what muslim son-of-a-bitch discovered America. Which one signed the Declaration of Independence, and which one helped craft the Constitution. I think the one word that best describes the American K-12 teacher is “ignorant”!

    • Her Capitan Fick

      The ones , let it be the teachers or the government and I think it’s the government that rock the cradle, rules the world! From the looks of things you people haven’t been teaching your brats at home very well—now have you? You people are probably tooo stupid to even know!

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Any Muslims that the government want to teach your children discovered America! You can try to dispute it if you wish! Remember the courts are in the government camps now!!!! The government is the law!

  • http://None Edna Mac Donald

    You know, being a Christian or proclaiming to be so, doesn’t make that person a good person. being a Jew, or proclaiming to bo so, and performing all Jewish rituals, doesn’t necessarily make that person a good person. Both those religions have basic tenants instructing the person how to be good. Not necessarily a fool, being so color blind as to not recognize evil in person or countries. Be good to those who return good. Be aware and protect yourself and your brood and your country from EVIL, and TEACH OUR CHILDREN TO RECOGNIZE EVIL. We in the United States of America were presented with a Constitution to protect ourselves from EVIL within AS WELL AS from other countries. Which of us can recite the Constitution ? Or at least refer to its contents ? This is what we should be teaching our children, right along with their letters and numbers and HISTORY of this GREAT COUNTRY.

  • http://None Edna Mac Donald

    i REMEMBER what the schools taught when I was a little one, up to my high school. When my children went to school, things began to change slowly. Now, God help us. We must act. We must take charge of our schools. Schools were established to teach letters and numbers to the children of parents who were too busy working. They have turned into BRAIN WASHING LAUNDRIES.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      It’s been all part of the plan since the 1900 and before! A little at a time! They’re not in any hurry! It will be the governments way and they know the people have no backbone and will do nothing about it! What you going to do, vote, yea right!

  • Ruth

    The insanity of anyone lettign this to happen is frankly out of reason…where are the people tha tknow differently? Why are they so ignorantly letting this outrage go on…it is a good thing I do not have little ones in school! I would be breathing down their necks all the time and a lawyer on call!!!!! WAKE UP PARENTS AND TEACHERS and get with it, before the nation is taken over by our own because they do not know any better!!! INSANITY..INSANITY!!

  • Majjohn

    I have yet to see suck books in our schools and I seriously doubt they exist except in places like Boxer’s district. The local school boards decide on the texts in question. What happened to them? Are we to believe that the local boards are Muslim sympathizers? Who wrote this article? Propaganda comes from both sides folks, remember that.

    If after further investigation this is found to be true, heads should roll. Meanwhile lets keep a sharp eye out but don’t jump to conclusions.

    • Majjohn

      Uh, that’s “such books”. Maybe my typing was inspired by a greater power!

    • canemah

      I think you got it right the first time.

    • rotor 700

      Muslim sympathizers are everywhere today in America. Why do think the muslims are able to progress?

  • Angie

    Well that’s to be expected with a Muslim president. Hope he’s a one term only POTUS!!!

    • toosmarttovoteGOP

      Except that we don’t have a Muslim POTUS.

    • Furious in TX

      Too brainwashed to vote GOP.

      Too stupid to realize the obvious. BLATANTLY OBVIOUS!!!

      -Have you never questioned his love for the muslim call to prayer?

      -Have you never questioned his openly expressed hatred of the American flag or our anthem?

      -Have you never questioned his choice to use the name hussein, which is muslim specific?

      It’s very sad that your ideology prevents you from grasping simple, obvious truths. OPEN YOUR EYES MY FRIEND!!!

    • LittleFox

      We shouldn’t even need to have this discussion, according to the Liar-in-Chief:
      February 2009 – “I will be held accountable, I’ve got four years and … A year from now, I think people are going to see that we’re starting to make some progress, but there’s still going to be some pain out there … If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.” (LIAR!)
      January 2010 – “I’d rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president.” (Ha! you are neither one, you are a disgrace.)

  • guesswhat

    We as parents must look into our kids books when they bring them home or go to the school and spend time in class with the kids. Of course, the best step is to home school but many cannot pull that off. America’s enemies are within or this would not be allowed, especialy after 9/11. They are within our own govt. and within the teaching community. Time to get involved folks.

  • http://None Lois Wells

    We have a government, and so called Americans that have become soft.They think it is right to show compassion toward the muslims and Islam organizations. They think “if we be nice to them, they’ll be nice to us. The government allows, and encourages the schools and teachers to teach this garbage. We are being indoctrinated slowly within. It opens doors for the uneducated to give in to the Islam theoloy and religion. Islam will ruin the minds of our children, and take away our American values. How stupid these people are.

  • James harmon

    I quess we are just still spending too much on education!

  • Juanita G Ricard

    How sad that people get away with lies. Everyome knows that Jesus was God’s only begotten Son. And He was born a Jew. Our Christian heritage is founded in Jewish tradition and beliefs. Christians were the first folks to set foot in America. The only ones here when we got here were Indians. The radical Muslims may think they can control us but they can’t. Only God can control a true Christian. And He is soon coming back to take His people Home. No one who preaches false doctrine like radical Muslims do will go to Heaven.

  • David

    You mean all these years I got it WRONG? Next we’ll find out that George Washingtons’ last name was actually “Mohammed”. We’ll also find out that the koran contained the Constitution…BUT…it was abrogated along with “peace and tolerance”.

  • Divina

    This ship may appear to sink, but it will not sink! It will go forward with the cross of Jesus going on before us! Onward Christina Soldiers !!!

  • Divina

    Oops ! Typo – “Christian Soldiers”

    • toosmarttovoteGOP

      Lord, save me from your “followers”. *Yeesh*

    • Jon

      Just keep following your GOAT FVCKEN so called “god”! The same-one that Knows THAT, J/C was more than just a man. And liked doing little 5 year old Girls and Loved Screwing GOAT’S?
      You don’t like what you might have here in AMERICA? Get the FVCK OUT!

  • David

    I fully agree with ‘guesswhat’, but in many cases our kids CANNOT take their books home anymore. (I wonder why.) I know when I was in school we took a “mountain” of books home EVERY day. Unfortunately, though, teachers have become “baby sitters” and in many cases ARE NOT allowed to teach…unless it has been deemed “politically correct”…which then means it is inaccurate and therefore a lie…

    • Corrina

      I actually noticed that when my nieces came home from school. I had to watch them, and I got curious, but found only work books. These work books told them to refer to certain pages in the text book, but none of the text books were with them. I thought that strange. When I went to school, we didn’t have handbooks, and my dad would have flipped if I didn’t bring my textbooks home with me(Cs just weren’t good enough for’t say I blame him). How are parents supposed to help their students if they don’t have the text book?


    For all the many different reasons we’ve invaded various countries, WHY THE HELL DON’T WE WHACK SAUDI ARABIA! GAME OVER! We’d own the world and write our own history. You know damn well that Saudi Arabia doesn’t have the force to stop us. DUH!

  • AppraisHer

    What got them here, a donkey or a camel?

    • rotor 700

      12 virgins paddling a read boat day and night

  • http://Lkpassion Chai K.

    Whoever say that the America was discovered by Muslim, well I took my citizenship after five years been here and it was one hundred question and one hundred answered and it surely the muslim was not a part of it not even the history of black people. So how in the name of God this people came out of this crap and teaching the kids in school. Shame, shame ,shame.

    • toosmarttovoteGOP

      The author is only making a claim while presenting no evidence to back it up.

    • Shannon

      Yeah, what schools? What books? I want to see proof and pictures, no just someone’s opinion.

  • AppraisHer

    What happened to separation of church and state? Making a prayer rug? Going on a hadj? I guess teaching religion in schools is only bad if it’s Christian or Jew. Oh, and let’s not forget that NASA’s new job is to promote muslim ingenuity and the many contributions they have made to mankind. Unfortunately, all the contributions the middle east has made to the world was before islam. Since then they’ve been going backwards.

  • Steve Rhinehart AKA peter propwash Outlaw Aviatior Rufis McGoofis

    History books have always been works of fiction. What did Fredrick Douglas say about Lincoln freeing the slaves? Lookit up. What did the Confederate flag (Stars and Bars)look like. Most of you belive it was what political correct folks have turned into a hate symble, but your wrong Did German Uboat captians commet any humanitarian acts?
    Look into these things in other than official history books.

  • darrell

    before islam the persians were an inquisitive people and made many discoveries. after islam the muslim couldnt find his rear end with a guide and a roadmsp

    • toosmarttovoteGOP

      Except for the incalculable amounts of scientific information Muslims were saving while Catholics were busily destroying it and western civilization. Ever hear of the Dark Ages?

    • emerutil

      What recreational drug are you on?

    • msbets

      I Would say so!!!what a niwit, I agree their are some repubs that are out there is left field,I still would rather have a conservative President, instead of this motha ________er, between the bum and the bumess, we will go down the freedom tubes, straight into h!ll.

    • Corrina

      too smart, you are too dumb!!!

    • El Lobo Solo

      Yes I’ve heard of the Dark Ages & that is where your head is at along with the pratictioners of Sharia Law.

    • rotor 700

      Darrell that is because of so much inbreeding per Muhammads instructions.

  • Corrina

    OHHHH!!! I get it, this is what Michelle Obama meant when she said they’d “CHANGE history”!!!! This is so ridiculous that it is absolutely hilarious!!! Silly muslims

  • Keith J

    And this sort of rubbish is precisely why the Department of Education needs to disappear. Since its formation, our children have received consistently poorer results from their educational pursuits. The responsibility of education needs to be taken away from bureaucrats in the federal government and state capitals; it’s been nothing but a waste of time, effort, and finances.

    • rotor 700

      Another reason why you need to vote for Ron Paul.


      I had a college class on the Department of Education in the early years it was what was needed to get American colleges to become uniform in standards of teaching. The 1990 ADA act cost American companys billions the nation a trillion. Again from the Department of Education. They dont have anything to do so they make this crap up. They should dismantled along with 2/3rds of the EPA

      November is so important, lets all make it their and and vote

  • OldCodger

    The Muslims did help populate America. They captured African Negroes and delivered them to the ship captains to bring here for slaves. They still deal in slaves, but they lost a lot of customers when slavery was outlawed here.

  • Al

    Are the teachers that ignorant of our own history!? Aren’t they tested before they are put in the front of a bunch of kids!? And this Saudi influence in this Country has got to be STOPPED!!

  • RobertJR

    Anyone who had anything to do with the review of our childrens text books should be fired. The asses in charge of trying to change our history or are lacking the brain power to know our history need to go.

  • blackhawk

    Obama , the evil one, has oddles of donated dollars to push an agenda of hate.This couple wants to destroy America and they so far have done a really good job of it.
    We are going to lose this election if we all do not support an American President.It doesn’t matter who is nominated.We all need to band togeather ,as Americans, to defeat the evil in our White House.We need ,not only, a new President but total control of both houses of Congress.We need real dedicated people running things ,not those of Pelosi and Reed and McCain,etc.
    If it’s not Ron Paul,which I do not think stands a chance ;We MUST support whoever to clean up our government and dump the new regs. Obama and his hateful people have put in place like the EPA,IRS and the ,so called, education dept.
    Every new law Obama has put in place MUST be destroyed.
    We need to stop Roe,Wade and allow children to live.
    We need the pipeline and remove the Energy dept.
    Fianlly we need to cleanse the stench of Obama from our White House.
    Get out and vote.If your man does not win ;Support anyone who does.
    Are you willing to save our country ??????

  • Joe

    You have to blame the NEA in Washington,and the parents of school children.The parents let the system raise the children.They beleive in the govt.propaganda.
    Most parents have no idea(or concern ) about what is beieng taught.
    The govt. wants to be YOUR life!!!

    • Juggernat69

      I find it funny the people who laughed at me when I decided to send my children to a private school. I got all kinds of people saying things like why would you spend that kind of money to send kids to school when you have free ones, Oh they are going to be misfits and That can never be as good as the ones open to everyone because you don’t know who is teaching there.
      WELL soon after that we get a report that Every school where I live is failing, we see violence increase and the best part My children are at least 2 years ahead of their counterparts in public school. Furthermore, My children are well liked in a number of the places they go and are well received by their peers so that blew the “they will never fit in” commentary.
      All it took was taking some time out of my day to find a school that was accredited, and one that did not accept any money from the government, This allows them to teach both Creation and the Theory of Evolution, And the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. it is amazing when we go back to what worked it still works. Time to get the Gov out of our schools and get parents involved or we will see more of the same.

    • traitors in gov

      My wife is due in July and I already have a “Private School” fund for him/her.. My child’s feet will NOT touch a Public School’s hallway to learn… I will give the very best I can to teach my child the correct history.. I think I still have a real history book, and maybe even an ENGLISH book as well…

      Public schools are too busy indoctrinating to teach the real history…

    • Juggernat69

      traitors in gov,
      Good for you. My only other option is to home school and if there is ever a reason that they cannot attend the school they are in now I will do just that. Stand strong with the conviction to keep them out of the indoctrinating camps (public schools) and they will thank you for it.

    • hambone

      not only that but a lot of them(the school systems) are in it for the few dollars that they get for each child that attends school.

    • Lee Baldwin

      That’s right, hambone! the ONLY thing public schools care about is the amount of cash they ‘get’ for each student attending that day. the reason the schools get aay with that is many parents are way too lazy with their children and think of the schools as baby sitters while the parents are away at work.

    • ginger jamerson

      Public schools and colleges are all wasting time and pushing an agenda while they suck up the money….how many jobs do you know of that pays $30k+ and gives every holiday, 2+ months off during the summer, sick leave, annual leave, pensions, and you cannot seem to get fired unless you molest one of the kids…and there’s more and more of That GOING AROUND…College Profressers are even worse…and they get paid the really big bucks and don’t show up to even teach a class most of the time. To be fair, a lot of parents just use the schools for babysitters…but I think the teachers complain wayyyyy too much about their salaries and benefits!

    • Jim

      Outstanding! You will find that your child will be so far ahead of his peers it will amaze you! A Government school is nothing more than an institution to allow your child an indocranation to worship the Government and be a follower, not a leader. Again and good for you.

    • Hotfoot

      Home Schooling is THE answer! We home schooled our youngest and he has excelled. Now a Navy veteran after serving 6 years as a Fire Controllman on a destroyer, which required extensive electronics and computer schooling. And he KNOWS the true world and religious history – WHY wars were fought, not just the memorization of the the dates and names of the generals.

    • Ann Ayler


    • WW2 Navy Vet

      Congrats Hotfoot…I was a Firecontrollman on a DD back
      in WW2..I had to know a lot then to do the job but your
      boy had to know a lot more to do the job since WW2.

    • Lady Kroft

      Home schooling is not the answer if the parents are dumber than rocks. My daughter who defied me and dropped out of school, home schooled all 10 of her kids and they are dumb as they come, yet even when the kids didn’t pass their tests Visions would give her $2000.00 per home school child the next year.
      Home schooling only works if the parents are somewhat intelligent. Look around, see how many people originally voted for obama, and to add insult to injury, the intelligence limit of those people will vote for him again. These would also be the ones to home school their children.

    • shannon853

      i am afraid in the near future the state wil step in and make public schools manditory. they will them turn into brainwashing centers.

    • HawkCW4

      Shannon they already are. There was a time schools were honorable, teachers dedicated to teaching reality and honest history. Now they are dedicated to the Unions and Tenure. Two of the biggest roadblocks known to man.

    • Rose-Marie Noa

      They already are!!! Have you seen the videos of the kids singing a song “Barak Hussein Obama” I almost threw up when I saw that & it was some time ago that it was on the news. They are brainwashing our kids in Elementary school the way North Korea brainwashes their people!!!We must be very afraid of Public Schools….they should all be closed!!!

    • Nancyc

      Unfortunately MOST private schools use the same textbooks as the public ones. Parents have to be super vigilant and discuss with the principal and the teachers about the content of the texts and whether errors are corrected at that school. The best private school is HOME SCHOOL.

    • dawn

      You are correct. I live in the Atlanta area and went to the big private schools in the metro area that are ranked “high.” Their focus wasn’t on the curriculum while on tours and when I asked about the curriculum I was shunned on several occasions, being told that they would take care of curriculum and not to worry, look at the outcomes in their high schools.

      My husband and I have decided to homeschool our son. I know that I can do a much better job than what I have seen so far in the public schools in my area and the private schools as well.

      Parents and the public need to wake up. I am tired of parents saying that they have no other choice and have to send their child to public school. I say life is all about choices and I didn’t have my son, for a government school to raise him. I don’t want my son to be a useful idiot. I want him to know how to think, reason, and problem solve, as well as know and understand real history, be able to write and research answers to questions that he has, etc., and this type of learning isn’t being taught in many of our public schools.

    • KM

      @Nancyc and others’ comments.
      Private school is probably betterbecause the teacher-student ratio is better. But I think that even private schools may (1) have the same inaccurate textbooks and (2) be very PC. My nephew went to a private school and between that and his liberal parents he came out just as brainwashed as though he’d gone to public rather than prep school.
      I don’t know what the answer is except to break the back of the NEA and get more local control. One size doesn’t fit all in education. As to this article’s title, what a crock that Muslims discovered America. Really -where did they land and how did they get here?

    • Breezeyboy

      Consider home-schooling.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Yea run from the problem like a bunch of cowards! Instead of facing the problem and getting it straightend out, you run like the cowards the American public really is!

    • Dor

      I’d also advise you to do ALOT of research on the so called “mandatory” vaccines. A nine week old baby just died after being given 9 vaccines in one day. You can check out Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s website or Dr. Russell Blaylock. Great places to start. Dr. Andrew Wakefield as well.

    • Dor

      That was for traitors in gov. but all parents should educate themselves on the dangers of vaccines. The baby boomer generation (me) was vaccinated for polio and recently discovered that it also contained SV40, a monkey virus.


      My children have gone to private Christian schools or have been home schooled all of their live. I home schooled my son in 7th & 8th grade when he went back to private school in 9th grade, he was the #1 Top Student for his entire grade. I home schooled him in 10th & 11th, but due to divorce I could no longer afford to send him to private school. He is now in 12th grade – his 1st year ever in public school. His counselor said most home schooled children are behind and guess-timated that his GPA would be somewhere in the middle (50%) range. Within weeks he was ranked #20 out of about 500 students. He recently took the SAT for the 1st time, he scored high enough (without studying for the at all) to qualify for scholarships. Parents, involve yourselves in your children’s studies and even more so in their lives. Go in peace.

      Also,(different subject from my post), check out these 2 links: and


      Sorry don’t think that 2nd link picked up properly – here it is again:

    • Washington22

      Beautiful story, thank you so much for sharing, Juggernat………………And the same is true with homeschooling. The children can be taught values, morals and honesty and religion, things that cannot be taught in public schools. It is up to we parents, to “save” our children from public schools.

    • MANGO

      i know!! Cristofor Columb name was Kasem Corash.wikingii come from Somali,New York was founded by Saladin,and michele obama want to change the american traditions,and history of u.s.a.
      if peoples vote for””mesia”” in 2012,they highly likely to try to spoil ours traditions,but with change of history,will be impossible.nobody can change the history.the history repeat herself.

    • Janelle

      My daughter went to a parachial school for 2 years and when she did go back to a public (couldn’t afford it anymore) she was so far ahead that she was bored.

    • jackbrandon

      Joe. agree with 1000%!!

    • Rob

      I have been saying for years that the solution to the debacle of public education is the elimination of the public funding of education.

    • http://google KD

      I also blame BHO and his complicit ISLAMISTS that he has had installed. The ISLAMISTS see not problem in telling lies to further their goal – and it sure isn’t being AMERICAN! :(

    • Michael

      The true blame rests with the US Dept of Ed(sic) and the predominance of progressive professors in our colleges and universities. That and “too busy to care” parents.

    • hambone

      the true blame is on society it self.
      sure you can blame this department or that department, but if society didn’t let it happen to start with, then it wouldn’t be like it is now.

    • Nancyc

      Union thugs and the rank and file who “can’t” fight them because they really don’t have the “right to work” unless they are in the union, the main stream media and every person who says “oh, we have excellent schools in our community” share in the rotten education system is this country. Ideally we need every family to be a two parent family(one man and one woman) with one at home to teach and be available to exercise their parental authority at the schools of their CHOICE.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Yep, I put all the blame on the gutless American public!!!!

    • Dor

      google Charlotte Iserbyt who worked for Reagan in the education dept. Very eye opening! Also, Anthony Sutton.

    • LitlBits

      Not only do they ‘see no problem’ with lying, Islam gives them permission – in fact I think requires them to lie in order to further their ‘faith’! It is called Taqiyya – you see it frequently with the Head Muslim living in our White House!

    • brian

      Actually, Taqiyya is a a dispensation for those under the threat of persecution or worse. It enables believers to conceal their faith in the face of tortures and/or death and not be guilty of a “sin”.

      So it has nothing to do with what you’re suggesting.

    • Edna

      Sorry Brian … you are wrong. Satan, father of liars posed as gabriel(2 Cor 11:14) & helped Muhammad to brainchild “Al Tekayya”. Muslims say this is one sect specific in Islam & say: BS!
      Yes, they can deny their god to protect their faith & themselves from harm but if we were ever to deny our God then Jesus says He will deny us in front of His Father! Matt 10:32-33
      Furthermore, Jesus also says that what comes out-of-your-mouth is coming straight from your heart! Matt 15:18-19
      Muhammad gave permission for assassins to LIE in order for them to KILL for him. Q 33:21 states Muhammad is the perfect pattern for all muslims to follow. Q 4:24 states all muslims have the right to rape captives b/c they then become their captors “right-hand-possessions”!
      Sura 4:157 calls Jesus & God liars by disputing the Crucifixion & resurrection of Jesus. Islam denies the Holy Trinity & the divinity of Jesus. Seems everything we need to seek eternal paradise, satan has conveniently invented iIslam to counter it.

    • slapjack

      Just one more example of the DUMBING Down of America thanks to the social statis quo elitist.

    • Randy G

      And here I thought Leif Erikson was from northern Europe. Teach the kids HISTORY not FICTION!

    • Lee Baldwin

      yeah, it was not the American Indians, it was the muslims that discovered America by rowing over in their dhows, Joe!!!

    • Lee Baldwin

      yeah, it was not the American Indians, it was the muslims that discovered America by rowing over in their dhows, Joe!!!

      I will keep posting this until YOU POST IT mr or mrs posting COP!

  • linda a fusco

    Shame on all of you-all I hear are complaints where are you as teachers & parents when this is being taught? Do you not read what your children bring home? You should be at the school meetings in the principals office every waking moment until this crap is removed. This is why my grandchildren go to a charter school and my daughter is involved daily with what is going on.
    Stop your whinning and get involved!!! Make your kids proud to be an American.
    Bless be to GOD

    • Tracy

      Right on, Linda! Where are the parents? I don’t have any children but if I did I would be raising holy hell. The parents could stop this but are way too lazy to do anything about it. This is happening because of them. I would have pulled my kids out of public school in a New York minute if I had known this was going on. I would have then gotten like-minded parents together to fight this insidious crap.

    • Maranatha Mark

      Tracy, the government both state and Federal are currently working to make it illegal for you to take your children from public school, as they are working in many states to make it outright illegal to home-school, as well as putting more regulations on private schools and those who do home school where they still allow it. Yes, parent should be reviewing what their children are being taught, but most won’t and will attack those who try and rock the boat, as they don’t want to be preceived as being less of a parent than those who actually take parenting seriously!

    • Tracy

      I know, Mark. All the more reason for parents to band together and fight. Who cares about the other parents and what they think. I don’t even have children and I would fight for the right to homeschool. These kids are the key to the survival of this country.

    • Ron


      As a Grandparent, I am always checking with our grand children as to what they are being taught. I go through all their books to see if they are learning what I learned back in the 50’s. I also make sure that they are learning about God and morals, virtues and everything else that my wife and I learned.
      Yes, we do need to disband the Dept of Ed. It is not doing what it was set up for. Then we need to get rid of their unions and start paying them for their knowledge and teaching abilities. If they aren’t good, fire them. NO TENURE at all. Then we might be able to save our children from the government’s dumbing down.

    • mam-ma

      Even if you are not a parent – you belong to the nation and our constitution. You should yell just as loudly – because these will be the children who take over our country as they grow older.

    • Mona Callender

      your right you must get involved no excuses….

    • Barry_T

      There aren’t enough books to let them take them home.

    • dawn

      Linda, I taught in the public schools for 15 years and fought the dumbing down of the children with all of might. I was labeled a trouble maker. My class was too difficult because I made kids work for their grades and didn’t hand them out. I have been accused of trying to make black inner city kids white, when holding them to the standards I would demand for my own children, had I had them at the time.

      The establishment doesn’t want to hear the ills of our education systems. Those that speak out are labeled and retaliated against. Unions like that status quo, so it’s not going to change in states with teachers unions.

      Education has become a business and it’s a huge money maker. Our country spends more and more money on educating our children and the results continue to go down. In my local school system, those running the system (board members and many in high ranking positions in the system) see the district as a jobs making entity first and educating children somewhere there after.

      I left teaching, because I knew that I had to better for my 4 year old. Not enough in our society are willing to speak out and go head to head with those in charge of the Education Machine in our country.

  • BobL.

    I didn’t know camels could hold their breath so long as to cross the Atlantic! Next thing you know Obama is going to claim it was one of his ancestors who was the one who discovered America, which makes the whole place his!

    I just became a book burning advocate.

    • Christian Archer

      I certainly hope your last sentence is a hyperbole. If not, you need to rethink your statement.

    • Maranatha Mark

      Christin, I think BobL is talking about buring these textbooks, not all books. Get a grip. I am against buring books, but I too would make an exception for something meant to teach such out-right lies, as truth, like the textbooks in question.

    • Are you Serious

      I burn a Koran every now and then just for fun.

    • Christian Archer

      I’ve got a grip and that grip is on my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the King of Glory who is coming again to rule on the throne of David. Your response is despicable regarding the treatment of a Christian brother, provided you truly are a Christian.

      Gal.6:10(NASB) “So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith.”

      Regarding burning books, one gets images of the Nazis (I’ve seen the film footage) burning books in public squares. We each are free to do as we please (until the thought police intervene) because God gave us all a free will. When I see such statements as book burning I have a tendency to paint the scene with a broad brush stroke. For all you radical right-wingers, if you think I’m your enemy or a left-wing troll who is coming among you, then you’re ignorant and your zeal surpasses your knowledge. I consider myself a Christian, constitutional, conservative and in that order.

    • emerutil

      If a book is a lie, then burn, burn, burn! No other solution.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Don’t burn, Compost!

  • Old Veteran

    I thought the possibility that “vikings” may have discovered North America. I’ve read where there is evidence that ships from China reached the west coast. As for Muslims discovering things.I find it hard to believe anything they claim. Show me proof, documents showing who, what, and when this happened.

    • Barry_T

      Through the dark ages, the Muslim world was the repository of learning. The Muslim traders spread their faith to Indonesia. Moorish Spain was a center of learning and was tolerant of other’s beliefs. Read 1421 and 1434 by Gavin Menzies to gain an understanding of China’s contributions. What’s important to remember is they may of discovered America is that we settled it and established a free tolerant society.

    • mr bad example

      i’m sure muslims are taught mohammed had a bowel movement that made the pristine earth and that non-muslim heathen polluted it and made it the hell hole it is today.

    • Shannon

      Those ships from China that you mentioned were captained by a Chinese Muslim and his crew. So, you just proved your own argument wrong.

    • ed

      an you know this how was you there or did they leave a note saying that is what there crews was made up of no only that ships from China may have been here the rest is pure speculation

    • Shannon

      Well, it was difficult for me to read your question since there was poor grammar and not punctuation, but I think you were asking how I knew this?

      The captain’s name was Zheng He and he was a Muslim who captained a ship and had several voyages starting in 1402:

      And further corraborating evidence:

      Just because someone has discovered something new about a possible innacuracy in history doesn’t make it wrong. You know, people like you argued that the world was flat, too.

    • Shannon

      I’m sorry, *no* punctuation

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Well give that girl a cookie for being such a good little girl!!!!

    • Radioguy

      So one of the ships was piloted by Zheng He, a eunuch who is said to be a Muslim. If it was his ship that reached Cape Breton Island (on the EAST coast of America, not the west) in 1421, that proves nothing because Prince Henry Sinclair visited Massachusetts in 1395, a date that is well-established, and Prince Modoc of Wales was here over 500 years before that. So any claims that “Muslims” were the first to discover America are simply bogus.

    • Radioguy

      Yes, the Norse discovered the east coast around A.D. 1000 but were not able to establish a permanent settlement. When they abandoned Greenland in the late 1300s, they migrated south, intermarrying with existing Indians and their descendants inhabited an area from Saskatchewan to the Carolinas.

      Price Henry Sinclair visited Massachusetts in A.D. 1395; some Chinese established a colony in Nova Scotia a few years later.

      The first settlers in North America came from Asia (before China existed as such) around 2500 B.C.; there were subsequent colonizations in 1063 B.C and later. These are the “Native Americans.” Everybody here is either an immigrant or descendant of immigrants.

      The Mexican ancestral homeland of “Aztlan” is really the island of Japan.

      There were other explorations by the Phoenecians, Carthaginians, Egyptians, etc. but no dates have been affixed to them.

      And a Buddhist monk from Bactria (now called Afghanistan) visited the western part of the U.S. and Mexico A.D. 460 – 498 to bring the message of the Buddha to the people living here. Again, that was before Islam was invented.

      Muslims “discovered” America? What a joke.


    History: Realize that the government created gas crisis is 40 years old this year. Sorry for changing the subject. We need to go way back and clean out the old laws that hurt Americans and favor the oil companys and their captive market. The smaller companies were driven into extenting with the gas wars of the early seventys and then the EPA finished them off. Welcome to terrrorisum at its beginning. Started By the Government de-regulating the oil industry. Now we know why their is not going to be cheep gas even if we drill in America. The govenment makes money on every gallon sold. They dont want better fuel mileage ever. Thanks EPA

  • Dawn

    Weren’t the Vikings the first person to really discover America? Or even farther back when the native Americans did when the continents were closer together so they could walk from wherever they came from(nobody ever says where THAT was). Neither group was Muslim as far as anyone knows. Where exactly does it say in the Koran about Mother Earth and Father Sky the way the native religion talks about? Columbus and the other explorers were various kinds of Christian.

    • BD Katt

      During the last prolonged ice age,a land bridge between northern Asia(Russia) & Alaska provided access to Alaska by Asian nomads,now known as native Americans.Research this online or read books on the subject to be better informed

    • BD Katt

      Also,the vikings who came here at least 500 years before Columbus landed on Hispaniola were Pagan,not Christian.AND,the Israelites were occupying Palestine several hundred years prior the the invention of islam by mohammed in about the year 1400ad

    • Radioguy

      No, Leif Eirikson was sent by King Olaf Trygvasson of Norway to bring Christianity to Greenland, thus becoming the first missionary to the New World. His ship was blown off course on the way back, and that was when he discovered Vinland, Markland and Helluland — probably Nova Scotia-Newfoundland, Labrador and Baffin Island. His mother had a church built at Brattahlid, but his father, Eirik Raudha, clung to the old Norse gods. So they weren’t all pagans. The Vatican even dispatched bishops to Greenland and they were there for over 300 years.

  • Martin Baccetti

    We must get rid of all those liberal DEMOCRATS !!! Starting with that Jack Ass in the White House , followed by the other Jack Ass ERIC HOLDER !!! They are Muslim Supporters !! SCREW ALL THE MUSLIMS !!! THEY WANT YOU DEAD !!!

  • Capt. Link Hogthrob

    So where’s the separation of church and state here? Doesn’t matter in this case because the thug in chief is a muslim? allah F.U.B.A.R.!

  • bryan

    …and Americans used to believe that the only thing we had to worry about were Communists. They don’t look so bad now, do they? All you camel jockey lovin motherless sons of Ollie Baba can all go back where you belong as far as I am concerned.

  • Say What??

    I seem to remember the American Indians being here long before Columbus!! Yah, the Muslims found America, and I’m Cinderella. What a crock!!! People better start paying attention to what’s going on with our Dept of Ed. Our kids are being indoctrinated, and fed a line of BS. Parents, sit your kids down and get busy with History 101. How else are they going to know the truth?

    • shirley ford


  • Maranatha Mark

    Is this so surprising to anyone?! The progressives have been gradually re-writing history since 1926! The Saudis just got a little impatient and tried to do it too fast. There has been a movement in this country to usher in Islam, to displace Christianity and Judaism, so that when the Christians and the Jews scream foul, the Government can prohibit ALL religion in order to be FAIR to everyone. This has been the goal of the Government to get read of Christianity for years… the first bold move was when they removed the 10 Commandments from class rooms and prohibited prayer in school and school sponsored sporting events.

    This is just par for the course. It just getting into cool water, if you jump into it all at once, it takes your breath, but if you ease into it, then by the time you are in over your head you don’t notice it too much!

    • Maranatha Mark

      Ha Ha Ha! Correction: “This has been the goal of the Government to get read of Christianity for years…” should read:

      ‘This has been the goal of the Government, to get RID of Christianity for years…’

      I thought I proofed it, but missed that type-o!


  • Shannon

    I attended public school my entire life and never read or heard any of these things. I would really appreciate copies of all of these textbooks because I feel like these statements are taken out of context.

    • Shannon

      Ha- Just because I question the validity of the article, I get a low comment rating. Not one person will try to produce some factual evidence? Have any of you seen these things in your children’s textbooks?

    • Are you Serious

      I suggest you look it up as I did. You will find it is very true for the most part. There are such books used in some public schools. The question I have is how could this happen, even on a small scale.

    • Shannon

      All I’m asking is, where is the proof? This “journalism” provides no basis or evidence. I want to see the exact copies of the curriculum where this is happening. By the way, a lot of schools have “humanities” classes where they learn about different cultures and religions. I recall in high school we spent a few weeks on each major religion- Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and the Chinese religions like Taoism and Daoism. We read Dante’s Inferno and did a project on the various levels of Hell. We also created a Zen garden to learn more about Buddhism. Is this the kind of thing you’re afriad of?

    • red-white-blue

      Do yourself a BIG favor. Watch FOX NEWS, who happens to be #1 in news, and give yourself 30 days to let news sink in. God Bless.

    • Shannon

      No thank you. I’m well-educated and us “academic types” prefer not to engage in the proliferation of fear-mongering.

  • Say What??

    Yep, when my grandkids were in High School I remember reading (in their Hx books) only 2 lines about VietNam. I was outraged!!! Back in the 80’s, with my own kids in High School, I noticed how so much of our American Hx was deleted. I filled my kids in about WW11, the Holocaust, etc.

  • James D. Burke

    The Muslims discovered America on 911 and them they begin to settle in in 08 when Obama got elected. When all the constitutional violation begin to manifest themselves in a new bureaucracy we are going to discover what the old term “and the world turned upside down” really means.

  • Adrian Vance

    There is substantial evidence that Phoenician sailors were in Duluth, Mn in 6000 BC when they left coins there, probably at an Indian casino, but never returned, perhaps because of all the mosquitoes in the land of 10,000 lakes and one million mosquito breeding ponds.

    The Two Minute Conservative at for political analysis, science and humor. Daily on Kindle.

  • James D. Burke

    When the new bureaucracies representing the violations of the constitution, imposed by the jovial Obama Administration America will have already been acclimated to having the military kick in doors and enter. After all we’s seen it happen on the news thousands of time in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. The average Joe being the product of a progressive education and knowing nothing about the “Bill of Rights” will think such behavior is run-of-the-mill police/military work.’We need to be sure our college age children understand that Obama and his czars are trampling all over the constitution – hence- US.

  • gator

    these sand nigs have been infiltrating every country since 1970 and trying to outbreed everyone else! if they cause ANY violence in our country every American with a gun needs to go to every mosque and clean house for good!

    • Shannon

      That’s an awful thing to say. You are asking Americans to kill other Americans because of their religion?! Isn’t that exactly what America was against? I think you need to check yourself.

    • Marty

      Shannon–the radical muslims believe with religious fervor that that they are destined to turn the whole world into a califate which they will rule. They have announced this publicly. As they increase in numbers–look at their birth rate compared to ours here in THIS country! Their plan to conquer us is not by warfare, but from within. When you have lived as long, and observed as much as I have, it will be too late for those who remain. We are about to become a dictatorship if we don’t wise up and remove the muslim and his cohorts from DC Prepsre to lose all freedoms for women, and to wear clothing that reveals only your eyes!

    • Shannon

      Muslims in America don’t want that. They want to be free and live and have families just like everyone else. But go ahead, you can be afraid of everyone if you think that will help you. By the way, Muslims in America make up roughly 1% of the population. I don’t know what you have to “fear.”

    • Raymond

      Shannon says:
      January 23, 2012 at 6:31 pm
      Muslims in America don’t want that. They want to be free and live and have families just like everyone else. But go ahead, you can be afraid of everyone if you think that will help you. By the way, Muslims in America make up roughly 1% of the population. I don’t know what you have to “fear.”
      Actually muslims want everyone to convert to
      islam of be killed. This is taught in their satan
      book called the qur’an.

      By the way, it seems that you and George Soros have
      much in common.

    • Shannon

      How do George Soros and I have a lot in common? He is a wealthy business man and philanthropist and a member of the board of foreign relations. I am a law student. I don’t see the connection.

    • emerutil

      We are dealing with a foul, very very foul religion. Anything goes for them. Therefore, anything should go for us!

    • James D. Burke

      Shannon, isn’t that exactly what the Muslims want to do to every Jew and Christian? Haven’t they announced thousands of times their intentions to kill every Jew and Christian et,al, anywhere they exist if they will not convert to Islam? How many times do we have to be told, and how many more body bombings at weddings, soccer fields, and restaurants before we take the hint? Islam is a religion of death; it is a religious army and we are under attack. And Shannon, one cannot defeat the army without at the same time defeating the religion. What a combination—how can they lose? Answer: We must change our attitude about Islam.

    • Shannon

      Do you personally know any Muslims?

    • Are you Serious

      They teach that it is perfectly ok to lie to us infidels to deceive us. It even uses the words make friends with infidels to achieve their goal of total dominance. Why are the Muslim leaders in this country speaking out against radical Muslims? I think they are all radical at heart. They don’t because they support it. We better wake up and rid ourselves of this vermin ASAP.

  • Her Capitan Fick

    The government know when the American people let all the illegals in let the illegal invaders,rob, push Americans around, feed their children drugs, rape the children and even pay them to do it, the American public will except anything the government want to do to them! Take your drugs, turn your sports, and go back to sleep, your country is lost!

    • El Lobo Solo

      Join the Oak Initiative & turn things around!

      The 2010 election results showed the Muslim Brotherhood that they have a struggle on their hands & they know it.

      viz: They thought the American voters were just going to roll over like the Europeans,
      Shine the light of truth on these guys & they will scatter like roaches or at least call you a name (bigot, Islamophobic, hater)
      or any expletive to distract from making a real examination of their agenda.

  • Originalintent

    What can you expect when you have a president who can take the intercontinental railway to all 57 states?

    • Her Capitan Fick

      What does what Obama says have to do with what your stupid A_ _ says! As I have beeb saying a bunch of blamers!

  • Lloyd

    The Muslims discovered America alright. The recently discovered that they could come here and destroy our way of life, and have plenty of assistance for members of our own government and the general public willing to help them. Muslims have a sworn duty to eliminate all non-believers (Christians) from the face of the earth, and we should realize that they are our bitter and deadly enemies. Probably the most inhumane culture in the world, where parents kill their own children, and call it an honor. And they kill their own children because they want nothing more than the right to live their own life as they see fit.

    We were better off, and our children were better educated, when we had the old one room schools, where all eight classes (first thru eighth) were taught by one teacher. Students were taught well enough that they could pass a final exam to graduate from the eight grade, that some college students could not pass today. I learned enough in such a school that I was able to obtain a High School diploma through GED, and satisfactorily complete a College GED test. We were taught all the things we needed to know for a successful life and career, including the history of our country, patriotism, and honor for those who had given us this great country. God Bless America.

    • Control Burn 2012

      Well, there’s just one very important lesson you may have missed. Our kids can no longer pass high school exit exams, need remedial basic subject classes when they enter college (for things they should have learned in HS), BUT, darn it, they can ALL put on a condom and know everything they need to know about sex. With only so many teaching hours in the day, the basics are being sacrificed for the “more important” social and sexual issues of today.

  • shirley ford

    Next step is the GOV. will make a law…forbiding home school and won’t allow the students to attend collage,they won’t be qualified

  • Raymond

    More lies by muslims & their millions of supporters.

  • John R. Bowman

    The true pesponsibility belongs with the parent. I sent my four children to a christian school, and I am proud of their outcome as adults. progressive Socialism has taken control of our School system in America,which has produced a generation of atheistic socialistic people. Remember, there will be an account required at the judgement .

  • Claire

    Many public schools are indoctrinating, but many Christian schools around the country as well (especially the colleges) are indoctrinating young people while parents put blind trust in their Christian teachers/professors/pastors. Social Justice (socialism) is rampant,as is Eastern/occultic mysticism. Parents who have children in Christian schools need to test everything and not take for granted that the teachers believe the same thing they do. I found out, from hard experience, it is not the case. There are some very good Christian schools out there, but be careful. Calvin College, Wheaton College and many more are destroying Christianity while proclaiming they are teaching it!!

    Homeschooling is probably the best way to ensure your child will not be indoctrinated by something other than what you believe. Whether you decide to use public or private schools, finding out what your child is being taught (gently of course,) and teaching your child discernment is the key.

  • Sue

    This fits well with the Muslim in the White House!

    • Shannon

      Dear God- Obama is not Muslim. He is a Christian. Get it right.

    • Are you Serious

      If you believe that, you have not been paying attention. There are more indicators that he is Muslim than Christian. I will go further and say,that in my view, he hates anything Christian. He is a fraud!!!

    • Shannon

      He goes to the same CHRISTIAN church in Chicago as I do-the United Church of Christ! Just because he doesn’t have an “anglo-sounding” name doesn’t mean he is not a Christian.

    • Radioguy

      Not everybody that goes to church is a Christian. In fact, most people who go to church are not.

    • Are you Serious

      He doesn’t go to church in Chicago. He lives in DC. He doesn’t go to church there either.

    • Christian Archer

      What merit is it to say that Barack Hussein goes to a United Church of Christ. I’m going to expose that denomination for what it is. Let is stand or fall on it’s own merits.

      “The United Church of Christ gives autonomy to its local churches, many of which are progressive and controversial. This inclusive and liberal denomination broke ground with an early stand against slavery (1700), the first ordained African American (1785), the first ordained woman (1853), and was the first to ordain openly gay, lesbian, transgendered and bisexual persons (1972).

      Bible – The Bible is used for inspiration, guidance, and for preaching. Members are not required to believe literally any version of Scripture.

      Communion – All people of faith are invited to participate in the sacrament of communion. The act is seen as a reminder of the cost of Christ’s sacrifice. Communion is celebrated as a mystery, honoring Christ and those who have died in his faith.

      Heaven, Hell – Many members do not believe in specific places of reward or punishment, but do believe God gives believers eternal life.”

      To read more about Obama’s denomination go to his site.

      It’s quite evident that this denomination is not rooted and grounded in Christian orthodoxy by ordaining homosexuals and all the other stuff listed above.

    • Christian Archer

      What merit is it to say that Barack Hussein goes to a United Church of Christ. I’m going to expose that denomination for what it is. Let is stand or fall on it’s own merits.

      “The United Church of Christ gives autonomy to its local churches, many of which are progressive and controversial. This inclusive and liberal denomination broke ground with an early stand against slavery (1700), the first ordained African American (1785), the first ordained woman (1853), and was the first to ordain openly gay, lesbian, transgendered and bisexual persons (1972).

      Bible – The Bible is used for inspiration, guidance, and for preaching. Members are not required to believe literally any version of Scripture.

      Communion – All people of faith are invited to participate in the sacrament of communion. The act is seen as a reminder of the cost of Christ’s sacrifice. Communion is celebrated as a mystery, honoring Christ and those who have died in his faith.

      Heaven, Hell – Many members do not believe in specific places of reward or punishment, but do believe God gives believers eternal life.”

      To read more about Obama’s denomination key-in: United Church of Christ beliefs in your browser.

      It’s quite evident that this denomination is not rooted and grounded in Christian orthodoxy by ordaining homosexuals and all the other stuff listed above.

    • Christian Archer

      What merit is it to say that Barack Hussein goes to a United Church of Christ. I’m going to expose that denomination for what it is. Let is stand or fall on it’s own merits.

      “The United Church of Christ gives autonomy to its local churches, many of which are progressive and controversial. This inclusive and liberal denomination broke ground with an early stand against slavery (1700), the first ordained African American (1785), the first ordained woman (1853), and was the first to ordain openly gay, lesbian, transgendered and bisexual persons (1972).

      Key-in United Church of Christ beliefs in your browser and you’ll see just what kind of denomination that Barack Hussein is attending. Is this an orthodox Christian denomination, if so, then God must have changed his mind about the open and blatant sin of homosexuality.

    • Marty

      Shannon–NO TRUE Christian would do or say the things he does. If he had trulu converted to Christianity, they would have killed him long ago—but Christianity for him was a convenient lie ( according to muslim tenents) to get into the white house. folks like you need to wise up and read the writing on the wall!!!

    • Shannon

      Yes, it is the same denomination of church that I go to. We believe in the equality of all people and that Christ’s love and grace lives within each of us. We are taught to love each other and not hate as everyone one is “on a journey.” And they were the first Christian denomination to ordain a woman. My pastor is a woman and the best pastor I’ve ever had. She married my husband and I at our church.

    • James D. Burke

      Any denomination which coseys up to and snuggles in with “Liberation Theology” has major problems. Any denomination which snuggles up to “Social Justice,” whether known or unknown is helping to build a huge component of communism. And as we know, communists are atheists and brutal with their own countrymen. Essentially, Social Justice is the leveling to the lowest common denominator all the accumulated energies expended in labor by the nations working class. Do you want the government taking the accumulated earnings (estimated)of your country and dividing what the government thinks each of us get for our labor? Social Justice will help the government get to this station. Social Justice can and will accomodate Islam – the religion of darkness.

    • Shannon


      I don’t think you understand what liberation theology is. It’s clearly been a long time since you were in school and from your own admission, you aren’t exposed to very much outside of your small town. So I’ll explain. Liberation Theology was popularized within the Catholic church in Latin America decades ago and interprets the teachings of Jesus Christ in terms of a liberation from unjust economic, political, or social conditions.

      Social justice was based on the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas. Are you meaning to tell me you do not believe that we should behave in a manner that recognizes human dignity?

      Every denomination believes in the concept of social justice, it is a major tenant of Christianity. The Catholic Church believes that through words, prayers and deeds one must show solidarity with, and compassion for, the poor. The moral test of any society is how it treats its most vulnerable members. The poor have the most urgent moral claim on the conscience of the nation. People are called to look at public policy decisions in terms of how they affect the poor. The official Catholic doctrine on social justice can be found in the book Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church. It also plays a major role in the United Methodist Church. The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church says, “it is a governmental responsibility to provide all citizens with health care.”

      Communism is a political ideolgy, not a religious belief. So you really can’t say that those who are communist don’t believe in God. Because many probably do. And, like you, they probably believe that Communism is the only way and they are being sent “by God” to do those things. You are more alike than you think.

      And furthermore, social justice within the church means only that the church has a responsibility to its underprivileged and poor. It has nothing to do with our government since the church is a private institution. Again, since you seemingly have a lot of time on your hands, you should read more.

    • red-white-blue

      Muslim tradition does not allow animals to be in the vehicle with them. Don*t you find it strange that all our other Presidents had their dog riding in the car with them, EXCEPT OBUMA! HMMMMM.

    • Shannon

      That’s the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard for someone being a certain religion. Again, your logic is wrong. I don’t let my dog ride in the car with me, either, does that make me Muslim? Dog-human-relationship is not a tenant of the Quran last time I checked.

    • Shannon

      I’m sorry, but could you provide further evidence for this? The dog argument isn’t going to cut it.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Hey stupid, didn’t him say he was a Muslim when he was campaining???

    • Shannon

      “Him” didn’t say anything about being a Muslim when he was campaiging. So no. And I should correct myself- he WENT to church at the same church I do, because you’re correct, he now lives in D.C.

    • Marty

      Shannon–Take off the blinderes, honey——-

    • Shannon

      Okay, I’m only going to say this once. Everyone in this forum needs to 1) LEARN TO SPELL 2) Learn correct grammar 3) Actually read a book and stop watching Fox News 4) Open their hearts to those that are different 5) Grow up.

      You all sound small-town and small-minded.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Correction to your statement:

      Obama did make a couple of “fruedian silps” that inferred he was a Muslim.

      “According to my Muslim faith…”
      quickly interrupted by ABC news journalist George Stephanpolis, saying,
      “you mean your Christian faith”.

    • James D. Burke

      Shannon. To the hilt, “Social Justice” undermines Biblical concepts and replaces Deconstructionism which dealt with law, education, science, family, history, economics, and many more issues. Social Justice represents a major shift from solid biblical principles to a non biblical world view which is embeded in every communist dictatorship. Social Justice is a huge trojan horse. It is major deception in an age of a corporate brain wash,watered down, unbiblical, deficient intellect. That too is why Islam is accepted in public schools and Christianity is not. Christianity is the bomber target of Social Justice.

    • Raymond

      Obama Admits That He’s A Muslim.
      More than 63 million people (many who are illegals) voted for
      this monster.

    • Shannon

      What has he done to you? What has Barack Obama personally done to your life that you think you can say these things? I think you are just frustrated with the cards that were handed to you. Sorry you feel that he is a “monster.”

    • Raymond

      Obviously you’re a supporter of evil.
      You said that Obama is a Christian &
      that statement was proven to be a lie.

    • Raymond

      Actually Shannon you have it wrong.
      Obama has admitted that he’s a muslim.
      Michelle Obama has admitted that her
      husband is a muslim.

      Are you a lesbian? You sound like one.
      Just curious.

    • Shannon

      How did you infer my sexual orientation from any of the posts I made. And what does “sound like one” even mean?

      To answer your question, I have been married for three years, to a man.

      Are you a bigot? Because YOU sound like one.

    • Raymond

      The word bigot was invented by people who
      embrace/support what God has forbidden.

      You claim that Obama the homosexual muslim
      is a Christian and i’ve proven that to be a lie.
      Care to respond?

    • Shannon

      You are wrong, and dumb AND a bigot. Okay, got it.

      Bigot was invented for backwards people like yourself. Again, I actually think you’re an angry closeted homosexual, like Ted Haggert. Did you even go to college? You know nothing about how to create a solid argument. I would love to see how you would stand in a classroom, or in a courtroom for that matter, trying to defend your views to the Supreme Court.

      Just because you show me one clip of something that I have actually proven to be wrong, doesn’t make you right. All of these websites have been proven to be hearsay and lies, again, wouldn’t stand up in a courtroom, so they don’t stand up in my eyes.

      Try again.

    • Shannon

      And what makes you think Obama is a homosexual? He has been married to a woman for many years and has two children. I have not seen any news to the contrary.

      Or do you know from first-hand experience? Do you know he is a homosexual because you had sex with him?

      See how easy it is to start rumors?

  • Fedup

    I’m sick and tired of these Marxist bastards re-writing our history.

  • ReaperHD

    Part of the process of enslaving people is to change their perceptions history. Just like you always hear about the white slave owners but you never hear about the black slave traders who rounded up their own people and brought them here and sold them to the white slave owners…..

    • Radioguy

      Right on! Just watch the opening scene of “Roots” and/or “Amistad” to see what happened. When wite people started arriving on the west coast of Africa with trade goods like copper pots, knives, etc., the natives had nothing to trade with except slaves. They had been killing and enslaving neighboring tribes for centuries anyway, so why not?

      And nobody seems to remember the Muslim slave trade in black Africans, or the Barbary pirates, sanctioned by the governments of Algiers, Tripoli and Tunis that raided the coasts of France, Spain, Italy and Greece, depopulating whole villages. Or the approximately one million white people from the Ukraine and southern Russia taken into captivity by the Ottoman Empire. The word “slave” is derived from “slav” meaning white people from Russia. Can I get reparations from Turkey?

    • Her Capitan Fick

      The first slave owner in the U. S. was a Black man, Can’t remember his name, look it up!

  • John Hicks

    So, Muslims discovered America. I didn’t know camels could swim that far.

  • Sam Lasley

    The answer to this crap load of lies is to either home school your children, or send them to Catholic schools where no such nonsense will ever appear.

  • Wentworth Pike

    This could not have taken place without the knowing approval of U. S. educators and publishers, nor can it continue without the knowledge and approval of elected officials.

  • am2sweet

    The more I read about what is going on the more appalled I am. I have always believed lately that home schooling or private schooling is the way to go if you want intellegent children. But why is it that we all have to do either of those? Why are we letting idiots run things anyway? What if everyone got together in every town and state and demanded that children are taught the truth instead of lies and some Socialists agenda. Muslims are being embraced by every other state and school and it’s time to let them all know including the Nazis living here that this is the United States Of America and not Russia or Iran or some other country. Either the foreigners that live here start being Americans or they can leave. Get the Nazis out of our government and schools. We can take back our country but will have to fight for it.

  • Pastor Carmen


  • http:Windowslive Kcatt

    Ms. Shannon? Where is your head? Obama a christian? One who hates crosses as well as pictures of Christ? No hope for ones like you. And I agree as far as parents allowing this to go on. When my child was in school I paid close attention to what she was learning. If parents don’t raise a hand to stop this apparent indoctrination then society, in essence , is aiding the Muslim cause and their attempt to alter history, and mock our religious heritage.

    • Shannon

      My head is in law school, first of all.

      And secondly, just because he isn’t the same type of Christian as you are, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t believe in Jesus. Just because his faith is more private than someone like Tim Tebow, doesn’t mean he loves his God and Jesus no less.

    • red-white-blue

      Shannon, Why don*t you either read real true media, or watch real true news? Recently a Muslim man KILLED his daughter, based on SUSPICION of having sex! Suspicion! A liberal judge abided by Sharia Law(which is insane), and man was set free! You may have a daughter someday, and would you want her to marry a Muslim? HMMMM.

    • Shannon

      Christian men do bad things, too. That’s not to say all are bad. Actually, my husband’s dad is Muslim, as is his extended family and they were overjoyed when we were married. We were married in my Church and they all attended and were touched by the ceremony. His dad married my husband’s mother, who grew up in a small town in Indiana and they raised two thoughtfull, loving human beings. So, to answer your question, yes- I would be okay if my daughter fell in love with a Muslim. These statements that you make are the same kind that people made about interracial marriage years ago. It’s just bigotry. Soon everyone will see it’s just another form of hate portrayed by people who call themselves Christians.

    • Are you Serious

      Sorry, don’t buy your story for a second.

    • Ron

      I am sorry to hear you say that last statement about Christians. I am a “born again” Christian. In church every time the door is open (which I do.) I teach Sunday School, I councel seekers, I preach from the pulpit, so yes I am a Christian. As to the person in OUR House, most of the actions and comments he makes are not from a Christian person. I am praying for his soul, and that he will come to accept Jesus as his savior and not satan.

    • Shannon


      I’m not really concerned whether you think I am telling the truth. But you need to look beyond your little world and realize that sometimes people of different backgrounds and religions fell in love. My husband’s family is Muslim. My family is Christian. And somehow, everyone gets along because we are human beings. I can’t say the same for people like you, though.

    • Marty

      Shannon–so the truth comes out! If your father-in-law is muslim, you above all should have learned the truth–you are too close to it to admit it.

    • Shannon

      My father-in-law is not longer with us- he passed away many years ago. His son, my husband, is not Muslim. What I do know is that the Muslim men and women I have come into contact with are beautiful and flawed just like everyone else. Everyone in this forum needs to start acting like Americans and stop being fearful.

    • Shannon


      I am sorry to hear you say that last statement about Christians. I am a “born again” Christian. In church every time the door is open (which I do.) I teach Sunday School, I councel seekers, I preach from the pulpit, so yes I am a Christian.


      I am not saying that all Christians are bad. I’m a Christian. I’m saying that when you say things like this about other people, it isn’t very Christian. You are acting just like “the enemy” (everyone else’s words here, not mine). It’s not very becoming for nice “Christians” to talk about hating another human being just because of their beliefs.

    • Shannon

      Also, I just wanted to add that my husband’s family votes Republican, always.

      Will that make you lose sleep at night? That his family didn’t vote for Obama? I think it will get your panties in a tighter bunch that these people that you hate have the similar political views as you do.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      He wants to sink you Shannon you moron!

    • Shannon


    • emerutil

      The Obamination and his kind! You should really read the books available on Islam!

    • Shannon

      I have read the books available on Islam. I was a religious studies major in college. I have read the Quran and Milestones and a lot of other books you most likely haven’t read (or have and not understood).

    • Raymond

      Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! Isaiah 5:20,21

      Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, shall he also reap. Galations 6:7

    • Shannon

      And be careful who you call “moron.” I’m in law school, and from the looks of your grammar and syntax, you probably barely finished high school. That’s a dangerous finger to point.

    • emerutil

      Law school?

    • James D. Burke

      Shannon. Law school eh? Do you know the difference between “smart” and “intelligent?” How about “belief” and “truth.” Remembering my old Logic course in University the definition of Logic is: “The science which directs our mental operations in such a way that they may proceed with order, facility, and consistency toward the attainment of truth.” We, as sane humans must evaluate truthfully every jot and title of life. Of course, as for me, wellll, I’m just a country boy 81 years old still looking for,and finding some wisdom here and there. Wouldn’t live in the city on a bet. We have a few chickens, fruit trees and grape vines. Loving it all.

    • Shannon

      Yes, law school is the graduate program you enter into when you want to become a lawyer. Why was that a question?

    • Shannon


      I know the difference between a lot of things, thank you. I worked really hard and paid for my own university education and am currently paying for my law school education. My husband is in medical school. So I think I can tell the difference between “smart” and “intelligent.” Honestly, the only reason I stumbled upon this website is because my Grandma reads it and sent me a link to this article. I am completely horrified by some of the comments on this forum and I’m really disappointed in the feelings that some people had. I thought racism had died out…. apparently not.

    • James D. Burke

      Shannon, my intention was not to damn you in any way. I’m just at a loss by some of your statements. We are living in a world characterized by mass deception every where one looks. I have spent the last 44 years reading and further investigating international economics, politics and religion. I am a “Born Again” believer in Jesus Christ who became tired of hearing Liberal Preachers make excuses for revolutionaries who started “sit-ins” and ended up breaking glass and entering in to business establishments and looting, killing and calling police “pigs.” Liberal preachers doing “social gospel” is sickening, unbiblical and leads to Liberation Theology and produces people like Jeremiah Wright who our president listened to for 20 years. It was Obama’s former pastor who cursed this country.
      Being a Phd, or MD or LLD does not grant carte blanche knowledge to all things. Again, this isn’t meant to degrade. It is meant for good.

    • Shannon

      So, even though Jesus taught that the “poor will inherit the earth” and that we should be kind to all people, you hate poor people? That’s basically what you are saying. Not only do you not want the government to assist the underprivileged but you are ALSO against private institutions doing so.

      Let me ask you something, are you on Medicare? That’s “socialized” medicine. Do you drive on federal-funded roads? You should probably stop. Do you go to the library to do all of this research? That’s socialized money going into that library, it’s probably tainted with the thoughts of communists! Run away! Do you give to charity? I think you should take your donation back if you do, because that’s a part of social justice. I hope you understand my sarcasm.

    • Raymond

      Obama is a muslim which means he’s a satanist.

    • Shannon

      I would love to hear your reasoning on that, but I just haven’t the time or the energy to devote to your tilted views.

    • Raymond

      If you were a REAL Christian you wouldn’t
      ask a question like that. You’re a phony.

    • Shannon

      REAL Christians don’t hate other people. How many times did Jesus talk about love in the Bible? Tons! He just wanted us to love each other.

      It seems to me that you’re the phony, here. At least I have peace in my heart.

    • Shannon

      Also, finding evidence and arguing a point is what I am going to do for a living. Literally any argument you say I can poke a hole in. I dare you to try.


    • James D. Burke

      Ok Shannon, My agument is short: God is Holy and God is Eternal. God cannot lie and He is faithful. When we are saved His truth abides IN us.

    • Shannon


      While I agree with what you said, it’s not an argument. Arguments are comprised of premises and conclusions. You just stated facts.

      If you really want to live in a country that has one religion, then you should move. This is a diverse country, where Christians can co-mingle with Jews and atheists and Muslims and Buddhists and everyone can live their lives without fear of persecution. You are unamerican if you disagree with me, because it is what the founders intended.

    • Raymond

      You’re not a real Christian.

    • Shannon

      Yeah. Okayyy. You win. (sarcasm)

  • http:Windowslive Kcatt

    Okay guys,,,let’s just ignore the girl who has no idea about what she’s talking about.
    Obviously she just wants to stir us up. And it’s even iffy about who she pretends to be.
    A real enlightened christian would see through the joker. The devil has a lot of followers and some of them even attend churches.

    • Shannon

      If you can’t see that you are all full of hate and misconceptions, then I feel bad for you. You will spend the rest of your lives afraid of those who are different from you and continue to ignore the truth.

      Jesus taught us to love our neighbors and to treat each other with respect. Not name-call, tell lies, and hate another man so much that you would say terrible things about him.

      You can’t call yourself a Christian if you continue to act in this manner.

    • Are you Serious

      I can only speak for myself. I am truly filled with hate for Muslims period. Every last one of them. Their gutter religion teaches nothing but hate for non-believers. They actively teach death to anyone that disagrees with them. When the last Muslim is dead, there will be a slight chance of peace in the world. Not until!!!!!!

    • Shannon

      Well if your heart is filled with hate, then there isn’t much room for Christ’s love, is there? You are the kind of person I would not want to be associated with as a member of the Christian community.

    • Are You Serious

      Jesus Christ will triumph over the evil Muslim gutter religion. I will be right there when it happens one way or another.

    • Raymond

      Shannon, I’ve read some of your posts and
      it’s clear that you’re not a Christian. You’re a fake.

    • James D. Burke

      Shannon, who says we have to be filled with hate in order to determine the truth about Islam. Haven’t they announced time and time again their intention to kill anyone who will not convert to Islam? I don’t know of a single true believer in Christ who has any hate in his heart for anyone. True believers Shannon, don’t hate. It doesn’t mean either that Christians should turn their children over to be indoctrinated by a religion of hate. It is death and hate that is in the heart of Islam. In the heart of true Christian believers there is joy unspeakable and gull of glory. Persecution cannot destroy the joy of true believers in Jesus Christ. I stress “true” believers. Those who were born again thru the work of God the Holy Spirit according to John 6: 44.Look it up. “Christian” is not synonymous with “fool.” There can be no Hegelian Dialect between True Christianity and Islam. Christianity is about eternal light and life with the maker of the heavens and the earth. Islam is about darkness and death. Eternity will be glory for the one and hell for the other. Where do you stand?

    • Shannon

      Raymond, who are you?

      I could easily say the same about you. Because I’ve read your posts and your heart is, like many others, filled with hate.

      I could easily make up lies about you as well, not knowing anything about you. I was baptised in a Lutheran church in Chicago, I was confirmed in the United Church of Christ, the same church I was married in a few years ago. I actually was thinking about becoming a minister before eventually deciding to go to law school instead. My uncle was a Lutheran minister and preached the love of God. So I think I know a thing or two about being a Christian.

      But thanks for spreading lies about me anyways. Very Christian of you.

    • Her Capitan Fick

      Just wait till they get the Sheria law! You will wish you listened!

    • Shannon

      First of all it’s Sharia, and second of all that will NEVER happen. I don’t know why all of a sudden everyone is afraid of this happening, but there is absolutely no chance of that kind of law happening here in the US. We follow the constitution. Sure, we have morality behind our laws, but we never specifically would create religious laws such as Sharia law.

    • Are You Serious

      It’s already happening in some courts in this country. Wake up lady !!!

    • Shannon

      Well if you are referring to what happened in the 10th Circuit court in Oklahoma then you will be disheartened to know that the 10th circuit court blocked an anti-sharia ballot initiative which was approved by voters. However, this was struck down. The court said of the ruling, “Given the lack of evidence of any concrete problem, any harm seek to remedy with the proposed amendment is speculative at best. Delayed implementation of a measure that does not appear to address any immediate problem will generally not cause material harm, even if the measure were eventually found to be constitutional and enforceable.”

      Honestly I think they should be charged for wasting the court’s time.

    • Constance

      If you’re story is true, Shannon, you are too close to be objective. Not only are they trying to push Sharia Law, they also have the government following Islam rules of finance. Oklahom voted overwhelmingly to ban Sharia Law (70% of its citizens). But, a Muslim complained and found a liberal judge that reversed this decision. If it is true that we will always follow the Constitution of the United States there should have been no problem with banning Sharia Law. For a law student, you are very ignorant. Islam is not just a religion, it is a total way of life and runs the government and its laws. You are being brainwashed or you are very naive. I know this because because I worked at a Christian-Muslim seminary. The Muslims are waiting for the Madhi. Until then, they will be friendly, etc. because their religion teaches them that it is acceptable to do this if it furthers Islam. Obama is not Christian because that church he went to spouted hate of America. Jesus wants us to love our neighbors, but He is the Son of God, not one prophet among many. When Mohammed came up with Islam he was confused about Jews and Christians. He puts woman of the Bible in the wrong timeline, etc. Take more time to read about the real Islam. Mohammed beheaded over 500 men in the early days of Islam. Ask your Muslim relatives if a perfect man would murder and ransack his neighbors? Do it! The radical Muslims have the religion right! May God have mercy on your soul when you meet Him in the next world.

    • emerutil

      Don’t be too sure!

    • Shannon

      Constance, I’m sorry but you’re wrong. Yes, citizens organized a ballot initiative. But guess what? The courts council is comprised of THREE judges- an Obama appointee, a Carter appointee and a Bush appointee and the UNANIMOUSLY voted that the ballot initiative was a waste of time.

      Why do I know this? Because I looked up the court transcripts.

  • red-white-blue

    These idiots that think their MIDDLE-EAST monies help our country, are dumber than a 5th grader! The future of our children, and grandchildren are at stake. This is their way of taking over! We happen to love Christianiy, and our freedoms. That will all be gone. Muslims should keep their crap,and stay where they are. If I remember my history correctly, it sure wasn*t Mohammed Columbus, who discovered America! Reject Islam, and anything to do with these people!

    • Are you Serious

      Amen brother, Amen!!!

  • shawn corrigan

    collectivist communist and nazi’s is right. they always go for the children. it works. young skulls full of mush. and they use them against us. no need for the truth when the youth will believe the socialist lies.

  • richard holmes

    We cneed to rid the US of all these Godless satan lovers by any means necessary.

  • Booklady

    You people are crazy! Those books aren’t being used in Oklahoma. Where do you find crap like this? You just want to try to scare the ignorant Okies into believing this so you can rule by fear.

  • Father Time

    One good reason not to pour billions of dollars into the Board of Education.

  • Manuel Rodriguez

    First thing Castro did was to remove children from their families and brain-wash them. Our children are being brain-washed by the left brain media/communist progressives.

  • Gwen

    Why are we buying our school books from Saudi Arabia in the first place? Another example of outsourcing our jobs to foreign countries.

    Please people read The Dumbing of America if you can find it, this started in the mid sixties that the Board of Education started changing the way the kids were taught. The result is they can’t reason out anything let alone pass an exit exam to get out of high school. The schools need to clean house and get back to basics the three R’s so that if they are not able to afford College they can still be functional adults. This whole thing is just so ridicilous it is pathetic.

  • Brad

    Of course they discovered America. Everyone knows they rode their camels across the Atlantic.

  • illinoisboy

    If you have children, grandchildren or are fond of your friend’s children; Then sacrifice , save money, take an extra job, come out of retirement, stop smoking,drinking or other vice and use that money, do wahtever you must to send those kids to a good Christian private school.

  • SteveB

    Now why didn’t NASA (The NEW NASA) know about Muslims finding America? Surely they must have galactic information that proves these many claims; just like the ones that “prove” Muslims are behind almost all scientific discoveries. I just wish they would show, and prove, just one.

  • rowley

    They did Not discover America but they did enslave Africans and sell them to traffickers who put them on the slave ships to the New World.


    This is crap. If I got hold of one of those books I would burn it and I would burn the Koran with it. Both are lies and they are made up to make Islam look good. They are murderers and nothing else. They had nothing to do with discovering America or settling America. That is just a lie. Something they are famous for. Never believe what you hear about Islam with checking it out. They never had a thing to do with this country in the settlement or discovery. That is a lie. The books should be confiscated and burned and everyone should have a Koran burned with it. Both a
    are lies and to get rid of a lie is a good think. Islam is a liar and has no credibility.

    • Shannon

      You know who else burned books? The Nazis. The KKK. They all believed that they were doing “right by the Lord”, too. They also wanted to eliminate those that were different. And look how we look upon them today, certainly not favorably. You call Obama Hitler and yet, in a free country, you want to eliminate an entire religion from it? Sounds like you need to look back in history.

  • knowsit

    Since Newt has studied American History, had a professorship at a college, can we then expect him to review the garbage that is currently taught in K12 education, Islam without the violence that accompanied its expansion over its entire 1,350 years of history.

  • btb

    catholic schools, sent 4 kids there, still have the fear of god, respect for there elders and respect for life

  • jb80538

    Yeah right, muslims discovered America….And the Pope is jewish!

  • Raymond

    Censored once again by Patriot Update.

  • Richard Gibbard

    Does this mean that the Muslims will now get the blame for the destruction of the Native American races? The descendants of Christopher Columbus will be amused, I’m sure.

    • I miss America

      It’s okay for this outright lie? Even worse, their going after children. How long, America, until we can find some legal way to keep our National Identity? Violence is out. Cyberwarfare is the next battlefield. Right now a 3rd Party is not an option. Too much rides on ousting the Trojan Horse, dictator wannabe. I pray God will intervene. I encourage everyone to pray to God for honorable leaders.

    • Jek Silberstein

      Let’s Pray right now.–Almighty G-d, We are in desparate straits, because we have fallen-away from your dictates in the Bible. We do BEG, NOW,and in the coming weeks, that you reveal the worthy leader that you could support, and we can also. We ask this in Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.

    • http://toastnet Lous


    • Jek Silberstein

      Ancient Cretans were here first, with archialogical “proof” from Minoan ship-wrecks over 5,000 years old. The Cretans had mined copper from the Keewanau Pennisula of the Northern portion(Upper Pennisula) of the State of Michigan,–the purest source of copper (nearly 100%)in the World. They had to have crossed the Atlantic, gone up the St.Lawrence, through the Great Lakes to Lake Superior to have mined the Keewanau. Islam was founded in the 7th or 8th century AD. Phonecians(later Carthage) had gotten to Brazil, again, WAY before Islam.

    • John Hand

      No no no. Archaeological, must be spelled correctly in order for it to be ‘proof.’ Oh my, did I spell that correctly? (Going from memory, hee hee)

    • Ross

      No, but they sure get the blame for invading Europe and Palestine/Israel/Holy Land hundreds of years BEFORE the Crusades, not to mention the siege of Constantinople on the EUROPEAN continent, and the bloody infighting over who the leader of Islam.

    • Jackson – TX

      Well, the islamic calendar is in the 1400’s while the internationally recognized calendar is at 2012 AD; Who is running about 600 years behind?

  • Bob Dressler

    Won’t the Russians get mad if the Muslims begin taking credit for everything?

    • Jek Silberstein

      Dear Bob, Those Russians that are Globalists, will NOT “care” about supporting Islamists, because Islam is supposed to be USED by the Globalists as the point of the spear against ALL religion. The dangerous fundamentalist-Muslims supposedly don’t realize what the Globalist End Goal is. Putin has a Muslim son, his bets are hedged.

    • John Hand

      Dear Jek, Bob was jesting.

    • Southern Girl

      Let’s hope so!

  • James D. Burke

    Americans discovered Islam on 911. And what did we discover? Answer: A religion of death.

    • Judy

      I think the inmates are running the asylum!

  • KJenkinsAF

    Loop holes in the Title VI Education Act, need to become a political issue.

  • Linda

    Read the book, Eurabia, by Bat Ye’Or. This is a very interesting book. It will show you just how devious these people are. In it, Bat points out how Islam is trying to co-opt Christianity by trying to make everyone believe that Christianity is rooted in Islam. Their claim is of course false. Our roots are from the Jews. Jesus was a Jew. He was not Arab. The only thiong rooted in Islam is their Moon God and their false prophet Muhammed.

    • Hal

      You hit the nail on the head!!!
      When are we the people going to get some justice? This is a horror of a crime being perpetrated on ALL of us. We are AMERICANS!!! How long do we have to put up with this B.S. ??? I want congressional hearings on this NOWWW!!!!!!

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    Just another example as to the veracity of my admonition that: ‘If you want to know what life would be like under Sharia and/or in a Caliphate, ask an Armenian”.

  • Edna

    Everything about Islam is rooted in deception.
    They cant prove Muhammad is a prophet biblically, yet they are undeterred in their opinion that he is. Muh’d doesnt qualify the criteria for prophethood from Gen 21:12
    Abraham was Hebrew (Gen 14:13) not MUSLIM!
    2nd, we DO NOT share Gods b/c ours created us from His own image as proved in Gen 1:26-27 & Gen 9:6; yet all muslims admit their god, allah, HAS NO IMAGE!
    3rd, the entire quran is [FABRICATED] b/c no muslim can prove Jesus spoke as a baby or uttered the words: allah & muslim
    We worship YHWH, Jehovah, I AM, Yeshua, etc. …not allah.

    • I miss America

      This an outright Church and State violation. Let’s turn this back on them. Any one no if ACLU or someone would file on our behalf? I mean no 10 commandments, nativity scene, Merry Christmas, teaching of Christ in public school textbooks. Let’s use their terms and go after them.

  • unclebarry1

    OMG I said that this would happen but I never expected it to happen so soon. Yet apparently its been happening for a while. The question is what are we going to do?

  • El Lobo Solo

    Next thing, the Muslims will be saying they discovered Virgins.

  • Devil Dog, USMC DAV


    • El Lobo Solo

      Right On Devil Dog!
      Check out your local school system. Run for the next school board elections. Many of these “wild eyed” radicals that are teaching this garbage got their politcial start there. Lets take it back.
      BUT, it is the 3 big text book companies that have really been infiltrated by the above mentioned & pander to the largestt & most Liberal school districts because that is where the $$$ is.

      Find another school book outlet & do business with them.

    • Big Mike

      Nail on the head lobo, this is where we start the protests and boycotts… is the publishers and the nea that are responsible for the lies and revisionist clap-trap that serves as the foundation of our educational system…and we wonder WHY our children are SO STUPID, we are being led by the nose by godless TRAITORS to the slaughter. Our schools are nothing less than indoctrination camps emphasizing the demonic doctrine of “political correctness” with it’s foul roots in marxist social-engineering. Find the names of ALL involved and you will discover a very interesting connection dealing primarily with the “synagogue of satan”. Who runs the mass-media?? It is not just the schools but every facet of what we see and hear everyday through the news, papers, tv and movies. THESE people are the enemies of freedom and our great CHRISTIAN-FOUNDED country–GOD BLESS AMERICA–death to it’s enemies!

  • James

    Just recently read a book, “1431” i believe was the title. English author opined that the Chinese had sailed the world and discovered the new world. Did the Arabs become sailors because they owned “Ships of the Desert”?

    • Riverdweller

      Good one James. And the camels didn’t even need to use up their humps !! 😉

  • Ridge Runner

    These people are like a fellow here tjat said he was driving into this small town at the speed rate of a 110 mph and a car pulled out in front of him. He said i knew i couldn’t stop so i just turned around and went back the way i came from.

  • fat cow says

    its funny these people have done nothing but fight each other where did they get the time to discover anything,im american indian and amish and i dont see any of this crap written in my family history at all ,if obacrap is trying to change every bodys way of thinking he needs to start all over beside he knows nothing about american history,let alone the differents between a man and a women,the muslim are nuts if they think they discovered anything here who ever wrote this had to be drunk or mentally ill

    • Tim

      (demon possessed?)

  • Jimmy Martin

    Phoenicians discovered the New World (evidence in Mexico), Vikings discovered the New World, Chinese discovered the New World, maybe even Polynesians…but so what! If you plant a forest with seeds that don’t grow, you didn’t plant a forest.Columbus was not the first, but his discovery sparked the Age of Discovery and changed the world. His seeds took!

    • I miss America

      You sure Kenya didn’t “discover” North America? I know some of ’em seem to be irresponsibly trying to help repopulate parts of Eastern Asia…..

    • Mike

      How does anyone discover a place that is already inhabited? Anyone who still believes that Columbus discovered America probably still believes the earth is flat. There was trade going on between Europe, the Middle east, the far East and the Americas since at least the Phonecians. Since trade is the preferred method for Muslims to earn a living and the Moors were a seagoing people and didn’t believe that the earth was flat why wouldn’t they have headed west to look for stuff to trade? It’s why the Vikings ended up here and Columbus. Don’t forget Columbus found the Americas by accident.

  • Buck Ofama

    This is not going to return to sanity until WE do. Until we STOP VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS, until we STOP illegals and terrorists from flooding our borders, until we STOP ALLOWING A KENYAN to occupy the White House, this madness will not stop.

  • John Nyce

    For the real facts on Isalm see and look up “CURSE ON ISLAM”

  • D. Joel

    Of course arabs discoverd America first. How else did all the goats get here.

  • marie

    making kids dress like a Muslim? Realy! It will be a COLD day in HELL if my grandkids dress like this if this isn’t their religion. You take OUR religion out of our schools but put this trype of religion in it!!??? WTH!?!!
    You can teach about Allah but not God and we can’t even say Gods name in our schools in our Pledge of Allegiance!? That is so messed up!!!

    • I miss America

      Amen. I suggest e-mail your state’s district representative. And express 2 or 3 concerns. We are too silent out here, to the people who want to be re-elected. I remind mine I vote for Dem or Repub, if the promote my values and belief system. About once a month I contact mine. And they do make a personal answer. So, be sensible and judiciuos with your words. God bless you and yours.

    • Lee Baldwin

      Just REFUSE to obey that carp, marie.

    • Brian

      IF I had kids, (I don’t) it would also be snowballs in Hades for me to have them dress up as Muslims, Hindus or any other religion than the one they would be taught by me and my church, which is Christianity.

  • Billy Buggins

    Which all goes to show that as long as you feed, water and entertain them, some people will believe anything!

  • Marianna Gorczyca

    As far back as the 80’s, when my son was in school, my husband & I regularly corrected our sons reading material & provided alternatives. The political correctness & outright mistakes were appalling. The basics which were NOT being taught to him: unconscionable. He thought we were nuts – the peer pressure is almost greater than family. However, his brain bounced it around for many years & he thanks us now.

    • I miss America

      Way too many folks are parents in absentia. And play the role of bystander. By the way.. what ever happened to the hippie Mantra “question authority”?

  • I miss America

    Go to website and find your Representative. For your District. Then, keep it short,to the point. Don’t sound nutty,violent,etc. And e-mail your concerns. I do. But don’t e-mail constantly. And address maybe no more than 3 valid concerns. Mine e-mailed back in 3 days.

  • Brian

    Just wondering–were there any Muslims on the crew of Columbus’ ships at the time he sailed? Never saw that in the history books.

  • TB

    Pssshhh! There is evidence that the Vikings actually discovered North America, but the Muzzies? Yeah right, they’ve barely discovered toilet paper.

  • Kelly

    Alright, time to start banning Islam in the United States!!! Islam is not a religion in the first place…it’s created from the mindset and mentality of a murderer whom saw himself as a prophet since he was challenged on religion from the Jews back in his time (Muhammed knew nothing about what religion was!) Muhammed didn’t like it when he was rejected and he had those who rejected him killed/murdered…he created Islam and fooled people in his time by lying to them. Muhammed was just another Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein of his time..that’s all he was. Muslims/Moslems who follow Islam today in this present time follow the mindset and mentality of evil (Muhammed). Check out

    It’s time to start banning Islam from our home land, the United States! Italy banned Islam…and so can the United States!!!

  • Dan

    I did not know that camels could swim that far

  • Raymond

    Shannon says:
    January 24, 2012 at 12:22 am
    Raymond, who are you?

    I could easily say the same about you. Because I’ve read your posts and your heart is, like many others, filled with hate.

    I could easily make up lies about you as well, not knowing anything about you. I was baptised in a Lutheran church in Chicago, I was confirmed in the United Church of Christ, the same church I was married in a few years ago. I actually was thinking about becoming a minister before eventually deciding to go to law school instead. My uncle was a Lutheran minister and preached the love of God. So I think I know a thing or two about being a Christian.

    But thanks for spreading lies about me anyways. Very Christian of you.

    How does one become a real Christian?
    Let’s examine the evidence.

    The Light of The World

  • luvUSA

    There is a darkness over the USA right now, and it must not be ignored. I am an art teacher in the public schools, and I am able to see first hand how the government has slowly pushed their secular ideas on our students. Since Obama has been President it is as if a bull dozer has come in and quickly passed anti-christian laws without the public knowing. Mainstream media does not cover it so people have no idea. Teachers are bombarded with constant testing of students, and never have time to actually teach. The NEA is working hard to confuse teachers with state standards that change every year. Teachers are never able to stick to a particular way of teaching. The inconsistancy trickles down to the students, and they end up worse off not better. I just wish that teachers would shut their doors, ignore the NEA, and go back to basics. I believe it is simple; the day that public schools turned their back on God was the beginning of the public school system’s down hill spiral. Without a doubt if Obama is elected another four years we are finished. Christians will be persecuted in America. It is already happening. I try to teach American history along with art, and its true our students know nothing about history. Dont blame the teachers, because they are being dictated what they must teach by the liberal secular NEA “National Education Association.” Go on line and google, the dumbing down of western civilization.

  • John Hand

    I just found this bit, and by the number of replies, it must be old. Just like to say, I would like to hear more about which schools SPECIFICALLY are using these textbooks?

  • Othello

    ok, right . And I have ocean front property in Arizona.
    When are we going to realize that the NEA is CHANGING history to meet their needs. If kids are not taught history, even the really bad parts HISTORY WILL REPEAT ITSELF!

  • Bruce Leonatti

    Where do I sign up for the web seminar

  • Mariann Collins

    I definitely agree with luvUSA. I have two daughters who are teachers. The one affected the most by the Liberal thoughts is the one that teaches in the city system. She is a terrific teacher but is hampered by the NEA and their antics. Teacher’s have to stick to the basics and do their best to give the students the info they need such as phonics in English – History of the USA and the world around them – math starting from the basics – a foundation is necessary for our children to strive and achieve what’s best for them to get along in this very diverse world. Our present President is selling the USA down the river by having the outsiders come here to do the contract work on our infrastructures instead of our own workers. I’m surprised we haven’t heard from the Unions around the country screaming about this outrageous injustice to our citizens and hard working people by Pres. Obama.

  • bubu

    Is it just the moslem thingies you want to corrected?
    Or will details about N.Amer being discovered long before Columbus (agent for the catholic Spanish dictators/monarchs) mistakenly hit the Bahamas in 1492 (i.e. he was aiming for Japan/Nippon).

    Will details finally be presented about the US genocide against the Native Americans, or about how every ‘treaty’ was a scam to eventually steal the lands and displace those Indians?

    and fyi, gesus was Christ’s protestant nickname (no J in english alphabet till 16th century), his mother and Disciples called him Yeshua (i.e. means G is salvation).

  • Dingbat36

    What is this, the Muslim attempt to pump up their resume? As far as I can tell, their last “discovery” of any importance was the zero.

    They have done exactly zero since!

  • John Hardman

    NASA has been denying for years that there is absolutely no truth to their Moon photos of a apparently ancient space craft crash site.
    The Star and Crescent is plainly visible emblazoned on the remains of an obvious space vehicle of some sort.
    The moon rover was brought into service according to NASA spokesman to lay to rest all the speculation on exactly what this thing might be.
    Unfortunately as the moon rover manuvered closer to the object for a better vantage point; the whole thing blew up just like those IED explosives we saw in the Middle Eastern Wars.

  • Americanfakes

    Can’t accept the truth what a shame arrogant people won’t accept no matter what you say.They just can’t take it that it was the Muslim .

  • Americanfakes

    Will always live in conspiracy these people.

  • Mable Austin

    You people should be a shame of your self. This is our country Not any one els.So if you so want to help them Muslim . why not go to them and leave the rest of us in peace…I do wish we can send Obama home back to Muslim and then fine a man not women but a man to run this country right. we never had all this dumb talk of leting ppl come here with out going doing it the right way or this crap about Muslim . finding this country first. come on now ppl wake up

  • MemphisMama

    Well if the Muslims showed up here before Columbus they were all killed by Eric the Red’s Vikings.

  • Terry Adams-Stromsky
  • tasharina1

    You are the only one using vulgarity and discourteous behavior calling, I guess, everyone on here bigots. Just because you find the truth offensive doesn’t mean you should call everybody names. If you want to disagree or discuss things, then you need to bring up specifically what someone said and explain why it is wrong and you find it offensive. Drive by name calling, just makes you appear to be immature and hateful.