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Barak Says Iran Sanctions Have Further to Go Before Military Hit

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak called for “tight, ratcheted up” sanctions against Iran to force the country to abandon its nuclear ambitions and said the political process had further to go before a military strike.

“We’re still in the sanctions stage and we expect them to become even more tight,” Barak said at a press conference today in Tokyo at the end of a four-day visit. “I think there is consensus in most capitals of the world that Iran should not be allowed to turn into a nuclear military power.”

Military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities must be considered before the country achieves “the same kind of immunity as Kim Jong Il,” Barak said, referring to the deceased North Korean leader who defied international pressure to abandon nukes. The U.S. and Europe have increased sanctions to get the Islamic republic to negotiate and head off conflict in a region holding more than half of the world’s oil reserves.

Iran says its enrichment of uranium is for civilian use while Israel says it is aimed at making weapons.

The international community needs “tight, ratcheted up sanctions against Iran, not only oil but sanctions against the central bank and removing its access to international clearing systems,” Barak said. “This should be done definitively and without delay.”

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  • nvrpc

    Forget the sanctions. Just deliver deserts as I have suggested many times before with no remorse and without warning, then takew over the oil and get it down to 29 cents a gallon once again as it was when I was young. There is no reason in the world to be paying $4 to $9 a gallon while making the Q-tips billionares especially when the other socailist punks as you can see are paying 9 cents a gallon.

    • Captain PJ

      Quite frankly, what you say may have some real plausibility. In fact, even when I was a Special Forces Team Commander in 1984-85; the United States military had a contingency plan to seize and control the oil in various Middle eastern nations. Needless, to say, our old nemisis, the Soviet military, had a similar contingency plans.

      I’m not worried about Iran putting up much of a fight against our forces, if it come to that. I’m more concerned of those nations which will come to the support of Iran, such as Russia and China. It almost seems like Biblical prophesy fulfilled, doesn’t it?

  • Shane

    Iran is America’s number one enemy, and we must destroy their nuclear facilities before they get a nuke bomb. The people running Iran are religious fanatics who want to bring on Armageddon.

    • nvrpc

      Shane, this can all be done without sending in a single ground troop and by use of our technology. The problem is you have a gutless swine muslim mole in the whitehouse with no balls and may in fact be gay. he and his socialist democratic cartel are afraid of pubic and world opinion when they shuld be standing tall and giving them all the international peace sign on national TV and making it very clear their BS will not be tolerated at all cost. We need someone like the teflon don runing the whitehouse not some sissy wimp AH.

    • Captain PJ

      You are absolutely correct on both statments. We do possess the military capabiltiy and/or technological superiority to take out the Iranian nuclear program and their military command and control and even their political infrastructure in one massive preemptive strike; wiithout the use of ground troops. And, with minimal collateral dame to the Iranian people. The real question, of course, is what would it take for our president to actually hasten the inevitable?

    • patriot2

      I’m not sure that russia & china would go to war over iran,but I DO know that if iran gets nukes we are going to be one of the first targets of terrorists armed with them.obama may not think(or care)about terrorists getting them but then he’s an idiot.

  • Bree

    Absolutely Iran is America’s number one enemy and Israel is our only alli in the Middle East surrounded by terrorist nations. Uhud Barak is the most diplomatic defense minister in the world. Iran has lied and threathened both the US and Israel with their continued build up of nuclear weapons. Time is running out and they have been given every chance to stop what would be a global war because Iran is backed by Russia, China, North Korea and the Arab States. Israel though capable of taking out Iran would immediately be plunged into all out war with the allies of Iran and Israel is well aware of this. Even so they are willing to exhaust all measures through sanctions, etc. to prevent what is far greater than just “blowing up” Iran. Their courage and valor is commendable. We must support Israel.

    • Bree

      This just in from FBIS News Service, Russia says, ” we are neighbors, any attack on Iran is an attack on Moscow.” That’s all we need to hear from Russia.

    • nvrpc

      To bad Russia, we’re coming to take out that S-O-B at the dinner table and if you don’t want some of the same start the F out of it. Oil needs to be back to 29 cents a gallon world wide.

    • Bree

      Sorry nvrpc, that is never as in NEVER going to happen. Who do you think is going to take out anybody at the dinner table? Certainly not Obama, the one who wouldn’t even consider taking down Ben Laden. No, he’s going to make Israel do that and Israel will be the sacrificial lamb. When that happens you won’t be worried about gas prices, because it’s going to be absolute disaster and world war III. Get ready. – Oh, and Iran says they will have 40,000 missels in waiting for the U.S. This is only one reason why Obama should never be cutting our defense. He puts us in a position of weakness not power.

    • nvrpc

      I would have already done it if I were running the show. The AH for IRAN would have gotten one phone call. Get the oil prices down to 29 cents a gallon and stop all uranium enrichment or you won’t ever get to spend a dime more. He would have had 24 hours to comply and from that day on he’d be a target of which I would have already given the order to terminate with extreme prejudice and without remorse at all cost. This same policy would be SOP for all those who cause me heartache and I wouldn’t lose a nights sleep or a day without a good meal. We need a leader with balls not a whoose

  • MakpatHi

    About obummer and his Comments—I say ”LIAR-LIAR, pants on FIRE!!! AAAAACKHH Madinajad Ain’t (FOR EMPHASIS) listening to your rhetoric obummer—to him,
    You, (to imitate your MSM) AIN’T (AGAIN FOR EMPHASIS),
    MUSLIM enuf !!!!

  • MakpatHi

    All i can say is i’m ready. KYPD

  • Josie Wales

    I have known all my life 64yrs, that Russia was the true enemy of the Americans….I am pleased to hear that their intention is to side with Iran, against Israel, and USA….Nearly 3000 years this was predicted to happen in several of the OT books, and confirmed by John in the NW…The Almighty speaks how He will put a hook into the mouth of Gog and Magog…..Russia, and her leader, Putin, i believe……G0d will put the hook into their mouth and draw them to the valley of Meggido, so God Himself destroy all their armies 5/6 of the Russian military….And the armies of the world arried against Israel…..And then He will usher in that millianum of peace……Hurry and come soon, L0rd Jesus

  • rams375

    This person they call a President does not have the cojones necessary to face these countries that spit on our flag but drool over the money we give.

  • http://google Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

    This goober will wait until a bunch of Americans have been killed and at that point they will have to through him in shackles and go over and bomb the hell out of the muslim sob’s. It is sad the people of this country has a traitor in our white house.

  • Damon

    Israel is the number one ally the United States has in the middle east to stay true to help protect our interests. I say bomb Iran at all costs and the heck with what Russia says. Watch Russia coward down. If we allow Iran to obtain the nuclear missiles without striking them than we will be in much worse shape later on. Imagine Iran with the nuclear bomb. The little threats will grow and they will be more inclined to use their power to block the Straht of Hormuz to weaken the United States.

  • nvrpc

    By the way people. Bombing the nuclear power plant or the Pu enrichment plant is not the answer to brining down Iran , it’s entire country and obtaining all the rights to the oil fiedls which could lead to 29 cents a gallon again. It cutting off the head of the snake and all of its cartel members with on big serving of HE while gathered in a central locations whereby ALL the sh-it heads / q-tips are wiped out at once. You people need to take some lessons from the Godfather and understand how to deal with your adversaries in a most understanding manner one that’ll register for life and /or eternity. One that’s curtail any further BS into the future. One that defines your adversaries expectations and draws a line in the sand whereby if it is crossed, you’ll not live to see tomorrow again. When are you people going to learn how to take aout an enemy and win? So far you’re bating a “zero” that’s to the UN and wimps in the congresss, senate and the whitehouse.

  • BobinPa.

    Bomb, Bomb, Bomb,- – Bomb, Bomb, IRAN, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, — Bomb, Bomb, IRAN.


    Yep, most of us are thinking you will do some thing really stupid long about a week prior to the election that is going to remove you from office….