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Eastwood’s Ad: The Untold Obama Connection

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This year’s most discussed Super Bowl ad—a two-minute spot for Chrysler narrated by Clint Eastwood—continues to generate controversy in conservative political circles, where a host of questions have been raised about the automaker’s alleged motives for commissioning the advertisement.

In the days ahead, similar politically charged queries also are likely to be raised about the highly regarded Portland Oregon-based ad agency that produced the spot—Wieden+Kennedy, some of whose key creative professionals privately supportedBarack Obama in the 2008 election.

Several members of the Wieden+Kennedy team that produced the Eastwood spot were among the creative professionals who privately supported Obama’s first election campaign. Creative directorAaron Allen, for example, created a striking poster, called “United the States of America,” on candidate Obama’s behalf. The poster shows an Obama silhouette bringing together red and blue spheres meant to represent America’s partisan division. His official bio notes that he “also works on personal art projects, including a poster for the 2008 Obama campaign that was shown in several galleries and publications.”

The ad’s art director, Jimm Lasser, created an entire art exhibit in New York around Nike-style shoes bearing Obama’s image. Another of the creative directors, Michael Tabtabai has used his Twitter account recently to send out the message “Obama x Incredible Hulk. America STRONG!” and linking to an image of an action doll of the president looking like the comic book super hero.

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  • Captain PJ

    This was a “feel good” ad which should not have been exploited by the Obama administration for political means. First, the bailout was not a success. Both GM and Chrysler still owe the American tax payers several billion and there is a good chance they won’t pay that back due to a loophole Obama provided them. We could have saved billions if they would have filed bankruptsy and restructured and moved forward. This bailout was to save the UAW not the car companies.

    • Nellie CA

      My husband worked for Union for years, 25 gov plant as union and supervisor. He was fed up with the waste and hiring policy. He went back to Union employee as he was tired of night shift as supervisor. He was over construction maintiance. When we were on vacation his day job was given to a refugee. When he went to the Union they wouldn’t help him. Gave his a choice, retire or go back on nights as a supervisor. He was more valuable to the company as a supervisor. He retired and lost his company part of retirement. After 7 years they had used his retirement money to pay his “then” S.S at age 56 to 62,
      If the American Citizens think their job is safe with the Union “Obama’s Union” they have a in for a big loss as the Muslims will get the jobs. Cause more problems with packing sheds and Tyson has had more then their share of problems with Union and Muslims.

    • John P

      I had a simular incident with the union I had belonged. My problem was I filed a grievence agaist shop supervivor, I did not get a hearing, I went on vacation, the hearing was to be when I returned. While I was gone I was termanated. The union would not even hear the former ggrievence and refused to accept a grievence on wrongfull termanation. I signed the out of work list and told I would have to have hearing to determine if I was out of work.Needdless to say the BA and I had a very heated conversation,ending with him almost taking a trip throough his second floor window.

    • Navy Vet

      Nellie : So why can’t union members see when they are getting screwed? I called on union manufacturing plants for many years and I can tell you that–the only people who benefit form unions are the officers and the Democrat party. I always wondered why union members were such suckers. They thought their jobs were protected by unions while being used for their dues contributions.

    • Robert

      When I left the military (as an officer) I went to a government job (the Postal Service) that has far too much Union Interference. They protect the druggies, drunks and friends. Ofcourse, management protects their mistresses, girlfriends and anyone with silicone… as big boobs are worth more than an MBA.

    • carguy427

      Plus, the GM bondholders got zip. Bond holders would normally be the FIRST to be paid. Instead it was the UAW. What does this mean in the future? Who will buy bonds in the future and think that they are a reliable investment? From now on, if a company goes bad and they think the Gummint might decide to get involved the bondholders will sell as soon as they smell failure.

    • Deb

      How can they take away all the benefits owe the USA a bunch of money but can buy million dollar ads…….. just saying!


      Least we forget that FIAT is now the majority owner of Chrysler and enjoying a very nice ROI as a result,….overseas? I love FORD!!

    • bill

      I had a ford Pick-up truck…. it wasn’t MADE IN AMERICA… It was made in Canada. I Hate Fords.


      **BINGO**… Nothing but “political posturing” – and I’m very surprised that Eastwood went along with this, as he is a registered “Republican”!! This will cost him a lot of “lost respect”!!

    • Texas001

      When this commercial played I realized immediately that the half time Eastwood was talking about was the middle of nobama’s terms as POTUS. And then he goes on to say the second half was be better. I always liked Eastwood but no more and this commercial did not “make my day”. It was pure political in nature and promoting nobama for a second term.


      Clint Eastwood is a liberal. Always has been and always will be. He probably voted for Obama just like most of Hollywood. ALWAYS follow the money and it will lead you to the truth!!!

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az


      “Left” turn Clyde!

    • Washington22

      We all admire Clint Eastwood but by-God, he’d better step up and clairify his commercial since it has caused such an uproar! He’s a Republican, once a mayor, and he owes it to us not to let the other side claim some kind of a gain from it……….If he’s still our tough guy, he’d better do so.

  • Rick Eastlund

    too bad nobama can’t unite the people of this country, instead he promotes racism, greed, envy, class envy etc. he thinks he was elected king.

    • niles

      You mean he wasn’t. You could have fooled me. His actions sure suggest he was.

    • Rita

      Niles, you are too kind! We have a problem in this country, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave…a large group of us saw Obama’s election as a personal way to show we weren’t racist. The problem is that HE is…right out of Rev Wright’s church,
      Obama is an ideolog who has come to bring down all who try to build a good life for themselves and their families. ..a true, down and dirty Marxist bully! See “America Rising” on you-tube soon. Get ready for Nov.

    • Barney Frank’s Poolboy

      Thank You guilty white Independents/Libs…you are the buffoons who put him in.

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az

      Barney Frank’s Poolboy,

      I think that Rita is saying is that she, and many others, have seen the light.

      Welcome Rita!

      Regardless who the Republican candidate is, restoring the U.S. economy to the status of a “free” economy will require significant policy changes to reduce the size of government, overhaul the tax system, and transform costly entitlement programs while maintaining our military superiority. By boosting growth in the private sector, such freedom-enhancing policies are the best hope for bringing down high unemployment rates and reducing public debt to manageable levels.

      In any case, the first step in the COUNTDOWN to recovery is to get to the polls in November and VOTE the communists, Comrade ØZebra and his entire cadre of “Fellow Travelers”, out of office.

    • Nellie CA

      All Obama is doing is bringing in more Refugees and the gov don’t know who these people are. Welfare and the cities these people are located is not getting the help from gov for the State Welfare programs. San Diego is a mess! Welfare fraud in food stamps and this money is going back to home countries while the Americans who worked all their lives are subject to cuts in Medicare.
      No all the people coming across the borders are Mexican. 10 Year ago it was South Americans and Chinese. Now it is African wanting asylum! How are they getting into Mexico, through Brazil, Cuba and other countries. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY

    • Robert

      A new and ingenious way to get here is a vacation visa to Mexico from the Philippines or other Oriental countries. Cross the border, as Orientals are less likely to get harassed than Mexicans and look out.

    • Peter

      The only super hero Obama could be, “SUPER LIAR”!!

  • niles

    Everything Obama does is for self. To think otherwise is fool-hearty.

    • June9245

      Obummer is a Socialist, what did you expect!

  • Floyd

    Proverbs 17
    7 Eloquent lips are unsuited to a godless fool—
    how much worse lying lips to a ruler!
    11 Evildoers foster rebellion against God;
    the messenger of death will be sent against them.
    23 The wicked accept bribes in secret
    to pervert the course of justice.
    Proverbs 18
    2 Fools find no pleasure in understanding
    but delight in airing their own opinions.
    9 One who is slack in his work
    is brother to one who destroys.
    15 The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge,
    for the ears of the wise seek it out.
    17 In a lawsuit the first to speak seems right,
    until someone comes forward and cross-examines.

    • Bree

      This is so awesome and appropriate! Thanks Floyd.

  • disgusted

    That’s “Chrysler- Fiat – who CONTINUE to receive “stimuli” MONIES?

  • Barney Frank’s Poolboy

    Well, I was thinking about buying a Dodge Challenger (against my better judgement), but after this blatant liberal, jolly gee, what a great President Obama is…NO….I stick with another Ford Mustang.

    • Penny

      Amen, my last 3 vehicles have been Ford. Great cars and Trucks….LOVE MY BRUISER.

    • John P

      The problem with annalogy is Chrysler does not build any of their so called super cars they were out sourced before Fiat bought the Sixty percent of Chrysler from the government motors. The worst of this fiascal is China bought a big share General Motors including the Hummer Division.


    If that is an accurate description of the scenario, then somebody owes Clint Eastwood a very sincere and sturdy apology. Clint has vociferously denied any knowledge of the connection with the Obama Campaign. I personally believe “Dirty Harry” and he is probably due more than just an apology. He has a great defamation, and other causes of action, case against all concerned

    • William Scott

      Clint knew exactly what he was saying. How many times did he rehearse that commercial before it was recorded. It strictly was an Obama commercial. Referring to half time—
      he meant another 4 years for Obama. Clint is a two-faced sob, in my opinion. Of course people will do most anything for money.

    • oliver

      HE is getting to old to act–NEVER WAS REAL GOOD ANYWAY..BUT now he has to look for income and glory some other way. and he found it threw O-BUTT-HOLE.

    • Penny

      I always thought that people read scripts before a performance,When I heard Clints voice I was so happy, then when the words started especially “the half time in America” I was sickened. I’m sorry I hate obama, the mere thought of putting him on a pedestal disgusts me.

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az


      I kind of like the idea of Comrade ØZebra being on a pedestal. The one I envision has a groove in it where the blade slams to a stop.

      A French style revolution would be “refreshing”.

    • Barney Frank’s Poolboy

      Sarge, this country needs a revolution….hetero white dudes will only take so much.

  • seabee combat vet

    This is a .44 magnum, the largest handgun made, do you feel lucky fool, oblowhole????

    • BDKatt

      The 44 Magnum is no longer king,it has been bypassed by the 454 Casul & they both are left in the dust by the 50 cal Desert Eagle

    • Viejo

      .44 Mag is no longer the largest handgun. .454 Casull and .460 take the title now.

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az

      seabee combat vet,

      The caliber is irrevelant. A .22 cal, in the right hands, will get the job done. Less expensive too. After all we need to reduce costs.

  • Rigby Reardon

    Barack Obama is living proof that there are more horses asses than horses in DC

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az

      Rigby Reardon,

      Didn’t you mean zebras? After all, a zebra is the mulatto of the equine species.

      In any case, the first step in the COUNTDOWN to recovery is to get to the polls in November and VOTE the communists, Comrade ØZebra and his entire cadre of “Fellow Travelers”, out of office.

  • readmylips

    Clint was definitely bamboozeled as is the legal American voter.

    • June9245

      My objections to Obama have nothing to do with his race or his country of origin, everything to do with his character, his policies and his inner circle of friends and associates.

      Check this video out!

  • Sparky

    He read that script and didn’t see any pro O loser tie in????!!! Sorry he ain’t that dumb. H*ll Chriss Matthews ain’t that dumb.

  • joe1030

    The add was a reminder for auto workers who to vote for. What a way to buy votes and how did Dirty Harry stoop so low.

  • jimmy

    Clint is and has always been a standup
    American, not a demo, or rep stooge

  • Patti Patriot

    GE was no surprise, Eastwood was!

  • ralph

    More BHO “relection campaign” garbage. A true President would be trying to run/unite/protect/govern this nation, instead of destroy/undermine, etc. Better hope their are enough honest/intellegent/will work-no hand out needed people to vote BHO and his ilk out of ofice asap. Also lets hope that Holder and others like him are prosecuted/jailed etal.

  • Wayne

    Is there not enough irony in this administration
    The symbol of Obama bringing partisans together???
    He has polarized this nation like no other person in history.

  • dan hurd

    I was lucky enough to come away from seeing the ad as a “better times ahead” message because we are going to vote this empty suit out if we’re smart ad. Time to change quarterbacks. Eastwood is smart and too good a businessman to let these politicians pull one over on him. He read the script but he read it in such a way that told me its time to stop dickin’ around and vote the RIGHT way. I hope others got that message the way I did. This was the 2012 version of “Its Morning In America”. Those pansy pickin’, Obama loving, creative directors dug their own graves all by themselves.

  • Marte

    I would love to hear some feedback from Clint Eastwood. I think this clip could be twisted in different ways. It might even be something that was cut and pasted … As in, there was more, but they got rid of whatever was pro American?

    I find it hard to believe that Eastwood would promote Obama. But – I’ve been wrong before.

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az


      I thought that after Comrade ØZebra was elected, even if I didn’t vote for him, that it would be the Christian thing for me to give him a chance.

      I WAS WRONG!

      In any case, the first step in the COUNTDOWN to recovery is to get to the polls in November and VOTE the communists, Comrade ØZebra and his entire cadre of “Fellow Travelers”, out of office.

  • NativeAmericangirl!

    Obama had to put in his campaign ad in the super bowl and dirty harry did just that for him. We all know the car industry has not and will never pay-back the American tax-payer in full for the bail-out money they were given. That was told to them up-front.
    I rest my case.

  • DocJohnM

    Isn’t odd that Ford turned down the bailout and is doing quite well? I’ll buy Fords from now on, buying GM or Chrysler is paying twice. I don’t know how Eastwood got duped by Obama unless God forbid he supports the poser.


  • http://aol lorena

    Eastwood did not support and said this week he will not support Obama in anything…Eastwood is a Liberterian/conservative..he has always been known as a conservative…Big NRA fan also..So you people start apologizing…

  • Jim

    My wife and I watched that commercial and we both said what a great commercial it was and that yes American is shortly going to come back to the great nation is once was BECAUSE OBAMA IS ABOUT TO BE KICKED OUT OF OFFICE! We understood it to mean that America is fed up with all this left wing garbage and we are going to go back to what made this nation great, God and Country. I took this commercial as a spit in the eye of Obama and what he tried to do to this country and that we are not going to stand back and let him, we are going to take out country back!

    • oliver

      HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE??? it was a o-butt-hole team that put the ad together. the same bunch worked for him in o8 when he bought the white house..

    • ready for battle

      HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE??? it was a o-butt-hole team that put the ad together. the same bunch worked for him in o8 when he bought the white house..

  • Bill

    Everyone knows that this ad was an Obama for second teem add, so what exactly is the point of this article?

  • C. Stanley

    I’ve always like Clint. I think he got snickered here. I knew exactly what he was going for in the add,when I heard it! We are bailing out Chrysler and Fiat! The second half was a dead give away for a second term. These liberals are going to get dirty and the Republicans are the dumbest group known to mankind! They are falling into their trap! I hate to say this,but it’s going to be another four years of that national disgrace,Obummer!

  • Barney Frank’s Poolboy

    Dirty Harry just got bamboozled into dirty politics!!!! Haaaaayyyy-Ooooooohhhh!

  • am2sweet

    I would have thought Eastwood would refuse to do the ad since it sounded the way it did. Surely he knew it sounded like he had changed to being a democrat.

  • allan margulieux

    Let’s put our money where are mouth is. No more dodge trucks in our family. We already bought two in the past. Thanks Obama.

  • Tonilee

    This is the web site for donations from Eastwood…he over the yrs. has given 21 % to dems. and 54% to repubs.

  • http://Yahoo Val

    Sure sounded like he was talking about Obama, starting with the 2nd half !( I thought,meaning a 2nd term.)He should have seen through this hidden agenda behind the writers ideas. Too bad for Clint, too many GOT the idea of the Ad’s point.. Maybe he should back-paddle, with a public retraction.

  • JJM

    I grew up in a ‘Ford’ family, but learned to appreciate and prefer Pontiac and some Chrysler products. I now refuse to purchase any new Government Motors or Chrysler product. I will consider older GM and Jeep but any new purchase will be Ford.

    • grim reaper

      I buy nothing but Ford. Screw GM and Chrysler and their products.

    • OBAMA Sucks

      What an Idiot, You probably voted for OBYMMER also, I’m Glas I didn’t

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az

      grim reaper,

      S H I T man, I’d rather buy a Toyota than a GM product. At least MOST of the Toyota is built here in the States.

      I was going to buy a “GoodWrench” (GM) engine for my ’56 Chevy Nomad, until I found out that the engine is built in Mexico.

      In any case, the first step in the COUNTDOWN to recovery is to get to the polls in November and VOTE the communists, Comrade ØZebra and his entire cadre of “Fellow Travelers”, out of office.

    • grim reaper

      I buy nothing but Ford. Reason: Ford did not take any bailout funds. Screw GM and Chrysler and their products.

    • JIM

      I also bought nothing but GM in the past, but no more OBAMA MOTORS for me, I wouldn’t contribute one CENT to an OBAMA company bought with BILLIONS of OUR TAX DOLLARS so he could preserve his PC GLOBAL WARMING CRAP!!!!

  • Winston

    Clint Eastwood is only a few steps from being dead in a closed coffin 6 feet underground…and he’s going to hell…and likely doesn’t even know it. Oh, but will he be surprised when his Gran Torino won’t bail him out…nor will Obama because Obama will be there too!

    • JIM

      There is NO DOUBT about that!! HE is the Devil incarnate!!

  • Bacon

    I miss no opportunity to remind all Chrysler and GM owners that they are supporters of Obuma motors. I’ve never been a big Ford fan, but now I have no choice.

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    the same snarkie pukes that produced this ad were Obammies campaign ad producers;; but eastwood should have enough mental acuity left to know he was being duped ;; NO EXCUSES CLINT YOU MESSED UP “PUNK”.

  • grim reaper

    I’m anxious to see what Sheriff Joe has found out on obama. It’s supposed to be released on 01 March 2012. The question is what will COngress do if the info proves obama is not legally qualified to be prez?

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az

      grim reaper,


  • Jim

    Next year Obama will be organizing in Chicago. He can vote present at the weekly meetings.

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az


      His mouth will be too full to cast a “present” vote.

  • pappyj

    If this commercial would have aired during the 2002 Superbowl we would not have our panties all up in a bunch. I’m a die-hard conservative but give me a brake now we are starting to look desperate to find any thing negative with everything. We have more important things to tend to HATS OFF FOR THERE PATREOTIC COMMERCIALS they have been for the past year now drop it.

  • Ray

    Who cares about a few billion when Congrass and maobama increased the debt limit by $2.4 TRILLION? Am I missing something here?

  • http://yahoo turn 3

    had a fiat abarth on order, but OLD clint fixed that,fiat/chrysler can run it right up his backside

  • Jennie

    He was a Republican back in the 50’s and still conservative when he was mayor of Carmel, Ca in the 80’s. But then he started producing and directing movies and slowly veered to the left. I guess Hollywood indoctrinated him. Hypocrite!!!

    • CaptTurbo

      Not true. As a Mayor he was an anti-gun liberal. A bit of a hypocrite for a guy that made millions abusing guns on the big screen.

  • george

    Just a thought here… If it would be acceptable for someone to murder in the process of jihad (see 9/11) in order to destroy a symbol of the West and its infidels, is it not conceivable that someone could play the part of a patriotic American president while all the time doing everything within his power to destroy via internal terrorism and nation? In other words, flight to the Muhammadan paradise on board Air Force One? The Crusades never ended.

    • george

      Oops… that should read “via terroris an entire nation”.

    • george

      No, I meant “via terrorism, an entire nation.”

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az


      Three times and you’re out. You are still not making a whole heck of a lot of sense, but I think we get your message.


  • JVB

    Well…DUH!!! It had Obama’s stink all over it.

  • Carol

    Shouldn’t surprise any of us that Weiden and Kennedy support a liberal Obama. Portland is a mecca for liberals.

  • bob corbe

    GM and Chysler are both losers except the American people did give the union French.
    Good tax dallors.If everybody would wake up to the fact we are becoming a communist state
    and that will happen when we are broke. Energy up 83% food up 39.5% ctton 100% and now the E.P.A. is closing down your electric plants, so no electric or part time use or triple the price. Americans better wake up before it is to late. We’re bankrupt as a country and no fuel of our own were setting ducks. IMPEACH OR SUFFER

  • Sylvia

    I hate to hear anything re: olhellobama. He hates Americans all Americans. He is full of hate. He goes over the heads of congress. If you say anything against him he will make sure your life is a living hell. Instead of doing something about the illegals he goes after Joe Arpio whom I admire for his courage and love for his country. That day when he came here to Arizona he went after Jan Brewer. Now he will go after Arizona for loving our country. If you go to any other country you need a passport or resident. ovummer is blocking Joe for doing his job. GOD BLESS AMERICA. Vote him out. he is a muslim hates you and I.

    • Retired Marine MSgt in Marana, Az


      Our GREAT Governor, Jan Brewer gave Comrade ØZebra the wrong finger!

  • Jimbo

    Always bought G.M. NO MORE! Now have 3 FORD cars & 2 FORD late Model F-250 Trucks. Would go back to my old Schwin Bicycle, before buying any Obummer damned Govt. bailed out Chrysler, & G.M .

  • CaptTurbo

    I had written Clint Eastwood off as a liberal Hollywood slime ball many years ago. If I had any lingering doubts, that would no longer be a worry.

  • grandmaforliberty

    Read my lips, “Anybody but Obama””!!!!

  • http://none NannyB

    Everyone of you should Google “The Obama Deception”. It is a bit long but will send you reeling. And our only “hopes” are out making idiots of themselves trying to bash each other instead of really paying attention to what matters to all of us. Watch this video. It is quite frightening and it is beginning to happen now. If anyone thinks our President has not been already chosen….watch the video.

  • Jimbo

    Thanks Clint! Now I will buy more Ford Motor Stock. Then sit back and watch it fly! You kissed the wrong RING! Rooster Cogburn, might of blown you away for that.

  • pinky Lee

    I wonder why GMC and Chrysler adds were part of the halftime video, and they payed how many millions of our dollars for the political presentation? It’s just another time that our executive has used public funds for campaign purposes. I don’t plan to buy either brand if they are selling for $1.00. The last vehicles I bought were a FORD Truck and an Mitsubishi Outlander SUV.


    If the GOP don’t get their act-together… Then we may have trouble in November getting his “Butt” out of the Oval Office!!

    EVERYBODY has to get behind Romney now and get out and VOTE in November – even if he is not your favorite candidate!! The objective is to get-rid-of Odummer at any cost!!!

    • Texas Patriot

      Romney is a RINO and no better than Ovomit. VOTE RICK SANTORUM 2012 !

    • Karolyn

      Santorum is a Rino and voted to increase the deficit 5 times, voted one of the most corrupt senators twice, voted for TARP, another warmonger that thinks we need the gov’t to take care of us because we don’t have sense enough to take care of ourselves – look it up because that is basically what he said so if you like Santorum you like Obama.

    • Belle

      You need to check your facts. Rick Santorum wasn’t even in office when the tarp vote was conducted and has since spoken against it. You have him confused with someone else or any liberal.

    • Sam

      Vote Ron Paul. He’s the only REAL conservative.

    • Peggy

      Ron Paul just LOOKS too much like a wimp to me!!

    • rocky

      That’s B/S. At least Santorum had the guts to vote on contraversial bills. Obama wasn’t voting. Now he acts like he has all of the answers. Sanotrum is a God loving and fearing man, who knows what Obama is. Rich Santorum is for a strong America, do we look like a strong America right now. Answer, NO. If anything our country is like a ship that is sinking and Obama is putting more holes in the hull and throwing water in, and blaming it on everyone else.

    • Riverdweller

      BALDERDASH. Karolyn is right.

      Google Santorum Exposed.

      We in PA. will not vote for him.

    • Maryann

      I couln’t have said it any better.

    • web

      WOW, ypu better take it easy on the cool-aid, you are about to OD. I suppose you would like another Soros puppet in there, like Romney. Soros is playing both sides of the fence and Romney is his boy on our side.

    • alice

      Vote for Santorum only if you like your politicians occupying the last outpost of knaves and villains: wrapping themselves in the flag and in religion. He’s a RINO, too. Check his record. Only Ron Paul is the real deal. Did you know that Santorum’s Grandpa, the coal miner he holds up to us as the example of Santorum’s identificiation with the working class, came here from Italy as a Communist! Phony as a three dollar bill is Rick Santorum. Bet his name, Santorum, meaning ‘saint’ is a dummy corporation. Wake up, America! He’s part of the hoax. Everything is aimed at keeping Ron Paul from the White House.

    • Mona Callender

      paul is a nut pure and simple. vote it doesn’t matter who you vote for just vote. we will get what the good lord wants us to have…good or bad it really doesn’t matter anymore cause most of americans are too stupid to know what is happening anyway… we reap what we sow….hows all this working for you all…..

    • http://PatriotNewsUpdate JOHN KING

      read the fo;;owing link to learn the truth.

      learn more in ‘1’ out than in 12 years of public school.

    • Not Impressed

      Convince me with facts. Why should I support Romney?

    • Steven Hartman


    • Jon

      The POS Rino’s that RUN the GOP, last time tried to give “us” the Simi Communist RINO J McCane! The same on that has done as much as anyone to Ruin this Country! GOP, Get your head oout your BUT and think about giving us someone that is a AMERICAN, and NOT someone that believes in the NWO, IMF, FED, or taking away MY RIGHT”s! Screw these RINO’S! But FVCK the 1/2 white POS in the white house!

    • Karolyn

      You shouldn’t; he will easily be defeated by Obama; too many policies just the same such as Romneycare/Obamacare. Don’t rely on the media, t.v. or hearsay; do your own research.

    • jose

      Anybody is better than Obama

    • Red Ralph

      I don’t care if the GOP puts up Daffy Duck, He’s got my vote over Ob-amme the commie!!
      Anyone but Obama is my point!, No joking matter , WE THE PEOPLE can not stand by and let this once great Nation go farther down the tubes, I LOVE AMERICA, BUT NOT WHAT IT IS TURNING INTO. I LOVE OUR FREEDOMS GRANTED US BY OUR FORFATHERS, TOO MUCH TO GIVE THEM UP TO THESE SOCILISTS

    • Jon

      Might be so, but are they going to be very much better? Take over the GOP! Give me TEA!

    • Bluedresser

      Because anyone – even Ron Paul – is better than Obummer – so we really have to support whoever ends up as our candidate — although I really hope it’s Santorum I’ll still support Romney if he’s the man.

    • Hipockets

      I doubt it will be Ron Paul. Too many out there think he’s weird and will sell us all down to the tubes to any country that threatens us. WHo ever is the nominee,Let’s all get behind him and VOTE”

    • Jack D Bear -TX

      Good point and the notion that it is good to string out the GOP nomination process, which is supported by Palin, Bachmann and others is a crock. All it does is give the liberals more cannon fodder in the head-to-head battle for OUR white house in Nov. We need a candidate in place now with a solid support base to ensure Oblameya does not get a shot at continuing his socialize America agenda. By the way, the answer to the question above – why did Chrysler pump out millions of bucks to run that sucky commercial is simple: payback to the ohbammy campaign for the bailout.

    • lou

      I’d pick him over Obama and I think it would be a wise choice if you did the same. Unless you want to live in Africa thats what Obama will do to this country with 4 more years

    • alice

      Why vote for Romney? One good reason, he’s a veteran politician- he never tells the truth. Yeay!

    • skptriot, MI

      Because if he’s the GOP nominee and you DON’T vote, than you are just giving a vote to Obama. Duh!

    • Sumerian Man

      WRONG! yeah, so let’s just change the color of the guard. How stupid! If people would put that much enthusasium behind Ron Paul, the only true conservative in the running, this country just might have a chance!

    • Karolyn

      And the sheeple are just too blind to see that Ron Paul is the only answer to getting our great country back to the Constitution and what our founders intended for gov’t to be. Too sad!!

    • Karolyn

      Sorry but Romney is a white Obama and he can’t defeat Obama anyway because their policies are too much alike. My vote will go to Ron Paul the only honest, conservative Constitutionalist running and if he doesn’t win the nomination we will have more of the same. RON PAUL 2012 OR NONE AT ALL!!!

    • Johnnygard

      Karolyn, Who did you vote for in 2008. And how old are you? Just trying to figure out if you are young AND dumb! “OR NOBODY”? That puts you solidly into the dumb catagory.

    • Patriot Diva

      Johnny, I don’t know about Karolyn, but I am 51 years old and I support Ron Paul. I’ve never done drugs. I have a B.S. in Business and a Masters in Human Resources. I’ve been married to my college sweetheart for 28 years. I’m telling you these things because it seems you have some pre-conceived idea of who Ron Paul’s supporters are. I’ve been a registered republican my entire adult life. I’ve attended several tea parties. I will still vote in general election even if RP does not get the nomination, but it will be a vote cast with a heavy heart. I truly believe RP is the only candidate who can get America back on track.

    • alycat

      I am also a mature, educated person of 50 + years of age and STRONGLY support Ron Paul. I will back any of the GOP in the final run for the Presidency but truly hope that Ron Paul gets the nomination. I think that the Media and both parties are concerned about letting go of their power to an independent thinking man like Dr. Paul when he may truly be the man whom can bring this country back together again for the good of all its people……..

    • Kenneth

      This is not a three man race! You all know that Newt is the smartest one among them. You also know that he has solved the same types of problems we’re facing toady when he was speaker. Think it was easy balancing the budget 4 years in a row? Look at the mess we have today when trying to do it! Think it was easy cutting the welfare programs when he was there? Try even talking about cuts and anarchy is threatened! Millions of jobs where created by policies enacted when he was speaker; do you see any chance of creating the jobs this country needs? Wake up! This not American ideal. He also has laid out exactly what he will do on his first day in office and moving forward.
      Newt not only is a good debater, but he has command of all the facts needed to carry the day with Dummbo! This is why I think he head-and-shoulders above the others and can win big in November!!!!!

    • Jack D Bear -TX

      As a TX resident I have watched Ron Paul for some time and while I do agree he is very comepetent, sometimes he comes across like a raving loon when he gets fired-up about getting the Govt out of our lives and that probably scares some independents. Actually No Repubican can get elected against Oblamya if they don’t appeal to the majority. I think Rep. Paul should stick to the task of his real education and talent; Physician.

    • LJ

      So if Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination, you’re OK with B.O. being re-elected? That’s smart. Really smart. I met Ron Paul, and I thought he was a super nice man, and there’s a lot I like about him, but there’s a lot that worries me as well. But I’ll vote for Mickey Mouse if he gets the Republican nomination. Anybody But Obama!!!

    • sashamanda

      Romney’s biggest contributors are the Wall Street firms and people that brought on the housing crisis. Can you imagine the spin the Democrats will put on that? Same with Romney’s offshore money.

    • Hipockets

      Make my Day’ It may not be Romney (alias Obama Lite’) we’ll be voting for’ Santorum just took 3 states,so he could be the one to stand behind’

    • Don39

      We can and will do that with Santorum, a Conservative!

    • la lola

      I am sorry to disagree with you. The media and the rinos CANNOT impose a candidate on the conservatives. Did you notice the joy on the faces of the liberals when Romney won?
      They couldnt hide it, because they know Romney will never ruffle an obama feather. He is from the Order of Political Correctness, just like good for nothing McCain.

    • Remington 870

      Everybody is a RINO, and that is the problem.There is no perfect GOP canidate. I am beginning to like Rick better each day. Whoever is nominated…we all should support just to save our FREEDOMS, which Obama and his thugs are taking away each day. IE Religious Freedoms to name the most recent. When they come for your guns…what are you going to do?

    • Don

      Romney is not the answer ! Obama will clean his plow. He can’t buy enough votes to win the primary much less the Presidential Election.

    • The Texas Cooke

      NO! The goal is to get rid of socialism…ain’t going to happen with Romney! You’d just be changing one socialist for another.

    • Ray

      Well said. If we don’t stop the infighting and get behind WHOEVER runs against him, O’bungle will be the king until 2016. I personally would vote for my sock puppet Rollo over O’bungle. Gotta wake up people.

    • http://Google Old Gallero

      Marco Rubio could beat Obama!

    • MTpockets

      any body but the hosexual,drug dealing, socialist, marxist, murderer that is in the WH now… i like Rick Santorum… But i will stand behind the nominee 110% except Ron Paul ….then it would only be 100%

    • the Patriot

      The average American does not take the time to know the facts before they vote. Some people never out grow high school and vote by popular opinion that is why the media is pushing so hard against all other candidates because they are for Romney. Study their voting records, a vote for Romney, is a vote for the white obama…. They are so similar, the only difference is their name.

  • Mocha 10

    The people in America know obummer is a cri minal. He is il legal even if he proves another forged birth certificate. He is on tape saying wic ked things about America and Americans. He should be in prison, not our White House. Where is the law enforcement?

    • politicstick

      MOCHA 10 said:

      “The people in America know obummer is a cri minal. He is il legal even if he proves another forged birth certificate. He is on tape saying wic ked things about America and Americans. He should be in prison, not our White House. Where is the law enforcement?”

      A: Go to the nearest mirror, there you will see your answer. The question is: “Will we be the second greatest generation or will we be the worlds worst generation, the cowards that lost America….because it was too difficult and scary too!!!!!

    • toosmarttovoteGOP

      Vote GOP. Be part of the dumbest generation.

    • Karolyn

      Law enforcement and MSM are in Obama’s pocket just like the politicians that could do something about him!

    • Debby

      I’m with you on this one. We all have to stand up and stand together to fight the imposter in the White House. He is not eligible to be the president. If anyone has any doubts please read – Article II, Section I, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution, and then read the Supreme Court Case Minor v Happersett of 1875. That is all the proof any of us need. If all of us would barrage congress with demands that the imposter be immpeached and removed from office, they would have to pay attention. We need to do this before the election. That this imposter is actually running for another term is the craziest scam ever pulled on the American people. He has said that Americans are stupid. I think we need to show him we’re not. Let’s pick about 50 senators and all of us write demanding impeachment. If we could get thousands of people to do this, it would make a big impact!!! All of us have gotten off easy in our lifetimes. We have enjoyed our freedom, and yes, some have taken it for granted. I firmly believe in the American Spirit, and I believe that enough of us have the kind of determination our forefathers had. We need to show this imposter that, WE THE PEOPLE, will not allow him to take our freedom away. Let’s show him what real AMERICANS are made of.

    • .50BMG

      Problem is that congress is all in cahoots and they can’t let spitoro get nailed because that would be the beginning of landslide that would put them ALL in jail. The whole two party system is nothing but a dog and pony show to keep us occupied while they finish stealing us blind and destroying the country.



    • Don39

      As to the president, that would be your Damnocrat leftist Senate that allowed the illegal to take office to start with!

  • Tim

    I used to be an Eastwood fan. I thought he was an American. Now I think he is a left wing Communist. So disappointed!

    • lectroman1970

      They tricked him into doing that, he said it was a pro american spot not an odummy spot. He is a conservative who is trying to stay out of this, but they have drawn him in by being devious and underhanded. Shame on them for being this way. Saw the report on Fox News.

    • Debby

      I didn’t see that, so thanks for making me aware of it.

    • Hipockets

      You have’nt been listening to the media or internet TIm”Eastwood is a CONSERVARIVE” He
      did not know who was backing the AD,just read what they gave him, He thought it was a good ad about Chrysler and our country. THe fact OBAMA supporters made the Ad,he did not know and it was the underlying message everyone is taking wrong. THE AD IS ABOUT OUR COUNTRY,with undertones that Obama saved CYRYSLER. Not EASTWOOD’S OPINION’

    • RDM

      I watched the commercial, and my first thought when it ended was Clint what happen to you? Where did the Patriot I was so fond of and idealized go. You say he was tricked into this. I’m sorry, he is not that stupid. This was a chear for the Idiot-In-Chief.

  • Scales

    Before the GOVT take over I had purchased approx 8 GM and 1 Dodge. I now have 2 new FORDS. And will continue to buy ONLY Fords for the rest of my days.

    • Mike Leonardi

      Scales, do yourself one better. I drive a 1962 Ford Falcon Ranchero, get about 26 MPG, easy on maintenance, cheap on parts and everybody loves it. Its brakes are upgraded to disc and when from 3 on the tree to a C-4 auto. Ford would not take a dime from obama and that makes them superior in every lane. Govt Motors, Christ-less, Dodge the finacial responsibility continue to look for hand outs in the form of tax breaks, pay offs, union mob bosses, all to say obama saved thge whole country. A frickin moron can throw 6 trillion dollars at at anything including this war Im in and say he won. Remember the two companies were to big to fail, but thge country was easy to sacrifice.
      Mike in Afghanistan

    • Hipockets

      GOOD LUCK SCALES’ I’ve owned many FORDS,the last for 22 yrs. A woman alone on the road won’t have one if she has a brain, I was broke down all the time in the middle of nowhere. I took the door panel off to put speakers in the door,there was a message written in huge letters by the guys that built it “THis truck is F—-d because of this” (A drawing of WEED”) No lawyer would touch the case,Ford Lawyers are too powerfull they said. I’ll never buy a Ford’ I’ve had a Dakota pickup for 17 yrs,never broke down, never failed me. But everyone to their own opinion and LEMONS DETROIT MAKES”

    • Don39

      Had five fords, bought new, current one is an 85 with about 200 thousand on it and still runs fine and will outlast me. Every maker has made a lemon or two. Never by a vehicle made on monday or friday and you will be allright with the closest thing to American made there is. Go Ford!

    • Lindalu

      Well, I have 2 Fords, and being a woman, I’m NOT afraid to be alone at night on the road driving my Fords. Sorry you hate them, BUT I LOVE THEM!!

    • Riverdweller

      Lost my ’95 Taurus on Christmas night. A deer walloped it and the insurance Co. totaled it.
      The deer kept going and it was a BIG one !!
      Now I am back to my ’88 Jeep Wagoneer/Cherokee.

    • alycat

      I have owned many cars and trucks over the years and use them in our business….Ford has been the MOST reliable of the trucks we have owned. Put over 200K on my last one without any major issues.

  • RJ

    It’s too damn bad John Wayne ain’t around anymore cuz he’d slap Clint Easterwoodson right into next month.

    • Concerned from USA


    • Burt

      remember he was a draft dodger in WW11

    • Roger

      If you’re speaking of John Wayne being a draft dodger during WW II, you are wrong. John Wayne was classified 4 F because he had flat feet.

    • Hipockets

      JOHN WAYNE LIVES’ In the hearts and souls of every TRUE AMERICAN out there. If there were more like him nowdays,it would be a better country. Thank GOD he is’nt here to see the ruin OBAMA has caused. He’d be usein his 6 guns,where no one else has the guts”

    • Don39

      Wayne was no draft dodger and no coward. He visited two camps I was in in VN , both times we came under fire and he was in a mortar bunker with the troops. He and Marta Ray loved us Green Berets and visited us where no one else would go, virtual hellholes with 12 or fewer Americans and a lot of indigenous almost contiually under fire! Look up Katum or Nui Ba Dien!

    • Riverdweller

      Thank you for your service Don. There are some (very few) idiots who don’t like the Duke.

      He was all American and a Patriot. I have his album Why I Love America. A close friend in Calif. knew him very well.

    • alycat

      Thank you for your service……..we are so proud of what you have given to this Great Nation.

  • http://none pyrope

    Most of you aren’t old enough to recall that Chrysler was bailed out before. I swore then that I’d never buy a car from a company that had to be bailed out with MY money. Now, with Chrysler being bailed out again, and GM being bailed out, I have TWO car companies from which I will NEVER buy a car.


    Now, I also refuse to put one nickel into the pocket of an actor I formerly thought was a decent person (for a Hollywood type.)

    The -0bama regime might be able to confiscate my wealth but damned if they’re going to make me like it!

    • Hipockets

      Read some of the posts’ PYROPE’ Eastwood is a conservative and this subject is about the content of the ad and how SOME people took it,not about Eastwood and what his opinion is. If you just think about it as a Ad about our countrty it’s a damm good one. Just don’t be stupid and read between the lines. THat’s what some people are getting their weird opinion of it.

    • Don39

      These are not car companies, they are insurance companies for union workers and they build cars to supplement those insurance needs!

  • Eric

    Like I have been posting all day, don’t whine about it, fight back. Have Ted Nugent make a commercial: “It’s Sudden Death Overtime in America” play it after the first NFL tie game next fall.

    • THZebra

      Now Eastwood needs to do a new one for spring/summer. Something like “It’s the bottom of the 9th, we have two outs and 2 stikes. But it ain’t over yet. We’re only down by a run and we got ’em loaded. Now we just need somebody else to step up to the plate. This is America damn it! We CAN hit the home run….but right now we just need to find SOMEBODY that can get a base hit. The obama team has struck out for 9 and 2/3 innings. Now we need a hitter…before the lights go out.

  • http://hotmail Patricia Sue

    Why is there an ad on this page about Gov. Walker???? This site proclaims Conservative Reform. Ad states: Gov. Walker is denying Democrats the right to vote. Fight back now! Sign the petition. All headlined by “VOTER OPPRESSION IN WISCONSIN.” This is a blantant LIE. I live in WI. Then in tiny letters on the bottom, it states paid for by democraticgovernor’s org. This is a farce & you do this. You people are hyprocrits. I will pass this on to my Congressman!

    • Patrick Henry

      Good for you Patricia, and if the Democrats can recall anyone they don’t like that we voted for, then we should and can do the same thing. Nice Democracy huh, every electection recalled and recalled for Billions of Dollars. To recall someone, they should have had to commit a crime or something Illegal, not just because they are not happy with the vote. Like the Democrats pushing the Dream Act Amnesty over & over, when Americans have constantly voted it down.

      The ones that should have been recalled are all the Democrats that fled to Illinois and shirked their duties for months, now that is a reason for a recall! ! !

    • david

      By votor supression do you mean union supression? if so, GO WALKER!!!!!

    • Karolyn

      If we weren’t already a Right to Work state I sure would like to have Gov. Walker here. I admire him for what he has done and, c’mon how can he stop the Dems from voting???

    • THZebra

      Have you noticed when the Dems win they smile and tell us “elections have their consequences”, but when the adults win all we hear is “SIGN THE PETITION, RECALL THEM”.

  • Patrick Henry

    Clint Eastwood had previously stated that he opposed Government Bailouts like Chrysler, so Mr. Eastwood should go on TV and explain what his meaning of the ad was?

    • Rick Parker

      Give ‘im time Patrick, he will!


      maybe Clint is not the culprit….the ad agency and Chrysler seem to be the villains….BOYCOTT CHRYSLER NOW

    • Hipockets

      Patrick Henry”HE DID’ WHERE WERE YOU?????

  • Ultor

    Was the ad political, yes. Does Clint support Obama, NO.

    Clint, who is a registered republican, politically inclined libertarian, and former Mayor of Carmel California, has unintentionally proven one of his famous film axioms, “every mans’ got to know his limitations.” What was presented to the (soon to turn) 83 year old icon of Americana, as a patriotic endeavor to uplift the spirits of the nation he loves, made a commercial during the era of Chicago style politics and got taken for a ride by a “foreign car company” with an iconic American brand. Relax conservative America, because this “High Plains Drifter” also said, “Your gonna look kind’a silly with that knife sticking out of your ass,” and the “Unforgiven” once his fever broke and he came to his senses said, “He should have armed himself if he’s gonna decorate his saloon with my friend.” As I say, relax conservatives, wise old men don’t go to the toilet without a plan, and once they realize that they have been gotten over on, they say, “In this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig.” Obama and his puppet masters in the end, have only managed awaken a sleeping giant.

    • wmagg

      well said, but I still think there are a lot of people out there who are not hearing what Clint said. They should listen to the AD and not read into it that which is not there.

    • Rose-Marie Noa

      Well said!!! I know Clint is a Republican & was hoodwinked by these sleezy Dems in our country who lie every time they move their lips!! He’ll have a come back, just you wait!!!

    • Charlie

      Was the ad political? Perhaps a little bit.

      Was the message, regardless of who sponsored it, an attempt to be positive and encouraging to us all? I think so. Maybe we should simply accept it based on that and not over-think what we’ve seen. I, for one, have tired of all the negativity, whining, brow-beating and general vitriol that comes from all things political and non-political in this era and I find it refreshing to see something positive without being too wishy-washy or mealy-mouthed. Clint Eastwood was a brilliant choice for this.

      We are indeed at a halftime, that I can also agree with, and it’s time to change teams to someone that can get the job done, meaning we need to bench the far left and get some regieme change in here.

    • Riverdweller

      Those quotes are lines from movies he was in.

  • Willy

    I would like to get feedback from Eastwood over this, including his motives and take on the spot before making any judgement.

  • Steve

    I miss John Wayne.

    John Wayne was unique in the Hollywood of his day. He was politically conservative in a town that, like today, was filled with liberals and, indeed, with people who were Communists. In the 1950s, as the Cold War between American and Soviet Russia began to heat up, some of them got blacklisted. As we now know, even the highest levels of the U.S. government had been thoroughly infiltrated by American Communists who were often Soviet agents.

    Wayne said, “If you’re in a fight, you must fight to win, and in those early years of the Cold War, I strongly believed that our country’s fundamental values were in jeopardy. I think that the Communists proved my point over the years.” A fellow actor, Ronald Reagan, discovered Communists in the union he headed and that no doubt set him on a path in politics with the purpose of defeating the Soviet Union. He succeeded.

    “Success is not measured by your wealth,” said Wayne, “but in your worth…Honorable men and women have a right to stand up for the things they hold dear…It’s the American way.”

    • Rick Parker

      Remember, John also said, “Life is hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid”!
      On a political note: You can’t fix stupid, but you can vote it out!!

    • Burt

      Who cares what an actor has to say. They will say what ever they have to to get people to see there movies

    • Don39

      I am sure you are to young to remember when there were actors and producers etc. that had charactor, were war heros, culural heros, wholesome charactors, etc. How sad.

    • Riverdweller

      John Wayne never had to say anything to get people to go see his movies.
      An actor and a real war hero – most decorated – was Audie Murphy.
      Yes, it is sad. A whole generation or two out there who see nothing but movies that try to outgross each other (and i don’t mean money either).

  • wmagg

    Sorry People I just don’t get it
    Maybe I’m not hearing it right or something
    I just spent the last twenty min going over this add the same one I seen in the bowl game and even in the bowl game I did not get the impression that Eastwood was for Obuthead
    the way I take it is Obuthead has knocked us down and now we are getting back up and we are going to kick some Obuthead A$$ and put this country back out in front. Perhaps you should look at the uncut version of this add not read into it that which is not there.
    or let me know what it is that I am not seeing

    • Rick Parker

      That’s what I heard and that’s what Rush parsed this morning too.

    • Ariesdancer

      I did not hear anything in Clint Eastwoods commercial that gave me any inclination at all that he was even remotely speaking that all of us should be voting to re-elect Obama in Nov. I too thought as you did wmagg. Just stand up and fight for what is right in this country with it’s values intact and it economy on track. But not to be stupid voters but definitely vote for we need to be smart and responsible voters.

    • Don39

      It is a matter of context so everyone will not get it!

  • Great Grandma

    I heard the entire Clint Eastwood tape and heard him say at the end, which nobody has commented on and which I must paraphrase because I didn’t commit the entire spiel to memory: “about winning in the 1st half now let’s do it again in the 2nd half.” in which he was referring to the bailout out and the comeback of Chrysler. Hence why the Obama bunch jumped on it the same day Obama said he “deserved” a 2nd term..meaning? The other half of his 8 term presidency. And you want me to believe Eastwood didn’t know any of that or that Obama’s ad outfit didn’t plan it that way? Puleeeze! I’m old but not demented.

    • wmagg

      Actually he said we got knocked down in the first half and we were going to kick but in the second. if needed I can provide the link to the entire add as aired

  • willyt

    Crazy to see the Eastwood ad as anything other than PRO REPUBLICAN. 1st half was NObama and the second half we will get up off the ground and fight back! REPUBLICAN!! Any other reading I believe comes from folk with little self respect or optimism.
    just my .02

    • wmagg

      Thanks I thought I was the only one who was seeing this as aired so I’m still not sure what everybody else is cranked about.

    • Loralee

      That’s how I took it, too! I was kinda surprised when the Liberal media kidnapped it!

    • Don39

      Wanta buy a bridge, a very long and little used one?

  • Great Grandma

    Ultor…you’re related to Clint Eastwood and know him up front and personal? Or are you just trying to reinvent O and FOO’s BS? How do you know what Clint Eastwood is all about…I’m 82 and I know Eastwood made his big bucks and start up making so called spaghetti westerns because he wasn’t all that big a deal at the beginning. What say you darling?

  • Barney Frank’s Poolboy

    CALLAHAN!!!!!!! You’re suspended!!!!! Give me your piece and your badge…..oh, and your boy Obozo needs a reach-around!!

  • http://SouthernBelle Carolyn Lewis

    Clint Eastwood is a great American icon. I cannot believe he is truly invested in Obama. Even though I fear what is left of our country will totally fall apart, money will be worth nothing, the have-nots will murder, pillage and turn everything over to satan. Really not too far from it now. Obama will give them free reign to do it. Then he will be pronounced king forever.

  • http://google Bob

    Hey Guys and Gals: How about just forgetting about dear old Clints motive (money speaks you know for anyone) and lets pull together and get on the internet – facebook-twitter and load them up with good conservetive ramblings and scare the heck out of the left wingers and dopes in DC and start an avalanche of help for West, and any other non-lifetime politicians ,;and get these sleeze bags the heck out of DC and show these dorks this country belongs to “We the People” not politicians and do all we can to to get obummer out of OUR White House and OUR CONSTITUITION AND BRING US BACK TO SANITY..GOD BLESS THE USA……….

    • LJ

      Well said. Thank you. We do tend to get sidetracked, and we do tend to react. This year, let’s not REACT, let’s ACT! Meaning, GET HIM OUT!

  • Marc Jeric

    Abu Hussein al-Mombassa, aka Mullah Obama, is rapidly communizing America; automobile industry, mortgage companies, many banks,and pretty soon oil $ gas companies, coal mines, electric companies, hospitals and doctor offices, transportation companies,etc.

  • The Hammer

    Obama is a Chicago thug. We need a republican Elliott Ness right now!

  • Great Grandma

    Let’s just all see how Hollywood and the “big money” guys support the GOP in order to get rid of O and FOO. Money talks. I still don’t think Clint was adament enough about saying anybody who wanted to could use his “ad” since he really didn’t have a problem with the ad. Well. Now he has a problem with the O and FOO using it to their advantage. Sheesh!

  • Barney Frank’s Poolboy

    This is more Chicago-style, pay-for-play scummy politics……hard to believe that the White House has become Chicagoized……gotta get this buffoon out.

  • Margie

    He is 83 with a young wife who has turned him lib, Clint knew what he was doing, he was following directions from the wife. what I would really like to know is how much this AD cost the good citizens of the late, great USA.

  • vern

    I have had a little experience with ad agencies, and I am unaware of any with no key creative professionals who are of the Liberal persuasion.

  • sue

    clint eastwood is hollywood and all hollywood uber rich are liberals.But I believe Obama said if he couldnt fix economy in one term let him be a one term president so be it let it be done in the words of another leader.Dirty harry is just dirty

  • Bob Little

    Reminds me of a certain teleconference the NEA sponsored to recruit all artistic community members to use their influence to push Ibama’s agenda.

  • Fuzzy

    The Bastards screwed over Clint Eastwood. Just another one of their Con jobs using a True American Patriot to misguide the American People. The American Citizen’s trust Clint Eastwood, where as if Obama would have done it everyone would have known it was a scam. Now they come out and say that they made profits, how can they show a profit when they still owe the TaxPayer’s Billion’s of dollars from bailing there ass’s out of bankruptcy.

  • Lou

    Go to this attached website and get the real truth about this Ad. This same Ad agency has made several Obumber ads in the recent months… the article.

  • Gisela

    I am not crazy about any of the Candidates but I will vote for any one of them as long as we get the Liar in chief out of office before he appoints himself the Ruler like chavez or castro because that is what he wants.

  • charles Saunders

    Clint Eastwood is a typical Hollywood phony created by Hollywood Kikes to sell Race-Mixing in Movies he’s been in. He does it very subtly. In one Movie Eastwood is in-about a New Orleans Detective-the character played by Eastwood admits to being “kinky”(i.e. “gay” or “bi”?). When he supposedly directed a Movie on the jazz Musician, Charley Parker(“The Bird”), he was quoted as saying he wished he had been born Black!!! Eastwood is another Hollywood “He-Man” like Arnie Schwartzenegger and all the rest, phony creations of the Kikes. Arnie admits belonging to the swishy “Bohemian Groves” along with Francis Ford Coppola. Notice Coppola(Occult oriented Movie, “Apocalypse Now”) being the teacher of George Lucas as a filmmaking. No wonder Lucas has so much subliminal Occult materials in the “Star Wars” Movies.

  • R. C. E.

    Romney is a slickum kinda guy! Anyone who can only say bad stuff about his oponents and nothing positive about himself…is a loser in my book!

  • tymtrvlr

    The whole country will realize after this next general election that their votes have not counted for decades. The marxists destroyed our election system decades ago, they felt we were not smart enough to vote those into office who could help them circumvent the U.S. Constitution and bankrupt the country with welfare programs. The American citizen has been brainwashed/ conditioned to accept less and less of our rights in the marxists march to the one world commie government, rationing will become common place world wide, those that complain will disappear, or be killed outright. Take a look at what’s left of American law, it is a travesty, protecting the criminal and designed to financially destroy those that want a fair legal system. This is not going to end well, they have now defined American patriots as terrorists to keep the people from rising up against this most worthless third world ghetto slum dictatorship. We either come together as a mass group to take this human debris down, or obama will divide us to the smallest groups and wipe us out. Again I write, this is not going to end well, and all the conspiracy theories, stories, predictions will collide head-on all at once. So vote, it won’t matter a lick as to who takes obummer’s place, they are all cut from the same cloth, and vetted by enemies of the U.S. Constitution and the American way of life.

  • The Gizmo51

    People tend to fear the unknown and what they don’t understand. People with lower IQ’s would tend to be more paranoid since they know and understand less than the higher IQ people. Smart people tend to play on people’s fears in order to manipulate and gain power over them. While there is no guarantee that change is always better, change is usually better or at least the smarter people can figure out the flaws in change and better react and/or change the flaws for the better. I would love to have someone do a study on the median IQ of republinos, conservatives, Democrats, and liberals as the party of no and conservatives want less change and actually fight against change that the Democrats propose. This would lead one to conclude republinos have lower IQ’s and thus want less change because they fear it. At one time people believed the earth was flat, was the center of the universe, and that people were created, not evolved. Birth control is a sin, all abortion is evil, women should earn less for the same amount of work, women don’t belong in the work force; all of these are examples of outdated beliefs. The point I am clumsily trying to make is the republino conservatives have more fear than the “normal” person because they aren’t as smart as the average person and since they believe change is bad they strongly oppose all change. They don’t want the rich to pay more taxes because they earned more, they don’t want abortion because it is indeed the killing of life without exception, they don’t want universal health insurance mainly because that’s a huge change. They opposed all the changes the Democrats proposed and hence voted in favor of the tea party and more conservatives in 2010. Conservatives are paranoid and hence want a stronger military at any cost, are afraid of unions because they fear union members receive more benefits than they do and the list goes on. We liberals must be more patient and caring for the republinos for indeed ignorance is not bliss and they must be shown a better way in spite of themselves and their paranoia. After all, there is only one Earth and we all live on it.

  • jr

    Oh throw up! These Prople are most likely being paid huge sums to produce these pro-Obama ads. If they really believe a this stuff, Thrn they are very talented but stupid people.

  • hotrod


  • Remington 870

    Clint is the tough guy, the gunslinger, the Make My Day 44 Magnum guy, and now he is Obama butt boy. That does it for me. No more Eastwood movies. He sold his soul to the devil and now must pay at the box office.

  • Texas Pete

    I will vote for Santorum in the primary. I would vote for a brain damaged earthworm over obama.

    • http://Newwavecomm. Betty Phillips

      I agree with you. The comment that was just posted that Ron Paul is a conservative proves to the American citizens that we still have a large group of idiots trying to make a brainless comment. Ron Paul is no more than a useless ninny and should just hang it it. Our country does not need another idiot!!! We are struggling to get rid of the Radical idiot, so wake up America we do not need a “white idiot muslim,.. Betty

  • Janice Fortin

    Oh my! what delicate pansies you all are.
    This is just sparring. DEBATORS LEARN FROM
    JUST SUCH……but I do say, damn, a debator must develop quick repartee…..where is it?
    NOthing is a loss if you play your cards right and adjust if you have to. That goes for every single candidate. A debator must be like a boxer bouncing on his feet to avoid a KNOCKOUT. look alive. the fun is just beginning. “obama ahead in the polls”
    oh oh groan….instead asks: WHO WAS POLLED?
    NO BODY I KNOW. here’s a prediction for you:
    Even with all the compromised of America,

    • skptriot, MI

      So it’s the GOP’s election to lose. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed that Romney or whoever the nominee is will actually stand up for himself against Obama. We need some guts!



  • Mike

    I think Clint was duped into this ad.

  • rmw15

    A billion dollars in your re-election warchest buys a lot of friends and compliments, particularly if their names are George Soros, Warren Buffet,UAW, etc. Oh well, welcome to the United Socialist States of America.

    • Covert1970

      Revolution according to our constitution before that happens and Soros, Bloomberg, Buffet, with his close friends and all of their money jailed for Seditious Acts against the United States of America and its Constitution !

  • Covert1970

    Instead of spending the millions that that ad cost per 30 seconds why not pay back part of the 1.3 Billion Chrysler still owes for their bailout ! Clint Eastwood with his raspy , cancer sounding voice, I know from experience that sound, why not show what FORD did with no borrowed or bail out money !

  • BlackSunshine84

    Congress just passed the new FAA regulations complete with orders for the FAA to develop regulations for the testing and licensing of commercial drones by 2015. Don’t be a foolio! Vote for Ron Paul!

  • Rock

    The ad was great and represented America. I CANNOT STAND THE BELLY ACKING FROM THE RIGHT. GROW UP.

  • big papa

    Hey Clint Can I move into you home in Montery I love that area. That is what you want isn’t it a community of one all of us living together as one. I think you should put up or shut up I can move in this week. I like hot cakes in the morning, Grilled ham and cheese for lunch and Sea food for dinner.

  • big papa

    Hey Clint Can I move into you home in Montery I love that area. That is what you want isn’t it a community of one all of us living together as one. I think you should put up or shut up I can move in this week. I like hot cakes in the morning, Grilled ham and cheese for lunch and Sea food for dinner.

  • Southern Son

    Mickey, Donald , Daffy and the whole Walt Disney crowd voted for obumer last time . They will do it again in 2012. The Demorats will do whatever it takes to steal another election.. VOTE REPUBLICAN !!!!!!!!

  • Deborah

    I read every comment on this site. Now, it is my turn to reply. Listen, friends, we are in real danger. People that hate America (and ALL Americans) are coming freely over our borders, yet our government turns a blind-eye even though they were hired to protect us. We must pray for God’s intervention. He is our only hope. I do not believe that this dictator in office has any intention on leaving. Martial law will make that possible. We must come together and put aside our petty differences. Our very lives stand in the balance.

  • skptriot, MI

    The owner of Chrysler/Fiat is Italian and he doesn’t get a vote….that is, of course, unless the libs get their way and you don’t need to be a citizen to vote. Sergio Marchionne swears the ad was not supposed to be political, but to show that Chrysler and Detroit were “coming back”. Odd that you would spend millions on an ad for a car company and not show one single car in the entire two minutes.

  • Janie

    GOP better get their heads out of their butts or they will keep Obama in the Oval office.

    • Charlie

      My sentiments exactly.

    • emerson

      amen, sister!!!!!

    • Wayne

      Yes, we need to pick ONE candidate, and put ALL of our support behind that ONE person. All these people who say if the candidate they won’t vote for this guy, or that guy, need to wake up and figure out that we MUST support whomever is going against dictator osama. If you refuse to vote for the chosen candidate because he or she isn’t the one you wanted, you will be giving osama a free pass to continue his destruction of America. A TRUE American will vote for the Republican candidate and do everything possible to defeat the current vacationer-in-chief. Personally, I don’t know who is the best candidate, but I am voting FOR America, and I AM voting (unless our liar-in-chief finds a way to prevent the election)if only to cancel out a vote for the spender-in-chief.

  • Janie

    GOP better get their heads out of their butts or they will keep Obama in the Oval office.

  • bob

    Why is it that the one critical question is not being ask of the candidates?

    1. Are you for a one world government?

    If they answer yes that means they are in bed with George Soeros. Throw those yes candidates under the bus and go with the NO candidates.

    • ccalreds

      Reply to Bob.

      Great question.

    • http://talktalk johnny h

      I would ask another question too.: Are you in support of the US Constitution, inc the Freedoms all the Amendments endow ALL citizens with??


      It really dos,nt matter what you submit, if “they” don’t like it they just erase it. This “Once Great Nation” is in severe danger.

  • flameinhair

    Oh boy….I don’t care if it was an ad for unions or cars.
    What Clint said is TRUE….IT IS HALF-TIME IN AMERICA…(time to kick/vote the DC DOPES OUT!)

    • emerson

      starting with obama and the constipated democrat controlled senate. send old harry back to sears roebuck to sell refrigerators.

    • Speedster85747

      Either Harry should work as a Mortician or go back to the Whore House he used to go swimming at as a child …I bet they would hire him as Chief Rubber Burner

  • Jon

    Let’s Remember folks, it is not about Clint E, it is about removing Obmama fro the WH. We need to also remember that what Obama is doing he is doing on purpose! He does not care if he ruins this country, he wants power and votes! He has the power (split congress, and split Supreme Court) If he gives away everything his liberal friends want, including illegal Allien votes, he could care less about any of us, and that is fact. Once this country is washed up, Obama will join forces with China or EU and then we will be the new USSRA (united states socialist republic of america)! He must be removed on this election and we must win both houses in congress too, if we are going to get Obama care ousted or at least eliminating all of the bad things in it, which is most of it; and to correct this Nations forward progress as a Nation of freedom and liberty and moral Christian Nation oncea again. Very iffy… The other thing is to tell the Muslums, come here and obey our laws and not bring theirs over here!

  • Dave

    I’m surprized there wasn’t any flap about the GM ad, although they did show some trucks in the GM ad.
    I don’t think there is any doubt what the Chrysler ad was about, and I do not doubt what the GM ad was about, both political and both paid for by taxpayer money.
    Halftime = 4 more years.
    Apocalypse = Politics rode in and saved Americas (GM’s) day with the bailout. Of course they kind of showed it in reverse.
    Did they really have to mention Ford unless they felt Ford made them look bad because the Unions didn’t get a big portion of the Ford company at the expense of the real stockholders, the American investors. They both seemed like a political ads aimed at justifying the actions of the government meddling.

    • Linda

      The GM ad was stupid; on the other hand, maybe it was a portrayal of the country after Obama. Probably Ford should have had an ad portraying themselves struggling to survive by their own wits while Obama is handing out the big taxpayer bucks to GM and Chrysler.

      As for the Chrysler ad…. maybe Eastwood gets to be the administrations Director of Disinformation or Propaganda Producer (also known as Czar).

      I don’t believe Chrysler or GM have repaid the Stimulus windfalls they were given. So, folks, we paid for their ads in a round-about fashion. Way to go, Chrysler & GM. You screwed us again!

    • emerson

      and we can screw them where it hurts the most. never buy a chrysler or gm vehicle, ever.

  • Carson City

    At least they got the ad with Obozos face on the bottom of the Nikes half right. They forgot to include the constitution and map of U.S. map underneath them. He’s been stomping on both of ’em for years now.

    • Lee Baldwin

      Sorry, If I owned them shoes I would stomp around where my dogs go. -the only ‘fitting’ thing about ‘anything’ obama.

  • emerson

    as usual, with articles written in this arena, there is no substance. it doesn’t matter what the morons think that CREATED the stupid ad. the question is: who authorized and PAID for the damn thing? gad, the incompetence of media airheads these days. if we knew the politics of the idiot dopeheads who create most movie and tv shows, we wouldn’t watch any of them or listen to any music.

  • Janie Parker

    I agree with Bob, Why is it not being asked? But of course most of the world already gets more of our money then we do.

    • bob

      It just doesn’t make sense that if Glenn Beck, Hennady, and others are saying it,
      Then why is it someone isn’t going after George and his cronies?
      Bring down the empire that’s funding the take over and you cripple them at the knees.
      From what I’ve put together, every president since Taft has been in on it, Rep. and Dem.
      The only exception would have possibly been Reagan.

  • Truman Berst

    Sue the government. Or help me win my lawsuit against our criminal government.

    Why do martyrs die alone? I hear complaints and get no help. Why?

  • http://na Eugene Edwards

    I have lived a long time,it seems. I have never seen the likes of what we are having to deal with today in this once UNITED nation, which is no longer UNITED it seems. I am even struggling with who to vote for or even vote. I have never seen this nation in the shape it is in today! We kicked God out of our nation and God has kicked this nation out of his concern for what is going to happen. It is, to quote, “The best of times and the worst of times!” God help us, because we certainly need someone to straighten out this mess. Amen!

    • Linda

      Eugene! For heaven’s sake, VOTE! I know it seems futile, but pick one of those Republicans – any one of them – and vote! Honestly, man, we can’t afford another 4 of an illegal ‘president’.

    • Jack Jones

      I know it is hard because right now so many Repubs in the race make it look gobbled up. I look at it another way. The candidates are fierce in their convictions that something has to be done to defeat the socialist president. They are putting up a fierce fight and not giving in. They are giving us the opportunity to know them as individuals and uncover any hidden agendas. One will make it, but all are patriots and should serve in some capacity once the socialist czars are removed.

    • emerson

      please vote for anyone but obama.

  • Stuanch American

    omg this is the most retartedly blown out of proportion thing I have ever seen. Can we just call it a good partriotic commercial and leave it at that?! Fuck.

    • Amanda

      You really are thick.

      This is half time in America??? Really? After the War of Independence from the mightiest military on the planet, this is half time for us? After the Civil War, this is half time? After the Great Depression, this is half time? Puleeze!

      One would only consider this half time if one is hoping to see Obummer reach his term limit.

      Chrysler is now owned and operated by Fiat (a foreign company) while GM is owned and operated by the government (a wholly Communist ideal). Meanwhile the radical Leftist who lied, schemed, and did whatever necessary to get himself into the most powerful position in the land is now attempting to eviscerate our foremost God-given right of religious liberty (the very inspiration that caused our free country to come into existance in the first place).

      You my friend are a moron if you do not see this for what it is. It is fools such as yourself who have brought us to this place. Get your head out of your @$$ already.

  • http://none dave thomas

    If in 2008 you voted for Obama to prove you weren’t a racist, then in 2012 you should vote for someone else to prove you aren’t an idiot.

  • JimN.

    Keep America beautiful, vote Conservative

  • giley

    The worse thing that we can do as patriots and the love for Democracy is to give up and throw in the towel. That is exactly what the Obama machine wants us to do. Get out and vote the bunch out one by one. Unfortunately, too many of our young Americans are too busy with their I-Pods and other electronic devices to pay close attention to how close we are to losing our freedoms and destroying the country as we have known it.

    • Bo Tanner

      We are a constitutional republic, not a democracy. A democracy is basically mob rule.

  • mark

    all’s i can say is let’s vote ovomit and his idiot’s out for good,and remember don’t forget to vote we the people can’t afford to have ovomit for 4 more years if ovomit wins we the people loose our country for good. vote the socialist party out and let’s take back our country what’s left of it before it is too late.

  • Joel

    Who would have thought– Dirty Harry has turned into a cheerleader. A man has to know his limitations.

  • Zipster

    If you think this is bad, wait until the Republican candidate is chosen. This will be the likes of which you have never seen. And everyone seems to miss the basic point. WE ARE A REPUBLIC, not a Democracy. Recite the Pledge of Allegiance, (and to the Republic for which it stands. No matter who is chosen, we all need to vote against Obummer.

  • Lee

    I always thought Eastwood was a Republican…

  • Lee

    I always thought Eastwood was a Republican…

  • BMiller

    Once again the folks that we vote in to protefect us from fraud and corruption have joined the thieves and lawbreakers; this is so much like the way the Nazi’s took Europe using the appathetic’s just wanting to not make any noise are now hiding behind a bookcase trying to not be seen or heard. This President is not legally the President and wields the military as if he was in control. We are now allowing the corrupt to overrule the law; where are the cahonaes? Georgia has left its constituents in a lurch; the Constitution is being ignored again by Obama; the imposter is now like Hitler a dictator at large.

  • lou-Dallas

    Well…the hypocrite-in-chief has rung his anti-constitution bell….and everyone heard it….you…me…the independents…catholic church…even those dumb phukk rebublicans who are leaning to vote for Nobama…and that bell can’t be un-rung…!!

  • Steven

    obamination is good for only one thing……holding up under the weight of them big ears!!!!

  • Lois

    Eastwood is just doing what he gets paid to do, act. I mean along with “Dirty Harry”, he also Starred in such stellar roles as “Any Which Way Is Loose”. Next he’ll be blowing rainbows out of his butt and that will mean something profound, worthy of political debate.

  • HarleyD

    Most people will admit that Obama has to go. All the idiots now vying for the Republican nomination are doing nothing but giving Obama ammunition to use against them in a general election. Everyone needs to listen to Eastwood’s ad again. Halftime is utilized to correct the mistakes a team makes in the first half of the game. This election is a game this country cannot afford to lose by the re-election of Obama or we will really LOSE. Hopefully a new candidate will step up to the plate or we can kiss the United States as it was, goodbye. BTW, Eastwood is a hardcore patriot