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Maine Caucuses Finish Closer Than Expected, Strange Recount

Sunday, February 19, 2012

ron paul maine

Texas Congressman Ron Paul won strong victories in rural Maine caucuses February 18, but the Saturday caucuses do not quite appear to have lifted Paul to victory statewide over his chief rival, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. But there are new questions about some of the vote tallies in the updated Maine GOP count, especially where the results for the Portland caucus were reversed in favor of Romney.

The official tally for Washington County — a rural Maine county that had postponed its scheduled February 11 caucuses because of snow — showed 163 votes for Paul, 80 for Romney, 57 for Santorum, and three for Gingrich. Neither Gingrich nor Santorum had an official campaign presence at the caucuses in Maine.

The two-to-one Paul victory over Romney in Washington County alone won’t put Paul over the top statewide, however. According to the Paul campaign, the Texas congressman and obstetrician also picked up 39 votes in caucuses in neighboring Hancock County and a handful of other area caucuses February 18. A number of other towns were caucusing February 18 as well, but by the Paul campaign’s count at 5:00 p.m. they were still 84 votes short after counting Hancock and Washington Counties. The Bangor Daily News put Romney’s margin of victory at 117 votes.

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  • Vance

    Seems to me that the Republican caucus has been bought and paid for. They don’t like the people that they are supposed to be representing any more than the communist democrats do. The more I see of these clowns the more I think that Ron Paul should be our President. Romney is nothing more than Obama with a “Republican” label and white skin. He gives me the creeps and I have yet to meet anyone who really backs him.

  • Sue

    They want Ron Paul to lose. He’s good for the country. The people like him. Have to ask yourself, why? Only one not beholden to AIPAC
    Ron Paul 2012

    • Icarealot

      They are afraid of Ron Paul’s foreign policy. The man doesn’t get it. We cannot not protect our allies.

    • Al


    • Riverdweller


    • Tom B

      AIPAC will fight Ron Paul all the way.

    • Raphael

      “He’s good for the country.”

      Which one? …certainly not the US. His fortign policy would be an even bigger disaster than Obama’s.

    • Texan living overseas (until Texas secedes)

      Why do you support spending trillions to give muslims guns and tanks?!

      Why do Rick, Newt, and Romney believe Bush’s lie that “Islam is a religion of peace”?!

      ONLY Ron Paul voted to BLOW up Afghanistan and then voted AGAINST rebuilding them! That is what EVERY conservative here wants!

      Stop being tricked into spending trillions to rebuild our FUTURE enemies! Iraq and Afghanistan WILL betray us.

      My friend on the ground is pissed because he knows the muslims he is being forced to train in combat will probably kill Americans/Israelis in the future!


    • Al

      Apparently a NEO-CON WAR MONGER!

    • Kayla Rogers

      I can see one thing from you post and that is America needs to make the school systems private again so you can learn some education.

  • jerry1944

    romney is just like obambo and i am sure they have there dead vote the way they want them to. All states should have to have photo I D than should be mandatoiy

    • slide & glide

      The Dimm-oc-rats fight tooth and toenail to keep from having photo ID. That’s because they can’t have all the dead people vote. They try to claim that the poor people and the old people can’t vote if they have show ID. How on earth can they collect Social Security, Welfare, and food stamps without some type of ID? Georgia has had photo ID for several years. My mom calls and orders an absentee ballot and doesn’t have to show ID. It gets sent to her home address.

  • tod

    Dr.Ron Paul 2012 for the Only Proven Honest Patriot running,PERIOD !!!

    • http://patriotupdate SNAKE BITE


    • Al

      Not worth a reply!

    • Riverdweller


    • Eastern Eagle

      Screw YOU, you neo-con SCUMBAG!!

  • F.Workman

    Newt is a real leader

  • http://thepatriotupdate gailen val oliver

    alot of politicians should be hanged for treason, just like in the old day’s find a tree and hangem high if they don’t adhere to the constitution

  • Stan

    The Republican party is acting like one of a foreign socialist country,either you vote for who we want,or your vote doesn’t count.They have stolen another caucus from Ron Paul and we the people know it.We the people have just about had it with these power grabbing,rights stealing socialists in BOTH parties.And the rating system didn’t go the way they liked so they turned it off.

    • Doug

      Ron Paul is more popular online than he is in the analog world because computer-savvy folk are not nearly as wary of wide-open change.

      It excites them.

      Others, it scares. But those others don’t participate in these online forums, or vote in online polls, as often. They vote in the analog elections, though.

      Nobody’s robbing Ron Paul. His own proposals, so popular here, lose him votes in the wider world.

    • Stan

      Doug, most of that is true,but the liberal,and conservative news media refuse to cover him equally and fairly like they do the others.When they do cover him they try to make him look bad,and their bias against him shows.

  • BobinPa.

    I’m sure those Nut-Bags in Iran would sure love to see Paul elected in 2012. Gee, Wonder Why???.. “Bomb, Bomb. Bomb,–Bomb, Bomb, Iran. Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, — Bomb, Bomb, Iran. “Semper Fi”

    • Texan living overseas (until Texas secedes)

      Why would a conservative like you support Barack Obama’s policy of rebuilding Iraq/Afghanistan?

      Why do Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama ALL have the same foreign policy?

      Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama all believe Bush’s lie that “Islam is a religion of peace”.

      ONLY Ron Paul voted to BLOW UP Afghanistan and then voted AGAINST rebuilding them!

      STOP SUPPORTING OBAMA’S foreign policy of REBUILDING muslim countries at America’s expense!

      All the candidates (Obama+GOP), except Paul, support giving muslims tanks, guns, and trillions of dollars.

      IT’S TREASON! Those 650,000 iraqi shiites that Rick, Romney, Newt, and Obama supported training WILL TURN ON US!

      They will probably betray us the moment we bomb shiite Iran, and if not then, they will definitely betray us in the future Arab vs Israeli war!

    • Al

      Gee, I’m Soooooooo afraid of IRAN, I pee my pants just thinking about them!


    • http://verizon Ann Rand

      Al…. They make products for that problem…I hope you keep yourself clean…

    • Eastern Eagle

      I hope the towelheads bomb YOU, you jarhead faggot!!! Who’s YOUR squad leader…Jerry Sandusky?

  • Martin Ridens

    “This really disturbs me, when I see numbers like this,” he said. In Portland, the state GOP reported February 11 that Paul had won the caucus by a vote of 106 to 91. But in the February 17 revision, Romney had won the state’s largest city, by an identical 106 to 91 vote.

    I’m thinking this is too big of a coincidence to be simple mistake and it disturbs me too.

  • http://verizon Ann Rand

    Cheer up, Paulbots…. Everybody is going to withdraw from the race and hand it to you on a silver platter!!!After all Dr. Dementia is soo much wiser than the rest… I’ll bet he can get us bombed faster even than obama can… Won’t you be a happy bunch then!!!