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Obama Hires Academy Award Filmmaker To Make Film About Himself

Sunday, February 26, 2012


With Hollywood gathering this weekend for the 84th Academy Awards, President Barack Obama has recruited Oscar-winning documentary director Davis Guggenheim to again produce a short film for his campaign.

Obama’s re-election staff in Chicago spent $162,834 on the film last month, according to the January Federal Election Commission filing. Currently in post-production, the film focuses on the president’s first three years in office, according to a campaign official.

The film will be less than 30 minutes long and released in weeks, though the exact date hasn’t been decided, according to the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The campaign is still considering how it will be used, the official said.

This is just the latest involvement with Obama’s campaign for Guggenheim, who directed “Waiting for Superman,” a documentary about the U.S. education system, and won an Oscar in 2006 for “An Inconvenient Truth,” which chronicled former Vice President Al Gore’s drive to raise awareness about climate change.

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  • nvrpc

    That’s what America needs to see. A movie groomed to portray the worse president this country has ever seen as the saving grace messiah and Muslim brotherhood comrade. I hope the movie is the biggest flop ever produced. Obama needs to go down in history as the ONLY black Muslim mole anti-American voted into office by millions of anti-American socialist democrats who are in fact enemies of the state for the sole purpose to make us no better than any third world nation. May the screen be sprayed with pig blood. Bring you barf bags people or maybe some dope to the theater while watching this propaganda film. Personally when Obama auss is gone anything and everything that he touched needs to be destroyed as they did Hitler site in Germany and Osama house in Pakistan. I think they call that “ without a trace”..

  • http://tHEPATRIOTUPDATE Frank J.

    i did not know anybody would make a film about SH?T.

    • josh

      how much of him are we expected to take.

    • David L

      O and his wife in the trees, Titled,

      HERE WE IS

    • Herr Capitan Fick

      Not nice to make fun of your fearless leader, especially when you’re paying for the movie and they’re riding first class—–on your dime!

    • Robert Anderson

      Hire a HITLER type to make a movie about a muslim? Are they filming in KENYA ? or UGANDA ?
      Will it show him standing at the BOARDER with the REGISTRATION papers to register to vote? At the CEMITARY’S writting down names off tomb stones?

    • deis

      He’s a jew not german.

    • Brian

      Hey!, please proof your comments and pay attention to spell check . You must be a smart guy not to buy into the libtards. you represent our side when you comment, so try to get spelling right!
      Thanks for paying attention!!

    • ZagoZana

      OK, now let’s imagine what kind stories Gingritch, Robme, Sanitorium and Mr. Paul would tell in their films.
      Chuck Noris could play Sanitorium!
      Gingritch could be played by the Michelin man.
      Robme could be played by three card board cut-outs.
      Mr. Paul could play himself…

    • Sandske

      That’s hilarious! What’s your name for our featless leader. (that was not a mis-spelling, either!)

    • Matthew

      ZagoZana–why don’t you go back to Media Matters and pat yourself on the back with your liberal idiots. I am sure Soros could help you try and destroy the Constitution, try and take God out of our country, while kissing the feet of the worst president this country has seen…except maybe for Woodrow Wilson and FDR..Oh yes, I remember, Mr. Omama compared himself to Lincoln…what a joke…I am sure Lincoln is turning over in his grave as are all of our Founding who loved this country and believed that God gives rights to men, not governments. So go and run back to your far left progressive idiots and leave this site to people who can really use their brains to make intelligent thoughts and comments on about America and what is best for this country.

    • Cathy

      Looks like you’re the one with nothing. Obama is nothing but a made up character since we don’t know who he really is.

    • Sandy

      A new HORROR movie!!

    • Karolyn

      And when we see what he is doing in real life who in the heck would want to pay money to see a film about him!!! I can’t hardly stand to look at his face on t.v.!!!

    • loone

      I agree with you, I wont pay to look at him!!

    • B Pent

      I SO Totally agree with NOT looking at the Black selfrighteous niger…
      Saying he hasn’t even beagin to finish the Job & that HE has 5 more years to complete the Desegregation of the United States…
      When will people learn he isn’t for the Americans, he’s for Himself & how much Power he can accumulate….

    • Jose

      Don’t forget the BIRTH CERTIFICATE !!!!!!

    • Rick

      Let’s hope in November he will be saying, “wo is me” David.

    • Skydiver

      He best be paying for this boon dogle waste of time himself, and while he is at it, why not a redo of a Tarzan segment starring his Cheetah!

    • Herr Capitan Fick

      You say, ” He best be paying for this movie himself”. If he doesn’t, what are you thinking of doing about it? Going to vote him out? As if your vote counts! LOL!

    • AZ Don

      I don’t think your effort to get people not to vote will work this time. Everyone’s vote will count and if they don’t vote that will count for obama. So, everybody, educate yourself and vote conservative if you want to remain free and not have to work for nothing. We can get out of this situation we have with this person (being kind here) that wants to be the first fascist totalitarian dictator of the US. Furthermore, if obama is reelected the middle class is doomed. It is not possible for the middle class to co-exist with wealth redistribution. Absolutely impossible do some research and check it out.

    • jake

      He is to ugly to play Cheetah!!

    • patriot2

      Skydiver,cheetah was better looking.

    • Rick

      Poor Cheetah passed away recently but he grandson is living at the white house.

    • kaizen66

      It’s called a crapumentory!

    • Ron

      This will have to be a documentary of the MOST lies EVER.. Don’t we all know that Obama will want this producer to portray himself as the angel of the earth, LOL… WRONG!!!

    • jake

      You mean the Kenyan Prince of Bull_S_H_I_T

    • bobby nealey

      No Ron , he is the liberal’s god and would never reduce himself to the position of an angel and yes as long as we pay taxes he will spend them , oh I forgot he spent this years taxes and the taxes for the next 15 years his first year in office , heck he can just borrow another trillion , China has plenty as long as he bows and says preaty please .

    • RioSam

      AGREE!! Notice they disabled the up or down vote? This website is becoming a piece of Sh*t too..

    • patriot2

      easy Frank,he’s trying to create jobs,starting with the cast of thousands………in kenya.

    • Rick

      Well Frank, I guess it just goes to show how much of an arrogant turd he is. Thirty minutes to show what he did in three years. Why hell, that film should only take three seconds.

    • bobby nealey

      Rick , it will take two weeks to cover his apoligeing for America, and another two months to cover all his lies , heck this movie could be as long as gone with the wind .

    • 3006al

      Correct – a three minute film would cover it all. Obama did keep one promise: he raised gas prices, but not as high as he wants. Ha, he’s go to help his mid-East Muslim brothers out you know! He’s a nacrissistic socialist in the first order!

    • GINGER

      obama has the ego of the century..and hollywood will lie to anyone, anytime about anything…I refuse to pay to see what hollywood puts out…and I have reached the point where I cannot stand to look at or listen to obama…yukkkk!!

    • annie

      Egotistical dictators and wanna be dictators must always be in the spotlight. The film should give many locations of golf courses, Hawaiian, European, African, etc. vacation sites, ski lodges, date night spots and on and on… all of the many expensive excursions we tax payers paid for as our gasoline, grocery, housing, etc. expenses continue to skyrocket… great leaders always set such great examples.

    • http://COMCAST.NET Lou Navarra

      Your right, He piles it high, and its getting higher by the second. I can’t wait till this is over.I hope America has learned something from this. He will get a LOT of ILLEGAL votes Its called FRAUD!, we all need to STOP this, because our FREE country is at STAKE. Its called FRAUD!

    • NancyJ

      The movie with, of course, be labeled “fiction”.

    • annie

      Egotistical dictators and wanna be dictators must always be in the spotlight. Should be many lovely golf courses, beautiful Hawaiian, European, African, Asian vacation areas, ski resorts, date nite spots and on and on and on areas filmed. Our tax dollars paid and continue to pay for these expensive excursions. All the while our taxes, fuel, grocery, utility, housing, etc. costs continue to rise! What a great leader we have (if you want to know how to steal money from citizens and spend it extravagantly.. there isn’t anyone else that could teach these traits any better).

  • Dave

    He’s so full of himself, not surprised!

    • Dee

      I sure wouldn’t see this movie. I see enough of his damn face on TV, in the paper and on the computer. Need NO more of him.

  • Duane

    Who really gives a rat ass about this arrogant person that calls himself”president’.About himself. Honestly this is really going over the top. ?Wonder if they will show the false birth certificate again, that names a none existant counrty, Kenya, on style that wasn’t used, from a hospital that wasn’t there yet. Just wonderful

    • camdenme2

      This will not help this sorry ass of a Presbo!!

    • Doug Rodrigues

      Oh yes it will help Obama. Why? Because at least half the population are idiots who will believe the propaganda they see on the screen. Such a film would be released within a week, or perhaps a few days, of the next election before another film can be made to prove his film WAS nothing but propaganda. Basically, 90+ percent of the population will believe anything they see on TV or read in the “News” papers. You’ve talked to those idiots. They’re the ones who say, “It must be true or they couldn’t print it.”

    • bobby nealey

      Duane don’t confuse these people most of them don’t know these facts yet , but that is not even scratching the surface . The facts are out there they just have to look .

  • http://tHEPATRIOTUPDATE Frank J.

    whats the title Sh-t floats.

    • jim

      and here I always thought it was the cream that raised to the top! and yes S floats way too long & smells too

  • OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

    You’ve got to wonder if the director of “An Inconvenient Truth” is directing a propaganda piece about Obama…It should probably be called the “Superman of Liars”

    • Herr Capitan Fick

      Better no tug on Superman of liars cape!

    • GINGER

      AMEN !!

  • VegasLarry

    I hope he doesn’t use taxpayer money to produce this blockbuster flop. I wonder how far back into his history the movie will go. Bet it doesn’t shed any new light on the fraud he has foisted on the United States.

    • patriot2

      the movie can’t go too far back,his lawyers won’t reveal any truths about him.

    • bobby nealey

      I think it said the first three years of his dictatorship .

  • Jack

    If this film is about Obama’s successes in his first three years, it will only be about 10 seconds long and he would have a hard time filling in those 10 seconds.

    • Herr Capitan Fick

      If he can’t get any actual truth, he will just dream up fillers. See, he has plenty of money to hire the best, your money! LOL!

    • Ruth Bacon

      My first thought was “what another display of arrogance,” then “how would that be good campaign material – thirty minutes of his accomplishments would have to be twenty-nine and a half minutes of lies.”

  • http://firfox phil c

    Obama needs a film from Bollywood. They make great fiction with style and no substance. Just like the community organizer that fools voted into the presidency. It sure won’t have anything about where he was born and raised.

  • Mutantone

    strange how he is using the same one Gore did to process his lies, that should tell the people something!

  • msbets

    Wow, this should be good……….LMAO

  • msbets

    ovomit osama reminds me of a rat scurrying around from room to room!!

  • Randy Rose

    Obama is the biggest fan of Obama, he is such an idiot that he stares in the mirror for hours and feels he is a star who deserves a movie role of a fiction documentary. This will be full of lies and will not include any of his many mistakes.

  • betty spaghetti

    great title zoo parade

  • Stephen Russell

    Maker the movie host a NC 17 rating, to keep most of the audience Away & dont buy in DVD or NetFlix, So Obummer, No $$$$ deal.

    • Herr Capitan Fick

      As many blacks, Illegal Invaders, Chinese. Arabs and Cubans in this country will pay plenty to see their hero!Your country is lost, you people have slept toooo long!

    • bobby nealey

      Herr , I’m afraid you are right , but remember one thing , Americans don’t bow to anyone , we don’t run from anyone and we don’t apoligise to anyone and I did say we Americans not kenyans .

  • ralph

    the filmmaker obviously has no morals/ethics/self respect, etc.

  • Joey

    I guess I could fill 30 minutes talking about HIS first 3 years, if I fudged the truth. But, I think I’d do better with a 30 second spot – then I wouldn’t have to LIE as much! It will end up as a 30 min. pile of crap – directed by who? It’s a big WHO CARES!

  • Rachel

    Does it really take a 30 min movie to show what a failure looks like. I guess he will need another month long vacation after all that work.

  • John

    O’Bama is one big joke. Hell, we don’t even know about his background, so how is he going to portray himself? I’m sure he’s not going to now disclose his background. He’s a nobody, with a lot of rich friends that happen to be communistic/socialistic, as he is. He has one thing going for him though, his ARROGANCE. Maybe he’ll include his IMPEACHMENT in this movie.

  • http://aol becky b

    oh let me count the LIES

  • Kevin

    I think they should make a movie…so future generations can look back and see what a distructive president looks like and may be learn from all the mistakes that were made.

    • Herr Capitan Fick

      Kevin, won’t be any future generations or very few! Country is gone. Your kids and Grandkids are and will be in the Governments camps! They will do what the government tells them to do! The family will be second or even third if at all!

  • JD Young

    Isn’t this the absolute zenith of Obama’s hubris? He should team up with AlGore and try for an easy Oscar! Easy, ’cause they have already decided to give it to him long before the flick is even made, in the pocket as Hollywood is in the liberal camp. And when he does get this box office boffo flick under way, don’t look away too fast, as federal funds for the earmarked for the humanities will likely be paid to Guggenhaim and his minions to soak another religious symbol in urine, likely a statue of the Angel Moroni! Get ready, here come the landslide of liberal bullcrap!

  • Phil

    Hitler did the same thing. All egomaniacs and empty suits with a God complex do this.

  • TaterSalad

    Barack Obama is an empty shell of a human along with being a narcissistic, self centered ruler of America. He thinks he is above the law. How things have “changed” since his election days when he was telling us that war was bad, GWB was bad and destructive, didn’t have permission for this and that, transparency during the healtcare debate BS and now he is doing the exact thing. That my friends is a hypocrite, plain and simple. This selfcentered President and his agenda has hurt America at a time when it was “vunerable” and he has taken us to the lowest point of possible survival as a free nation.

    Barack Obama really doesn’t care about America, only himself:

    Barack is in over his head: Americans are finally waking up about how little this President knows about an economy.

    Barack, are you a flake?

    Obama is still a self centered, narcissist:

    “Everything Obama does comes straight from the most stilted and destructive clichés of the left. The man has never had an original idea in his life, and
    wouldn’t recognize one if it were served up on a plate with arugula. He is intellectually locked in concrete.”


    2008: “Navy Seal Team 6 is Cheney’s private assassination team.”
    2011: “I put together Seal Team 6 to take out Bin Laden.”

    2008: “Bin Laden is innocent until proven guilty, and must be captured alive and given a fair trial.”
    2011: “I authorized Seal Team 6 to kill Bin Laden.”

    2008: “Guantanamo is entirely unnecessary, and the detainees should not be interrogated.”
    2011: “Vital intelligence was obtained from Guantanamo detainees that led to our locating Bin Laden.”


  • http://tHEPATRIOTUPDATE Frank J.

    why won’t you people post my comment.

  • gary

    movies with sad endings don`t go over well!!

  • Steve

    Hitler made movies about himself too….Great minds think a like….
    Propaganda on the big screen.

  • http://politics pete

    What a JOKE that is… Ha Ha Haaaa

    • Herr Capitan Fick

      Yep, the Christens thought it was funny when the ACLU wanted to take prayer out of schools in 1948. Seems to be lots of laughing on this blog! HUMMM! I don’t think the Christens are laughing so loud now!

  • grayfox

    He wants every thing that he has done in Three years documented.Taking the oath of office,And running the country in to the ground,and bowing to the saudi prince.Along with all his hope and change.

    • Herr Capitan Fick

      The Saudi Prince will soon be Obama and your ruler, Not to far fetched to me that he will bow to him! Enjoy your freedom while you can! Your kids and Grandkids won’t even wonder what happened, it will be everyday life to them! Oh they may see a little in history books but the government is taking care of that….now aren’t they?

  • JD Young

    What is Barrubamu gonna do with the Mrs, the honorless Mix-hell? There are already 5 or 6 movies with a wookie in them, where in the heck is there more room for such science fiction? I could make a better flick filming my turds as they swirl aroung the crapper just before flushing out…what a metaphor for what should happen the coming January! Cut! Print!

  • Old Veteran

    It”s going to take a lot of computer graphic work to make Obummer look good. The real problem is coming up with a good title. It has to make people WANT TO SPEND WHAT MONEY THEY HAVE TO SEE IT. “Hope” won’t work, “Change” can’t work. “Oops” might be a good one. “Bush Did It”, the GOP DID IT………..ahhh what the hell Obumbler is going to have 5 more years, they’ll come up with a good title.

  • Raymond

    Best Ever Senior Citizen Joke

    A little silver-haired lady calls her neighbor and says, “Please come over here and help me. I have a killer jigsaw puzzle, and I can’t figure out how to get started.”
    Her neighbor asks, “What is it supposed to be when it’s finished?”
    The little silver haired lady says, “According to the picture on the box, it’s a rooster.”
    Her neighbor decides to go over and help with the puzzle.
    She lets him in and shows him where she has the puzzle spread all over the table.
    He studies the pieces for a moment, then looks at the box, then turns to her and says,
    “First of all, no matter what we do, we’re not going to be able to assemble these pieces into anything resembling a rooster.”
    He takes her hand and says, “Secondly, I want you to relax. Let’s have a nice cup of tea, and then,” he said with a deep sigh …………

    “Let’s put all the Corn Flakes back in the box.”

  • WGB

    Apparently, several of you only read the MISLEADING and unfortunate title to this article. The short-film is for his re-election campaign, which many candidates have done in the past.

    After all, the GOP candidates are useless too (yes, I am a Republican), they’re arrogant and self-righteous. All they seem to do is spout off about the lack of promises kept by this President. Even tho’ we all know that Presidents are most unlikely to keep many of their promises.

    I imagine the film will be about the accomplishments and the promises that the President has been able to achieve even with the crappy Congress and Senate currenty taking up space in Washington.

    No, I won’t be voting for him. I will probably write-in the name of the person I wish was still running. That would be Huntsman. John Huntsman is the only candidate that was really about this country. He’s the only one that is truly humble. But no, speaking of Hollywood, America has to have the ‘charmer’ and the one appearing to be more personable or the most charismatic. But what we need is a President that is all about this country and less about himself/herself.

    Nope – I won’t be voting for McRomney or any of the other ones that could be named the nominee. I don’t vote party-lines. I vote for the one I believe will do the right thing for America. Hopefully, John Huntsman will run again in 2016.

  • Larry E

    If they still used film it might make a good fire starter, otherwise I cannot think of one beneficial use for such a film. We should try to find someone truly arrogant and narcissistic to be the next president.

  • Apollo

    Boycott Davis Guggenheim films!

  • Tag

    This is without a doubt the most monumental jackass of all times! Hows about a documentary about the worlds biggest fool and that angry black woman with the big butt! These are the most arrogant, egotistical, jerks I’ve EVER heard about. Where’s Charles Bronson when you need him!

  • Patti Patriot

    Either fix the like, don’t like feature on this site or take that feature OFF. We have waited patiently, like we were told, for it to be fixed. I’m just sayin’…….

  • Jack

    Well this should be good, 30 mins about a narcisstic failure!

  • Timothy

    Another fantasy movie?

  • Dave

    That’s one Cartoon I want to see.

  • soldtonorm

    It’s porn because of what he’s doing to the country…or a cartoon to appeal to his the intelligence level of his supporters.

  • Tim Lucas

    Don’t forget the “Mickey Mouse” cartoon.

  • Maverick777

    I hope no one really watches it as we all ready know how it ends…. the guy is the biggest idiot ever elected..maybe the cameras will really be broken and the producer will suck his thumb..on this one.
    Davis Guggenheim good or not I wont pay to see anything he has to do with any longer.


    • Music Man

      BHO is not an idiot—he knows exactly what he is doing and he is going it very well–that is dismantling our Constitution and leading us down the road to serfdom. Another 4 years will complete his goals, he will be dictator and our freedoms will be gone forever.

  • maryann72961

    no matter how much you polish is, a turd is still a turd

  • Nanette

    Remember…to vote him out, for real! And to make this work we have to get the majority in the Senate so that creep Harry Reid is not the majority leader any more! That is why nothing is happening, after we won the House,Harry Reid has “put in a drawer” anything good the House has sent him! He in fact told the Dem party we will stop everything and we then can blame the Rep! We here in Michigan have a long way to go, we have a lot of ex-union employees that always vote blue! The dummies!

    • Herr Capitan Fick

      You people in Michigan have more of a problem than just union boses, you have all those Arabs! Your country is lost!

  • Quercetin

    Since I have seen no comments ‘for’ the little O….then I will tell you what my
    friend said, “stop telling all those lies about my commander-in-chief.

  • Robert Anderson

    Try again to make a comment?
    First he hired some one from Hitler era? Next are they filming in KENYA or UGANDA ? Then down on the BOARDER signing up REGISTERED VOTERS. Next writing down names OFF TOMBSTONES.

    • Herr Capitan Fick

      It seems to be working for Obama! When you people going to get something working for you? Soon the Democrats will out number you. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

  • Thor

    another Tarzan movie with trees and bannas?

  • REDTOES1946

    To save us tax payers some money, they should take all of Hitlers old films and transpose Obummers head on him. I don’t see much difference in the two except the language. One spoke German and the other speaks America sucks I can fix it. What a bad choice the voters believed in.” HOPE AND CHANGE” Our children have been brained washed for so long in schools and college, they are following the half breed PIDE PIPPER of KENYA now that they are adults.


    Do the taxpayers pay for this self-serving, self-absorbed, self-centered narcissistic project who actually reminds me of Mickey Mouse’s dog “Goofy”, big ears and stupid!!!

    • Herr Capitan Fick

      Like always, they will go first class on your dime! LOL..

  • sly

    too bad he didn’t get Oliver Stone’s son to do his movie … after all he has converted to Islam … and I want to know – will Bo star in the movie with the Obozo ?

  • Patrick Henry

    We start with watching obama’s mother taking a peaceful and quiet walk to the OUTHOUSE in the backwoods of Kenya. She screams and notices that she has given birth instead taking a crap…A miracle she screams…and the story goes on from there………

  • ProfChuck

    Didn’t Nero do something like this? If he cries while the nation burns will he insist that his tears be kept in a sacred vial for all posterity to marvel?
    Excuse me while I vomit!

  • pikemaster

    Better get your tickets now before they are all sold out ?? LOL

  • brightwinger

    Wouldn’t Robert Smigel of “Ambiguously Gay Duo” fame be a better choice?

  • http://thepatriotdepot Dee

    Proof positive, the man is a joke!!!!

  • Ilene

    What a narcissist!

  • hal

    Freakin’ Kenyon and illegal President is so full of himself!!

  • jerry

    YOU will watch this depiction of the leader saving your country. If it is not watched and worshipped every day you will be arrested under penalty of sharia law.

  • pikemaster

    Better get your tickets now before they are all sold out ! LOL.

  • brightwinger

    Look at the bright side. This movie was going to be 3 1/2 hours long before they cut out the vacations.

  • http://thepatriotupdate leslie

    Mr. O. must want some backing or recognition of his life, or he wouldn’t have asked such a thing! Mr. O wants badly to be voted in again as pres…the country is worse now than ever, why would some vote him back in again? No documentary will change that. and how you know if the documentary is true? Mr. O has lied to the american people before he was elected, and after… you can not, can not believe what he says, as he changes with the winds…..there is only one way to change USA course…and that is to repent of sins, so God will once again bless our land.
    It starts with one person to ask forgiveness, then a family, then a community, and so on…
    We live in a country that was given to us, and blessed by God.. not of anything we did, but blessings handed down from Abraham and his decendents.
    God, our creator, loves us, and gave us free will..and does not lie !

  • Ihatelibs

    I have been involved with the project.

    The name of the film is “TREASON”

  • http://none Scott Ezell

    A title for the movie could accuratly be called The life of a NERD. Or the birdbrain of D.C. A movie that describes the life/career of Obama.

  • Teener 782002

    A government official using award winning filmmakers (propaganda machines) to distort the facts? Hmmm, sounds familiar. Does anyone think that they will use the ” iceberg prop” and show obama floating by with the polar bear? Scary stuff.


    the obumba film will be like his school records,and birth cert. a total MYSTERY,its like an autobiography of obumba a front cover a back cover but bound together with pure bullfeces.

  • Maureen

    I think I heard it all now! Next he’ll hire someone to make sculptures of himself, maybe even have his face carved out on Mt. Rushmore?….Mr. Wonderful-Mr. Beautiful makes me sick to my stomach! How do we get this guy out of OUR Oval Office, out of OUR White House, out of OUR D.C. and out of OUR country, because Congress sure ain’t gonna make it happen……COME ON, CONGRESS…..
    DO SOMETHING NOW!!!!!!!!!! Stop sitting on your duffs while “ObungaMunga” continues to destroy our country. If his plans is successful, just how will each and everyone feel then? Grow a backbone and get the job done!

    • Herr Capitan Fick

      You just don’t get it do you? Everything is going according to plan since the 1930’s. Soros, Tri Laderal Commission, atheists and politicians have been working on this for a long time! You and your families have been sleeping and the foreigners, politicians and everything that slithers across the border has your country now! Go back to zzzzzzzzzz!

  • Steve

    Luke 10:18And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
    In ancient Hebrew the word for lightning is barack, the word for heaven or the
    heights is bama and to connect the words either an “a” or an “o” is used.

    2 Thessalonians 2:3 (King James Version)
    3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

    Political Correctness a term first seen in Mao’s Little Red Book, a communist engendered abomination that is instituting censorship little by little.

    “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”- George Washington

    Carl Marx, once wrote that, the goal of the Communists was to quote,. “enter into men’s minds and cast God down from his throne.”

    Matthew 12:31Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.


    In ancient Babylon their economy was based on usury.
    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
     Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution clearly states that only the Congress can print and coin money! 

    The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was slipped thru congress during the Christmas break with the majority of it’s members absent. 

    The Federal Reserve is self serving and privately owned in violation to the Constitution, charging interest on illegally printed money. Money printed from nothing!
    In America On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. Five months later A UNITED STATES PRESIDENT, PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY was MURDERED BY COMMUNIST!
    “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest. Exodus 22:25
    Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him. Ezekiel 18:13
    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited by GOD!
    In ancient Babylon their priest sacrificed babies to their gods baal, and molech.  
    In America the communist under their socialist programs have sacrificed over 50 million American babies to their god satan!
    Leviticus 20:2-5
    2Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel , Whosoever he be of the children of Israel , or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel , that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.
    3And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.
    4And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not:
    5Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.
    Luke 22:35-36 Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. 36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.
    Jeremiah 50:16Cut off the sower from Babylon, and him that handleth the SICKLE in the time of harvest: for fear of the oppressing sword they shall turn every one to his people, and they shall flee every one to his own land.
    Jeremiah 50:23How is the HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH CUT ASUNDER AND BROKEN! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!
    Jeremiah 50:14 “ Put yourselves in array against Babylon all around, All you who bend the bow; Shoot at her, spare no arrows, For she has sinned against the LORD.

    All nations compassed me about: but in the name of the LORD will I destroy them. Psalm 118:10

    “The thing that separates the American Christian from every other person on earth is the fact that he would rather die on his feet, than live on his knees!”. George Washington

      2 Timothy 2:15   Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 

    Jeremiah 48: 10Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.

    Revelation 18:21 And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying , Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down , and shall be found no more at all.



  • Kookie

    You can just be it will be a fairy tale and not the real Obama. He will direct it so that it will make him look good.

  • 57girl

    I hope the last scene in Obama’s movie is the lynching he deserves for destroying our Nation. Of course, you know the facts will be distorted and it will be another brainwashing attempt by the Obama Administration to influence our children into believing that a ‘Nanny Government’ is what America needs. I hope everyone that voted for this egotistical SOB is happy with the results of their vote.

  • John Hardman

    Obama to be imortalized by Upscale Hollywood flik maker. Will He also have His face smooshed into the concrete walk of fame at Grommans(s) Chinese Theater of Big Egos?
    What have we done to deserve this narcissitic buffoon? What must we do to undo the damage He has left in His wake?

  • Yogi571

    It will be a horror movie!

  • Bob

    It is encouraging to see there are so many on this site who have not been drinking the Kool Aid.
    The only liar that even approaches this jerk is Romney!
    Neither one speaks truth unless they just can’t think up a good lie.

    • Ultor4Newt2012


    • Michael J Surwin

      Yes and Millions of Christians will not vote for Obama nor Romney! Islam & Mormonism have both created a totally different Jesus! Mohammad like Joseph Smith, said an angel appeared to him. This is specifically warned about in the Bible. “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.” (Gal 1: 8-9) Mormonism denies the very Christ of the Bible as being the everlasting God, making Him instead the created equal of the one they say is Jesus’ brother –Lucifer. They base this, among other things, on the Book of Mormon and the writings of Joseph Smith. We want our President to pray to the TRUE GOD manifest in the flesh! Jesus! On April 30, 1789 President George Washington knelt and prayed to Jesus at St. Paul’s Chapel in New York. On this spot he dedicated The United States To God. Washington warned the people that if we ever turned away from God we would lose our Great Blessings. The original St. Paul’s Chapel is still in New York at Ground Zero. The Federal Hall also still stands close by where Washington became our first President and its foundation cracked when the Twin Towers fell. Soon after 9/11 the stock market lost 7%, then seven years later that same week in 2008, the stock market lost 7%, 777 points at the seventh hour also on the Jewish day with the call of “Shmittah” which means “To Let Fall”. America is under judgment! The Rapture truly is near! The Bible speaks of judgment and warns in Isaiah that a Sycamore Tree will be cut down and replaced with a Cedar Tree and that is exactly what happened at Ground Zero. Built between 1764 and 1766, St. Paul’s Chapel is the oldest continuously used public building and oldest church in the region. As the World Trade Towers collapsed on September 11, 2001, a 70-year-old sycamore tree fell, right next to St. Paul’s Chapel. A New York Times story about its branches shielding the chapel from falling debris caused many to take note. Yes! As written in Isaiah this Sycamore was replaced with a Cedar Tree! John Edwards the politician quoted this exact Scripture just before his fall, as did another politician. Only they did not know the Scripture was not about replanting, but about Judgment!

    • Bea

      Thank you Michael.
      Truer words never spoken!

    • hijinx60

      “The film will be less than 30 minutes long…” When you consider O’s golfing, vacations, and trips, that’s about all the time he has spent in the oval office doing his job.

    • sonny

      Film maker again gota work, he needs a magician

    • steven

      30 minutes? thats about 25 minutes too long.

    • fubert bar

      So you use an article on obama’s self-aggrandizement as a forum for mormon-bashing?

    • http://PatriotUpdate Terri Shelton

      Yes Michael – your comments are true! the Chapel where Washington prayed, was spared miraculously! Also, the judgement originally on ancient Israel has come on America- we can repent and turn from wickedness…. the scripture in Isaiah 9:10 was actually quoted in a speech the day after 911 by John Edwards and then again by Tom Daschle in 2006. Both of these men fell from favor and were disgraced.
      There is still time if the people who love God will wake up ! 2 Chr.7:14 : “If my people, who are called by My Name,will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and repent and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, forgive their sin and HEAL THEIR LAND.

    • Skip

      Michael, It is good to see there are a lot of believers out there and it is those that will take back America if God wants it. We know the end is so near and there are many that have fallin asleep,but there is many still praying for America to repent and return to it’s first love. There are many today preaching lies from the pupits. And to them there is a promise from God that they will one day hear Depart from Me, I never knew you. Not to change the subject but a good name for Obama’s move might be The return of Pinocchio or Lier Lier II. Many blessing to all.

    • NEAL

      Impressive how you know so much that is not so. Hateful words from you do not denote being a true follower of Christ.

    • ccalreds

      Thank you Michael from Catherine also.

    • klutzer25

      In response to Michael Surwin, I am as strong a Christian as you, and agree with your Scripture quotes. But on the other hand, you are wrongly encouraging Christians to vote for neither candidate

    • klutzer25

      my comment sent without me finishing. Michael, you are encouraging Christians to vote for neither candidate, but what that will accomplish is the re-election of Obama!
      We need to vote for the opposing candidate, even if he turns out to be the Mormon candidate. That would be our only other choice, voting the lesser of the two evils so to speak. If Christians don’t vote for Romney (who my husband says is a heck of a lot better than Obama, regardless of his Mormon background), then Obama will win again! Please Christians, God is ultimately in charge, but do not shirk from your responsibility as an American to vote in this election. It would have dire and destructive consequences.

    • klutzer25

      To clarify my statement, “the lesser of two evils,’ what I meant was in Michael’s view I would hope he would consider Romney as the lesser of the two evils. But what I should have said was that we need to vote for the man who truly cares about the people of America who values true patriotism and the freedoms given Americans by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and who will stand up for those values and practice government BY the people, rather than big government TO the people. Again, if we tell Christians and conservatives to not vote at all, we will be hurting our country by allowing Obama to win. There is also a verse in the Bible that says that “he who is not against us is for us.” Let’s take more that point of view about Romney. He is not going to kowtow to the Muslims and bow to the king of Saudi Arabia, like Obama does.

    • lucitee

      THANK YOU! EVERYthing that you said is Bible-BASED! If God had not loved us without reservations, though we “yet sinned”, there would have been no REASON to come to earth as part man and part GOD! He wanted to SEE as part HUMAN what we really FELT about his message and principles! Thank God for people like YOU who whole-heartedly embrace that wonderful, compassionate, forgiving and loving GOD!

    • Padremike

      FYI – your heresy is that you claim Jesus was part man and part God. He was fully man and fully God. He possessed two natures, human and divine.

    • Mary

      I just finished reading The Harbinger.. great read about Isiah 9:11 and the our own 9:11
      America is under judgement as was Isreal..

    • sa in az

      If MY People,who are called by My Name, will humble theirselves and call out to me, then I will hear from Heaven and heal their Nation.

    • Bob de Grouch

      Yup, but it sure is easy to tell when they’re lyin’. Their lips are movin’!

    • F.Workman


    • lucitee

      AMEN, FWorkman

    • JaneJ

      Double AMEN!!!

    • http://yahoo concerned mom

      This narcissitic man-child must go!!!

    • lucitee

      Bob, You’ll have to ADMIT he is a genuine
      inner-container! Especially COMEDY! He is SOOO jealous of the Follywood crowd and would like nothing better than to be the LEAD STAR in his own movie filmed by one of his worshippers! He would be a SHOO-IN to play the part of being a President The SCRIPT is all ready to be edited! The title
      could be “This ‘ole White House”! Before and after! BO/AO!

    • R.Paper ballots jr.

      I too am glad to see so many have not been drinking this green coolaid! The funny thing is they keep telling us BHO will win in November? If that’s true,this means everybody has been drinking this foul stuff! It took bho to hire a airbrush artist to do a bang-up job on this phony President! A B O Watch what they do now! This aughta be good! Just airbrush out all the michine guns that were transported to the Mexican drug lords by Holder & under Obamas overseeing! Airbrushes could get broken with so much paint going through them!

    • Larrya PA

      i think i may as well stay home election day being the communist say democraps are going to win ha| ha| or maybe i will vote 6 times.

    • Aunti Jihad

      Just confirms the diagnosis of psycho narcissism.

    • Bione

      Just another sequel to “Pride and Prejudice.”

  • Missy

    We live this every day. We don’t need to see it on the big screen!

    • lucitee

      Missy, YES we DO! It plays WELL to the gullible and clueless masses via Liberal Looney, Left, “blind dogs in a meat house”
      crowd on WWW and TV!!

    • JoJo

      I doubt that they would just put it on the big screen…Obama will probably demand that it be shown several times a day on tv and required viewing at all schools across the country.

  • JJM

    “The film will be less than 30 minutes long”. He’ll be hard pressed to find more than 30 seconds of any good brought about. But then we know how much we are lied to every day with distortions of the truth.

    • Mary A

      I doubt that the film will have much truth about who or what he really is or was. Not worth my time to watch it when shown.

    • Ray

      the dems would have to pay me millions of dollars to watch it, and of course supply food. No, wait……no food as it could cause me to hurl. LOLOL

      He is an idiot, but the people who voted for him are bigger idiots…………

    • Shirley Slaughter

      I think the people that voted for Obama are worse than him, People should look at the people who are running for office and see what they are about not just blindly push the button.
      This man was an open book about what he wanted to do to our country. And it was obvious to me that it was not good. When your freedoms are taken away as he is doing that is not what we want for our country, after all that is what our forefathers fought and died for.

    • David in MA

      WE must watch it so to know thy enemy.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      Pelousy will watch it so she can see what is in it, just like she voted for ObamaCare.

    • Bione

      Pelousy will most likely be in the movie, riding a bicycle, with a little dog in the basket yelping to escape. The theme song will be Elvis’ “RETURN TO SENDER.”

    • Padremike

      Mary, let’s face it. It’s going to take a miracle director to make Obama look good. It must be accomplished by Hollywood delusions because the glaring truth of his abominable destruction of America and total lack of leadership ability has got to be gilded with Hollywood speak and illusions.

    • Ray

      oboma is a legend in his own mind……..

    • slide & glide

      The only thing I have seen that he is good at, is descending Air Force one. Coming down the steps, he’s really good at that. Maybe he will show us some his vacation pictures or maybe some shot from the golf course. What a joke, if it wasn’t so true.

  • Pineapple

    Inconvenient Truth? Al Gore has been proven to be a charlatan and man made global warming has been proven to be a hoax. See “Climategate” by Sussman.

    However, Gore and O’Bama are poised to make millions, if not billions trading carbon credits on the Chicago carbon trade exchange

  • Tommy

    This narcissistic SOB is so in love with himself……

    • OldNYFirefighter

      It’s too bad he isn’t double jointed, he could then bend over & kiss his own ars.

  • hollygreen9

    Mien Kampf all over again! This guy is in love with himself, and I pray that he is given the boot in November.

    • Ray

      he should get more than the boot, how about lead?

    • CaptTurbo

      Like in the “lead” role in the propaganda film? LOL.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      Now that’s not nice! How about depleted uranium, it works better on hard heads.

    • Mark

      hollygreen9,you are so right about obama.I wonder if he licks and kisses the mirror that he stands in front of each morning???He is pure EVIL but can’t hold a candle to Hitler,who was much smarter!!!!!!!He is a Hitler want-to be!!!!!!!!!

    • OldNYFirefighter

      He probably asks, mirror mirror on the wall who’s the best man of all? The mirror probably answers back ” ain’t you dumbass or Mooshall either”!

  • http://none Scott Ezell

    The movie is a remake of the Birdman Of Alcatras The life & career of Comrade Obama its titled the birdbrain of D.C.

  • http://Q&A mary H

    more of our tax dollars going for a good cause. I dont know why he thinks we have to hear the same old lies he;s been telling for three years. Oh well the narccissist has to see him self on the big screen looking in the mirror all day just doesn:t get it for him. What will be the title” I can lie if I want cuz I.m king

  • bob corbe

    Do to stress is it time for a mental test to ran.

  • Trish

    Who would want to watch a film about Obama? Only Obama!! He is in love with himself! He makes me sick!!!!!!

  • Russell H.

    That movie should be labled as a horor flick for the horrible job Obama has done.

  • Ultor4Newt2012

    The Barack Obama show staring, Barack Obama, written-produced-and directed by Barack Obama. With special guests Hugo Chavez – Fidel Castro – Bernardine Dohrn – Jeremiah Wright – Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, David Dellinger, Tom Hayden, Rennie Davis, John Froines, and Lee Weiner – Bill Ayers – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – and the Not Ready for Prime Time White House staff.

  • SteveinSP

    Gotta wonder if there will be a film of his trial and conviction.

  • eric johnson

    the titanic has already been done

    • OldNYFirefighter

      So has JackAss & the Three Stooges, starring Obama, Biden & Pelousy

  • Sharon

    Let’s just hope that Obama does not win re-election and then takes himself to Hollywood. He would fit in there just fine! Our country cannot survive another 4 years of him!

  • Barbara

    I wonder how many years it took to plan Obama’s agenda. Wonder if the muslims planned this agenda before selecting Obama to fulfill their plan.

    I thought the person who knew Obama’s Mother probably gave a good desciption of her character which was a Hippy “Chick person” of illrepute. Maybe the Kenyan was not even his father. It has been reported that after Obama was born his mother returned to her parent’s home in Hawaii with the infant. Will be interesting when we find out the truth.

  • Ultor4Newt2012

    Wait until we learn that their is a requirement hidden in the Affordable Healthcare Bill to attend the Obama on Obama movie. Obama was so appreciative of Romney that he gave Willard an exemption from mandatory viewing.

    • Bea

      I bet ya 50 bucks it will be shown in every school!!!

    • John Gunsight

      Yes Bea. It will br shown, and as Rush would say at the showing, “Ummmm Ummmm Ummmm”

    • Bione

      I believe the first showing of this magnificent movie, coming soon, will be on the “Most Wanted” TV show.

  • Viet Vet

    If he’s thinking about becoming an actor after 2012, he won’t require to many acting lessons. He’s been acting as a president and destroyer of a country since 2009. And been doing a good job at it!!

    • Big Ugly, Wyoming

      Actors LIE for a living, making people believe that what they see is real.
      Obama has been lying for decades, making people believe that what they see is real.

      Therefore – he must be an actor.

  • CaptTurbo

    Kenya show me your birth certificate?

  • Nancy

    I agree that Romney isn’t the man I want for President either — HOWEVER, WE MUST BAND TOGETHER AND VOTE THE ANTI-OBAMA VOTE! My vote will be AGAINST OBAMA not for someone else. Newt is the only one with realistic, rational answers (and DeMint), but he’s been ruined in the media, which O controls. Too bad. Obama is pure evil and will destroy our Constitution next, believe it. We must get him out of Washington, and I’m voting for anyone but him!

  • Big Ugly, Wyoming

    So, it’s going to be less then 30 minutes of;
    I lied about this,
    I lied about that,
    I lied about the other thing too,
    I told you I was going to screw you to the wall and “fundamentally change your world”,
    Then I lied some more,
    And, single-handedly destroyed this country’s economy,
    And, unilaterally caused the invasion of a sovereign nation without the consent of Congress – and cause the Joint Chiefs to commit High Treason,
    Then, lied some more.

    Should be a great film.

    Usually, they wait until after someone dies to make a “documentary” about them …. we can only “HOPE”.

  • http://AOL Johnnie Velasquez

    Hey maybe he can get the cast from Planet of the Apes and have Michelle play a role in it. She wouldn’t need any makeup. You think?

    • Lucky1

      Johnnie V. I sure hope you don’t visit any zoos for a while, as the Apes and baboons will be real angry at you for insulting them with your statement that moosechell wouldn’t need much make up…LOL…
      Sure would cut down on production costs as far as makeup and dressing goes..LOL.

  • Bill

    I am sure it will be ful of lies!

  • Patriot

    Fantasy or documentary??

  • Whatzrname

    How ironic that this guy’s done Waiting for Superman…what does obummer consider himself? And the key word is that he “hired” this guy, using our money, I’m sure. He and Moochelle can knock themselves out sitting in an empty theatre and watching. What other idiots would want to??? If it wasn’t so scary how this country has gotten itself into such a mess (thanks all you idiots who voted for him!)but we have to look at his ugly mugg every time the t.v.’s on. Gag a maggot!

  • Dave

    Imagine if Ron Paul announced a national campaign called ‘Whites for Ron Paul’ – he’d be vilified as a racist. And yet Barack Obama has done the equivalent of precisely that with his launch of ‘African Americans for Obama’.

    The program urges black Americans to volunteer their time by making calls, organizing events and going door to door in their neighborhoods encouraging other African Americans to vote for Obama.

    Not only is Obama playing the race card in an attempt to pressure black Americans into voting for him, he is also violating the separation between church and state. In the video promo for the campaign, Obama urges black people to pressure churches into supporting his administration by getting his message out via “the faith community”. He also calls on voters to become “congregation captains”.

    Again, imagine what the reaction would be any of the Republican candidates launched a ‘Whites for Romney’, ‘Whites for Santorum’ or ‘Whites for Gingrich’ campaign. There would be non-stop uproar. But Obama does the equivalent and gets a free pass.

    “I thought race didn’t matter Mr. President?” asks Chad Hasty. “I don’t think MLK would be too pleased with you at all. African-Americans for Obama? Give me a break. Under this President, more blacks are unemployed. More blacks are on food stamps. If I had to bet though, Obama will still pull 93% of the black vote. Again, just a wild guess.”

    As part of his efforts to lock down the black community as a voting bloc, Obama has arrived in Florida accompanied by an invasion of rappers and NBA basketball stars – all at taxpayer expense.

    “The group — which organizers said includes Magic Johnson, Alonzo Mourning and NBA Commissioner David Stern — will meet with President Obama for a $30,000-a-plate fundraiser at the (actual) home court of Dallas Mavericks guard Vince Carter in his Isleworth mansion,” reports the Orlando Sentinel.

    The expensive fundraising trip is timed to coincide with Sunday’s 61st NBA All-Star Game at Orlando’s Amway Center.

    An expensive new basketball shoe launched to capitalize on the event caused mayhem at a Florida mall last night. Riot police were called after crowds attempted to rush into a branch of Foot Locker to purchase the shoe before closing time

    In response to this blatant use of a campaign video to be distributed and played as a Public Service Announcement at the American Taxpayer’s expense, I offer these two documentaries of Obama Deception.

    Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off

    Obama Deception: Fall of The Republic

  • Bill Johnson

    What will Chairman Obamao and his Propaganda Commissar call the movie? “Triumph Of The Will” is already taken….

  • BMiller

    The very site of this fraud makes my stomach ill. How could a producer/director dare to use Oblunder in a good light, he would be gambling with his reputation and how he would be proceived in the future, does he agree with the subject or just selling out to the dollar cheapening his credibility. Nothing can rinse the foul taste he’s left in all our mouths. He’s banking on us forgetting the huge chunks of our retirement funds, we may be busy trying to recover when we shouldn’t have had to; this Muslim thinks we as Christians must turn the other cheek, he’s going to be picking himself up off the floor multitudinous times. He’d best kick off his shoes and drape a sheet over his shoulder to make ready for a walk through the dry grass inland Kenya where he can loose his accent and English as a language. Return to the mudhut from whence you came. You won’t be “missed”, said the shootist.

    • OldNYFirefighter

      Most of the Hollywood crowd is either absolute Socialists or in some cases total Communists. They make up their own ethics & reality.

  • fubert bar

    So this will bring the list of obama’s accomplishments to two:
    – a book about himself
    – a movie about himself

  • TXPatroit

    The point of watching this crap is for everyone see and hear the lies feed to us everyday. It won’t tell how he is destroying America, bowing to 3rd world countries, says you and I are lazy and selfish while they fly off on vacation every 6 week seperatly ,costing us 2-3x the cost and says you don’t need that pickup or full size car, buy his Volt! While they ride in a 22 vehicle 8 mpg motorcade , 1 ambulance and air cover. And the rich should pay more. Well Mr. Prez, how about you put your money where your mouth is. How ’bout whip your personal checks and start writing , 50,00 every motorcade trip, 300,000 each time you fly, and ya’ll pay for them parties and your clothes too. That would be leading by example, best way to motivate people. Not by costing them trillions and jive b.s.

  • David in MA

    And, what will be the theme, Failure?

  • haroldson

    One thing for sure to make Obama look good it will have to be a fantasy film

  • Judy

    The height of narcissism, but unfortunately many will see it and believe. Goodbye America as I know it!

  • bulldustin

    one self serving,one foolish person and one determaned man to rule America=3 stooges in one

  • LeeF

    I knew this was coming!
    What do you want to bet the film will be much longer than thirty minutes, and we taxpayers will foot the bill?

  • Jenzen Auldwauld

    I notice that Obama is referred to in the reverential tone as “Himself” (note the capital “H” normally reserved for the Almighty or Jesus) – an obvious reference to believing He is on the same level as God Almighty.

    • fubert bar

      Well, obama is the messiah of the religion called progressivism.

  • tod

    Dr.Ron Paul 2012 !!!

  • David in MA
  • fubert bar

    Conservatives should fund a movie that depicts the truth about obama. Include in it the facts behind his ‘certificate of live birth’, his ties to the unions, his ties with rev. Wright, the Ayers (showing who these people really are), his support of islam (and who they really are). Include input from the rest of the world’s leaders. In short, a film about the ‘Real obama’ …. i might actually watch that one.

  • think before you talk america

    this guy is a real demon he really is,he is blind and heartless and godless ,because only a godless man is this blind and bad and evil and he is asking fot it,what a losser,god have mercy on our souls,and those who put this boy in office,

  • David in MA

    Don’t dis the Stooges.

  • Mike

    Typical Obama. The other day he releases an ad calling on all blacks to vote for him the black candidate, saying what better time than Black History month to recognize. Then he goes out an hires a white director. Did Spike Lee turn down the offer?

    • Padremike

      Mike, I, too, watched that advertisement King Rat made specifically for the Black community. I thought he was going to be the president who brought us all together and not a divider? I thought he was supposed to be the president for “all” Americans but he is reaching out particularly to the Black community. This, as in everything this White House Rat does and says, is naught but a lie.

  • T. Jefferson

    So, a movie about the “kings” new clothes. May he rot in hell for what he has done to Gods country.

  • Lorraine

    The best thing we can all do is PRAY. Then leave it with God. He will take care of it. He tells us in His word that He will not be mocked. Well, Osama Bama has been mocking God since day #1. Believe me when I tell you, God will settle this score. Expect it.

    • Nancy

      Lorraine, I totally believe that we do need to PRAY, but we also need to BACK WHOEVER THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE IS and vote this fool out of office. If we don’t, if we split the repulican vote between that candidate, write in’s, and 3rd party, we are screwed and will have this bozo for another 4 years.

  • A Patriot

    The film will be classified as “Fantasy”. Wait until the stories break about school children being made to watch this crap.

  • Donna

    Parents,be prepared to teach your children what the truth is about Obama. There is, unfortunately, a lot of propaganda and brainwashing in our schools from K on to college. We need to enlighten our children with the truth and, as parents, release them from the notion that everything they are exposed to in school or that they hear/read is not necessarily factual. I am a former teacher, and I would refuse to expose my students to the worst, most destructive president in our history in a way that could glorify him.

  • Nancy

    Well again, am I surprised that this individual would want something where he can sit around and watch himself and tell himself just how wonderful he is? NOPE. Not surprised. This man is an arrogant fool that seems to think that he is SO important that the world can not live without him. Sadly, our world may fall apart because of him. Do NOT waste a single VOTE. WHOEVER ends up the republican candidate you need to back!!!!!!!! NO THIRD PARTY. That is exactly what Obama wants. Keep the Republicans divided and in the end, we will all slit our one throats as our vote divides and this fool is re-elected!

  • Thistle

    Not the first time the Ministry Of Propaganda has been used.Uhbama’s just doing what he knows best.

  • Robroy

    A sequel of reds

  • Vern

    obama is a muslim terrorist and a illegal alien. Anyone who still believes in either party line is a moron. Most of congress are traitors to our constitution. Its past time to refresh the tree of liberty with their blood….Vote for Dr. Paul

    • T Lady

      No kidding. And some of the suits in Hollywood wonder why people are not going to the movies as much as they used to?

  • Texas Pete

    Are they gonna have Denzel Washington kicking in the door and strangling bin laden to show how obama did it?

    • Larrya PA

      you hit the nail on the headand Obama will play ram butt.

  • we’re not stupid

    Who in God’s name would want to see a film about him? Joke. He isn’t worth looking at for 1 minutes let alone 30 minutes. Anyone is an idiot for watching bozo do anything.

    • Padremike

      I’ll bet at least 90% of us on this site either mutes the TV or changes to another station every single time he talks.

    • John Gunsight

      Hey Padremike. You are soo right. I am one of
      those who turns to another channel whwn Ohbummer appears. I can’t stand the guy and his lies and bad jokes irritate the hell outta me. Grrrrrrrrrr.

    • SARAH2012

      We”re not stupid…..WE will not get to see it ,,,,,he will send it over seas to let the world know what a great pres. he is….

  • stevor

    Is this to counter the film about Clinton that NPR showed this week?
    I have to wonder just what office Bill (and Hillary) are running for. They sure seem to be running for something.

    Anyhow, they ought to get some cross-dressing woman to play Barry’s role in the movie.

  • Jean

    I hear people say this idiot (BHO) will be re-elected. How can this possibly be?

  • Michelle Marie Bazzi

    I’m sorry, but y’all are missing the big picture by saying things like, “Who would *want* to see this film?”… The REAL question is, when will “films” like this actually be *required* of schoolchildren, y’know, *without* their parents’ consent??? *eyes wide open* I mean, they’re already being force-fed evolution and the homosexual agenda… *hangs and shakes head, sighs* Just sayin’… :-(

  • Jean

    I hear many people saying this idiot (BHO) is going to be re-elected. How can this be? I read a lot of blogs and I would say 99% of the people say they are not voting for him… Don’t believe what abc, nbc, cbs, cnn or msnbc say.

    • Insurgent

      Rigged voting machines by his mafia!!!

  • News Desk at 101

    Yet another “soap opera”, probably to be on the “O” network. More drivel coming down the pike.

    • Bione

      Somehow, something like the movie “Wrong Turn” comes to mind ! ! !

  • Insurgent

    What a black, illegal SOB !!!!

  • Donna Brown

    Parents, teach your children that everything they’re exposed to in school or elsewhere from teachers or from any source isn’t necessarily factual. Talk to them about what they are being taught, read their books to ascertain that the information is true. I am a retired teacher who would have refused to teach or expose anything to my students that I believed to be false or that would glorify Obama who I believe to be the worst, most destructive president America has ever had.

  • Devasahayam

    Even to find 30 picoseconds of material which makes 0bama look at all good, they would have to be Bollywood’s top–and filmmakers from other then Bollywood simply wouldn’t be able to!

    (pico = one-trillionth)

  • Ali

    Didn’t Hitler do something just like this??

  • JoJo

    Obama is paying for this crap film with HIS personal money, right?

    • we’re not stupid

      We are probably paying for it – we pay for everything else he does.

  • d hanes

    What do we expect with an overblown ego this idiot has.. wont do any good barry.. you are toast anyway!

  • http://Lkpassion Chai K.

    Good Lord, how much more the American people
    can take this and I’m sure this film will be full of lies and promise and I can not stand him and his family anymore. I will do my best
    to support Gingrich and I know he will beat Obama, vote for Newt his view and plan to take our country back and restored our constitution
    will be in our hand. We need to unite and come together as American he is the only chance we had.

    • Tarheel

      Amen,GO NEWT.

    • Raven

      All the exposure is sure hard to swallow.

      As to the vote…
      for Newt,the smartest politician in the room
      for Mitt, the smartest businessman, we need
      for Rick, the super nice guy, everyone likes
      ? ? ? ?
      Straighten me out,

    • Eugene Bond

      Totally and strongly agree!!!! Thanks for the post.

    • Damon

      Chai–you got me with you on this one.

    • Janice

      I concur. Newt Gingrich actually has a plan. All Obama has is broken promises. Go Newt!!!

    • Billy Kidd

      Will it show the chicken neck bones and watermelon seeds strewn around the whitehouse???

    • Dash

      Too bad the title isn’t “OBAMA, THE EARLY YEARS”

    • YouBettaBaleeveIt


    • jetstream

      Coming soon to a theater near you… another liberal Hollywood box office flop.

    • Suescritters

      Agreed. Too bad he’s not interested in telling his REAL life instead of his fabricated version. Would be wonderful to learn the real truth, have him admit he was born in Kenya, is an active Muslim,that he hates the US and it’s military, how he has a SS # from Conneticut, why he’s paid millions to hide his college transcripts and how long George Soros has been funding him and his radical friends. No doubt Soros is paying this directore to show only what they want not giving him full clearance. More BS.

    • Rose-Marie Noa

      Maybe he thinks those Hollywood idiots will give him an academy award!!! After all he got the Nobel prize for doing nothing!!!

    • Jan

      Agree with everything you say. Did he not promise an administration of transparency — where did that go?

    • Neil

      It went behind closed doors where no one will hear the truth about Obamanuts.

    • righton

      Will it show him as the only US President ever to bow to a Saudi King? What a claim to fame!

    • politicalgrandma

      I agree. Please, voters, you see how they are painting Romney on the mention of two houses and cadillacs. He will become poster-boy for Occupiers as the evil rich, white guy!
      Please vote for Newt and support him financially, if you can. Every little bit helps. The establishment Repubs are going to take us down again, and this time might be the last time for us as a country!

    • minnie

      I agree with you, I am also voting for Newt and I truly believe that Newt is the only one that can mop the floor with that man in the white house.

    • http://ThePatriotUpdate Michael G.

      Man?? You call him a man? Gender wise, perhaps. But he disgusts me–a man… A terrible adolescent that is in need of discipline!

    • SARAH2012

      MINNIE….i have been doing much research on each candidates…..i use to think NEWT was not it …..i like SANTORUM …as i listen to NEWT….I see a different leader than the rest and how he would be..better to solve some of our problems….people make mistakes…but mature along the way and become a different person…..i am beging to go stronger for NEWT….((.just study up on him with open mind.))..I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR ROMNEY…he has lied or distorted the others and i find for me that is not so called christian ..he has spent unimaginable money for dirty ads……NO !!!…MEDIA ..FOX NEWS ..STOP POKING HIM DOWN OUR THROATS…..


      Start talking up Newt to everyone you meet.
      He’s the only one smart enough to turn this
      country around and he would wipe the floor with Obama in a debate!
      Go Newt!!!

    • Neil

      Truthfully, I will vote for whichever GOP nominee gets on the ticket. I would love to see all of the GOP nominees get together with all of their unique ideas and consolidate them into a pearl of wisdom, and not to dismiss any of their ideas. Maybe then and only then we might have a morsel of a chance to recover to a path of prosperity and preserve our concept of freedom and individual liberties that the Constitution had granted upone us from God.

    • Joe in AZ

      What happens if O refuses to debate?

    • Luis R Vazquez

      Will he grow the mustache too?
      There are two models he can chose from:


    • Barbara

      That man (Obummer) is so egotistical, I can’t believe it. I can not stand to listen to him. I pray he doesn’t even get on the ballot, but if he does, he better be defeated. I like Newt too, but do you think he will actually get the nomination?

    • warren reynolds

      There is already an accurate film about obama, it;s called ” The Manchurian President” or something to that affect.

    • guestresponder

      This comment is for patroit update. Well you have thumbs up or down on the comments now how about gettino them to work.

    • joseph femiani

      i’m going to make a film exposeing every lie in his may take a hundred thousand trillion pages butt it will be worth it.i’m even going to sing the time is clear to have realfear for if this smear does not appear.the evil one shall have one more chance to come undone by newt with his flute calling the rat b.o. is out to drown.

  • Berenice

    Good grief don’t we get enough of him on every single news cast? Between him and his side-kick Crisco it doesn’t leave much for real news.

    • jetstream

      I add another resounding “g.g.” to yours: even though ads=$$, do we HAVE to see his face on EVERY web page?!

  • http://google Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

    Stuck on himself is an understatement. This illegal loony tic thinks he is Starling or some of the other communist pigs. I hope they get rid of him before November. He is a crook and a traitor.

    • Donna

      Maybe he really was born from “,royalty”,as was said in 1961.Who ever he is,he thinks his S#!T doesn’t stink!!!!

  • AVCurmudgeon

    It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

    • Neil

      Maybe when he gets his ass out of the WH, he can clean toilets for a living. That would be poetic justice for he not capable to doing anything else. What damage can he do to a toilet?

    • Insurgent

      He has turned the US into a real sh!thole!!

    • joseph femiani

      its possible for him to get flushed except his ears might be a deterant or they could be good bowl wipes as they spin going down.

  • DRE

    Richard Nixon was a Pussy Cat…its all I can think reading this junk.

  • carol

    The movie will be an entire flop. Just wait!

    • Karen

      Nah, Carol. I think people from both sides of the fence will spend money to go see it; some because they’re in love with this crooked POS…er…POTUS, and the others just to see what kinds of lies he tells. Those are the people I would discourage from seeing the “film” because they will be unwittingly giving money to his campaign coffers.

    • http://ThePatriotUpdate Michael G.

      The worst thing is that the movie may be run forever on HBO.

  • je

    So how many lies will this fake hold? Will it start with his birth in africa?


    I would guess Oboma read another chapter of how Hitler took over. He has not missed many of Hitler”s tricks. HIS MASTER PROBABLY SENT HIM ANOTHER ORDER TO FOLLOW.

    • DDT


    • Billy Kidd

      Soros isn’t paying for the flix , WE are !!!! Speaking of Soros, isn’t he about to die ? Hope !!!

    • Richard Vandervort

      Guess again on who’s paying for it, The name on the Bill will read John Q Public.

  • Hercy

    Rule:Oscar presented prior to filming.
    Apprentice Actor
    Activities: Watching action movies
    Writer: Stroke of pen-No editing
    Ambition:Continue as Emporer in White House
    Reviews: Cheat, Liar, Imposter, and liking things contrary to others.

  • Nam Vet

    What’s the title going to be?
    “Four years In Hell”

  • Tim

    Oh My God. He and his wife make me sick to my stomach hhrrrrmmbbllaahhhh.
    They are so full of themselves and they haven’t done the first thing that has helped this country in any way at all. Absolutely sickening to say the least.

  • IGotAComment

    First there was John Kerry’s version of how he fought the Viet Nam War complete with Hero Kerry practicing scenes of heroism over and over until the scenes where just right. (The Navy Times (no link) reported last week that Navy Secretary Ray Mabus stripped the Silver Star from a Vietnam swift boat veteran, Capt. Wade Sanders . . . Sanders is . . . best known as the man who introduced John Kerry at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and, ironically, vouched for the authenticity (Really???) of Kerry’s service.) Agents took Wade Rowland Sanders into custody on November 7 [2008] following a two-and-a-half year investigation. They say — and Sanders, in court, admitted — he had hundreds of images showing minors in sexual acts. The files included a 21-minute video depicting young girls engaged with an adult man, court records obtained by the San Diego Union Tribune indicate.
    So why would his motives be “pure and innocent,” as Wade Sanders is quoted as saying in the Tribune‘s report? He had worked with the Clinton administration on helping child sex abuse victims internationally, he says, and had downloaded the files to research an article related to the subject. He claims he didn’t know viewing the material for research purposes would constitute a crime.

    Then there was “A Convenient Lie”, er, oh, I mean, “An Inconvenient Truth” about Al Gore. A follow-up by Mark Hyman remarks “Al Gore’s manmade disaster remains a monument to arrogance, folly, and hypocrisy.” Per his article: “Not content with his role as Chicken Little, Gore went on to co-found a “carbon credit” company that has made him millions (REALLY, this sounds self-serving to me). He even used the carbon credit service for himself. He deems his extravagant, high-energy use home as being “carbon neutral” because he purchases “carbon offsets” from himself. (Does anyone out there really believe his home is “carbon neutral.” Oh, you do … GREAT, I’ve got some land for sale in ….
    Hyman’s article continues with: “This review comes five years after the film’s original release but, I confess the timing is only a mere coincidence. My primary goal in watching the film was to determine if I was correct in what I remembered of my 2006 viewing. I began to have doubts. … That is because practitioners of manmade global warming hysteria have attempted to correct me again and again in recent years by claiming Gore’s film was NOT (my caps) about manmade global warming but, instead, was about “climate change.” I had been told this so many times that I had begun to doubt what I saw five years ago.”

    Now we are going to have the culminating movie in the Age of Democrat Heroes – “Obama, the Magnificent Three Years.” I likely will not be able to sit through it without developing ‘erosive esophagitis’ from all of my gut-wrenching vomiting alternating with bouts of laughter at the silliness of a sitting President twisting his version of narcissistic truth. I’m glad it’s coming out soon so a cartoon version complete with replays of the truth can be made. Now that is going to be something to see. The only questions is: Who gets to be the lucky person to narrate it.

  • Chris

    This documentary director will now be known for fiction.


      Certainly “An Incomvenient Truth” was all fiction!! Al Gore is the biggest scammer besides Obama!

  • Ron

    Incredible! This narcissistic mega-ego-manic satanic spawn’s afterbirth is taking a page right out of Hitler’s play book. Let’s make a movie about….ME and wow the small minded ones who need ME to direct them.

    In order to lull those whom have their lips pressed to his arss awaiting handouts he now will seek to awe them thru the modern marvels of cinematography.

    Lets’ see, what miracles do you think he’s going to portray himself doing?

    Taking cell phones from the mfg (at taxpayer expense of course) and turning them into millions to pass out to all welfare recipients including free minutes and data.

    Rather than a few fishes to feed the multitudes he’s going to take the fishes from those whom have and work giving to those who press their lips on his arss, illegally entered our country and those whom never work.

    He’ll probably show how he creates millionaires by taking from those multi-millionaires giving to those who have never done anything more than press their lips to his arss creating them all equal millionaires.

    Maybe it will show how he heals the sick as the elderly and infirm are shuttled off to death homes and those whom have done nothing other than enter our country illegally or never work get free health care they never earned or paid for.

    I wonder if he’s going to invite the Pope over and show him holding the Popes’ hand as they walk across a pool of water (his film buddy will probably make it look like they’re walking across the Potomac) though you won’t see the step stones in the wading pool.

    The marvels of modern day computer generated cinematography coupled to the narcissistic mega-ego-manic satanic spawn’s afterbirth. I just can’t wait for the reviews and to make some buttered popcorn.

    • Billy Kidd

      Can’t we get away from the “Long Winded” replys ?

    • American Patriot

      No, I think not, walking across water is New Testament. It will probably showing him walking across the Grand Canyon.

    • American Patriot

      No, I think not, walking across water is New Testament. It will probably showing him walking across the Grand Canyon.

    • jetstream

      (gasp!) THAT’S why he gave money to Illinois to get rid of the nasty flying Asian carp!

    • Bione

      I think one of the co-actors in this movie will be Barney Frank, who will have a roll in the hay in the opening scene.

  • LittleFartBert

    Speaking of czarbama and al gore, here is an email that I got that deserves to be read by everyone.


    Let us never forget! The world hasn’t just become wicked…it’s always been wicked. the prize doesn’t always go to the most deserving.

    Irena Sendler
    Died 12 May 2008 (aged 98)
    Warsaw, Poland

    During World War II, Irena, got permission to work in the Warsaw ghetto, as a Plumbing/Sewer specialist. She had an ‘ulterior motive’. She KNEW what the Nazi’s plans were for the Jews (being German). Irena smuggled infants out in the bottom of the tool box she carried, and she carried in the back of her truck, a burlap sack, (for larger kids). She also had a dog in the back that she trained to bark when the Nazi soldiers let her in and out of the ghetto. The soldiers, of course, wanted nothing to do with the dog and the barking covered the kids/infants noises. During her time of doing this, she managed to smuggle out and save 2500 kids/infants. She was caught, and the Nazi’s broke both her legs, arms, and beat her severely. Irena kept a record of the names of all the kids she smuggled out and kept them is a glass jar, buried under a tree in her back yard. After the war, she tried to locate any parents that may have survived it and reunited the family. Most had been gassed. Those kids she helped got placed into foster family homes or adopted.

    In 2007, Irena was up for the Nobel Peace Prize. She was selected. Al Gore won — for a slide show on Global Warming. Later, another politician, Barack Hussein Obama, won for his work as a community organizer for ACORN.


    I’m doing my small part by forwarding this message. I hope you’ll consider doing the same. It is now more than 65 years since World War II in Europe ended. This email is being sent in memory of the six million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians, and 1900 Catholic priests who were murdered, massacred, raped, burned, starved, and humiliated! Now, more than ever, with Iran, and others, claiming the HOLOCAUST to be ‘a myth’. It’s imperative to make sure the world never forgets, because there are others who would like to do it again.

  • Christian Archer

    I hope Davis Guggenheim charges Barack Hussein 30 million dollars to do the film of his first three years in office, thus draining a big chunk of Obamessiah’s war chest.

    • bobby nealey

      Christian do you realy think he would use his own or campaign money forget it , that is your tax dollars in action .

    • minnie

      30 million is nothing to obama in georgia 2 days after obama won the case by co in ci den se, georgia received 8.3 billion dollars to start a nuclear plant. Weird things has been happening. Like 16 TRILLION DOLLARS that have been missimg from stimulas n no one knows where it is. We go crazy when we lose 16 dollars, but 16 trillion. George soros walks around with his purse open, ya think he knows where they are.Maybe pelosi knows where the 16 T are. ya think her husband knows.

  • Damon

    Why in the bottomless pit would anybody want to go see this. I would much rather spend my money going to the zoo and watch the monkeys. At least they will be entertaining.

    • AUMOM

      Unfortunately there are nearly 50% of the public that actually think this loon is doing a good job! Probaby half of that number are the hardcore leftwing liberals and the other half are the ignorant product of indoctrination camps they refer to as public schools. I hate to admit it but I have relatives in both of those camps. If the ignorant can be educated we would see his approval numbers fall into the tank!

    • mamasaid

      Damon, the movie is for the reelection campaign and will be shown on television, free. And just like Al Gore’s debacle, it will be full of liberal lies, and false kudos for our fearless leader.He will blame everyone and everything including the kitchen sink for every failure, and take credit for anything that might have bordered on success.

    • minnie

      obama will be running against Bush in the general election, now that is weird . He will blame Bush for all his failures in his 4 years, that he spend as campaigning in chief. I will not see his inappropriate so call movie, I have better things to do, we already know how he spend his last 4 years and all his failures. He will even blame Bush for his 4 wars in different countries that he started in Africa where he has our troops, no wonder he was in such a hurry to bring our troops home.

    • http://yahoo iwojimafan


    • farmer.d

      The entire quote was vote for “anyone else” in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot. Is so true because Obama targets those getting “entitlements” and those with IQ less than 90 to get him re-elected. As the movie of several years ago showed so dramatically, we truly are living in an idiocracy.

  • Nam Vet

    So what’s the title going to be?
    Four Years Of Hell

  • Nam Vet

    Staring ODumbo


    Just plain Arrogance!!!

  • DW

    That’s ‘Academy Award Flimflammer’.

  • Dale

    So, he has a movie, he has a lot of other things, but the fact remains, he doesn’t belong where he is, and we have laws to enforce. My question: Why aren’t those laws being enforced? He still puts his pants on one leg at a time. Until the General comes from the North to sweep across and conquer all, he can be brought to examination. We have impeached for a whole lot less. So why not now, why not him? And if those that are supposed to be defending our position, won’t.. then fire them too. What is the problem? Really?


    The only thing bigger than this man’s ego are his lies!!!

  • marg1

    The opening scene will be barry looking into a large mirror. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the greatest person of all..” With that, the mirror cracks. obama breaks into tears.

    Former girlfriends will be interviewed.

    His college records will be revealed.

    Oh, never mind…nothing in this movie will be the least interesting.

    But wait…I did come up with an idea…Vegas can take odds on how many lies occur in the film.

    • roy

      He’s a fast talking liar, so I, say he can do one per second, that’s 1860 lie’s. That equal’s about half of what he has said in the past 4 year’s.

  • Naomi Kay Sutton

    Does Obama really think that anyone would pay to sit through even a 5 minute movie-he would have to pay people to rate it & possibly watch it & pay more for people to not sleep through it. We have seen enough, do we have to be tortured to see more!

  • tymtrvlr

    That most worthless despicable pos has become a legend in his own mind. Can anyone else see how his agenda mirrors that of hitler, lenin, stalin, fidel , mousy dung, lil dong? He is using the same play book as those other pieces of human debris. Vote his worthless halfrican a$$ out of office then make the U.S. Marshalls do the job they haveb’t had the nads to do, arrest him for crimes against the U.S. Constitution and the American people. Then start arresting all these activist judges and supreme court judges and any lawyers aclu and those that want to try and subvert the Constitution. It is time to clean up the cesspool, pelosi, reid, shumer, waxman the commie phantom of the marxist opera.

  • marg1

    Please let it be a musical.

    The first number can be obama putting on his little bike helmet singing “I feel pretty, oh, so pretty.”

    In the background getting louder and louder would be a large choir singing “You’re so vain…”

  • shell holston

    Interesting! This man is a textbook narcissus who is out just for self-gratification and the rest of the world be damned.

  • sa in az

    MY GOD!! Is there no end to this psycho’s ego? Rome had NERO who fiddled while Rome burned, we have OBAMA who sings while he destroys America!

  • Yellow Horse

    Gosh obamas first three years in office??@@## Since he hasn’t done a dam thing thats worth reporting that was good whats it gonna show all of his golf games and vacations???Or will it show him on his prayer rug with his dishrag on???Or all of the locked door meetings with the radicals???Or will it be like all of the lieing speaches he has given???On second thought …who gives a shit!!!

  • Dan says

    YES !!!! I’m for Newt tooo !!! We have got to get rid of this idiot that’s in the WH now..He needs to be impeached plus with all his cronnies..

  • John

    WOW ! I thought we ran out of those NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET movies- NIGHTMARE IN THE WHITEHOUSE ? Let’s hope the nightmare ends with the November elections. Of course, dead people and gravestones will be voting in huge numbers. Maybe Disney could make another sequel to THE LION KING- you know THE LYIN KENYAN RETURNS TO MOBAI.

  • Paper ballots jr.

    Everyone is talking into a closed coorador here! The election is already decided! The cheaters have already figured out how to bypass the will of the American people! The stakes are that high to enslave us & even with our owen money! So if we all vote for the other guy and all the votes turn up for Obama, then we’ll know,then we’ll know! ABO

  • Duane Schneider

    Unfortunately, the only way we will get rid of this guy is by impeachment. Why do you think the Democrats and Holder and the ACLU don’t want voter ID? Because they want voter fraud and they are good at it. They know with ACORN and voter fraud running rampant, there is very little chance that Obama will get defeated in November.

    And with this movie of the great one, produced by the liberals in Hollywood, the Obama zombies will do everything they can to make sure it will happen. After all, the movie will certainly make him look like the Messiah and that the Republicans are the enemy.

    If something isn’t done to make sure the elections are free of voter fraud, there will be no change in the White House next January. Unless the impetent Congressmen and Congresswomen can get it in their heads that this guy needs to be impeached, and the sooner the better. Good help us, we are going to need it.

  • Breeze

    The opening will be obama desending from above within a circle of light. It will show how he fed the multitudes, brought world peace, and has slain all non-believers,(in himself)It will show how the Glorious Leader has done things that all of us underlings should worship. What a crock!

    • http://msn Paul

      if obummer thinks he is God, the next time air force one is at 30,000 feet have him open the door and jump. If he land on his feet and walks away then maybe he can run for the office of the dog catcher

  • Paul

    I think history channel said Hitler had some movie director make some films about him also.

  • martin

    Maybe someone can help me but I find it incredulous that almost 50% of Americans actually fell for Obama’s con job in 2008. What is it that explains how stupid can they be not to see he was nowhere near being Presidential timbre.

    I’m beginning to think the upcoming election is not our real problem even if Obama gets elected. It’s the level of intelligence of our fellow citizens many on governmental support as unproductive members of society who watch too much TV that continues the con. Could that be the explanation? If so, we are really in trouble.

  • tmt

    Good grief! Is obama stuck on himself or what? Could it be that he is a pathological narcissist like Hitler, Stalin, Che, Mao, and Lenin were? He makes me sick.

  • Doubter

    He’s been lieing to us all along but he’s going to give us the truth now! Get the brown paper bag ready.

  • Richard Vandervort

    As your King and ultimate Supreme Master I Obama will take over vertically every aspects of your civil rights.
    By me being the self proclaimed King I now have supper powers that give me far more ability and insight when it comes to your needs so trust me.
    Adding one more great thing to my accomplishments will be the Academy Award I’ll get as Best Comedy Actor in the portrayal of a President in a fiction movie.
    Our only problem is that while he’s playing his roll it’s not funny what he’s doing to the country.

  • sd

    What about Libya? Funny how after spending all those millions/billions that we hear nothing about the progress or lack of.

  • SmithWinston6478

    B Hussein Sotero/Obama is such an unaccomplished arrogant narcissist. The Trojan Horse saboteur and dictator is masturbating again. What a shameful time this is in American history!

    “During time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell ‘1984’

  • Doubter

    Maybe we can get a glympse of him with his feet up on the 230 year old furniture in the White house again. Or maybe we can see his next 4 years of vacations for him and Michelle. That will really resiginate with the American people. We are with you Barack maybe it can be about how you faked Solyndra business and collected big time. It might be about your guns to Mexico. I can’t wait!!!

  • Melanie

    Oh you mean the movie that was proven so intellectually dishonest that they wouldn’t even continue to show it in classrooms in Europe of all places?! Sounds like the liar in chief found the right man for the job.

  • Scandle Movies

    In 2008 America showed it was not racist in 2012 America needs to show its not stupid.

  • Ralph Nichols

    Was Leni Riefenstahl unavailable? Next will this imposter in the WH, whose narcissistic, leftist arrogance places him – in his own mind – above the Constitution demand we sing “Obama Über Alles”?

  • Jon Daugherty

    Another professional B. S. Artiste! There wasn’t any truth in An Inconvenient Truth!

  • roy

    Thirty Minutes of repeating his lies, blameing everyone else and every thing. Any one that could sit thru 30 min. of this has to be a Dummacrap or just plain mentally ill. Of course they wont show the teleprompter, because they can have retakes of his fumbling.

  • Scandle Movies

    Maybe we can get a glympse of him with his feet up on the 230 year old furniture in the White house again. Or maybe we can see his next 4 years of vacations for him and Michelle. That will really resiginate with the American people. We are with you Barack maybe it can be about how you faked Solyndra business and you high 5-ing the executives and they hand you a bag of money. It might be about your gun running to Mexico. I can’t wait!!!

  • Penman

    The film title should be “I man” starring Barry Sotoro as Barrack Obama directed by Michael Moore and financed by George Soros.

  • inky

    Looming before us is a task of Biblical proportion that we must endure..!

  • http://msn Paul

    obummer sucks as a president, and no amount of Hollywood glamor can help him

  • inky

    Looming before us is a task of Biblical proportion that we must endure. Does anyone care to guess what it is?

  • Tom

    Only a despot would feel the need to ask someone to produce a documentary about him.

  • WGB

    To: “We’re not stupid says:” Apparently you and SO many others who have commented on this story with the MISLEADING headline, didn’t read the article. Because the article is REALLY about the short film being done for the President’s re-election campaign. Many other politicians have done the same in the past. Maybe you will remember the clips of McCain and his history of being a hero, etc. Maybe you will recall the Reagan cmpaign era as well….

    I didn’t vote for Obama and don’t plan to this time either. BUT…it’s obvious people just hate this man because they’re just full of hate or something. And the person who actully had the nerve to bring up watermelon seeds being strewn on the White House floors…what a rude thing to say, not to mention, well let’s just say it…racist (and a misinformed one at that). I take it you don’t eat watermelon.

    Sometimes remarks like a bunch of these in this site and in articles like these make me consider becoming a Democrat. Unfortunately, there are ignorant people in all the political parties.

  • dkbokc

    Just another sitcom that I won’t be watching!
    The man just can’t seem to understand,,, WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU!

  • Co-opted Confederate

    Dat pencil necked geek imposter had better be paying for it out of his own pocket and not with taxpayer money!!!!!

  • http://Lkpassion Chai K.

    Well, last election he made also the movie
    with him and his family, if I’m not mistaken it was on HBO and it was on and on until you are sick to your stomach, however the movie never mention where he came from , his college days all they was how he meet his wife. So if he do it again he has two movie for collection and as you all know when his term is over and like most president they want something to remember by but what kinds
    of memo revillia he will display in his museum, one was the one he receive before he even take office which he never done anything
    and all his and his family vacation all over the world, and don’t forget all the money they spend for the party and luxury and I guess just about it but their one more thing
    all the lies and promise.Because as you all know he can not put his college record or where he came from or his SS.# because everything was sealed.Not being so mean but I would guess the best museum he can use is just the shit house (the one they use in festival) and it just about the right size would you think so. Anyway, I want our country back and if you all want it too support Mr. Gingrich because he is the only one can beat Obama. Vote for Newt Gingrich on 11/06/2012.

  • DB

    Only 40% of the country has cable and rest are watching the Obama networks for free we need to get out and vote and take everyone you can to beat this take over.

  • Mark G

    Actually, this one has some promise as a short horror movie…something along the lines of “Satan’s Zombies Ate My Country”…

  • WASP

    Another professional liar, an expert on putting lipstick on a pig.

  • Paper Ballots jr.

    I can hardly wait for the government grants emails are out of my in box that say Barach is lending out there green notes because he actully is trying to help peole out.> I have been getting so many of these emails,all worded a little diferant every week! when we get rid of Obama, I wont be getting this atempt aimed at paying off voters for doing a good job in re-electing this Socialists for 4 more years! It’s gotta stop! It’s all about power to this alien ! A B O

  • J Wilson

    No doubt there’ll be a gripping 30 minute action sequence featuring Dear Reader, in full tactical kit, personally rea– er, leading a SEAL team to wipe out Osama bin Laden.

  • shoreline

    Jim Carey probably wanted too much money to act in Liar Liar 2!

  • Dorothy

    sorry they would not let me vote some of what you say i agree with

  • Robert

    All I have to say is I can’t wait until this is all over, it will be a blessing when this assh@le is gone

  • James Fontana

    The only film we need to see of Obama is him getting on Air Force One (which will not really be Air Force One at that time) for the trip home to Chicago as former president.That is one trip as a tax payer I would gladly support.

  • Nick


    • Randy G

      Actually a Farcial movie!

    • Randy G

      Actually, a farce in the making.

  • Nick

    All we need to do is watch a documentary on Hitler and it would the same thing. Just replace Hitlers head with Obamas.

    • Remington 870

      I am convinced Obama people are ardent followers of Joesph Goebbels. Obama is so in love with himself, a terrible charasteristic for any president. But, Obama is not qualified to be president. How did this fake get in the White House?

  • Balto2

    I am here in Michigan and I wish Newt had done more to promote his campaign here in our state. We have a horse race here between Romney and Santorunm and to me, Romney is another Obama, it’s like they are twins from different parents. I am afraid not to vote for Santorum, it will give my vote to Romney. It is like the rehash of how we got McCain the last time. God Help all of us. Newt is our only answer.

    • Dark_Archer

      come on Romney might be a little left of center but at least hes not a communist,socialist,Marxist,radical muslim,American hating,murderer,fraud,traitor,usurper community organizing un American POS

  • Dennis Jones

    Obama is getting his wish…he’s always on TV so he wants to be a TV star, and now he wants to be in the movies…when does he want to act like a president?

  • Dark_Archer

    the name of the documentary should be :
    The Rise Of Adolph Hussein obama And The Death of America

  • Charles Higley

    He did An Inconvenient Truth?

    So, we know the density of lies that will be in a film about our Undocumented Worker-in-Chief.

    Oh, and lots of fudged data and fabricated facts.

  • rosco

    Don’t you know this idiot is a legand in his own sick little 1/2 breed mind.
    Just think, if that skank of a mother would have swallowed he wouldn’t have to deal with the great liar today. I’m just saying…

    • Insurgent

      The truth hurts !!!!

  • Insurgent

    Professing to be “African-American”, he has set the black race back by 300 years.

  • Tag

    I wonder if anyone ever sends any of these blogs to the black house? (I have a problem with a black in the white house). Please arrange for a total fumigation and sterlization of that entire place when he is gone! Her wigs and their nappy hair will be ALL over the place, but wait, maybe they used those little pine trees they put in their cars!!!

  • Kevin Miller

    I’m for Newt or Rick.IMHO they are the Best of the 4 and if oBUMa’s going to lose(which he Really deserves to do),The 2 I mentioned would be a Refreshing Change! oBUMa’s a crook,a mob thug,an islamist,an anti-American,anti-American Military,Lying A**,
    Egomaniacal Illegal Alien loving Illegal Alien! And yet there are still people that
    think him a “great” guy and “president”.
    The sooner he’s gone,the BETTER!

  • Tom K.

    Will this propaganda film be shown in movie theaters as a news reel or a cartoon ? Add a laugh track after every lie and it could be a hit !

  • Florida Jim

    When the film comes out the republicans should go through it scene by scene and quote by quote to refute every lie, obfuscation, half-truth, miss-statement, teleprompter flub and any deviation from the facts and point each one out with the truth and a fact check source.In Al gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” this was not done for years and when it was done there were at least 35 documented lies like the loss of Polar Bear habitat, polar bears on diminishing ice floes, the hockey stick diagram showing a sudden skewing of warmth all of which were, and are, outright lies from the environmentalists and professors benefiting from the government grants for the global warming scams exposed by Chris Horner in “The Politically Incorrect Guide To Global Warming” and several other books refuting point by point the tremendous scam to steal America’s wealth.

  • Noah

    *EXCELLENT!* Another opportunity to save my money. Watch the film about Obozo? Yer gots 2 be uh kiddin’!

  • Riverdweller


  • JulesV29

    How can they find enough positive footage to make a 30 minute film?

  • Doug

    30 Minutes it should be 3 seconds for what this obamanation has done for this country. And they should use Al’s title again the Inconvenient Truth about what happens when you put criminal idiot in the WH surrounded by idiot criminals in the other branches of government. Yes our government the biggest crime syndicate in the world!

  • WeRScrewed

    a compilation of mistruths already released by the media since 2008. probably with a lot more emphasis on extremely stretched accomplishments that really aren’t

  • JCS

    Can they fit his ego on any sized film ? The projector will need to be monstrous and the screen will need to be gigantic. Beyond human capability now that NASA is defunct.
    Barry, might I say go pack to your teleprompter and use bigger words.

  • Jacque

    The truth hurts? Let’s hope so!!!

  • Charles Casler

    The film should be classified as “fantasy Fiction”

    • JCS

      Pulp Fiction II
      The return to Oz

  • mitchell

    Obama is a proud muslim,nothing like having a movie of your self.

  • JCS

    One and done, Barry
    My prayer for Barry Soetoro:

    Psalms 109:8
    Let his days be few and brief,
    And let others step forward to replace him.

    • daves

      Romans 13:1-14
      Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.

  • SARAH2012


  • JCS

    How many times do they have to give him a worthless Nobel Prize ???
    Next they will give out Barry Soetoro toys in the Cracker-Jack boxes.
    He is becoming funnier than “Stretch Armstrong”.

  • Tony in MO

    Talk about the height of arrogance!

  • mjo

    would that this could be a SILENT movie.

  • Greg

    If Obama wins the White House again it won’t be because the people wanted him. The dead will vote, the union thugs will vote more than once and all those who drank his cool aid will vote for him.
    Such an Idiot.

    • daves

      With the current Republican candidates, I cannot imagine President Obama not winning again.


    go bama…….since america is on the up turn and every one is in the bank …buying new homes (like hell) time for you to have some rest and recreation!!!! remember to say something about lowering the tides..and hopey and change….get all of your accomplisments in there……BUT….who will be the viewers>>>>>reid ..palousie..holder ..bite-me…zcars….WOW ,,,YOU GO GUY ..YOU ARE AMONGST THE BEST!!!!!

  • J J

    Oh, the arrogance of it all. What better things could he be doing with that money? So, this is what our President is wasting his time doing? He obviously loves to see his face on the TV and hear the sound of his own voice. This man thinks he is a rock star but after hearing his failed attempts at singing, he better choose another career. And politics isn’t it either.

    I fail to see why so much money needs to be spent on campaigning for any office!!!! Billions – really???

  • Antiliberal

    Is there a more arrogant narcissist on the planet than this bloviating fraud? I think not.

  • http://Comcast Bonnie

    If Obama wins the White house in 2012 we are all dead!!!!! Life as we know it now will all be taken away. We will be living in a muslum(Obama)communist world!!! All our freedoms will be gone. God help us all!!!!!!

  • Del

    More lies? Who is going to watch this? Not I?

  • Paul

    Lets see, Obama received the Nobel Peace prize for doing nothing. This film should receive the award for best documentary, best actor the Bamster, and his wife the best supporting actress award. It could also be nominated for best foreign film. That would cover it if he is found to not be a citizen. Using the same reasoning as the Nobel Peace prize committee all of these awards are legit.

  • DockyWocky

    Well, one thing for sure, the film documenting Obama’s first 3 years in office will be a “Short film.”

  • Janie

    What if no one watched it.

  • DockyWocky

    Anyone brave enough to tell the boss that he is a narcissistic self[-promoter?
    I didn’t thinks so.

  • stormy

    At least it wasn’t tax payer money like all of those millions spent on vacations we have payed for. By the time we get those free loaders out of our house,they will have nowhere interesting to visit when they leave.Get the free loading bums out!!!We can’t afford 4 more years!!

  • valerie

    A book has already been written about him. It’s called “Little Black Sambo.” What a smug, egotistical ass he is.

  • Sandy

    It’s payback for all the money Hollywood has donated to his campaign. He’s returning it to them in a legal way…I think!

  • wm bowman

    he should have hired Disney  they are  very good at filming FANTASY’s

  • Kangaroo

    Fahrenheit 451 the Sequel. All papers go up in flames – birth certificates, adoption papers, passports, social security cards, school and college records, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, our money, only Moochelle and Bar-Uck! got all there stuff in gold and Soros guarantees.

    • Jade

      With your permission, I’d like to use your post to email to my friends.  Great title and synopsis.

  • Jeffrey

    Honestly, what would the film’s subject matter be? We already have the Golf Channel! You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a crime show!!! We already have National Geographic to keep up with Kenya!

  • Geraldj70 TheHoosier

    It’s a joke but then Obama’s a joke. I’ve seen some past “super stars” who held themselves in such high esteem they were insufferable to be around yet they don’t hold a candle to Obama. Obama should be in the Book of World Records as the Biggest EGO that ever lived…!!!!

  • Krissi

    That would be about right…. 30 minutes to represent 3 years on the job. Actually, if you cut out bathroom breaks, it should be about a 15 minute, on the job, production. Wait a minute, there’s golf, and family trips, make that 5 minutes! Cut.. Print…!

  • Lou

    When is this commie-in-chief going to do something Presidential?   But, hey why would this socialist commie Kenyan act like a president when his mentors are dictators, and to top that off his religious mentor hates America. 

  • William Buckley, Jr.

     His imprisonment and denial of all ‘retirement’ benifits.  His trial for treason and subsequent execution for being  a traitor to America by firing squad and his remains shipped back to Kenya , is the only movie I would want to see ! ! !

    • Gongdark

      The only thing I would change in your comment is Arkansas rather then Kenya.  The rest of your statement would refer to Bill Clinton.

    • Gongdark

      would the movie be colored or black and white

  • Yoter37

    An Obama movie Ha Ha. It would be like a Three Stooges movie starring Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

  • http://sprint kittycat78

    Only the people who have a speck of common sense and a mind that can reason, will understand that in spite of the collusion between Romney/Paul to destroy Newt Gingrich we all should have been strong enough to stand behind him. His past was distorted, blown out of proportion and lies were told by two people who were in cahoots from day one. Romney is obama the second, just as self absorbed and will be as easily led by Soros as obama has been. Where were all of you in 2008 when Soros said during an interview that there was no difference between the two, indicating he would have been fine with either one. By the time Romney/Paul acting in tandem to slime and destroy any candidate getting in Romneys way, and the people out there showing their ignorance in their inability to figure it out and acknowledge by support of Gingrich at the polls is pathetic. There isn’t room enough for me to give all the reasons for neither to ever head this country. One brags about his military service and made sure he pointed out that Gingrich never served. Now if its not too stressful on your brains think about this. Paul has pointedly ignored Romneys success in obtaining 1st deferment for school, 2nd deferment for going to France to recruit people to Mormanism and the 3rd deferment was best of all. Another one for school with a number so high that it guaranteed he would never have to serve. That’s Romney!!!!! So where was Ron Paul on Romneys really commendable way of getting out of serving his country? How come you aren’t smart enough to figure out that Ron Paul only continues for one reason. And the two of them are despicable for this. He takes votes so they can’t go to Santorum or Gingrich. Then, and mark this down because there is no doubt about me being correct. When Romney seems to be in a tight enough position, Paul will leave the race and request his support go to he and his wifes dinner partners Romney and company. Then you can be feeling great about saddling the people with Secret Service coverage for the 26 Romney sons, wives and grandchildren who are all immediate family. You may as well be paying for tsars. One more thing I live in Mass. Ask how a true conservative Republican got himself elected in an 85% liberal Democrat state. It wasn’t his job creation since we ranked 4zth in job creation while he was Governor. And the state is not a Wall street investment you can whip in and invest a few bucks, take millions for yourself and leave. The country as far as I know is made up of what? States I think. Which is something you all better start doing. Think!!!!


    well it seems to me that it’s not to hard or let alone that someone would want to take a picture of their
    own CRAP and then brag about it; get a life kenyan monkey boy 1

  • DennisS

    A note to everyone commenting on this story: Please vote this egomaniac out of office!!!

  • Gongdark

    Actually, a film would be a good thing to show what he has, (yawn, yawn) accomplished.  This should shorten it to a quick shot of him swinging a golf club and going to fade, then credits.

  • sickntired

    How do you make a diamond out of a goats ass, you hire a film maker with a world class film editor!

  • John Sweet

    Well he had to use Gores’s producer to make the lies seem real, after all if it was his record that they film he is in a world of hurt.

  • Budfromtucson

    They are going to need a wide angle lens to get his ears in the film.  Can we say DUMBO!