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Patriotic children’s books emerging from Hollywood?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Allen Covert, the star of the laugh-out-loud comedy Grandma’s Boy, is out with a new venture. But this one doesn’t involve a movie about a middle-age “gamer” forced to live with his grandmother because his roommate blew the rent money on Filipino hookers.


Covert’s latest project includes an eBook called Tex the T. Rex, a story about a dinosaur who is born on the Fourth of July and travels the country to understand why America is an exceptional nation.

“I was taught that in this country if you work hard you can do anything, and I don’t see a lot of those principles in children’s books today,” Covert told HUMAN EVENTS. “So we put together stories about hard work and what it takes to get ahead, the American ideals we were all raised with.”

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  • Shane

    Wow, a positive story about the USA from Hollywood! I hope everyone publicizes this story.

    • huh duh

      Some one better let romney know he is not supposed to attack organizations like the Boy Scouts,same with the Girl Scouts there or many orgnizations, now politicizing, this character building organization. they can’t even sell cookies.

      America can and would be better off with out this type of political wackos.

  • Myrtle

    With all the liberal “get it while you can” attitude today, this is just what America needs, some good common sense children stories with hopes that many more will follow.

    • Bree

      Amen Myrtle, our children know next to nothing about Patriotic either. God help us.

  • Carolanne

    Finally something good coming from Hollywood!

    There used to be Citizenship classes taught in school, positive family shows, and patriotic songs in music class. I’d like to see all of these things come back.

  • George B Vieto

    The prodigal sons are returning home after spending their time in the pig pen of filth they put on television and have seen the light.

  • Damon

    Yes indeed–the Lord is renewing our strength.

  • Washington22

    What has happened to this site? Why are we denied being able to show our support or diasgreement with each other by not having the plus or minus box??????? It’s very interesting to see if your comment is applauded or not………….I’ve tried the contact site, but it’s not working. Anyone else?

  • Dave USA

    Wow, I’m AMAZED !!! With all the FLAMING LIBS in Hollywood, I didn’t think “Tinsel Town” was even CAPABLE of anything Consevative or Patriotic. What a pleasant surprise !!!

  • Dave USA

    To Wash22, I also have noticed that we can no longer rate other comments. Wonder why, hmmm…???

  • Andrea B

    I think it’s misleading to say that ‘with a little hard work you can achieve the American Dream.’ It’s a lie, and we all know it. Between bureaucratic salaries and burdensome regulations, there’s no clear road to individual success.

    We are stuck with the reality that you go to to college, amass huge student loan debt, *hopefully* get a job, pay too much in taxes, and buy a house you cannot afford. You put your house up as collateral to start a business, and spend all of your time and money jumping through regulatory hoops, licensing, filing fees, waiting periods, registration fees, tax forms, and all the other red-tape, you go broke, lose your house paying the salaries of bureaucrats, leaving YOU homeless and still in debt for your student loans. The federal government takes your investment capital and your property and lives happily ever after. The End.

    I hope the books’ idea of ‘patriotism’ is love of country, not love of government. I hope the book encourages children to defend the Constitution and not their political ‘leaders.’ I hope the book emphasizes personal responsibility rather than extolling the “virtues” of a welfare state. I hope the book warns kids that if they don’t guard their rights, they will lose them.

    Most of all, I hope Ron Paul wins in November and cleans up the mess we call DC, so that we ALL will have an opportunity to work hard and be successful.

  • WASP

    Don’t get too euphoric over this–it’s a VERY isolated situation. For every patriotic, pro-American thing that comes out of Hollyweird, there’s about 5,000 anti-American, socialist happenings. There are a few entertainment people who are conservative and pro-American, but they get shouted down by the mouthy lefties on the left coast. And there, “the mouth that squacks the loudest gets fed first”.

  • Adrian Vance

    Hollywood is about money and they will do whatever will sell. When civil rights and sex made liberalism popular Hollywood went left. This depression has made reality popular so they will swing to the right.

    The Two Minute Conservative at for political analysis, science and humor. Daily on Kindle.


    Hollywood conservatives… yes there are some…have been producing programs for years. When you buy or rent a DVD look for the actors and programs that are family friendly and purchase them.
    WWJD, Fly Away many more
    Pat Boone has been promoting this for years. Perhaps the public is getting sick and tired of visual and auditory filth. Most regular people don’t act the way it is portrayed on the screen.
    Usually most people will control their bad language if you tell them that you are disturbed by it. Talk about your feelings and your reactions rather than confrontational language. You can remove yourself from the situation and, most of the time, it is not worth your becoming upset by someone else’s rude behavior. Unless that person has an emotional behavioral problem, they will usually refrain from the unacceptable behavior. If they have an emotional or a drug problem, removing yourself from the situation is the best response on your part.
    If you have a child in the school system, a good idea is to check ALL the class reading material assigned . Make an effort to attend school board meetings . It is amazing what is being passed off as education in today’s school. Why do high school graduates have to take remedial reading and remedial math classes when they enter college ? Could it be that the educational system is delibertly dumbing the students down ?