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Supreme Court To Take On Affirmative Action

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to tackle another election-year blockbuster and will decide whether the University of Texas’ race-conscious admission policies violate the rights of white applicants.

If health care reform, illegal immigration crackdowns, voting rights and TV indecency were not enough, now the nine-member bench is poised to add to its high-profile docket, wading into the divisive, sea-change issue of state-mandated racial diversity and affirmative action. Oral arguments would be held this fall, ensuring the court — however it decides the appeal — will be a major campaign issue. A ruling however will not likely be issued until early 2013.

Abigail Noel Fisher, a former high school graduate from Sugar Land, Texas, individually sued the flagship state university when her college application was rejected in 2008. The school defends its policy of considering race as one of many factors — such as test scores, community service, leadership and work experience — designed to create a diverse campus.

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  • nvrpc

    They shouldn’t have to take anyone they don’t want to. I’ sure there’s a million freeloading mexican’s and muslims trying to get in and the university just doesn’t want terrorist and drug dealers in their schools. It’s as simple as that. Go home, fools

  • Karl

    nvrpc, DUH! It’s a STATE school.

  • Bobseeks

    AA is a joke and a ripoff. I have watched the waste that has resulted from the various programs that the government has instituted and have watched the AA parasites ripoff the taxpayer for millions and millions of dollars. I have watched government agencies fill up with incompetant employees who were hired (and then promoted) for no other reason than they were minorities or females. I suspect that AA has cost the USA trillions of dollars and has locked qualified white males out of the jobs they should be doing. AA needs to be flushed down the toilet and we need to go back to letting everyone hire the most qualified people based on merit alone.

    • R Brown

      Can’t do that Bobseeks … Politicians lose votes that way. Their knees shake and their lips tremble … awful mess in washington. gotta stay politically correct.

  • Hubcap

    If you can say “coach said,” you will never have to work for anything in most of the college classes. If you are a senior citizen who dares to go back to school you will see that the first two years of college are at the same level as freshman high school. It is pathetic to see “dumb down” in progress.

    • John

      This is true I decided at 84 that I wanted to go to college for a specific course. I too a test ( need I say that it took quite a while) so at it conclusion I apolegized for my slowness. The administrater informed me that over 50% of the students wishing to enter the colege had to take remedial cources in order to qualify for admittance to the colege.So that explains some of the dumbing down that goes on in public (Government) schools.

  • Platoon Sergeant Chee

    Yes, the most qualified are the folks who
    discovered, fought for and built America.
    I knew when the fems and minorities, with
    government backing, declared blacks, fems
    and “Other minorities” needed “Afirmative
    action” we Caucasian males were screwed..
    The black block vote, the fem vote and a
    pervasive dem “Divide and conquer” tactic
    now have America in a death grip; and the
    fundamental transformation of America is
    almost a done deal. Remove Obama in Nov.

    • R Brown

      Sergeant: You have hit the bulls eye. Nothing more needs to be said.
      This from an old infantry soldier.
      God Bless.

    • Damon

      This has been a communist on plot that has spiraled and has gone fast forward since the “mulatto clown” has been in office.

    • lou

      A Black with an IQ of 80 is selected over a White male with an IQ of 140 to begin Medical school only in Black America


      Right-On lou However You Must Remember This Is All Possible Because Of The “Atheist Group ACLU” !! Plus When You Need Help Just Read Pres Obamas Book “Audacity Of Hope” Quote I Will Stand With The “Muslims” Should The Political Winds Shift In An Ugly Direction, Un-Quote. God Bless America And The Tea Party Patriots.

    • john j

      Right on Sarge. a good deal of thought went into that paragraph ! thanks .

  • catfish

    Affirmative action is criminal behavior perpetrated on the white race by the democrat party of the USA. Merit only, what a novel idea.

  • Morton L. Friedman

    Just to make you folks angrier, read the recent Higher Education Act. It affirmative action on steroids. Its millions in grants are specifically for colleges and universities have a major majority of minority students. Not just 51 percent. No schools with majority white students are even allowed to apply for those Federal grants.

    • Damon

      Well now, even with all the millions poured into their brain they still don’t know how to vote.

  • m. sharpe

    Catfish is on to something. Any diversion will do to keep groups fighting among themselves,and never realize the truth.This has roots in a Global agenda. The Rothschilds created the naacp, and the adl in the early 1900s. They go after all things Christ Jesus,and the U.S.Constitution.Americans should stop the strife long enough to realize that we are being played like a fidle.

  • d rash

    What this country needs, is a President, on his first day in office, by Executive order, signs an order reitterating that the Constitution “specifically” empowers the Federal government to 20 speific powers, and that EVERY LAW, outside of those 20 specific powers, is NULL AND VOID! PERIOD! During the transformation period, (when one administration steps down, while a new administration prepares to take over) the new incoming President should appoint a Committee, to identify, and list every Federal law that will be nullified! With that one executive order, you just solved about 95% of this nations problems.

    • Storm

      But if the communists get another one of their own in, we will be far worse off than before. I say get rid of the executive order as a whim. Make it only for dire emergencies that require immediate action that THE PEOPLE have made clear they demand action. No other way should executive order be used. Its being abused seriously by Hussein by ignoring the PEOPLE and granting unconstitutional amnesty on his whim. This abuse can not be allowed to stand! Because of his determination to rule outside of Congress, his powers should be stripped and no other shall have the same. We can’t trust these people that have no background at all. I wouldn’t hire Obama to do my yard since I can’t do a background check on him before 2000. The only thing we do know about him he has brought in more communists into our government than McCarthy tried in his committee! I never thought I’d say this, but we need another McCarthy to put the fear of God back in these anti-Americans!

    • Texas Patriot

      a big thumb up !

  • FreeMan

    It is criminal for any group of citizens to get special consideration, albeit racial, ethnical, gender, religious or sexual preference. Our government is supposed to assure “equal opportunity and protection under the law.” Beyond that it is personal responsibility and accountability that is required.

  • Didn’t we always know?

    It seems to me we have always known that affirmative action would lead to reverse discrimination. It’s amazing how long it has taken to get to the courts.

    • AZ Don

      It was reverse discrimination from day one, but the white folks were coerced into not complaining because it would look like they were the ones who were raciest. Of course that is not true but that is the way it was presented. Affirmative action was never a good idea and the problems that arose were inevitable.

  • lou

    Please no more Blacks with tutors in IVY league schools.

  • MJN

    Anyone in the military can verify the failures of affirmative action. It’s where the gov’t pushes such social policy that doesn’t work in the business world.

  • John

    Affirmative action is ,giving special rights to one race over another .
    Racism is wrong ,so why is it promoted against whites and disgusting against blacks ? [racism 101] IE buy votes !

  • skptriot, MI

    Affirmative Action is reverse descrimination.

  • Navy Vet

    Affirmative action has done more to cripple production in America than all of our enemies combined. Companies have been forced to hire unqualified workers in order to keep the government “off their asses.” Companies then have to hire more qualified people to “cover” for the unqualified. You can easily see why many companies have chosen to leave this country. They simply get tired of having the feds dictate to them on the operation of their business. To see a good example of AA, look at Memphis, TN. Corruption runs rampant. Embezzlement is common. Corrupt police officers. ETC, ETC, ETC. This once great city will never survive what is happening to it now. And neither will other cities.

  • Adrian Vance

    The colleges want this power so they can dictate who gets in and who does not. Race is only a tool, just as it always has been. The real issues in America are money and power.

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