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Mitt Romney Striving To Win Over The Right

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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Even as Mitt Romney begins courting moderate and independent voters who could determine the outcome in November, his campaign is still working behind the scenes to shore up support from conservatives who have yet to fully embrace him.

Peter Flaherty, Romney’s liaison to social conservatives, is planning to fly to Washington this month to meet with key conservative leaders at a breakfast hosted by Edwin Meese III, who was President Reagan’s attorney general, according to Bay Buchanan, a Romney adviser who is helping to arrange the meeting.

The campaign has hired Michael Biundo, Rick Santorum’s former campaign manager; talks regularly to Keith Nahigian, Michele Bachmann’s former campaign manager; and recently received the endorsement of Rick Perry, the Texas governor who was Romney’s bitter rival during the early stages of the Republican primary.

Buchanan, meanwhile, continues to meet with conservative leaders at Grover Norquist’s regular Wednesday breakfast gatherings, and at a weekly meeting of conservatives hosted by Morton Blackwell, a veteran activist and longtime member of the Republican National Committee from Virginia.

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