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No Deal: Holder Still Refusing to Turn Over Fast and Furious Docs, Contempt Vote Moving Forward

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yesterday staff members of House Overisight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa and Speaker John Boehner met with Attorney General Eric Holder staff and White House officials in an effort to come up with a last minute deal to prevent a full House contempt of Congress vote from moving forward on Thursday. Unsurprisingly, Holder didn’t instruct his staff to turn over the long requested documents and at this point, the vote will move forward. His staff did however turn over 30 documents that didn’t produce any new information about the fatal Fast and Furious operation.

The breakdown came just after White House spokesperson Ed Schultz outright dismissed Issa’s accusations President Obama either improperly invoked exucitive privilege in this case or had greater involvement in the scandal than previously acknowledged.

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