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This Election, Being Obama Is Bad, But Being The Non-Obama Won’t Help Romney

Saturday, June 23, 2012

U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Russian President Putin in Los Cabos

President’s rival is like Illinois’ white-shoe Republicans, helping to spend state into debt

President Barack Obama has had a terrible few weeks, and it could get worse.

Especially if the Supreme Court accepts the ancient premise in that old, forgotten document called the Constitution that the federal leviathan cannot force Americans to purchase a thing, let alone health care.

But I still believe that the guy from Chicago will win re-election in November, despite all the anguish around him, because the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, isn’t exactly inspiring either.

Romney is no conservative alternative, he’s merely the un-Obama corporatist, eerily similar to the big-government Illinois Republicans who partnered with Democrats to spend the state into crippling debt, those white-shoe Republicans whom Obama dealt with and learned from during his brief political apprenticeship here. He knows the type.

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