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Colorado Shooting Bombshell: Defense Says Suspect Was Psychiatric Patient

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Information on the Colorado shooting suspect was in a defense motion submitted to the judge in which it accused the prosecution of leaking privileged information.

Defense lawyers for the gunman accused in the Colorado movie theater massacre revealed in a court filing made public on Friday that their client was a psychiatric patient of a professor at the University of Colorado and that he had sent her a message mailed prior to the shooting.

The lawyers said former graduate student James Holmes was being treated by Dr. Lynne Fenton, a board certified psychiatrist at the university’s Anshutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Col.

The new details are likely to raise questions about whether the trained mental health expert could have – or should have – identified Mr. Holmes as a danger to the community prior to the July 20 mass murder.

The new details also add another layer of mystery concerning a “package” that was discovered at the university on Monday. It had been mailed by Holmes prior to the massacre and was addressed to Dr. Fenton.

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