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Celebrity calls for ‘an intervention’, counseling for gun banners

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Celebrity entrepreneur, speaker and publisher Alan Korwin — author/co-author of thirteen books, dozens of position papers including The American Way, and an occasional blog titled Page Nine, blistering the “lamestream media” for blatant problems with “news” accuracy — issued yesterday “An open letter to America’s news media”.

Amongst Korwin’s books are titles that cover Federal and state laws regarding self-defense and personal security that affect millions of Atlantans and Georgians here and as they travel elsewhere every day.

The letter calls into question what appears to be, at least at times, an orchestrated mainstream media attack on personal security devices — specifically, guns — life-saving tools so effective that Americans arm ourselves and our law enforcement officers with them daily. Korwin calls for “an intervention” and “gun control…counseling” for gun banners, such as the two media celebrities pictured above and the two CNN correspondents interviewing Korwin in the video linked to the left of this text, as a logical next step in the war on crime.

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