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Court: Some Florida Early-Voting Plans Undermine Minority Voting

Saturday, August 18, 2012

fl early voting

But a three-judge panel stopped short of invalidating Florida’s early-voting law. A number of lawsuits across the US seek to block implementation of new voting procedures ahead of Nov. 6.

A federal court in Washington has ruled against Florida’s early-voting law, saying it threatens to undermine minority voting rights.

But the three-judge panel stopped short of invalidating the election statute. Instead, the judges said they would uphold the new law if county election supervisors opted to authorize the maximum number of early-voting hours offered under the statute, rather than the minimum.

The decision means that election officials in five Florida counties must agree to keep early voting open for 96 hours over eight days.

The law had given election supervisors discretion to conduct early voting for 48 to 96 hours over eight days.

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