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Elizabeth Warren Tries to Tie Scott Brown to GOP Ticket

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Elizabeth Warren today sought to tie U.S. Sen. Scott Brown to Mitt Romney and his new vice presidential running mate Paul Ryan, claiming the Wrentham Republican has backed tax breaks for the rich and policies that harm the middle class.

“What (Brown) has voted for already is in the very same direction as Mitt Romney’s tax plan and Paul Ryan’s tax plan,” Warren said today while meeting voters at the Harp & Bard pub on Dorchester Avenue. “He has voted repeatedly to keep tax breaks and subsidies for the wealthiest corporations and the wealthiest individuals and he’s said tax increases on the middle class are fine with him.”

Warren’s comments are the latest bid by her camp to link Brown’s campaign with Romney’s presidential bid and come on the heels of a new Democratic attack ad that suggests Brown will blindly follow a Romney/Ryan administration.

“I believe America’s working families are on the ropes and they can’t take much more,” Warren said. “And the Romney, Ryan, Brown approach is a punch in the gut to them. It’s got to stop.”

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