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Lesbian Who Reported ‘Hate Crime’ Attack Staged Incident, Nebraska Police Say

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Charlie Rogers

A Nebraska “hate crime” that targeted an openly gay woman and that triggered responses from candlelight vigils locally to Facebook postings of support nationwide was staged by the alleged victim, authorities said Tuesday as they charged the woman with lying to police.

Charlie Rogers — a former basketball player for the University of Nebraska who identifies herself as lesbian — told police that three masked men entered her home on July 22, stripped her, tied her down, and carved homophobic slurs into her body before attempting to set her and the house on fire.

But the Lincoln Police Department said Tuesday that “the physical evidence conflicted with Charlie Rogers’ version of events” and that “extensive investigation revealed numerous inconsistencies.”

In a news release, police cited DNA and pathologists’ examinations that did not substantiate her statements, and changes in her story during the investigation.

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