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“Mr. President, Take Your Campaign Out of the Gutter”

Monday, August 13, 2012



The brand new Romney-Ryan ticket experienced quite a Sunday — addressing packed rallies in North Carolina, sitting down for a joint interview on 60 Minutes, then wrapping up in Wisconsin for an humongous homecoming rally for Paul Ryan.  Official estimates pegged the crowd at roughly 13,000 in Waukesha.  This is what enthusiasm looks like:

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Ryan got the crowd energized with a sentimental ode to the state that he and his family have called home for generations.  He wiped away tears of emotion as the Badger State audience showered him with cheers.  After ceding the microphone to Mitt Romney, a handful of Left-wing hecklers attempted to shout over the Republican candidate.  The large crowd drowned them out with chants of “USA,” then Romney let loose.  He directly chided one of the disruptive attendees, then parlayed the rebuke into a stinging indictment of Barack Obama’s relentlessly negative and dishonest campaign.  The gathered throng erupted.


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