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Pa. Upholds Controversial Voter ID Law

Thursday, August 16, 2012


A judge in Pennsylvania on Wednesday upheld that state’s new voter ID law. Pennsylvania is one of 10 states to pass the voter ID law in the past two years. But with Pennsylvania a crucial state in the coming election, the case there is being followed closely.

Pennsylvania is the latest battleground state to require voters on Election Day to produce a government-approved photo ID at the polls to prevent fraud. In upholding the law, State Judge Robert Simpson called it “a reasonable, non-discriminatory, non-severe burden….”

But state officials have defended the law. Shannon Royer, Pennsylvania’s deputy secretary of state, called it “a victory for fair and honest elections.”

But opponents say the Pennsylvanians most likely to be without photo ID are the poor, young, or minorities — constituencies that often vote for Democrats.

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