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Romney Says No New Gun Laws, Can’t ID Policy Difference With Ryan

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reacting to a shooting that left three dead and several wounded near Texas A&M University – the latest in a string of multiple shootings across the nation this summer – Mitt Romney on Monday ruled out new gun laws and said the nation must collectively figure out how to prevent such tragedies.

“Clearly there’s going to have to be consideration given to how it is these tragedies could be prevented,” he told reporters on the tarmac at Miami’s airport. “I don’t have the answer for you today, but it’s something I’m going to give thought to, and I’m sure a lot of other people in the country will do the same.”

But when asked whether prevention measures should include looking at the nation’s gun laws, Romney said no. When he was governor of Massachusetts, Romney supported some gun control measures and signed the first permanent state ban on assault weapons. He now opposes a federal ban on assault weapons.

“I happen to believe that this is not a matter of the weapon that is used, it’s a matter of the individuals and the choices these people make, and we have to understand how to prevent those kinds of choices from being made,” he said. “I don’t think gun laws are the answer, but I do believe that this is a topic that needs to be considered.”

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