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Romney Slams Obama’s ‘Misleading’ Ads Amid Criticism of His Own Attacks on Welfare Policy

Monday, August 13, 2012


Mitt Romney on Thursday took umbrage at what he called inaccurate and misleading ads run by the Obama campaign and an allied super PAC, even as his own campaign continues to run an attack ad that has been deemed “pants on fire” false by a fact-check organization.

Asked by conservative radio host Bill Bennett about the “lowball nature” of an ad being run by the pro-Obama Priorities USA Action super PAC, which tries to tie the presumptive nominee to a woman’s cancer death, Romney said fact-checking groups have called the ad misleading.

“The various fact-checkers look at some of these charges that are in the Obama ads and they say that they’re wrong and inaccurate and yet he keeps on just running them,” Romney said in the radio interview. “You know, in the past, when people pointed out that something was inaccurate, why campaigns either pull ad, they were embarrassed. Today they just blast ahead.”

But the issue cuts both ways, as Romney well knows. His own campaign’s most recent ad claims that under the Obama administration’s recent changes to welfare reform, people wouldn’t have to work or train for a job. “They just send you your welfare check,” a voiceover proclaims. This claim has also been debunked by multiple fact-check groups, which point out that the changes to the welfare law are meant to offer states greater flexibility, but require that states increase the amount of people moving from welfare to work.

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