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Union Goon Who Assaulted Steven Crowder Identified

Wednesday, December 12, 2012



What a dumbass. Obviously this meathead forgot to conceal his name and union affiliation before he decided to assault Steven Crowder of video Tuesday.

What a maroon. Well, nobody ever accused these knuckle-draggers of being too bright.

Well, that was quick. The goon who attacked Crowder has been identified as Tony Cummings [UPDATE: The name is now being read as Tony Camargo.] of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. His name was on his jacket. Heh. Now let’s hope the law enforcement authorities throw the book at him.

More here. The amazing thing is he hasn’t tweeted about his role in this mindless thuggery.

Crowder, meanwhile, appeared on Hannity last night and had an offer for this neanderthal.

Crowder gave an ultimatum to the man who punched him in the face: come forward and face jail time or face him in a mixed martial arts (MMA) match.

“You can come forward, I’ll press charges, you’ll go to jail,” Crowder said. “Or, since you wanted to cheap-shot me, we can host a bout in a sanctioned, legalized MMA competition.”

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