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Ex-Obama Intelligence Chief: Drones Could Attack And Kill U.S. President

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Former United States Director of National Intelligence, Retired Adm. Dennis Blair is fearful that a drone attack could possibly kill President Obama, according to a report in The Huffington Post.

“I do fear that if al Qaeda can develop a drone, its first thought will be to use it to kill our president, and senior officials and senior officers,” Blair said during a conference call with reporters. “It is possible without a great deal of intelligence to do something with a drone you cannot do with a high-powered rifle or driving a car full of explosives and other ways terrorists now use to try killing senior officials,” he said.

The U.S. development and growing use of armed drones has not “opened a huge Pandora’s box which will make us wish we had never invented the drone,” Blair said. But he said if drones are acquired by terrorist groups, it would force the U.S. to take defensive measures.

“If a terrorist group gets drone technology,” Blair said, “it will use it against us every way they can.”

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