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Foreign Storms Await Second Term

Monday, January 21, 2013


President Obama vowed, during his second inaugural address Monday, to “manage crisis abroad” in pursuit of a more “peaceful world.”

But four years after the president first took the oath, the task remains perhaps his most daunting.

Moments before Obama spoke at the west front of the Capitol, confirmation that two more Americans had been killed in the hostage standoff in Algeria undercut the president’s optimism. The news ups the tally of U.S. citizens killed to three, while seven others made it out safely.

The brutal, and evidently planned, attack in the Sahara underscores how much work is left to be done on the world stage as Obama embarks on his second term. While the president spent the bulk of his first four years focused inward — on jolting the American economy, overhauling the health care system and campaigning — the number of international challenges has only mounted.

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