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New York County Denies Newspaper’s Request for More Gun Permit Owner Info

Thursday, January 3, 2013


The clerk of a New York county has refused to provide a newspaper taking flak for publishing local gun permit owner information with details on citizens within the locality’s borders.

Putnam County Clerk Dennis Sant announced yesterday that he would deny the Journal News’ request for information on gun permit holders living within the county. In a controversial move, the Journal News published an interactive map of handgun permit holders in Weschester and Rockland counties last week, inciting backlash from many within and without the firearms community.

Putnam County was to be the third county on the map. County Clerk Dennis Sant and County Executive Mary Ellen Odell will hold a press conference on Thursday to further explain the circumstances, reports Reuters. New York Senator Greg Ball will also make an appearance to talk about the possibility of creating legislature that makes permit data only accessible to police.

“There is the rule of law, and there is right and wrong and the Journal News is clearly wrong,” Sant said. “I could not live with myself if one Putnam pistol permit holder was put in harm’s way, for the sole purpose of selling newspapers.”

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