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UN official: I’d say the world is finally ready for a global climate treaty

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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Ugh. Yet another eco-globalist heading to a collectivist international conference and attempting to foist a one-size-fits-all environmentalist rulebook upon the masses:

The UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon says his top hopes for 2013 are to reach a new agreement on climate change and to urgently end the increasingly deadly and divisive war in Syria. …

Ban laid out this ambitious wishlist in an interview before heading to the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, saying he plans to take “the uncommon opportunity” of being with 2,500 government, business and civil society leaders in the Swiss ski resort to exchange frank views on these issues. …

“Climate change is fast happening – much, much faster than one would have expected,” he said. “Climate and ecosystems are under growing strain.” …

“I will do my best to mobilise the political will and resources so that the member states can agree to a new legally binding global agreement on climate change,” Ban said. …

If globalists and environmentalists and whomever are really setting about to find ways to get the world to reduce its carbon emissions and general pollution, they certainly have a funny way of showing it. The United Nations and their moral relativist, prosperity- and individualist-hating ilk have tried umpteen times to forge some kind of global climate agreement, but anyone can see that the idea loses more and more efficacy every time.

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