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Obamacare Administrator: So, We Might Have to Tweak the Definition of “Start”

Monday, September 23, 2013


Buried in an update into my Continuing Resolution post on Friday was a quote that deserves much more scrutiny. By way of background, you’ll recall that one of the law’s principle legislative authors has described its roll-out as a “huge trainwreck,” while a high-ranking HHS official has admitted that his primary goal is to avoid a “third world experience” come October 1. You may also remember reports over the summer about implementation lagging badly behind schedule, red flags of which the administration was aware. Then came the series of unilateral delays — on the employer mandate, on verification standards, on out-of-pocket cost limits, and on publishing the coverage rates to be offered in state exchanges. Earlier this month, an expert on the law testified before Congress that “not a single state appears to be completely ready” to administer Obamacare.

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