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Media Ignore Racial ‘Knockout’ Game

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Pretty sick. Looks like this is the newest racist thing for black kids to beat up white folks. These cowards don’t even have the honor to face someone in fair fight as they just sucker punch their victims unaware.
Check it out:

The major television media are ignoring the “knockout game,” a vicious assault perpetrated by young African-American males against Jews and whites across the nation. In the assaults, unsuspecting pedestrians are punched violently in the head so that the black youths can prance around exhilarated about their successful “knockout.” Many concussions and even deaths have been attributed to this “game,” but networks such as ABC,

CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC have studiously ignored the issue, according to TruthRevolt.

The black youths committing the assaults have even filmed videos of the incidents showing the violence and their subsequent celebrations, including some called “Polar Bear Hunting” and “Knock the Jew”; in one video one thug laughed, “White girl bleed a lot!”

Thomas Sowell wrote an article for the New York Post acknowledging that the assaults are “nothing new.” He continued that the reason the issue has not gone viral previously is that the media have been describing them as “isolated attacks” and leaving out the race factor because of “political correctness” or fear of “inciting a race war”:

Sometimes the attacks are reported, but only as isolated attacks by unspecified ‘teens’ or ‘young people’ against unspecified victims, without any reference to the racial makeup of the attackers or the victims — and with no mention of racial epithets by the young hoodlums exulting in their own ‘achievement.’

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  • Screeminmeeme

    Greta’s interview with victim, Phoebe Connolly was quite telling. She told her story of riding her bike in DC, being sucker punched by a passing black kid on a bike, and how she was able to maintain her balance, and just continued pedaling until she reached her friend’s house, called the police and reported the incident. She said that her bloody nose stopped after a few minutes and that she didn’t need medical aid.

    When Greta remarked that she was glad that she hadn’t been badly injured and was doing fine now, Phoebe said that she had gotten ”past the incident” and wasn’t ”holding a grudge against the kid for it”. And then like the good liberal that she no doubt is, she said that it ”just shows how we (society) need to provide these teens with more things to do!!”

    Here is someone who, but for the grace of God, didn’t suffer a severe head injury, or worse, end up dead. Here is someone who was so politically correct that she was incapable of assigning blame where it belonged, but instead made excuses for these teenage thugs. Like it’s society’s responsibility to entertain America’s youth and keep them so distracted by shiny things that they won’t turn on us.

    There is a dire necessity for public awareness about these heinous crimes so that people can be on guard and take greater precautions. Where are the DA’s in the cities where these crimes happened? Where are the PSAs warning the public? The MEDIA, as usual, is MIA about these BLACK ON WHITE crimes that are happening with greater frequency all over the country. Since Obama’s ascent into power, black youth have been emboldened and are attacking whites with impunity….and the incidents are barely being reported.

    As I’ve said a thousand times: POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is literally KILLING US.

    • Charles

      True and well said !!!

    • Anziani

      I’m for Dr. Carson because he said he would come down hard on PC! The first politico to even mention PC

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Screeminmeeme, so well said. I wish I had your knack for words. The problem is (and you know my history) is that the police and regular citizens are handcuffed by this PC. If you or I were to shoot and kill one of these “Treyvon’s” we’d be up on charges faster than you can blink an eye.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Thanks…and ain’t that the truth. We’d be in cuffs in minutes. The race baiters would be out in full regalia protesting the armed white guys killing the poor, innocent black youths.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Fitting that the first shooting of one of these thugs happened in our great state.

  • jong

    Of course if anyone but a gay, muslim, hispanic or black defends themselves Holder will come down with a violation of civil rights on behalf of the attackers.

  • Bruce Feher

    Wait until the first SAVAGE gets shot dead then you’ll see all over the news!

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Where I come from we call them Silverbacks.

    • disgusted demacrat

      But down in da hood da call each utter niggers..

  • hangman57

    This is total BS ,attacking people because of their race . Black gang guys ,just going around attacking White People . This is black on White hate crime . If I am attacked I will use deadly force on anyone who attacks me.

    • fatman45

      <sarcasm>That’s racist of you to even suggest that blacks are capable of being racist!</sarcasm>

  • stpatwanabe

    of course the anti-American Dept Of INjustice leader and the black panthers would defend violence– thats all Holder knows along with playing the Race card and taking orders from the Anti-American-Islam-Terrorist President..who happens to take orders from the anti-American-anti-Israel-NAzi-Jew-George-Schwartz-Soros–the guy that owns the Media and Washington Politicians!!!!

  • stpatwanabe

    The Real Racists Are The Ones Who Cry Race!!

  • Pat Alexander

    They “the news media” have been told to stand down by the regime! Cover/hide game is in place!

  • Jacob Jachna

    Looks like a pre-meditated, hate crime to me.

  • trader-bob

    CCW lock and LOAD!!!!!!!

  • Warren Neumann


  • trader-bob

    Brave little twits!!! Sneak up behind a girl!!!!!!!!!! Step up PUNKIE!!!!!!!!!! DONT be BASHFUL, you cowardly little PUKES!!!!!!!!

  • Kat

    Too bad they can’t attack the people in the main stream media. If they did it to enough of them or their loved ones it would all of a sudden become important! But, God forbid they go against Holders statement of not prosecuting black on white crimes!

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      I read that a NY liberal democrat congresswoman was robbed in DC yesterday. 1) serves her right, 2) will she become a conservative now?

    • disgusted demacrat

      Not likely): but she will try to pass a bill for more entitilments for the getto rats.

    • Kat

      It will take more than one being robbed, but maybe if this continues to befall them some of them will wake up! It would be better if it were main stream media “journalists”!!!

  • Chief47

    Bet the liberal media won’t ignore it when whites start playing a game called “Shootout”.

    • Privatejetsetter

      Sure. Call it…try to knockout, last sound you hear is a bang game

    • Ewade

      In the South we had a neat game called lynch a nigga

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Alabama wind chimes?

    • disgusted demacrat

      You could always play tree the coon !! Or go on a coon hunt..

  • barb patton

    Who left the zoo gates open and let the rabid wild dogs out to cause damage and mayhem?????

  • Gordy

    I was censored for my comment so I guess Patriot Update is just as politically correct as the rest of the liberal media

    • alfy

      so was i,because these people have now become obama,s minions

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      There are ways of getting around the censorship. N I G G A. See I did it. I don’t usually use the “N” word, but I wanted to make a point. sarc> see, I’m being PC too!

  • Drosack

    Liberal media needs their asses kicked.

  • robert

    we the people,who are the real government.i said it many times,forget the treasonous bought and paid for lame stream medias,be your own media,we uncover research things,that the lame streams media coverup,blackout/hide,and we expose expose expose,and keep on exposing it,let the lame stream medas stand down,we stand up.there was a game when we were growing up.called bop the boogie,were you start out with 2 red murphys,and when you find the right person you throw one of these red murphys at him,and if you hit him,you say i bopped the boogie,and if you miss you try for aother person.thats one of the games played by us growing up.we invented our own games.and every neighborhood had there own types of games.thats the way it was.stay aerted/focused/prepared god bless we the people

    • Work2SnowSki

      Sorry, but what’s a red murphy? Serious, I’ve never heard of them.

    • robert

      we the people,who are the real government,in south brklyn in the 50,s 60,s a red murphy was a red brick,you know the red bricks you see on old or older brick houses.we made up our own games,buck buck how many fingers our up,or in some other neighborhoods it was called johnny on the pony,off the point,kings,skeletezzs,ring o leaver,dodge ball,marbles etc.each block had there own games,very inventive

  • alfy

    if there is to be a war between blacks and white, it has been in the making a very long time, when it comes it will change the face of america and hope the thugs will be destroyed

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Trust me, they will, whether the white liberals side with us or not.

  • Bob G

    It’s a city thing. You know, the places where liberals live. They will never bring it to the suburbs or country. In the burbs they get shot. In the country they disappear.

    • James Andrews

      Exactly. If this crap occurred in my state, it would get squelched very quickly, either by our state police, or the citizens themselves. You are correct: some would “disappear”.

  • david pope

    thia lack of attention by the obama networks just shows you how racist they really are

  • Work2SnowSki

    Sucker punching people is about the most cowardly thing in the world to do and when you add women or old people into the mix, to me, it compounds it to just plain evil. Five years in prison is the minimum these jerks should do for the simple assault and life for death, disfigurement or brain damage of the victim.

    • ElderAmbassador

      Actually, I think 5 years in a casket under several feet of earth is a truly fitting punishment.

    • IHateLibs

      Why bother with a Casket . They cost money. Let the Worms eat

    • ElderAmbassador

      Actually, one of my favorite sayings is that “coyotes have to eat too” so why not just drop them off near a coyote den and be done with it.
      But I was trying to be nice here. 😉

    • IHateLibs

      Why else do you think that when these BOOS RIOT and ATTACK people, they have the Victims out numbered at LEAST 8 to 1 Odds . Typical for BOO Odds They are ALL Gutless

    • GoldenRudy

      It’s the “jungle way”. Ever see a lion take on someone bigger than they without scores of help coming? No.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Hey, don’t disparage the lions, they need to eat. These Trayvons are doing it for fun. The govt (us) feed,clothe and house them, they need some “action”.

  • Airdoc507

    The media is reporting on this now, but they are just not including the part where it is black gangs against mainly whites.

  • Privatejetsetter

    Why not? They let the criminal president zerO slide. Why not these thugs?

  • TOMD


  • IHateLibs

    And this I New ?? Every BOO in this Country gets a PASS by the Media on ANY Crime they pull off . Looks like its time to Play, COWBOYS and BOOS . Probably Starts TOMARROW too . LOCKED n LOADED and I/WE CARRY

  • Matthew Hurt

    Bet the first one that gets killed by a white guy packing a gun ends up like the Travon case. Notice they are also doing it mostly where the only people carrying a gun are cops and criminals. I just hope people start paying more attention to their surroundings and start turn the tables with fun surprises of their own.

  • noelle20102

    NO DUH!!!!!!!!

  • Sandy Henderson

    They don’t want to contribute to starting a race war? Just what in the world do they think these games are? I’ll bet that if anyone of them was attacked it would be a different story entirely.

  • James Andrews

    Nothing surprises me about this. The major media also ignore, and refuse to report on the actual and positive statistics of legal, concealed carry as well. The fact that it has been so successful, that about every state in the nation is allowing it, at least to some degree, speaks for itself. But all you see are anti-gun rights stories, and the reporting s of the criminal shootings. You almost never hear the daily stories of good citizens, all across the nation, who have used a firearm for legitimate self defense. Most of the time, a shot is never fired, but those stories still count!

  • warddorrity

    I have a game. It’s called judge, jury and executioner.

  • chuckie2u

    It is so nice to know the PC politicians have decided to allow old white folks to be beaten and murdered and jailed if they defend themseles with deadly force. I know they are old and young folks need their space.

  • Russell Smith

    They will sure be surprised when they start running into concealed carry holders. But then I am sure they will cry about it being all “racial” then. Well…too bad, because you swing, and I’ll really “knock you out” and more than likely all your thug friends too….

  • southie55

    Gee I wonder what would happen if one of the useless media was attacked by these black thugs.

  • jvb1980808

    They could be Obama’s kids…that’s why.

  • rabrooks

    I’m shocked by the attitude of these young people! They go on and on like it’s nothing to it. Wake up, get dressed, sneak up on some unsuspecting victim, hit them and they “just go to sleep”. These ignorant animals have no idea of what they are doing. It’s the “they just go to sleep” part that gets me. I’m black and live in the city. The first time I ever heard of this was here, about 6-8 months ago. It seems that there are some deep divisions in our community. I never knew that kids could be this “mentally disturbed”. I apologize to the white victims of these henious acts. I have to say, “shoot them little niggers if you have to.” because I’ll do the same. I don’t feel bad about it, I don’t feel bad about saying it just the way you see it! Cause in this case, the word fits!

    • R.s. Moffatt

      Thank you, rabrooks! Nice to know some sanity is among your race. I am not racist, but if this kind of behaviour keeps up, I may have to reconsider my choices. There are only so many time one can “turn the other cheek” before Lock & Load becomes much more prevelant.

    • rabrooks

      My insides are more knotted up now than they were before. The right thing to do would be to apoligize to the readers for my foul language. I ain’t there! I meant what I said. How disconected from reality can anyone be to think nothing of knocking someone out for fun? Like the other person just took a nap, woke up and went on with their day. When someone gets KO’d, it’s really closer to dieing than most people realize. To overload another’s nervous system to the extent that their body’s circuit breakers trip, does permanent, irreversable damage. Bounce their brains against their skulls. Sure, no problem. Does Mohammed Ali ring a bell? The news has “Sport” stories about the braindamage that some footballers experience, but don’t see the same possible effects when (WHITE) people are getting hit just as hard in these incidents. It horrifies me to hear of this. I wasn’t raised in a protected enviornment, but this is really too much, and it really bugs the hell out of me! It may sound like I’m protecting white folks, but no one deserves to be treated like that, no matter how valid an individual’s resentments may be!

    • Poppo

      You sir, are obviously a gentleman. You do not owe anyone an apology. The shame for acts like these falls upon the entire society. God Bless You!

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      That’s the problem rabrooks, it has been happening for 6-8 months (that you know of) and we’re just hearing about it now. If a white person was to shoot one of these thugs, it would be a whole different story than if a black person did it. SAD, but true. I truly appreciate your honesty.

    • migdalia.leonie

      You sir are a good and decent man, thank you for your understanding

    • El Lobo Solo

      I recall a comment made by Jesse Jackson some years back. That even he feels wary when he approaches a group of several black teens.
      How crazy is that?

    • DJ

      Thank YOU

  • M. Fazio

    A day will come when a white person will shoot his attackers DEAD. Al Shapton and Jessie Jackson will then come out of the wood work (like the Cock Roaches they are) then CRY about the Victim that was shot needlessly. The Black Community is out of Control about the HATE and Violence towards White People. The Hatred is being encouraged by this Administration, Obonzo (The Monkey) promotes this hate and the RACE RIOTS in our Cities by the BLACK TEENAGERS. When a few BLACK Rioters are killed by those who are just protecting themselves, that is when the Prejudice President will come out and say something.

    I promise you if any black person comes towards me to attack me for any reason, there will be a BLACK Person bleeding on the ground. I will protect my well being, even if there is a dying Attacker.

    • GoldenRudy

      The “rev’s” have already come out of the sewer on this type of action. Remember the Trayvon martyrdom incident. “Rev’s” indeed.

    • ourightgirl

      Most people would never want to be shot in the head. blacks would rather be shot in the head than in the crotch, go for the crotch. At least they won’t be able to multiply.

    • M. Fazio

      I love the way you think. If I had a Dollar for every Black I met who BRAGGED about how big he was and what a great lover he is, I would be a MULTIMILLIONAIRE.

      Stop them from breeding!!

    • Ray

      ALWAYS shoot to kill. When police come only say I feared for my life and I would like to speak to my lawyer. The sewer rats crotch doesn’t matter when they are dead…ask Trayvon Obama

    • migdalia.leonie

      Mr. Fazio, 2 black thugs shot and killed a white baby, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were no where to be found, these two racists ignore the white victims it has happen several times already

    • M. Fazio

      They are Cock Roaches, they only come out when it is a BLACK PUNK that is the Victim of a white man protecting himself and or his Family. You are right about one thing, Jesse and Al, along with the Groups (NAACP, ACORN) are what Walter Williams (A Black Professor at George Mason University, Retired) called, THE CLAN IN “TAN”. RACIST PIGS!

  • M. Fazio

    Obonzo wants a RACE WAR! He Promotes it!

  • David Stovall

    I am a 73 year old white male, so I am a target. I don’t like to carry, but now will have to.

    • concerned

      You will have to do a lot more than carry as shown in the videos you won’t have time to arm yourself. The only thing you can actually do is stay out of areas where this might be a problem and never be alone.

    • David Stovall

      You are right. Must never let people near you or behind you. Any body that looks like Obama’s son in a hoodie.

    • M. Fazio

      Well Said!! I love that Comment!

    • Eric Wilks

      In the state of Michigan, you can Open Carry. 1 its a nice deterrent, and 2, it’s easily accessible. I personally love this law…. he he he …

    • M. Fazio

      It’s the same in Arizona! I LOVE ARIZONA!

    • Josie

      We may all have to be carrying but I don’t believe that will help in this situation. They strike when the victim is not looking and unsuspecting and most are out slamming down on the sidewalks. Horrendous acts of cruelty for a game of fun. No value of life or the lives of others they destroy. The way some of these people look to slam their heads down it has got to leave a lasting affect.

    • ourightgirl

      The best thing to do is to avoid blacks like the plague. Move away from blue cities if possible to where the normal people are. Here in our red state we don’t have that stuff. If we did, it wouldn’t pay because so many carry and will have your back. The feral blacks are pretty much segregated in one main area of our larger cities and many of our bedroom communities have no blacks….and, no crime, like where I live.

    • M. Fazio

      Well Said.

    • M. Fazio

      That’s why you have to be Aware of your surroundings, and those you DON’T KNOW, ESPECIALLY if they are BLACK TEENAGERS.

    • Josie

      M. Fazio, don’t let your guard down some of the girls as just as vicious if not more so. This is a new time and a hard core generation with no value in life or reasoning of right or wrong. No respect for life, property, good or evil. I have seen some hardening in the HIspanic youth as well. If they don’t take control of their children we may be seeing that group following along. Sad end for our country.

    • Joseph

      72 myself and I carry everywhere, and I mean everywhere. If the President and Congress can exempt themselves from some laws so can we. To me there is no such thing as a “Gun Free Zone”.

    • M. Fazio

      Amen Brother!

    • M. Fazio

      I am 63, ex-policeman (and Correctional Officer), I will get a permit to carry now. Then I will pray for one of those PUNKS to approach me.

  • Joseph

    How about a quick game of Blackout.

    • Josie

      I believe that’s what the DC administration wants to happen so they can claim Marshall Law and come down hard on whites. There should be no issue or problem with stopping these hoodlums so why don’t they?

    • Rick

      I like that one Joseph.

  • Kevin

    call your elected representative. I just emailed mine. make them take notice of this terrorism of whites. These black punks need to be in gitmo with the other terrorist.

  • bdcorvette

    Ghetto black males are escalating their attacks on whites. I am now to the point where I believe that whites should buy and register guns (as I did a long time ago,) carry, and shoot those who threaten them, especially in our most “diverse” cities: Killadelphia, Deadtroit, Baltimortality, Chicagun, Atlantoast, BirmingBlam, Los AngelMess, and others. The fear of dying in the commission of a crime has deterred many would-be bad guys. The loss of Obama voters will grieve the Democrats, but that is just tough.

  • phillyfanatic

    The media has to protect the ‘protected class’ because of Obama. Period. Blacks are simply dysfunctional in many many areas of the USA. The values of some middle class blacks saves them from this focus. But, even they will rarely complain about 70% our of wedlock births, crime stats, gangs, and education failures. When blacks finally , if they do, and stop voting for liberal blacks, perhaps they will also see that they are their own worse enemies.

  • rchguns

    I’m 63 years old and come from a family for race was never a question. My Godfather was black and my godmother was Chinese. Race was never a topic of discussion people were people. In many ways I feel I am a person from the outside looking in seeing what’s happening to the American people. To me race it always been a trivial topic. Because of the occurrences in the last 10 years that’s obviously not the case.

    Being of the age I am and seeing how the country is gone back to the jungle I never leave home without an edge. I’ve had my carry permit for over 15 years but it’s only in the last 5 to 6 years that I’ve really utilized that license. I urge other Americans of my age to stop being victims! Get your permit, get training, and no longer be a victim. That’s the only reason that this game as they wish to call it is growing in popularity and unfortunately becoming a common occurrence

    Once the victims make the decision to no longer be victims and these animals are put in the ground where they belong will this game cease to be funny. Don’t look to the police, don’t expect the press to give you any coverage, your local officials are totally useless, and this goes all the way to the White House and the Justice Department which it been ordered to ignore this type of thing.

    These young blacks are no longer human their animals and their acting like a rabid animals they need to learn if they wish to come back into the human race that this activity must stop completely and the only way to do that to give these rabid animals a severe case of lead poisoning preferably terminal.

    • Rick

      A very good comment. You sure made my Patriot list.

  • Dennis Dumas

    Looks like young African American males are looking to revive racism!!!! Well we can play a game too, it’s called “shoot-a-shine”!
    Words of warning to young African American males, think twice before you chose your next innocent white victim, he may have a weapons permit, and may turn around an blow your fucken brains out!!!!

    • disgusted demacrat

      Or how about cap-a-coon? !!

    • M. Fazio

      I guess what they need to see in their neighborHOODS is a Bunch (and I mean a BUNCH!) of White Hooded Men with WHITE ROBES with Sticks and Guns, and really scare the S*** out of these BLACK KIDS. Then Maybe the News Organizations will finally take noticed.

      This Crap with start getting more attention to the KKK and their enrollment will increase (Heaven forbid). I wouldn’t want to join such a group nor would I like to see a RACE WAR. But these Mini RIOTS in the Cities and the Black CRIMES against the Whites, we are headed for that and Obonzo and his side kick Holder is to BLAME

  • skbn113

    A hate crime by any other name. Has Obama weighed in on this yet? I wonder
    what His Majesty thinks about this.

    • migdalia.leonie

      Obozo thinks nothing, he is to busy screwing the American people and playing golf

    • Ray

      He’s busy blowin Sharpton

    • Rick

      They do make a lovely couple.

    • gutterfalcon

      obama doesn’t know about it. It hasn’t been on the NEWS. That’s how he finds out about everything else.

    • M. Fazio

      He’s NOT Royalty, and he never will be, He’s a Low Life and I can’t stand the sight of him, What he really is, he’s a DICTATOR like his Mentors Hitler, Stalin, and Mao! He has been taking lessons out of the Playbooks of his Mentors. His demeanor and Scandals prove that.

    • Dennis Dumas

      Well we can always “Rope-a-Dope”

    • El Lobo Solo

      “Has Obama weighed in on this yet?”
      I can just hear him now, if I had a son, he would act like one of these thugs.

    • Rick

      I’d like to ask him if he would ever get off of the toilet.

  • Mary James

    Lock up these stupid blacks. They are acting like monkeys. Are there any trees around so they swing from them. Where is Obama in all of this?, he is probably playing golf. America is going down the tubes fast.

  • Rich

    Everyone should go to and email them a message demanding Obozo publicly denounce this violence by black youths against whites using the fact that he came out and commented on the Zimmerman case.

  • Paladin67

    First, keep your head on a swivel. Always look at what’s going on around you. Get off the dam(n) cell phone.
    When protecting yourself, shoot to kill. When the police arrive, you have two, and only 2 things to say…
    I was in fear for my life,
    I want to speak to a lawyer.
    That is it.. do NOT try to explain or give details about anything (because it can and will be twisted to hurt you)
    I was in fear for my life,
    I want to speak to a lawyer..
    Stocked, locked and loaded
    Folks, there is a storm coming, hope you all are ready..

    • Screeminmeeme

      Great remarks and I agree wholeheartedly. Too many people walk around oblivious to their surroundings. I was taught to be aware at all times when I was a kid and I’ve continued that practice for nearly 70 years.

      I hope everyone heeds your advice.

    • Paladin67

      Thank you. Just want all of us to be safe. I HATE that I have to teach this to my children..

  • Rue E. Mccain

    …and of course the racist media ignores it.. they are a paid off by the white house to ignore any attacks against whites… better be careful you black thugs because one of these days, we whites will have had enough.. and we will come after you.. with tanks!

  • Steven

    The media will pay attention when one of these assailants get shot. then it will be the Zimmerman case all over again.

    • Rick

      And al “turdbreath” sharpton would be the first on the scene Steven.

    • Steven

      Both him and Jesse Jackson and lets not forget every liberal commentator on MSNBC.

  • jaxtom

    This is why we need large capacity magazines….

  • BigGoofyGuy

    I have a feeling if it were white people doing this to black people, the media would be all over this and calling it a racial crime. I also think that if one of the white victims were to defend themselves, the media would on it saying it was a racial crime for the white person to defend themselves.

    • Karll

      Yup. The left stream media has been composed of absolutely biased p.o.s. types for years.

  • brucefandrews


    Richard R. Allen sent a letter to the Tea Party. I read that
    letter and cried. Mr. Allen pointed out the truth about one fundamental part of
    a free society. Without truth in
    reporting we become a nation controlled by whomever the media wants. I will attach copies of two emails I received
    that pretty much nails the problems that this country is experiencing and they
    give a straight forward answer for correcting these problems. However, I do not
    believe these problems will be corrected as long as we allow the gigantic money
    people to use us as pawns.

    Darrell Scott, The father of Rachel Scott a casualty of the
    Columbine School shooting, both of these will prove eye opening.

    Please read these they are
    not long.

    Bruce F. Andrews

    An American Patriot

    May GOD bless this letter and all who read it!

    A problem more devastating than the

    · Posted by Richard R. Allen on February 22, 2013 at

    · Send Message View Blog

    Ok Rick, just what could
    be a bigger problem for this country than the liberals?

    My answer to that is the
    total lack of any form of true journalism in this country. I may be
    revealing my age here, but I am old enough to remember the Edward R. Murrow’s
    of the past. Reporters that actually reported the news. They didn’t
    feel compelled to “explain it”. They were compelled to get their hands
    dirty digging it our, confirming it and reporting what they found letting the
    chips fall where they may. I wonder where all of the investigative
    reporters of yesteryear have gone, after they were fired by the new liberal

    Think about this for a
    moment. Where would Obama be if the media were to do its job? If
    they demanded answers instead of providing them or ignoring them. For
    instance, and this is only one of many, the unions rioted after the Michigan
    people passed a right to work law in their state. People were beaten for
    supporting their elected representatives! By union thugs caught on video
    cameras! With sound! The main stream media just ignored it instead
    of simply reporting it without comment. They didn’t want to harm the
    money flow to the liberals from those same thugs.

    The conservatives are
    just as guilty. They take any chance they can get to sensationalize any
    story they feel will aid their cause. Fair and balanced reporting?
    That is left to those of us in the blogging world that has a conscience and is
    interested in the truth and only to us. Not even Rush is immune to this sickness. FOX
    News? Yeah them too.

    Case in point: I
    received an email about a town that supposedly had an ordinance on the books
    “requiring” homeowners to own a gun. I made a couple of simple phone
    calls to find out that there is such a law, but that it was enacted in 1982 and
    has never been enforced. It was a small southern town reacting to Chicago
    suburbs enacting ordinances severely restricting gun ownership. I posted the
    news. No commentary other than to espouse the forthrightness of the
    people I spoke with. I believe the American people should be allowed to
    form their own opinions with out inserting a nose ring.

    Just suppose politicians
    had to stand on their own without the directed support of these “talking
    heads”. Does anyone actually believe that a man who refuses to release any
    accurate information of his own history COULD be elected? Journalist
    would be in there digging out the truth. It would all be revealed for us
    to make up our own minds. Gee, maybe they actually believe that we must
    be force fed their opinions because we just don’t have the intelligence to
    think! I am afraid I must agree that that is exactly what we are
    becoming. I have acquaintances that believe everything Dan Rather and his
    ilk (sorry that word was an editorial comment) have to say. When I ask
    what part of the story was actually “news” they don’t even know why I would ask
    the question let alone what the answer might be.

    I have read several
    conservative commentators (I refuse to call them bloggers in the true sense) on
    various sites, most especially this one, refer to Obama’s policies as communist
    inspired. Sorry, if you knew the English language, you would know that
    there is nothing communistic about the man. He has very definite NAZI
    leanings, but that is something else entirely. Surely just as dangerous
    to our way of life, but in a completely different way. But then the word
    communist is an emotion evoking word to use indiscriminately isn’t it?

    Here comes an editorial
    comment: It is my belief from what little I am allowed to know of this man’s
    educational background and upbringing in the Muslim culture, that he could not
    help being anything other that a devout follower of Karl Marx. Obama is
    the only public figure that I am aware of that refers to the HOLY Quran.
    To everyone else that mentions it, it is simply the Quran. And in
    my humble opinion not all that holy either. Interesting, don’t you
    think? End of editorial comment. Come to think of it that might be
    a good place to end this blog too.

    Have a great day..

    Student’s father 12 years later – his unexpected address .

    Guess our national leaders
    didn’t expect this, hmm? On Thursday, Darrell Scott, the father of Rachel
    Scott, a victim of the Columbine High School shootings in Littleton ,
    Colorado , was invited to address the House Judiciary Committee’s
    subcommittee. What he said to our national leaders during this special
    session of Congress was painfully truthful.

    They were not prepared for what he was to say, nor was it
    received well. It needs to be heard by every parent, every teacher, every
    politician, every sociologist, every psychologist, and every so-called
    expert! These courageous words spoken by Darrell Scott are powerful,
    penetrating, and deeply personal. There is no doubt that God sent this man as
    a voice crying in the wilderness.. The following is a portion of the

    “> Since the
    dawn of creation there has been both good & evil in the hearts of men and women. We all contain the seeds of
    kindness or the seeds of violence. The death of my wonderful daughter, Rachel
    Joy Scott, and the deaths of that heroic teacher, and the other eleven
    children who died must not be in vain. Their blood cries out for answers.

    > “The first recorded act
    of violence was when Cain slew his brother Abel out in the field. The villain
    was not the club he used.. Neither was it the NCA, the National Club
    Association. The true killer was Cain, and the reason for the murder could
    only be found in Cain’s heart.

    > “In the days that
    followed the Columbine tragedy, I was amazed at how quickly fingers began to
    be pointed at groups such as the NRA. I am not a member of the NRA. I am not
    a hunter. I do not even own a gun. I am not here to represent or defend the
    NRA – because I don’t believe that they are responsible for my daughter’s
    death. Therefore I do not be lieve that they need to be defended. If I
    believed they had anything to do with Rachel’s murder I would be their
    strongest opponent.

    > I am here today to declare
    that Columbine was not just a tragedy — it was a spiritual event that should
    be forcing us to look at where the real blame lies! Much of the blame lies
    here in this room. Much of the blame lies behind the pointing fingers of the
    accusers themselves. I wrote a poem just four nights ago that expresses my
    feelings best.

    > Your laws ignore our deepest

    > Your words are empty air.

    > You’ve stripped away our

    > You’ve outlawed simple

    > Now gunshots
    fill our classrooms,

    > And precious children die..

    > You seek for answers

    > And ask the question

    > You regulate restrictive

    > Through legislative creed..

    > And yet you fail to

    > That God is
    what we need!

    ” > Men and women are
    three-part beings. We all consist of body, mind, and spirit. When we refuse
    to acknowledge a third part of our make-up, we create a void that allows
    evil, prejudice, and hatred to rush in and wreak havoc. Spiritual presences
    were present within our educational systems for most of our nation’s history.
    Many of our major colleges began as theological seminaries. This is a
    historical fact. What has happened to us as a nation? We have refused to
    honor God, and in so doing, we open the doors to hatred and violence. And
    when something as terrible as Columbine’s tragedy occurs — politicians
    immediately look for a scapegoat such as the NRA. They immediately seek to
    pass more restrictive laws that contribute to erode away our personal and
    private liberties.. We do not need more restrictive laws. Eric and Dylan
    would not have been stopped by metal detectors. No amount of gun laws can
    stop someone who spends months planning this type of massacre. The real
    villain lies within our own hearts.

    > “As my son Craig lay under that table in the school library and saw
    his two friends murdered before his very eyes, he did not hesitate to pray in
    school. I defy any law or politician to deny him that right! I challenge
    every young person in America , and around the world, to realize that on
    April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School prayer was brought back to our
    schools. Do not let the many prayers offered by those students be in vain.
    Dare to move into the new millennium with a sacred disregard for legislation
    that violates your God-given right to communicate with Him. To those of you
    who would point your finger at the NRA — I give to you a sincere challenge..
    Dare to examine your own heart before casting the first stone!

    My daughter’s death will not be in vain! The young people of this country
    will not allow that to happen again.

    Darrell Scott

    > Do what the media did not – – let the nation hear this man’s
    speech. Please send this out to everyone you can.

    God Bless

  • Anne Miller

    And black males feelings are hurt because people are afraid of them.

    • BGills

      Your right on the money with your comment, Anne.
      Obama spoke to the nation about what he inferred was racially motivated reactions to his presence as a youth. Suggesting he was somehow victimized by white people with an unwarranted, and unjustified response to his mere presence. Completely ignoring the old adage, “better safe, than sorry,” and a primal self defense mechanism which is ignored at great peril.
      White folks bare little responsibility for his feelings of victimization, but rather the behavior of his peers, which have generationally tarnished the reputation of a culture, through it’s acceptance of said behavior, marked by a deafening silence.

  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    The Idiot Morons playing the “game” are lucky to be alive. Most of us carry large caliber firearms and can shoot well on a moments notice. God Bless the Black Men who are trying to reach out to these doper future wards of the state. More of them need to be planted where they can no longer harm anyone.

    Ps. Where is the BIG Mouth in the White House on these Racist Crimes against Peaceful White People? When enough Libtards get their teeth knocked out, brains turned into mush and false sense of security ripped from their BONGed up life…then Obama will give us lip service how he did not know about it and will conduct an investigation that goes no where.

    Patriot Brothers and Sisters: Defend yourselves and families with appropriate force. Do not talk to police, but only to your lawyer once you have effectively eliminated the threat(s).

    • Karll

      Unfortunately, you get caught carrying weapons in these inner cities where this knockout crap goes on and you’ll be in a jail cell along with these punks.

    • Jack Napper

      I’ve NEVER worried about if “carrying weapons” is legal or not because I’d rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6.

    • BGills

      And Obama will simply justify his lack of response, by insisting he learned about it, the same way everyone else did… On the news.
      Does anyone really believe one single word that incompetent fool says?

    • aemoreira81

      It would be a waste of time for Obama to speak out against this…those who need to hear the message have already tuned out other figures of authority. Resources are finite; you have to allocate them to where you could actually have a return on the investment. (Additionally, this is not happening at the hands of government.

  • Robert James

    Of course it’s being ignored because it’s black of white. I’d call all of these hate crimes and it would be if it was the other way around. But for obama and the obamabrothaHOOD, this is okay as long as it remain black on white. One of these days the blacks are going to have to clean up their own houses and quit blaming whitey.

  • funkeyooo

    Be aware of your surroundings constantly, Have your Ruger LCP 380 pocketed, loaded and ready for duty at all times! The revolt is coming, be ready!!!

  • Ray

    Lets have that race war with these ni66ers….let them bring their knockout & knives to a gun fight. Give them a good lesson of what minority really means

  • Ray

    Just more Trayvon trash out on the streets. They need the same ending as Trayvon Obama

  • abbeyconway

    I’ve got a new game for white kids to play. They track down the black perpetrators and then play “Get the Rope” game. I bet this hate against whitey game would end rather rapidly.

    • Rick

      So would a bullet from a legal gun carrier Abbey.

    • aemoreira81

      And if they get the wrong guy just because he happens to look like a perpetrator? That would result in a full-scale conflagration.

    • abbeyconway

      These black kids are ‘getting the wrong guy’! Totally innocent people. There should be a full-scale conflagration…. now! The ‘justice’ system sits idly by while white people are assaulted and murdered and robbed. They and the news media turn a blind eye. It is coming to the point where whites are going to have to take justice into their own hands because there isn’t any for them when it comes to our beloved minorities. What is going on in this country is insane. Maybe a little vigilante justice ( and its coming…) would wake up this country.

    • aemoreira81

      Can you actually cite a specific example where the justice system is sitting idly by? Before you make that claim, you had better have an example in hand.

    • abbeyconway

      Ok, Mr Tough guy…..”you had better have an example in hand’….How about the baby who was shot in the face, how about the Maryland reporters who were savagely beaten….? Does that work for you or are you just going to continue pretending your are Perry Mason?

    • aemoreira81

      ..How about the baby who was shot in the face…

      DeMarquise Elkins was sentenced to life without parole. His partner in crime, who turned state’s evidence, has not yet been sentenced, but he did plea-bargain. Justice served.

      how about the Maryland reporters who were savagely beaten….?

      Virginia actually, but the people who beat them up are all now in prison as well. Justice served.

    • abbeyconway

      I don’t believe it was ‘justice’ served from this crime. And I haven’t heard a thing about this Elkins creep, so I doubt what you say is true. However, and here’s where some fun comes in…. a black kid was shot twice in Lansing MI for the ‘fun’ he was having. Didn’t kill him; too bad. Maybe next time…..

    • abbeyconway

      Somehow a life sentence for the baby killer is not justice. He is appealing and even if he does stay in jail, I doubt it will be for life. He should have gotten the death sentence. Who cares if he was under age! Even his mother should be in jail…lying to the police…See, I guess I can look up these cases just like you can….Perry. Now go back to work. You are probably working for the feds and have too much time on your hands. And if these savages are caught, by say, white skin heads, I say, have at ’em, boys! Obviously, they don’t learn from others ‘mistakes’! A little savagery on the part of whites might make them think twice.

    • aemoreira81

      He didn’t get death because he’s too young (as per Roper v. Simmons); the USA was the last Western country to execute minors. The mother is facing charges.

    • abbeyconway

      Like I said in the beginning…..’justice’. And he is no little kid, no matter what his chronological age. Again….the idea here is to STOP this stuff…..My first paragraph stands.

  • Augustus Gustavius Salvatore C

    video…. capturing these thugs ( whoever they are ) is going to do the trick

  • 63Marine

    Its time to start culling the herd!!!! Put these terds down and the word will get around…..No problem!!!

    • Rick

      Very well said Marine. Of course, if WE put these turds down where they belong, they will call us racists. Then the lamestream media will cover it on the news.

    • johnsnare

      Hello Rick. Nothing new here. We are called racist every day, when you disagree with the policies of Obama. I am called racist by my white neighbors, because I think Obama, is the most inept,incompetent President in history.

    • TBI

      Bring back eugenics polices like the ones promoted by the followers of “socialist progressive” Woodrow Wilson. The left of today chooses to ignore this.

  • Hally

    Although the videos posted only show black youth involved this is something that is done by youth all different races. This is not the first time I have heard of this happening and it goes back many years. But regardless of the race of the person I pray they are caught and although a part of me wants more I hope that justice is swiftly served. Those that spew racial hatred are no different than those committing the crime.

    • snowmaggedoned

      Show me visual proof of white, asian, or hispanic youths doing this, please.

      If you don’t have the evidence to back up your claim, you are spouting liberal spin that you heard Chris Tingle Up His Leg Matthews said on TV.

    • Hally

      Hate crime detectives were interviewing the four suspects — three Hispanic men and one Indian male — and the victim at the 66th Precinct, sources said.

    • snowmaggedoned

      Thank you for the link.

      However, what you have sent for proof only reinforces my suspicion that all these knockout games are directed against whites and Jews.

      I have never heard of any “white gangs” doing any of this violent behavior to minorities.

      I am beginning to think that there is an all out war against whites being “toyed with” and to see if they can get away with it.

      Perhaps a prelude of things to come?

    • Hally

      Actually there are cases involving white youths. They were arrested and in investigating found out the were cage fighters. When I find it I will send you the link.

    • Hally

      Ask and provided. I know this will be hard for you to accept.

    • johnsnare

      Hally. Did your space craft just land.? Please provide the source for your totally and complete false comment. Name the City,Town, and State. Your photo tells us you are a lady of color, and I suspect you have a racial bias. You must be referring to the pre Civil War period, when most definitely blacks were victims of hate. Probably, the most negative time in the history of our country. We have come a long way, Hally, and President Obama is perfect example, of someone of color who can rise to the office of President, has to be a rewarding achievement to all Americans regardless of color.

    • Hally

      Lady, wow, racial bias. Ignorance although a trait does not seem to be your best side. Check out my response to another post which will answer your question and I use my real name. Have a good day.

  • jack ward

    What? Nothing unusual here. Just another hate crime.

  • MrsCleaver

    The media will sit up and take notice when a few of these Velcroheads wind up dying from lead poisoning.

    • DAY8293A

      I like that!!

  • dennis

    It is time to put a stop to these premeditated murders and attempted murders. Murder is murder and I will prophecy that someone(s) is going to fight back with extreme prejudice and put the fear of God into them.
    When society allows murder and attempted murder to go unchecked then we have become a country of anarchist with truly NO respect for life whether in the womb or the old or even out in the street. When this happens then there will be an outcry heard around the world to put a stop to it. You don’t need a gun to kill JUST your fists!

  • 2EdgedSword

    When the white backlash comes, the reporters can expect the same as the Obama Tools.

  • DAY8293A

    Not too many of these happening in Florida, as we have a great concealed carry law. Come on Ovomit/Trayvon look a-likes! Plenty of lead for you here!!

    • johnsnare

      As your Florida neighbor,DAY8293A. I totally agree. We shoot first, and we usually do not miss.

  • JeremiahtpoG

    I believe most of these crimes occur where there are restrictive gun laws, although I do remember a young Australian getting killed in Oklahoma, which has concealed carry

  • DAY8293A

    King Harry just took away the filibuster in the Senate. Read the writing on the wall. This was all just so they can approve the UN Gun Ban Treaty. They will be coming for our guns next year. Lock and load.

  • Lostknyt

    Did we hear this from any of the main stream media stations? Well heck no, but they damn sure were quick to report that Zimmerman was in trouble. Did Obozo call a news conference to say that if he had a son he would look like these cowardly thugs, NO! Eric Holder, when are you appointing a special prosecutor to try these thugs? You’re not are you! You’re just a worthless piece of dog s%&#, just like your boss, and my deepest apologies to dog s%&# for the insult. Al, Jackson, where are your protest about this? Not one peep. Nothing from Oprah about this, but she sure was quick to call anyone that disagrees with her pet in the white house RACIEST! If any of these pigs were on fire, you know what I’d do? Get a lawn chair, a skewer and a marshmellow!!

    • johnsnare

      Add a little gasoline.

  • BGills

    I truly wish they would stop referring to these vicious attacks as some sort of game!
    It diminishes the severity, and true nature of these acts of attempted murder by dangerous predators.
    Anyone who has been victimized by these animals, if they survive that is, will quickly tell you that this “GAME,” certainly didn’t feel like any game they’d ever played before.
    The media needs to stop sugar-coating criminal behavior like this, and call it for what it is, violent criminal behavior, deserving of the most severe penalties allowable under the law.
    Just another reason to expand the “stand your ground” laws in this country.

    • aveteran2

      It used to be called “for kicks” depending how old you are. Ask you parents.

  • wink1026

    He are she better make sure it knocks me out if not you are a shot NMF

  • bbnnmm

    Of course they are ignoring it. As are big Al, Jessie, Charlie, Barry O and the rest of the one-way cry babies of the left. If this happened JUST ONE TIME, only ONE INCIDENT you wouldn’t have time to take a commercial break during all the coverage that would be out there. PATHETIC HYPOCRITES and RACISTS one and all.!

  • marko66

    I am waiting for the day one of these thugs tries to deck an armed person and loses. Certain media types will be hell bent on making it a racial matter and making sure it is P.C enough to air. After enough negative coverage we will finally hear from the black leadership demanding justice and placing blame on the one protecting him or herself. They will make the usual excuses of how the system created this problem. Please I am really tired of hearing this excuse already. It gets old after a while.

    • DocEpador

      Already happened in Lansing. Perp did news conference in hospital with #2 SW 40 cal slugs (I am dying to know what load the CCW person was using). Shooter being kept confidential to reduce risk of retaliation! What a country!

  • Gator

    It is truly awful how the Media (who are supposed to REPORT the news) cover up any event that makes black people look bad. If gangs of white folks were roaming around knocking out black folks, you can be sure that this “hate crime” would make the headlines for weeks on end. Savage criminal behavior needs to be exposed and addressed no matter who is perpetrating it.

    • 10579

      They wont report the happenings of the day because it does not meet the guide lines of their vision of a utopian society.Guess what media, it ain’t going to happen.

  • marcusau

    Set up traps and catch a few. Five years working on a chain gang should make the game end.

    • 10579

      no,no,no no chain gangs.Warn the community where these punks are from that any aggression toward a white person will be met with deadly force.

  • Anne Miller

    Trayvon taught them a good lesson. Now they don’t give you even a chance to protect yourself.

    • johnsnare

      If Trayvon Martin was Johnny Jones and white, it would be a non story.

  • OldCorpsEd

    It’s not a game. It is racial attacks by young black animals. Calling them “teens” without specifying that it’s exclusively packs of young blacks is a heinous lie. Lock and load, folks, it’s coming.

  • jb80538

    Of course the media is ignoring it. It’s black on white crime.

  • taylorRod

    Carry a gun. Use it.

  • gideonrockwell

    This might be Obama’s Private Civilian Force in training. They want to make sure the suffering gets evenly distributed. I dare those little punks to come to Texas and try their little game. It might turn into their nightmare.

    • johnsnare

      I assume, this is what Obama meant when he said there would hope and change. Hope we never see another Black President, and we have received plenty of small change. Now we know why Holder and Obama were hell bent on passing new gun control laws.

  • UpLateAgain

    This has been going-on for a good ten to fifteen years now. I remember a couple of thugs being arrested during the Clinton administration for it in DC. It may be picking up steam these days, however…. and the media in general will be loathe to cover it since it doesn’t fit their left-wing agenda of a black victimhood in this country.

    I remember when James Byrd Jr. was dragged to death in 1998 (a horrible crime to be sure,,, and one for which the state of Texas executed to the chief perpetrator in 2011) it was news all over the country. That same week, there were a number of black on white crimes that had occurred around the country… not even as retribution for Byrd….. totally unrelated, that were simply not reported nationally. I remember one of them involved two black men holding a white man by the arms as a third drove his car into him, and then parked the car with a wheel on top of him until he died. That was in Cleveland if memory serves (but it was a long time ago… I could be wrong about that). I read about it in an article about how the media refused to report black on white crime even back then.

    • aemoreira81

      Short explanation: there is no reasonable belief that the justice system will not mete out appropriate punishment (although because the suspects are often juveniles, it may be only a slap on the wrist). With Byrd, many felt that justice would not happen.

    • 10579

      If it was sharia law they would lose the hand.

  • crq

    If we allow that muslim pariah potus to beat up on us, the American public, the Constitution (et al)…what’s the difference between allowing that & this “knockout game”?

  • Guest

    My insides are more knotted up now than they were before. The right thing to do would be to apoligize to the readers for my foul language. I ain’t there! I meant what I said. How disconected from reality can anyone be to think nothing of knocking someone out for fun? Like the other person just took a nap, woke up and went on with their day. When someone gets KO’d, it’s really closer to dieing than most people realize. To overload another’s nervous system to the extent that their body’s circuit breakers trip, does permanent, irreversable damage. Bounce their brains against their skulls. Sure, no problem. Does Mohammed Ali ring a bell? The news has “Sport” stories about the braindamage that some footballers experience, but don’t see the same possible effects when (WHITE) people are getting hit just as hard in these incidents. It horrifies me to hear of this. I wasn’t raised in a protected enviornment, but this is really too much, and it really bugs the hell out of me! It may sound like I’m protecting white folks, but no one deserves to be treated like that, no matter how valid an individual’s resentments may be!


    m I ready for the 2nd American Revolution? and the answer to that is YES!~, and I will take very few prisoners, as most of their troops will be next to brain dead, and time in interrogation will be a big waste of time, so I will separate those of ‘Value’ as being an (officer/nco), but that description is still done very LOOSE, and they will be disposed of with an old tree branch due to none of them being worth a perfectly good bullet

  • SBaker2

    Hate crimes of Affie on whites are ignored. We know this, but ask yourself who is the bigger enemy, who is the bigger racist?.. Ans: the old media. Bo and the most corrupt administration in history holds the reins of power and he and his henchmen were put there by this same media.

    • 10579

      I don’t understand why some of the rights media don’t try to sue these liberal medias and also the administration.They i believe could be held for not protecting the citizens as stated in the Constitution. It does not have to be a war, but these actions are truely rebellius.

  • joe_mama

    I’ve ben reading about this in the book “White girl bleed a lot” and there is a lot more of this going on than you realize. The book even has QR codes that you can scan with a smart phone that will take you to the actual stories online. It’s not some right wing rhetoric, it’s left wing coverup.
    You need to be aware of your surroundings if you are in public and do not be out alone if you are anywhere you might run into a crowd of blacks.
    Their actions are like the opening sequence of 2001: A space odyssee when the apes are around the monolith and jumping up and down and fighting each other.

    • johnsnare

      Excellent comment, joe-mama. One round from a Glock, and you will see the”BLACK MAN BLEED A LOT”.

  • catherinedeanni

    I remember in the late 30’s in Germany there was the brown shirts who went around hurting many Jews no one did anything about it. It was all based on hatred, filtered down from there leader. The newspapers didn’t cover them, they only saw them as a few young people who are behavior badly. But it elevated into a complete destruction of the Jews. What I see is that this knock out game is small in size,
    but may grow into a open war against the White race blaming them for all there problems, just as the Germany people blamed the Jews.

    • aemoreira81

      That is very different from this; why I say that is that what you describe in the 1930s was carried out by the German government or under its auspices. That stands in sharp contrast to today, where the government is prosecuting these criminals as it finds them. The problem, however, is that tried as an adult laws usually only apply to murder or attempted murder. I doubt that the government is taking this lying down.

    • TBI

      Prosecutions are few unless the white is the attacker and when there is a conviction the charges are plead out (less time).

    • catherinedeanni

      The media has covered for Obama from the beginning just like they did for Hitler. Many people didn’t pay attention to it because of the lack of learning of it and of course it was only the Jews who Hitler has made out to be the problem of all there ills. I have seen our government go after many white people being accused by this government if the victim is black but not if a white person is the victim. There are many pictures of these black youth on tape and heard nothing from Obama’s justice department or any of there black leaders about going after them. They, in fact push that all whites are races, & the problem of all there ills. All you need is to look at the last few years at cases were Obama spoke up about them before all the facts were known, they all were cases where the black person accused a white person, never did he put his two cents in when the shoe was on the other foot. He may going on TV and say he has instructed the DOJ to investigate these crimes but you will never see another after that, just like so many other cases they were suppose to be investigating.

    • aemoreira81

      There are many pictures of these black youth on tape and heard nothing from Obama’s justice department or any of there black leaders about going after them.

      That is because those aren’t legitimate federal cases (that is, the Commerce Clause precludes a prosecution). The other part is that black leaders already believe that they are beyond saving and thus aren’t worth the limited resources.

    • johnsnare

      If it is in fact an open war, black against white, the war will be over very fast.

  • asp

    I guess this a step to a REVULSION a Race War not far away what good for the is good for the Gander

  • brs02

    Do they still have “white boy day” at Amityville High School?

  • KG

    This is what white kids would do back in the 70’s to each other. It’s nothing new, just news programs using the “…if it bleeds, it leads…” rule of modern Journalism. I really feel sorry for the teacher. But the fact remains if you don’t belong there then don’t go there.

    • astrojohn

      You’re not serious, are you? He shouldn’t “go there?” He was walking in a public place and brutally attacked by black thugs! And I don’t remember hearing ANYTHING like this by white kids in the 70’s attacking strangers because of their color…

    • KG

      If it were so public, why the security camera? There must have been problems there if the owners (?) felt the need for a camera to be there. Besides, it wasn’t clear if the boy in question had any kind of contact with the Teacher/Victim. Most crime is NOT from strangers but from people familiar with each other – statistically speaking of course.

    • ED NORTH

      “boy” that’s kind of racist for a progressive??

    • TBI

      What do you mean belong there? This is a free nation, no one owns the streets or the neighborhoods.

    • KG

      Thats right. Wear you white hood and robes on the corner of Florence and Normandie Avenue and see how long you ‘own the streets.’

    • TBI

      Your response makes no sense and the writing could use a little help.

    • 10579

      It might be time for a resurgence since anything that the white man has done for the blacks,They are just plain lazy as a majority. There are wonderful black people out there who i would love to call my friend and break bread with, But our 2 reverands wont take steps to do anything about this problem, cause when one of the black kids get shot sharpton and jackson and obama will be enraged

    • KG


  • astrojohn

    The AP had a story published today saying it was just a few incidents and their “experts” say it has noting at all to do with race – just a few kids having fun…riiiight.

    • TBI

      See if they repeat that when one of them gets shot.

    • Tom

      TBI one was shot twice by a man waiting for his daughter at the bus stop . I think it was in Michigan , and the new’s said he was justifide by it .

    • TBI

      Lansing, MI. He, so far, has not been charged, but is in hiding for fear of retribution to him and his family, isn’t freedom and right to life great? The little pimp that did it has a minor gunshot wound and is now getting some of that Obamacare that the shooter himself will have to assist in paying.

    • johnsnare

      He most likely will be a candidate for total and permanent disability, that we the American taxpayer will have to bear. Only in America, do we reward bad behavior. Especially if the recipient is ‘BLACK”.

  • Carol

    ALL editors and news media executives MUST be arrested. They are allowing people to be injured and/or killed. I see it as them being accomplices to a crime by not telling people to protect themselves. I want to see Sharpton, Jackson, and others demand that their brothers stop committing crimes against WHITES and ASIANS. If they feel that they hate whites then they must leave this country and go to their homeland NOW. I am sick and tired of the Jackson’s and alike getting wealthy from their own people and than doing nothing to educate them. You would think that BLACKS would be smarter and figure out that their own are doing nothing for them but taking from them. As if the Jackson Jr family in Chicago didn’t have enough they had to steal from campaign funds ($750,000) so they could life better than people of their own race, as if they deserved it. We saw that Jackson Sr himself has no morals, hiding an illegitimate child. Instead of preaching to blacks to go to school, stay in school, introducing them to executives so they can see for themselves that they can have a better life and fulfill their dreams and telling them that children need 2 parents, they ignore the facts and preach about whites harming them……… is so backwards….but no one will say it out loud. Stop giving these IDIOTS microphones and allowing them free preaching time to law abiding WHITE AMERICANS. All forms of t he news media MUST do their jobs and report the news and STOP hiding important and harmful issues . WE MUST DEMAND IT! Protest against these newspapers and against these news stations. Send a very loud message and they will hear because it will hit their purse strings.

    • rick0857

      Are you kidding me? You want these scumbags to take responsibility for…something, anything? How dare you you racist. Don’t you know that the white man keeps the black man down. Sure there is a White man standing outside every black mans residence and telling him don’t you come out today darkie.
      The only way a black man can get ahead is to play football (risking personal injury for the entertainment of whites), play basketball (because they think they can) or RAP.
      The white man will not teach him to read, do math, or how to speak English so in effect the black man has no chance at all. Well except for Affirmative Action, Free Housing, Free Food, phones, medical care, the ability to vote MULTIPLE TIMES in every election. Yeah they sure are disadvantaged. (Sarcasm Off Now)

    • Bill .C

      This is interesting about journalism, that when Lou Dobbs, with top ratings, was driven out of CNN, the network did not care. They have their own agenda and their own source of wealth, perhaps as the Liberal propaganda arm of this soviet-style current Obama regime. So its not like we can protest with lower ratings. CNN and MSNBC are prostitutes for banks and big government which seeks to keep the Middle Class asleep while they are taxed and beaten into third-world status.

  • URKiddinMee

    Let’s all start playing “The Trayvon Game” and see how long anybody wants to play “The Knockout Game.”

    • Rik Magee

      Great Idea

    • 10579

      I’m up for that.

    • johnsnare

      It will never happen, because MSM would jump all over it, and the pussy assed politicians would use it as a political tool, claiming it is being done by conservative Republicans, and right wing extremist.

  • Donald York

    Bernard Goetz comes to mind.

  • Rik Magee

    QUIT CALLING THIS A GAME! It started in the Mid West than CA and the Eastern Seaboard. It is planned. An Investigation by the FEDS! Not this DOJ. ~Rick Magee,FL

  • TBI

    I know this has gone on and has been ignored. I fully expect shows like O’Reilly and Hannity will be called racist for showing them. Hannity had a black “reverend” community organizer on his show nearly claiming this is justified because of “black anger”. I am angry that I must pay their housing, food, utilities, and now healthcare, should I go hunting?
    I noted in one of the videos one of the little chicken s**ts barely staggered a woman and if you watch she turns and reaches toward her purse. Was it pepper spray or was she CC, I wish she would have gotten a shot off.

    • johnsnare

      What is the reason for BLACK ANGER? We have a black President, that white America voted for twice. Blacks unfortunately have a hard on for whites for as long as I can remember. As a teenager growing up in the fifties the blacks were arrogant and hostile even then. Racial parody is and will never be a fact of life in America. The white hatred for blacks, is ingrained in their DNA, will be there forever. They are taught in the school system, that whites are the enemy, and must be destroyed. If you have school age children, you should consider home school, or a private school that does not have black students.

  • Rockytoo

    A game my a$$! I keep my hand on my gun whenever I’m out in public places.

  • cbj

    “It’s a macho thing.” No it is not even a little bit macho. It is a COWARDLY thing. If it was macho they would do face up and pick a target who had the ability to fight back. These cowards are pure SCUM and belong in hell.

    • TAM44

      That’s the way these idiots think calling it macho when like you said it’s cowardly. people better start watching and be aware of these piece of human waste.

  • vet

    Two can play this game.


    These are racist hate crimes, pure and simple. Same thing for the Aussie student killed in OK. But this POS DOJ will NEVER prosecute a black for a hate crime. The liberal media will never report black crime on equal time with a white crime. If a white mob did the same to a black the POSPOTUS and POSDOJ would be all over it. 3 more years, will we make it??


    Of course the media ignores actual racism. Most if not all the media IS racist.
    Now before my comment here is deleted or edited for being “hate speech”, let’s
    look at what racism is, in other words the “facts”, as Bill O’Reilly likes to
    often pretend facts he reports (but instead SELECTIVELY includes on his Factor
    program and in his books).

    First, even the different definitions of
    racism in most dictionaries today define racism NOT as what it is, but what
    effect racism has and/or how racism determines behavior.
    For example defines racism thus:


    a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural
    or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.


    policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such
    a doctrine; discrimination.


    hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

    Notice, all three definitions are virtual effects,
    results, or causes of racism, NOT racism itself. This is how far political
    correctness has distorted even language and thought in modern society.,
    particularly American society. So that whenever someone tells it like it is,
    that truth is ostracized or otherwise labeled as “hate speech” and promptly
    discarded or otherwise prosecuted.

    Now, what IS racism? Quite simply,
    and obviously racism is a choice based purely, wholly, and ONLY on race. For
    example, Obama was elected BECAUSE he is black, NOT because he’s allegedly
    qualified or eligible (both of which was never shown and in fact was

    Oprah Winfrey loves Obama and calls others who do not like
    Obama racist BECAUSE Obama is black.Winfrey IS in fact racist BECAUSE she and
    Obama are black and others who do not like them are not black. That is

    Fox News Channel hosts and contributors will not call out these
    and other racists BECAUSE they are black. Many if not most people, even so
    called conservatives and christians are afraid to call Winfrey (and Obama)
    racist BECAUSE they are black. That is racism! Not to mention Fox’s Roger Ailes
    is terrified that blacks and minorities will call Fox racist if he allows his
    people to tell it like it is and report the truth.

  • TAM44

    I curse the men who brought these black piece of human waste to this country as all they do is stir up trouble and live off the white man. I hope those that get caught and sentenced to do time winds up getting the crap be out of them, oh wait that’s impossible as that’s all they are is crap.

    • Carol

      Sure sounds like they want to become SLAVES again. They do not want freedom, they want for the working and successful whites to support them, as in housing, food and clothing. So why not think about going back to it, since that is exactly what they are showing us that they want. They don’t stay in school, they only hold out their hands for freebies so why not put them to work for their lives necessities?

    • johnsnare

      Now America should realize, they are a special breed of animal, and why white folks choose to live in an all white community. Leave them in their Ghetto’s, and put a fence around them. Post signs in a conspicuous place. DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS.

  • madman

    The Lamestream Media isn’t interested in this since it shows that Blacks are racist. They will wake up to this when a White person or a Jew pulls out a gun & shoots one of these subhumans.

  • DJ

    Just wait, someone is going to shoot one of them dead. Then Jackson & Sharpton will stick their heads out of the dirt.

    • Tom

      And when they do DJ some one need’s to take them out before they can say anything .

    • DJ


  • rosemarienoa

    The Main Stream Media is covering for oblamo!!!! Wouldn’t want to say anything to hurt the thin skinned racist president!!!

  • John Galt


    • Ann Rand

      Careful, J.G. the informant is here….

  • PLW

    The main steam news media is no longer the respected press as it used to be…. It is mainly run by Liberals that support obama’s Liberal Democratic Progressives Agenda as obama dismantles the United States of America into a Third World Country. I believe the news media has forgotten what HONEST reporting and news is. They all seem to lean towards Communistic Agendas, just like obama…………………………

    • johnsnare

      Wonder how the MSM would handle the story if it was “WHITE YOUTHS”, giving the beating.???.

    • PLW

      MSM would make it Front Page News with comments how the victims resemble obama’s family members, including his son that he never had…. There would be riots throughout the United States with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Holder supporting the Minorities for attacking Whites in retaliation. obama & his Liberal Democratic Progressives will continue to dismantle America!!!!!

  • rayhause

    If Obama gets his way and there is any form of Tyranny will be our time for payback. They will never get away with it. They are just running wild in our streets and seemingly have failed to adjust to civilization.

    • Tom

      That’s because their nothing more than an off breed monkey they have no brain’s to think about what is right and wrong .

    • rayhause

      Tom, in that the DOJ and Obama has allowed the blacks to run wild, do anything that is illegal and not get prosecuted has given the niggers this brazen attitude they can do whatever they want. But what has happened, the sentiments that many of us southern boys had learned to just live with are now resurfacing to a form of vengeance equal to the —.

  • golface12949

    Media, What media? There is no media except Fox. It’s the only place that you can learn what is really gong on,.

  • TPM4


  • old_salty_dawg99

    The MORON MEDIA won’t report the TRUTH about these Attacks because it might upset their god Obammy and his fellow IDIOTS who think blacks cannot commit HATE Crimes.

  • johnsnare

    You need to blow their fuckin black brains out. Locked and loaded. Bring it on sucker.

  • riadakram

    This is not new. Young black animals have been killing whites for years without a yawn from the media.

  • ProudPatriot

    I actually saw this clip on ABC, so I don’t necessarily know if this article is totally accurate.

  • stephanie wilson

    al not so sharpton & jessie jack asson ‘s silence is deafening!

  • v steve

    The media loves it when you call them names like, the media, moron, main stream, lame stream, liberal, bias etc. It takes light off them and they know you don`t know who they are and what they are doing. They are laughing at you. They believe they are the superior race and all others are dumb Goyim. So start calling the media for what it is, the jewish owned media. “Today, seven Jewish Americans run the vast majority of US television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates.

    • ICorps

      After you have wiped the spittle and foam from your mouth, perhaps you can answer what your posting has to do with the article on the racial knockout game.

    • v steve

      You wouldn`t say that if you knew the trouble and destruction they are causing in the USA. 2nd paragraph it says (The major television media are ignoring the “knockout game,”) and not only that if you read other peoples post they talk about the media not knowing who they are really talking about. Did you contact everyone that mentioned the media no you chose me and we know why don`t we and because I spoke the truth about the media . Oh btw (spittle and foam from your mouth) that sounds like you are angry. He who makes you angry controls you.

    • Kat

      His point is the jewish-controlled media is suppressing the news. They want to elevate the african population as a way of controlling the superior White race. For you liberals who scream about equality, does this look like these people are even remotely equal to Whites? There’s the old saying, “You can take them out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of them.” What was God thinking when he created this worthless race?

  • ICorps

    Interesting. An article decrying racism makes a distinction between “Jews” and “whites.” If anti-racists do not recognize their own racism by such distinctions, there is really no hope for a true resolution of the racial problem.

  • Carol

    A movement against the untold stories the media chooses to hide must be addressed by not subscribing to any newspapers and not turning your channels to any of the news media that does not know how to report ALL the news and picks and chooses what they are for only. They are not practicing freedom of the press but dictatorial news to the American public, as IF we can not decide for ourselves. They are treating Americans as unthinking and unopininated idiots. This must come to an end and it will only hurt them IF we ALL hurt their wallets.

  • Mark N Starla Traina




  • Kat

    PIECES OF CRAP, UNCIVILIZED GHETTO TRASH. Of course the media is ignoring it. Turn the tables and mobs of Whites are playing the games against these black bastards, you’ll see how fast they’ll report it. These are hate crimes plain and simple. Only way to stop it is to ship them all back to the jungle!

  • Mark N Starla Traina

    For years we have talked about how the media censors black crime. Many major media outlets now openly admit to having a policy of censoring black crime perpetrators. However, an even more sinister form of censorship is rising.
    This is what we call Stage 2 censorship of black crime. Where the media purposely leads you to believe that a black crime perpetrator was actually a white guy.
    Jacksonville, FL is a hotbed of racially motivated black-on-white mob attacks and murders. We have been seeing racially motivated black-on-white mob attacks in this city for years. There was two more random mob attacks on white victims in February. Clear video of the suspects exists. However, the Jacksonville PD, which has a history of denying racial motive in black on white crime, is refusing to release the video.
    News 4 Jax downplayed the hate crime attacks as “a game,” censored the race of the perps, and falsely insinuated that the perps are white.
    News 4 Jax knows what race the perpetrators are. Even if their race was not listed in the police report, they interviewed one of the victims. We can tell that the perps are black because if they were actually white, the local media would be screaming it. If white thugs committed the mob attacks, then it would be a huge story and the race of the perps would be the focus of the coverage. We know that the perps are black, because the race of the perps is being censored.
    News 4 Jax used an image of a white fist when talking about racially motivated black on white mob attacks. Not only did they censor the race of the perpetrators, they intentionally tried to lead the audience to believe the perps were white!
    Jacksonville PD says they are not pursuing felony charges against the perps. The perps will be slapped on the wrist with minor misdemeanor charges.