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Obama’s ratings drop by one-fifth in one month

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Lies are finally catching up.
See how much:

Only 37 percent of adults approve of President Barack Obama’s performance, according to a new CBS poll shows that President Barack Obama.

That record low score shows that one-fifth of his supporters in October are now giving him a thumbs down amid the revelations about the president’s deceptive “you can keep your plan” claims during the Obamacare debate. He had 46 percent approval rating in October.

Obama’s score is only 2 points above the 35 percent approval rating held by George W. Bush during the most troubled stage of the Iraq campaign.

Several other polls show a steep drop in support, usually down to 41 or 42 percent.

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  • Screeminmeeme

    I’ll breath alot better when his approval rating drops to 0 and he is led out the White House in handcuffs for acts of treason against the American people.

    • Kent2012

      or carried out….

  • Death2Unions

    Is the Marxist in Chief wetting his panties seeing his DeathCare program fal apart? One needs to go several levels down to find the real goal of the Regime. That goal is to establish America as a Marxist State. The Marxist in Chief has his Puppet Master Valerie Jarrett controlling the puppet strings. Jarrett is of 100% Iranian decent and a dedicated Marxist. She makes all decisions. She seeks the blood of millions of citizens flowing in the streets. The establishment of a Marxist State typically takes that direction. Just ask the citizens of Venezuela who were able to survive the steel boot of a Marxist State under Hugo Chavez. Our President is reading the Cliff Notes from the Chavez manual “Establishing a Marxist State for Dummies.”

  • Dave Phelps

    I can not believe that he has that many that support him, wow 37 % think he is a god

  • Kent2012

    waiting for the single digits…..

  • Robert James

    An analogy of Obama and the obamabrothaHOOD can be made to the venom of a Cobra. Whether a little or a lot, it will kill you.

    If you’re tired of this crap, join us at admin facebook page:: Texans for Texas

    All Conservatives welcome All the time,,,,,,liberals not so much anytime.

  • ARMYOF69

    BHO’s ratings will not go below 37% ….those people voted for him twice! And they are the 37% Mitt Romney spoke of as the TAKERS.

    • Washington22

      I wonder………? Can it go lower?