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MA State Police Confiscate 1250 Bags Of Heroin Labeled “Obamacare”

Friday, December 20, 2013


Trooper Joe Petty assisted by Tpr Dave Stucenski & K9 Frankie Locate 1250 Bags of Heroin

Early this morning, Trooper Joseph Petty was on a traffic stop of Route 91 in Northampton when a vehicle passed by him.

During the stop, evidence of illegal narcotics led to a request for a State Police K9. Trooper David Stucenski and K9 Frankie located 1,250 individual bags of heroin in the vehicle. Four people were taken into custody and charged with narcotics violations. — in Hatfield, MA, United States.

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  • Flybob

    BWAAAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAHHAHAAAHAHAAAAA!!!! I just wonder if there was white house stamped on the bottom!!

  • Jack Parker

    Oh no! Odumbo loses part of his stash.

  • cbanalyst

    I think that this was simply inventory for the time when it could be offered as medicine under Obamacare.

  • Donald York

    This regime will go to any length to keep our youth dumbed- down.Every small, and large city in America is faced with the problem of Heroin dope addicts. You read it in the paper every day. Jails are full of addicts, and Judges have resorted to being lenient with addicts who become thieves to support their habits. Parents are forced into taking in their grown, addicted children who are a burden to society. Families are being destroyed by drugs. Divorces are at an all time high. Kids and Grandkids are being kicked to the curb, so to speak,and on and on. We have a war drugs that we seem to be loosing. These are important issues facing our country, yet our politicians want to talk about something else, ie., war on women, immigration of illegals, what Kim and Kayne had for breakfast! I, for one am getting sick of this crap!

  • James

    Well I would not put it pass Holder to run these drugs. He did the guns. Maybe this is the payment for the guns he sent the cartel.

  • Glenn H

    The high up’s in this country are behind the drug trade, that’s why we can’t win the war on drugs!
    They are in local governments, state governments and also at the national level!
    K-9 unites are told where not to take their dogs, Swat units are told where not to do a no knock entry!
    The only ones that are busted are the outsiders who dare to try and horn in to area’s that the big guys control!
    Guess why the gang’s are so out of control, as long as they sell for the right guy they aren’t hassled, it doesn’t matter who they kill as that only helps get the numbers up for the purpose of passing gun control which will help their cause!

    • Glenn H

      We had a local attourny and a car dealer that was caught landing a small airplane on some private property up here on the Tallapoosa River with a load of drugs some years ago and it was big news, only the next day all traces of this information had dissapeared, not another mention anywhere, just vanished!
      Go figure,$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Lester Peoples

    Opps’ Was this just a “fast and furious” attempt to promote Obozo’care to the ones who couldn’t get online to set up the unaffordable un’necessary govt. ill managed unhealthy/ illegal unconstitutional scheme to break America? Just Another (under the radar) administration flub up’