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NSA Phone Spying Ruled Unconstitutional!

Monday, December 16, 2013


This one seems like a no brainer for any judge with an ounce of reason.
Check it out:

A federal judge ruled Monday that the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of phone records likely violates the Constitution, in a major setback for the controversial spy agency.

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon granted a preliminary injunction sought by plaintiffs Larry Klayman and Charles Strange. However, he also stayed his decision “pending appeal,” giving the U.S. government time to fight the decision over the next several months.

The judge wrote that he expects the government to “prepare itself to comply with this order when, and if, it is upheld.”

The ruling was the first major legal defeat for the NSA since former contractor Edward Snowden began exposing secrets about the NSA’s data collection over the summer.

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  • jong

    This should be interesting in that the enity they will be arresting is a computer. A Cray IIIB to be specific.

    • reggiec

      Somebody had to program it.

    • Worship Dancer

      and someone had to approve it’s use for this purpose.

    • jong

      NSA of 1947

    • Worship Dancer

      NSA didn’t exist in 1947. wasn’t formed until 1952.

    • jong

      Officially perhaps not but, it was in existence. I knew a gentleman that was a founding member. You could also say that the CIA did not exist then. It did but, under a different name. Same job different name.

    • jong

      And the only thing its programed for is message intercept. Humans until something happens never see the phone numbers at all. Imagine a computer that sorts trillions of calsl every single day.and until it trips the parameters it never spits anything out. The information that is kept is only that which is allowed and proves to be good. In essence you talk about bombs you will be picked up. If you talk about your ex wife and that you would like to throttle her it may well not ever.

    • gutterfalcon

      What arrest ?

    • ChicagoThunder1

      Maybe this is what Nancy was talking about when she said Embrace The Suck! Can you imagine how much Data one of those monsters could inhale with a full T3 connection. It would be mind numbing to watch the Data stream. A blur of data and it wouldn’t be using it’s full register either.

    • jong

      It rather pretty to watch as the computers are liquid cooled with a rainbow of colors. And yes these are the “god” computers. They are also used with the information to predict certain things. The NSA is not only involved with listening to peoples “phone calls” which in reality they really care less. The Real NSA/NRO will probably never be revealed and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

  • nbamron

    yes, well that will soon if not immediately be a perfect description of our government — a computer with malicious code.

  • James Andrews

    Whoever ordered this illegal wiretapping/ buggin should face serious prison time, period!

    • Donald York

      When Obama said that his regime would be the most transparent in history, he wasn’t talking about him, he was referring to the American people.

    • Worship Dancer

      very true. sad the low info voters don’t understand that concept.

    • Worship Dancer

      obama & holder are ok with it.

    • James Andrews

      I know……..they are as corrupt as they can be.

  • sonnieC

    NSA sucks just like Obama. These A-HOLES are worst then the Russan commies.

    • Worship Dancer

      even putin former head of kgb says obama sucks

    • ChicagoThunder1

      Maybe he figured out they got suckered too.

    • Worship Dancer

      cuz they did.

    • Tim Mayeaux

      would like to see them in the octagon. Ovomit vs Putin

    • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

      Not even close to the Russians, but they are trying. The amateur in the White House is still learning.

  • DefendConstitution

    About time we found an American judge.

    • Worship Dancer

      wonder how long till he “caves” like roberts did?

    • RedMeatState

      don’t you want to know what Roberts “payoff” or “incentive” was????

    • Worship Dancer

      yea i do. and one day it will come out. i think they manufactured something on him OR threatened his family. same with the 30 witnesses from Benghazi. how else do you keep 30 people AND their families from talking for more than 15 months? threaten the children.

  • Mort Leith

    Yea,, like our Constitution actually means anything to the Communists in the WH

    • Tim Mayeaux

      or the other 535 that live in the District of Corruption

  • jd1958

    If and when it is upheld? This is why the DEMON-RATS want to selectively stock the judicial with “their judges” to rubber stamp unconstitutional proceedings. Unlawful use of assets against the American people. After all: “We’ve got to destroy the country, fundamentally change the country before we can fix it!!!”

    • daveveselenak

      … and that is why it will take a revolution to set things straightt! 1776,1776 1776…

    • DieHippyDie

      True! Even if its upheld, ovomit’s goons will simply ignore it. The constitution is meaningless to them. hanging the swine will get the point across so much better…

    • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

      2014, 2014, 2014 …….. Let’s go for it.

    • Tim Mayeaux

      1861 secede separate dissolve Just like 1776

  • jzandensky

    How is anyone going to know If nsa complies?
    We are going to need another insider.
    Hey, Ed, is there room in your russian hideout for a bunkmate?

    • Tim Mayeaux


  • Eagles_76

    Please TELL us something we didn’t already know yet John McCain, Boehner and all the old school republicans have turned a blind eye and refuse to do anything to stop it. The only ones who want to stop this and everything else Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the democrats are doing is Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and the Tea Party. The only problem is McCain, Boehner, and all the old school republicans are fighting against the Tea Party instead of fighting with them. WE R SCREWED.

    • John Cherish

      no we are not lets use the power of the ballot box and vote T-party candidates into office we need more of them not less the GOP and the dems can go straight to H

  • Abby Sapp

    Defend: You’re right! We should be sending this wonderful, American judge all over the country to decide our cases instead of Obama! The money would be much better spent!

  • RedMeatState

    Oh, yeah!! Like this will even slow them down!!! They operate in SECRET, remember?? So all out internet transactions, etc., are on digital files in government possession forever!! And what the judge doesn’t know he can’t rule on!!
    When are they going to start breaking our doors down at 3am??

    • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

      Just as soon as they can figure out how to avoid 44 magnum rounds.

    • Tim Mayeaux

      no armor from the neck up (cranial ventilation)

  • extyrequeen

    the problem is Obama doesn’t care about laws and he will continue to be lawless so this ruling means nothing and he won’t stop the nsa…Obama is already under contempt of court since 2010 and noting is being done about it so life goes on…..

    • Worship Dancer

      “laws? we don’t need no stinkin laws. we got executive orders and i ain’t afraid to use ’em.”

  • Glenn Kulich

    our whole government is illegal


      I’m sure you are talking only about the Cabinet posts. There are agencies such as NASA and the Sciences (such as NOAA) that are up and up with what they do and they do it WELL.

    • Tim Mayeaux

      has been for 150 years

  • tomah57

    Its about time!

  • Pendy1

    So it’s unconstitutional. Will anybody stop it? What can we do about it? Anybody? Bueller?

    • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

      Didn’t “Bueller” take a day off?

    • CharlieSeattle

      “”likely”” unconstitutional

  • woofpacker75

    GOOD!!! Every level of govmnt should READ the 4th AMENDMENT plainly and simply, and not use it as an excuse for doing intrusive stuff. Gotta have PROBABLE CAUSE or they gotta have a WARRANT. Otherwise, BUTT OUT. In NYC this applies to Stop & Frisk. Here in NC it applies to Wildlife officers who can stop a boater at NIGHT to look for life jackets, throw cushions and a fire extinguisher WITHOUT a warrant or probable cause. BS!!!!! All of this stuff is deemed acceptable by rationalization for some “greater good” or “security” or some c r a p.

    Folks, the 4th amendment is just like Article 1 Section 8. They were BOTH written assuming the average American could read them and understand their limitations on GOVERNMENT. They did NOT assume the reader had a JD or years of experience sitting on the Supreme Court. See it big, keep it simple!!!

    • Oldmonkey

      Since when in the past 100 years has law meant anything other than a mallet to beat the citizen with? Even before that it had issues affecting some citizens, like slavery (including a few Whites) and denial of citizenship because of race, yet coming LEGALLY! The Fascists now in charge only differ from those before them in being dividers using race and anything else they can use. It is all about power, control, and being in charge.

  • osteomed

    I want to jump and down with elation… But who remembers Federal Court Judge, Judge Vinson of Florida? He was the only Federal Judge willing to hear Obama’s Natural Born Citizen case, and then……it just dropped out of the news, never to be heard of again!!

    • Tim Mayeaux

      we only enforce laws that the propaganda press reports ? THEY are our standard ? GOD help U.S.

  • John

    Obama was raised to break the law; he’s made a life of it! He’s only admitted to drug use because there were pictures of him getting high! There is no telling what kind of gang activity and other crimes he’s committed. He sure didn’t mind his black panther thug friends intimidating people at the polls! Probably a tactic he’s used many times as an “Activist,” whatever that means on a resume! Take ’em down judge!

  • dnav

    They’ll just use their resources and skill to cover this better and carry on. Quite a useless exercise. Until a new president halts it, this will continue.

  • John Cherish

    Just because it is ruled unconstitutional does not mean that they will stop doing it. They will just do it more covertly and claim they have stopped. How can a citizen prove otherwise

    • Worship Dancer

      only way is for more snowdens to “leak” information. next time thought that person should have asylum before leaking it.

    • Tim Mayeaux

      in socialism/communism..its obey or die !

    • Worship Dancer

      well i sure as hell ain’t obeying THEM.

    • Tim Mayeaux

      Just like ACORN !

  • Mike Warren

    One way is to keep fighting until the revolution starts. Please review and Sign the petition and pass it on – Oust obama and congress

    • GQ4U

      13. The private business sector: (I couldn’t sign the petition because of this)

      This provision in the petition is troubling due to using the tax system as a carrot and stick tool to control private enterprises business decisions. Equal under the law is Constitutional and this petition claims to be all about the Constitution then it suggests section-13 which is a Progressive action to punish those you disagree with — we have that tax system now!!! Better to pass HR-25 which is basically the plan that eliminates all income taxes, all Medicare taxes, all Social Security taxes, abolishes the IRS and creates true economic freedom for individuals and businesses. It will also boost the economy, GDP by 10% per year for at least 3-consecutive years. Unemployment will be nil.

    • mdwarren67

      If HR-25 ever passes we will become a Republic again but we do not have a pro-American Congress or Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch is a joke.

      The comment can be argued. Section 13 was designed to induce capitalism, which we need so badly at this time in our countries history. If we can induce companies to come back to America, produce their goods and products here again and hire US citizens, why not? One of our major problems have been we have not been competitive with other countries with our tax rates, section # 13 puts us in a very enviable position.

      Everyone views things differently and I respect your point of view and I appreciate your input. The fact is we are losing American based companies to other countries for too many years, section 13 is a demand that stimulates companies to not only remain in our country but to induce those that left to return and to attract new companies to come to our country.

    • GQ4U

      Section 13 is no different than the progressive system we have in place now and it has caused so many “unintended-consequences” that our economy is in free-fall. You accurately state that we need business to come to or return to America and I can think of no better way to accomplish that than making the U.S. the safest and largest “Tax-haven” on Earth. Businesses will flock to our shores to once there is no income tax to hinder their growth and bottom line. Most companies who moved operations abroad did so because of our constantly changing punitive tax system that never allowed them to establish long term goals because of short sighted politicians. If the income tax did not exist and the IRS was abolished then companies would be crazy not to come to America. The plan has a vast amount of research behind it and the forecast for our economy once it becomes law is a GDP growth exceeding 10% per year for at least 3-years. The economists who have worked the details believe unemployment will become non-existent and anyone not working is either unable to work or they don’t want to work. Predictions are a shortage of workers which means increased salaries and those salaries will be free of federal income taxes so spending power per individual worker will vastly improve which equals a rapidly expanding middle class. The plan eliminates all withholding so no more social security or medicare coming out of workers paychecks. The plan covers these social welfare programs while it increases revenue to the government. The plan also captures taxes from the underground economy so even drug cartels in America will pay the tax when they buy stuff — just like the rest of us. Section-13’s carrot and stick approach will drive businesses away because it looks like unstable government business as usual. Also, as a side not, if there is no IRS who will collect all those ObamaCare dollars? I appreciate your concerns for our economy and related jobs but as Einstein pointed out “doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.” Section-13 seems like insanity and it should be revisited to represent individual sovereignty and liberty because as written it will result in the same tyranny we are now living under. I propose you study the plan in detail and then perhaps recommend it to the framers of section-13 for their enlightenment. Any serious comparison with any plan that that leaves the current basic structure in place is pointless because politicians can and will use it to garner favor, donations and votes — but is a constitutional amendment that seriously limits politicians. Thanks for your thoughts and I hope you will reconsider section-13’s flaws.

    • ezekiel22

      Some parts of that petition do disturb me. The business section does go against what this country was founded on when it comes to dealing with immigrants. That reality needs to be cleaned up a lot! It makes the whole Tea Party movement and your cause seem as if they are bigoted against other races even if not true.
      The graduated taxation is also a concern. Again immigration status is a concern as well as the “purity” of the products manufactured. An example would be whether 100% or 99% is passing as to whether a product qualifies for higher taxes.
      I think a flat tax is a better idea as you pay as you go nothing and no one special.

    • GQ4U

      The best and fairest tax plan is the Fair-Tax. See for comprehensive details — it also abolishes the IRS. As for your immigration comments I fail to see how rewarding law breakers is in America’s best interest. Conservatives, including the TEA Party members are not against immigration of against any particular nationality coming to America as long as they follow the law to do so. Most illegals happen to be from Mexico but that doesn’t make me bigoted against Mexican’s simply because I don’t want them here unless they go through the immigration service. I feel the same way about Barack Obama’s uncle who is an illegal alien from Kenya. He should be deported along with all illegals for violating U.S. law — not because he is black or Kenyan but because he is a criminal trespasser..

  • WhiteFalcon

    That is a no brainer, and even then the Government can’t understand it. Is there any wonder why we are in trouble? Not one functioning brain in the Governemnt.

    • GQ4U

      Their brains work fine for Progressive-Socialist-Communists. We need to elect STATESMAN not politicians and to do that we need to ban X-attorneys from public office. Not all attorneys are bad guys but 97.5% are.

    • Tim Mayeaux

      What do you call 100,000 attorneys on the ocean floor ? A GOOD START.

    • WhiteFalcon

      I agree with you. There are far to few statesmen in our Government. They are for their unamerican ideology and that is about it.

  • CharlieSeattle

    …likely unconstitutional?? ………likely unconstitutional??

    ……….Is that like being a little bit pregnant?

    That is NOT a clear decision. We deserve better.

    • jime1

      Excellent observation :o)





    • GQ4U

      The 4th. amendment means nothing to you? People have shed blood and died for our freedom and the NSA is the antithesis of LIBERTY. “Give-Me-Liberty-Or-Death”

      “IF THEY RUN SILENT AND DEEP THEY WILL IMPLODE” God willing they’ll implode soon — and good riddance. The whole Patriot Act, DHS, TSA, NSA, etc. needs to implode — NOW!!!

    • Tim Mayeaux

      exposing evil is not in itself evil. HE is one of a few that sacrificed everything for his fellow freedom lovers. IF I had the chance……When the SHTF I will !

  • Doubleace

    So is forcing people to buy insurance from the government, and taking away a citizens rights to keep and bear arms. it hasn’t stopped them yet.

  • John

    Everything the damn Gubmunt is doing to us is…

    Unconstitutional! Hell, just pick something!

  • GQ4U

    District Court Judge Richard Leon granted a preliminary injunction
    sought by plaintiffs Larry Klayman and Charles Strange. However, he also
    stayed his decision “pending appeal,” giving the U.S. government time
    to fight the decision over the next several months.

  • MuslimLuvChrist

    Obureaucrat will just buy another judge that agrees with him!

    • GQ4U

      No reason to buy judges since the NSA has information to blackmail most of them.

    • STMA

      And will make it up if they don’t.

    • MuslimLuvChrist

      Obureaucrat just bought that other judge that agrees with him!

  • Nameless App 1989

    Give the NSA a month… That judge might wind up “Fuddy’d” and replaced…

    • GQ4U

      Or turned like Justice Roberts.



  • skstalnaker

    Yeah, just like J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI from it';s inception in 1924, the most powerful man in Amerika from then until his death. He had something on every powerful person in government including presidents. He was directly responsible for the bombing of Pearl Harbor, because he hated foreigners and wouldn’t talk to a double agent from an Eastern European country, who begged for an audience with Hoover, so he could warn him of the impending attack on Pearl Harbor. Hoover wouldn’t even talk to, or listen to him. By the way the story of 007 by Ian Fleming,was modeled after that double agent.

  • Tim Mayeaux

    when was the last time the constitution stopped them? Laws are only meant for you & me. The greedy racist that can’t be trusted with LIBERTY. or guns or privacy or peace or our own money

  • Heylottylotty

    With the heroin-like addiction to “smart” phones, the major American public has volunteered to funnel nearly every facet of their lives to the federal government. With a minimum of research you can find that many of the newer slab phones require nearly constant connection with the internet. With that in mind, also understand that most phones now have internal (and surface) sensors that read eye movement, user temperature, hand moisture levels, electrical impulses, and more. All of these give much more information than the best Lie Detector on the market. Those on line quizzes (taken just for fun) as well as the sites that tout “brain exercises” can extract all manner of info from the unsuspecting user. Of course there’s the shopping scanner/register pay software and the built in GPS tracker, and social media umbilical cord that filters directly to the NSA and other more covert monitoring/data mining groups. AND, we bobble heads are volunteering this information, no, not just giving it, the phone users are PAYING for them to collect it… George Orwell didn’t have a clue to the reality of today.

  • Ron Bedell

    Abolish the unconstiuional and ant-Amerca NSA immediately!

    • fort9erdon

      No, have true oversight, and control. They do perform some good, much beeded services. Do NOT throw out the baby with the bathwater! Close down that “data center” in Utah!

    • tionico

      nope. Dismantle them entirely. There are other government agencies also equipped to gather the NEEDED data. Which is very little. How many spy outfits do we need? That’s been part of teh problem.. so many geeks gathering so much data no one knows what’s really happening.

  • jime1

    The author is correct, anyone who has bothered to read and is capable or understanding English should know what the NSA is and has been doing is unconstitutional.

  • Neal Avery

    “Likely,” what kind of a ruling is that?

    • edc

      A PC – Politically Cowardly way of judging.


    Everything follows the money, What if we all stop paying taxes.They can’t put everyone in jail at the same time,
    so maybe they might get serious and listen a little, what do you think?

    • fort9erdon

      That is why they have “withholding”, so they get your money FIRST! And please. don’t write me back and say that we can then claim 50 dependents each, so they don’t withhold. It would take the government about 15 minutes to figure that one out and make it where you cannot clain ANY exemptions.

  • Ruger S Redhawk

    If it’s un-Constitutional then rule so, and stop these law-breakers in their tracks so that lawsuits can be filed and these criminals brought to justice.
    Of course that is expecting a lot – since our government and its officials are the lawbreakers.
    (Who will go and arrest the biggest law-breaker Eric Holder when he is the attorney general of the United States?)
    This is what we have come to in this Nation!

    • marylou

      Time to step up and put your elected officials’ feet to the fire…..and keep them there….. or better still vote them out!!

    • brucefandrews

      Perhaps we will need do issue a citizens arrest on Eric Holder and Obama.

    • Bill

      The federal government is usually the first to violate the Constitution, or any other law protecting the population, and is usually the last to restore the Constitutional rights.

  • marylou

    Defund the NSA if they are flouting our laws!
    It’s a no brainer …unless you want to lose all your freedoms!
    Take away all funds used to monitor AMERICAN CITIZENS!

  • hora

    Right, but why SNA spy? who was give a order? All problem start from White House, he can’t top doing ShSHSH, it funny for him now, but What will happening next election time? How a voter will react? A only solution to all problem are remove Dems from power.

  • USAVeteran

    Ok, so they rule it Unconstitutioal, and, Everyone relaxes and talks their talk.
    Do you really think the NSA has stopped spying?… it’s what they do.

    • betterboy

      The article stated that the judge said it was LIKELY unconstitutional. The NSA won’t change what they are doing until the supreme court says it is unconstitutional and that will take years. Then they will do it in secret. At least it is being recognized that Snowden was correct. The only difference between a dictatorship and the USA government is that he would have been executed by a dictator and in the USA they do a character assassination and run you through the wringer until you want to die. Then you have a small plane accident or a car wreck. Same result, but more suffering by our government for the people.

  • betterboy

    The most important thing here is that Snowden is a hero. He stuck out his neck ruining his life to help us maintain our constitutional rights – that take major guts that very few have. Most would simply milk the system. It is really bad for everyone when a hero whistle blower is trashed like the government did to him, which just shows how miserably corrupt the government is. This type of corruption is detrimental to all of us because any criticism of the government’s corrupt programs will get you destroyed making everyone afraid to speak out against it. Only someone like Snowden would have access to that criminal government behavior and now they have shown us how they will treat others that come forward.

  • BarrackHussein

    They should prosecute the individuals… jail time would be appropriate.

  • BigIron8

    It is “one thing” to get a “ruling” of “unconstitutionality” [even the SCOTUS doesn’t actually have that “standing” as that “power” was “usurped” by John Marshall in 1803 in “Marbury vs Madison”]; it’s quite another to get something “properly” done about it! It is extremely difficult to get the our “weasels” in government to act appropriately [my apologies to actual “weasels” as they are very cute, “sweet” critters by comparison to our “government” weasels].

  • wired

    Nothing will change unless we run Omuslim out of Washington D.C.they will not stop working towards his goal.Ruin our great nation as he hates our FREEDOMs.Decloration of independs,Bill of Rights and Constitution is what OMuslim wants to shreaded.GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH! and i am sure OMuslim wants to give me death.