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Darrell Issa: Obama administration waging ‘a war on guns’ with ‘rogue’ ATF sting operations

Monday, January 13, 2014


This is the president, President Obama’s Department of Justice that continues to support these sting operations, these ‘rogue operations’ as they’re called, that lead to harm in communities.”
Check it out:

California Rep. Darrell Issa, the Republican chair of the House Oversight Committee, accused the Obama administration of waging “a war on guns” after new reports of “rogue” sting operations by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) conducted during 2013.

Issa spoke to Fox News’ Shannon Bream Sunday about a report by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, which claimed that ATF agents operating firearm stings in 6 separate cities “took advantage of the mentally ill, set up stings near churches and schools and made decisions which some claim actually increased crime in their neighborhoods.” Issa and Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley sent a letter to ATF Director Todd Jones this week to demand answers on the tactics and how often they’ve been used.

But Issa believes he already knows what’s going on.

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  • jong

    I believe that ole jug ear and company just dont care. They seem to be over loading the system with constant unlawful activity. Issa needs to start jailing them and having them sit there until he is good and ready to call them back. Once known many will flip. There is no loyalty with either thieves or liberals.

    • DustyFae

      l wish we had all of those in the WH and Government offices removed

    • Laddyboy

      MOST of them MUST be be Abolished. Jailed then prosecuted.

    • Herb

      I believe thieves and liberal progressives are one in the same. That is the name for democrap and that is lower than whale s**t.

    • Sleeping Bear

      Are you kidding me, Issa doesn’t have the balls. He is doing this because he gets payed extra for his committee action. Another smoke and mirrors.

  • Sam

    When will the top generals of our military go and arrest the treasonous president? We are waiting.

    • John

      Never gonna happen! No one has the balls!

    • Charles P

      In 1989, when the PRESIDENT ELECT of MEXICO REFUSED TO HELP THE SOVIETS TO INVADE THE U.S., he was not allowed to take office, and a (non-elected) crook took the office of President (of Mexico).
      Who stood up for the President elect?
      All the rest of you PRETEND that the Soviets never tried to attack the U.S.

      And what of the man from India, who stopped their leader from attacking the U.S. with NUKES?
      No one even ACKNOWLEDGED that he had given HIS LIFE, to protect all of you (Americans)!
      Where are the books and the movies?
      Why is no one buying the book rights to major world events?
      Why the cover-up?

    • Laddyboy

      I guess the MSM was mum again for Barry. Shush, don’t rock the boat, says Barry.

    • NoMoBamaNation

      Um, you do realize that Obama fired all the top brass in the military that did not agree with him. Some of these guys have been warning Americans to buy lots of guns and ammo for what they say is most certainly coming, a war with the leftist controlled government. It is time for true Americans to choose whether or not they are willing to allow these snakes to pull off the destruction of America or whether they will not acquiesce to the pretenders on the throne. If the left wing terrorist elite do not abdicate the throne I expect a real battle to take back the country. This plan of simultaneously destroying the economy and then taking from the middle class and giving it to the poor just to get their vote and keep themselves in power is working. Now they will try to grant amnesty to the illegal aliens to further expand their voting base. The problem with this that most Americans and certainly ALL Mexicans don’t understand is they making all of them much poorer. They are preying on the weak while telling them they should be grateful and pretending they are helping. It’s actually quite an ingenious plan. We have to stop them. Educate everyone you know. Get off your butt and vote, and make sure they do not corrupt the voting machines.

    • norweb

      I suspected that was why General Petraus was placed in the Attorney General’s office next to Eric holder, so a broad form of actual facts could be documented before the military went into the White House after Obama. Then suddenly e-mails of Petraus was exposed, and Petraus was gone. The spy unit of Obama is working over time. I actually think something very big is at play here with many top Generals being dismissed from the military. I wonder how much longer the military will wait and watch before they take action? .

    • Kathy Hansen

      I think it will be within the next 3 months. We all need to pray for the military as it will take these patriots to take down the WH muslim and his moochshell.

    • Charles P

      Why would they?
      In the past, when a military man tried to get Americans to stop the (CORRUPTION) involving the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, NO ONE STOOD UP FOR HIS HONESTY!
      He was forced out of the military for NOT WANTING TO FAKE THE TESTS. (Which was needed because the vehicle could NOT PASS THE TESTS!)

    • Made_in_the_USA

      Our Constitution is being used to destroy our Constitution.The military can’t remove the enemy in the WH, because it’s a violation of our Constitution for the military to be involved in civilian matters, such as running the country into the ground. So if the military removed the criminals from the WH, they (the military) would be in violation of their Constitutional authority. bHo knows this, so he purges the top military leaders, ensuring a rogue force won’t come and take him away.
      I’m praying for a rogue force anyway!

    • Kathy Hansen


  • John

    Wait til they pull this crap in the deep south! Talk about drawing back a nub! They just hit the elderly,the handicapped,the weak & afraid, the just plain ignorant,but those good ol’ boys below the Mason Dixon Line won’t put up with their B.S.! The one’s that have been shooting since they were 5 yrs. old & can live off the land! Those are the headlines I want to read!

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      There are plenty of us above the Mason Dixon line that can and will do the same.

    • John

      I for one sure as hell hope so! It just seems like when they want to start some crap,they do it in N.Y.,Jersey, Cali., and Conn. was standing in line to register their guns last week. We already know 52% of america,not real Americans by a damn sight can be bought with trinkets. Give them a free phone,sect. 8 housing,food stamps,and they’ll bend over at wash. beckon call! They’re too ignorant to know the gubmunt uses those phones as a tracking device and once they get all those fools unarmed,they’re gonna take all the freebees away and rule over them with an iron fist! 52% of America has become weak/gullible & ignorant and it’s all,that I can do, to keep from crying! Lil David Allen Coe to break the tension!

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      So, you’re judging the Northern States by NY, NJ and CT (CA isn’t a northern state)?

  • Timur

    I wish the machine gun they lost would turn up in my gun room for safe keeping.

  • Sleeping Bear

    You can bet those sting operation didn’t happen in the Chicago or new york city areas where gun crimes are high. Must be a DoJ reason, don’t hurt the criminals.

  • Brian_R_Allen

    Not satisfied with it having initialized, facilitated and thus effectively having perpetrated the Waco Texas mass murders of the Reverend Koresh and his family, students, parishioners and their families and friends and being responsible for the Fast and Furious murders of hundreds of Mexicans and Americans, the jack-booted ATF is bearding-up again. And is definitely earning for itself a damned good (when Liberty’s Tree is shortly being manured) arse kicking!

  • Laddyboy

    Mr Issa, issue a cease and desist order. Have all of the e-mail, letters, communication collected. Have NSA make a copy of All phone records of All ATF personel and collect that. Go through the information and find ANY and ALL incriminating evidence. Then go after Holder and others that are Co-conspirators. Proceed to court or jail as needed.

    • Made_in_the_USA

      And you really think these corrupt gov’t agencies are going to comply? They, all the way to bHo himself, have failed to comply from the beginning. They don’t want us or the committees investigating them to have knowledge of what they do in darkness….and sometimes right in front of our faces. Too bad the FBI isn’t on America’s side anymore. They, or the Secret Service, are probably the only ones with the proper authority who can get close enough to arrest the phony in our WH, along with all his tax-evading, law-breaking minions in the cabinet and the illegal czar branch of gov’t.

      Our Constitution is being used to destroy our Constitution.The military can’t remove the enemy in the WH, because it’s a violation of our Constitution for the military to be involved in civilian matters, such as running the country into the ground. So if the military removed the criminals from the WH, they (the military) would be in violation of their Constitutional authority. bHo knows this, so he purges the top military leaders, ensuring a rogue force won’t come and take him away.

    • Kathy Hansen


  • gbandy

    Is it not strange that Obama and Holder sold thousands of guns which ended up in the Mexican Cartels hands yet Obama and Holder want to disarm Americans. Rather scary that this failed President would be pushing gun control when he cannot even secure our borders.

  • DJ