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How Did The Maryland Transportation Police Know An Unarmed Man From Florida Was A Concealed Carry Gun Owner Before They Pulled Him Over?

Friday, January 17, 2014


Good question.
Check it out:

A Florida man was traveling South with his family on the way home from a wedding in New Jersey when the Maryland Transportation Authority Police (MTAP) began tailing his Ford Expedition. After about 10 minutes, the police pulled him over and told him they knew he owned a gun. They demanded he produce it for them on the spot — even though the firearm was locked away in a safe 1,000 miles away.

John Filippidis of Hudson, Fla., told The Tampa Tribune he wasn’t speeding or doing anything illegal when the cops took an interest in his car. In fact, he’d intentionally left his Kel-Tec .38 pistol locked up at home precisely because he understood the potential legal headaches that can arise when traveling through multiple State jurisdictions with a firearm.

“I know the laws and I know the rules,” he said. “But I just think it’s a better idea to leave it home.”

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  • RedGod

    Maryland is a crappy state for gun laws. Seriously bad. You can’t even defend yourself in your own home. Your weapon has to have a trigger or barrel lock on it in your home at all times, ammunition and weapon stored separately, and you have a “duty to retreat” before you can defend yourself. The way I was told, that means if you have the option to jump out of your second story window instead of engaging, you better do it, or you’re going to jail for murder.

    The officers probably ran the plates which doesn’t require probable cause as far as I know, and saw the concealed carry permit, and the officers took a chance. If he bought the gun in Florida they wouldn’t have known he had a gun exactly (FL’s constitution thankfully prohibits the state from keeping a “record or list of persons owning firearms”), but the loophole is the CCP records have to be kept and are searchable.

    • Aunt Trixie

      Traveling to Niagara Falls, Ont the questions that they asked they knew I had a carry permit from Florida…. After searching our vehicle and trashing our luggage they asked me to open my coat hold the corners and spread my arms…. Just hoping to catch me….

    • tmazzbo

      This is really scary, Plese pass it around

  • Bob

    What was the warning he got from the cop? Bring your gun next time so we can shoot you for doing something illegal?


    Maybe the same thing as Missouri.Our Governor,Democrat Jay Nixon sent Missouri’s entire list of Concealed Carry Permit holders to the Feds because they were allegedly “investigating disability scams”.Now that is in a Federal database and probably easily looked at through NCIS checks.You just can’t trust a leftist

    • Petertimber

      you mean a “loopy leftist” since they start and loop around similarly to the way a…….

  • Nononsense

    It’s Nazi (Stasi) Germany all over again. Hitler would be proud!

    • Dave P.

      Stasi was East German(communist) secret police. Gestapo was Nazi secret police.

  • tmazzbo

    Mind Reading they know everythingThis is really scary – Pass it on.

  • Peter

    Maryland is obviously a police state

    • disgusted demacrat

      Has been for many years. Years ago I stoped on the side of road on I 95 and was asked why I was stoped on “his” hiway, I replyed it was the taxpayers hiway. Did not boad well the cop..It’s a good state to stay out of.

  • NotRedYet

    What in the hell is wrong with American citizens? The 2nd amendment guarantees us the right to bear arms so why do you allow this nonsense from the police or the government to infringe on this right? Are you all so cowardly as to let them get away with this? If You don’t do something no one else is going to. Get off your Iphones and start protecting your rights.

    • Wilson

      The problem is our lawmakers who are unconcerned with the constitution esp when it doesn’t read according to their preferences. Of course all we citizens have to do is hire a lawyer at about a thousand an hour to fight the laws we’ve had forced on us. Do not cast a ballot for any one willing to overlook the constitution. We are getting ourselves deeper and deeper in this quagmire.

    • El Lobo Solo

      Sign up for Legal Shield A legal service for gun owners.
      But point Is well taken.
      The NRA et al should borrow a page from the ACLU.
      viz: Anytime a small town school wants to post the Ten Commandments in the hallway or have a prayer before a football game, ACLU sends an intimidating letter threatening a bankrupting law suit against the school district. So they roll over back down

    • Johnnygard

      Where are you from?

    • Ewade

      Kind of nosey aren’t we? Ask him for his papers why don’t you?

    • Johnnygard

      He is denegrating American citizens, of which I am one. So I want to know what country he is in that is so much better with much smarter and braver citizens.

    • Ewade

      Actually, if you paid attention, he intimates he is an American by saying “guarantees US the right”. I believe he is challenging the rest of us to get off our collective asses and show these bastards how our forefathers claimed that right. He’s right. Most Americans take for granted someone else will step up.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Agreed. Plus, clearly HALF of America voted for Obama and a huge segment of the population still rabidly support him…so they’re not going to do a thing to obstruct his policies, like taking our guns. It’s going to be up to the rest of us….the true critical-thinking patriots who are paying attention.

    • Johnnygard

      Dont you think he sounds a little condescending with his statements like “why do you allow this nonsense” and “are you all so cowardly”? What makes him any better than the rest of us conservatives?

    • Ewade

      I’d say his unconventional manner is what’s called for in order to motivate people to exit their comfort zone and do what is necessary to save this Republic. Maybe he’s just a little more frustrated than some and realizes the desperateness of the situation. This is no time to worry about sparing anyone’s feelings. We’re f*cked if we don’t get down to business. I, for one, appreciate his direct and “condescending” approach if that’s what it takes, and it clearly is. Think of the personal trainer that yells in your ear while you’re working out, “denigrating ” you in order to motivate you. It’s understandable that some such as yourself don’t appreciate this approach, but the goal is noble.Peace.

    • NotRedYet


    • Johnnygard

      What’s with the “Are you all so cowardly” stuff? What have you done that is so much better then what some of us do? Tell us so we can do it too.

    • NotRedYet

      Remember, only 3% Patriots fought against England.

  • scratchnich

    Perhaps all this data resides in a giant NSA database any LE agency can not only access,
    but automatically alerts them to certain people they may want to harass according to political
    directives? Not too far fetched, really. Wonder what they would have done if he had a gun…

    • Ewade

      We’re not far away from being pulled over for no reason but to hear, “We know you’re Christians, turn over the Bible.” Think I’m joking? It’s coming folks!

    • CharlieSeattle

      The muslim, mexican, state troopers would have executed the family.

  • Apollo

    The Cops sound more like Mexican police rather than American Police. Very hostel encounter with Public Servants in Maryland.

    • Screeminmeeme

      Well, thanks to Obama, America is being turned into a third world banana republic.

  • Donna E

    When ever you are pulled over and don’t have a valid reason record and video everything. Smart phones aren’t just to talk on! It levels the playing field and the cops don’t seem as aggressive! If that man or his wife would of recorded what when on and kept asking “Why are you pulling me over? “Why are you detaining me?” I think it would of gone differently. I hope he sues the pants off of them. I hope the cop gets fired?

  • M.J. Marsalek

    This incident has national ramifications. Maryland is not a gun friendly state. Maryland’s Governor & presidential wannabe Martin O’Malley has signed into law extreme measures that make legally purchasing a gun more difficult & extremely expensive. O’Malley proposed & recently enacted a 20 cent per gallon gasoline tax because the Maryland legislature depleted the highway ” trust fund ” and misspent the money on ” other things. ” O’Malley has made Maryland a sanctuary State among ” other things.”

  • el_loco_jp

    The article still doesn’t explain how MD police knew that he had a gun registered in FL.

    • Screeminmeeme

      I think that was the point. No one knows but obviously the local police had access to some kind of database…likely federal.

  • El Lobo Solo

    I am like the Democrats on this issue.
    If the Dems like illegals who are undocumented, then I like my LEGAL firearm to be undocumented.

  • cbanalyst

    This does have National ramifications. Things like this MUST be perused because if it’s implications. Both parties must unite on this one, or our freedoms will go down the tubes.

  • Guest

    He’s a chicken to let them push him around! That damn cop was in the wrong. Most cops don’t know the law to begin with.! If you don’t have any guts,don’t travel!

    • Guest


    • Guest

      Most cops don’t know the law to begin with.

  • John

    He’s a chicken to let them push him around! That damn cop was in the wrong. Most cops don’t know the law to begin with.! If you don’t have any guts,don’t travel!

    • John


  • depaz

    Welcome to the peoples republic of MD. . . .

  • servant1jkb

    Very simple, N.S.A. spying not on the enemies but on US!