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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: Change the Word ‘Welfare’ to ‘Transitional Living Fund’

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


In a brief speech on the House floor Wednesday, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) hailed the war on poverty, endorsed government welfare programs, and said the “safety net has to be something for all of us.”

“Maybe the word welfare should be changed to something of, ‘a transitional living fund.’ For that is what it is — for people to be able to live,” she said.

Jackson Lee hailed the Earned Income Credit, food and nutrition programs, jobs training and education programs, Medicaid, Medicare, and the Affordable Care Act as “huge safety nets — not handouts, but safety nets, she said.

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  • LittleRoot_48

    The wider this hag opens her mouth, the more ridiculous she sounds. She thinks changing the name of this will somehow remove the stench from it. For the record, SHEILA, Medicare is NOT a welfare program like Medicaid. Surely, the great state of Texas can find someone better than her to represent it in DC. She would have a better fit with the likes of Detroit or Dearborn.

    • squeak

      I would think they would get rid of her… what has she done for her state… she has a huge Lying mouth & ends up getting caught in her own WEB !

    • jonrmoore

      Her district in Houston is Detroit.

  • jong

    Or we can call it what it is. The DOLE. Which basically means the overwhelming majority of them greatest exercise they will get is getting up out of bed going to the mailbox and getting their Uncle Sugar check. The only people I feel as a society that should get any kind of constant help is Seniors, Vets and the truly Disabled. Just because a women has a litter of children does not entitle them to raid my or any one elses wallet. As for Sheila there is no net big enough to catch and hold that bubble butted body.

  • rchguns

    Let’s change her name into something more suitable. Like stupid ignorant bimbo of the left and mouthpiece for the black caucus.

    • MARYANN33

      Just call it theft…

  • Cougar Smith

    WTF is wrong with Texas for putting this vile and filthy excuse for a worthless human being in office???? The ONLY thing that makes her the 2nd most repulsive idiot in Washington is the fact Obutthead has more power.

    • MARYANN33

      Have you met Maxine Waters or Barbara Boxer, I think Maxine and Sheila are no brains but Barbara Boxer is the worst of the worse…We must call her Senator you know…..She is so above us and the military….

  • Hammer

    !!! pine box !!!

  • Erin Jenkinson

    Ya gotta love semantics. Wouldn’t the inclusion of the word “transitional” presuppose that the people receiving the fund are going to “transition” eventually into some other status……like maybe, work? Yet another touchy-feely idea to make people feel good about themselves from a committed Libtard.

  • teaman


    Just when liberal-leftists thought it
    was finally “their time” to lead center-right America,
    kicking and screaming, into a stifling socialist “utopia,”
    a veteran psychiatrist is making a powerful case that the
    “hope-and-change” ideology motivating them is actually a
    mental disorder.

    For more than 40 years, Rossiter has
    diagnosed and treated over 1,500 patients as a board-certified
    clinical psychiatrist and examined more than 2,700 civil and criminal
    cases, both state and federal, as a board-certified forensic
    psychiatrist retained by numerous public offices, courts and private
    attorneys. He received his medical and

    psychiatric training at the University
    of Chicago.

    Rossiter explains with great clarity
    why the kind of liberalism being displayed by Barack Obama can only
    be understood as a psychological disorder.”Based on strikingly
    irrational beliefs and emotions, modern liberals relentlessly
    undermine the most important principles on which our freedoms were
    founded,” says Rossiter. “Like spoiled, angry children,
    they rebel against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and
    demand that a parental government meet their needs from cradle to
    grave.” “A social scientist who understands human nature
    will not dismiss the vital roles of free choice, voluntary
    cooperation and moral integrity – as liberals do,” he says. “A
    political leader who understands human nature will not ignore
    individual differences in talent, drive, personal appeal and work
    ethic, and then try to impose economic and social

    equality on the population – as
    liberals do. And a legislator who understands human nature will not
    create an environment of rules which overregulates and overtaxes the
    nation’s citizens, corrupts their character and reduces them to wards
    of the state – as liberals do.”

    Dr. Rossiter says the liberal agenda
    preys on weakness and feelings of inferiority in the population by:

    a.. creating and reinforcing
    perceptions of victimization;

    b.. satisfying infantile claims to
    entitlement, indulgence and compensation;

    c.. augmenting primitive feelings of

    d.. rejecting the sovereignty of the
    individual, subordinating him to the will of the government.

    “The roots of liberalism – and its
    associated madness – can be clearly identified by understanding how
    children develop from infancy to adulthood and how distorted
    development produces the irrational beliefs of the liberal mind,”
    he says. “When the modern liberal mind whines about imaginary
    victims, rages against imaginary villains and seeks above all else to
    run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the
    neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious.”

    • Sam

      Well said. thanks.

  • lilbear68

    sure give it a different name, that will change everything. like changing hungry to food insecurity that changed a lot.
    for short we will call them ‘trannys lol

  • Dorothy Foster

    By all means, let’s make them “feel good” about being a leech on society…

  • The Truth

    SHEILA JACKSON LEE belongs in prison !….with Obama and Holder!

    • MARYANN33

      She is one of the worst of the worst…Let us have some standards for running for office, like common sense and a few brains…and IQ test must be mandatory and a psychological one as well..They regulate our lives…Don’t give that job to sickos anymore.

    • The Truth

      I totally agree with you, Mary Ann !

      Let’s not forget about a Drug Test, also….and an ENFORCEMENT of their Constitutional Oath.

    • MARYANN33

      We must set some standards other than a big mouth for these people…like are they citizens etc and test them for all the police are tested for for starters…It is a privilege to serve us…not a free ride…

    • curmudgeon

      How good do you feel when the morons (sorry morons) are referred to as “Our 535 best and brightest”? The majority of the real ugly, ignorant and terminally stupid are all card carrying democRATs too.

  • Sam

    I sure the people vote this sorry b*tch out ASAP! She’s a communist from way back. Perhaps a vigilante group will form and start taking out these commies, one by one. I would love to see it. Why not? Obama has been taking out his opponents.

  • squeak

    Hey Sheila, no matter how you word ” WELFARE “, the bottom line is “STILL , FREEBIES for the TAKERS & LOSERS ON OUR DIME “… Why don’t you Socialists be honest for a change & say it the way it is, stop the lies, stop hiding behind the change of a couple of words… we are one step ahead of you MORONS in Washington !

  • dan from ohio

    and maybe we should change to term Democrat to marxist,ehh sheila?


    Sheila, get a job…You have been living off of us workers for too long….We want you out of office now…And be quiet. too.

    • Don39

      No, you are wrong, her constituents obviously deserve her! God help them if she is the best they can do! They are well beyond the help of man or taxpayers!

    • MARYANN33

      No doubt they are the on the dole takers who vote for their black skinned pal….but she effects all of us so we must have hard standards…

  • Dave Hammond

    Why not call it what it REALLY is? “Vote Purchasing Fund.”

    • curmudgeon


  • Dr Wood

    Call it The Black Welfare Fund

  • barkingbird

    Hey dumb cluck…’s called FREE – LOADING…..SOME PEOPLE EVEN CALL IT STEALING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Art Hock

    Sorry Sheila, we should change welfare to “blood money for lazy- assed loafing parasites”.

  • jerry1944

    And while changing the name make it harder to get with limitation . There are a lot that need it but not for as long as they get it. Check up on the ones that get it and with drug test and make sure they use it in the states that they are in. The same with the dissablity act many that get that aren’t disabled but lasy

  • vicki

    Call it THEFT…People that work hard for their paycheck are having it taken against their will to be redistributed to those that are scamming the government by sitting on their butts.

  • junkmailbin

    jackson is the poster child for ignorant

    • mathis1689

      Which Jackson are you referring to-her or Jesse?

    • fort9erdon

      Take your pick. Stupid is as stupid does!

    • mathis1689

      That description does fit both of them pretty well-along with racist hypocrite.

  • Don39

    A sick joke from a sick leftist! Does her district deliberately vote for the most stupid to represent them or are they all just like her?

  • pcsrocky

    However, for many on welfare it is a life long transition from cradle to grave and is passed down from generation to generation.

    She needs to be transitioned out of office!

  • Macjamm

    “Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: Change the Word ‘Welfare’ to ‘Transitional Living Fund’”

    A Idiot by any other name is still an Idiot,, Sheila Jackson Lee = Idiot = Sheila Jackson Lee,,
    See what i mean……

  • rlowen

    For some it would be better called a lifestyle living fund. There is no desire for transition. It has never ceased to amaze me the conditions in which some people will live if they don’t have to work. See my blog at

  • Capt Parker

    Dear Shelia Jackson Lee …….. YOU STUPID NINNY! You can call it “Gorilla Farts”, for all anyone would care, but it would still be a “handout”, mainly to those who don’t deserve it, from those who should HAVE to pay it.

    • fort9erdon

      And of a general color pattern, that far exceeds their collective % of the population!

  • HarryTheCat

    For far too many it’s the Ghetto Crack Fund.

  • Docs357

    More proof positive she will do anything but the right thing.

  • 820 REDHORSE

    She should be swingin from an oak limb, maybe that day is coming and soon!! Thats what needs to happen to remind these assclowns whose in charge! Maye her & rootman can move to north korea and try to secretly take over the country from ole kim creamof someyoung guy and get caught!!

  • fort9erdon

    No, lets call it by its true name and intent, …. “Sucking off the taxpayers hard earned dollars, at the public trough, because most WELFARE peopl are too lazy to support themselves”!!! Duh!!!

    • Silver

      They used to have to prove they were looking for work. But they knew how to get around that. I was the manager of a resturant and constantly had calls asking, “is you hirin?” If I said we are accepting applications then 30 minutes later 5 or 6 women with a passel of snotty nose kids would show up. The women would have rollers in their hair and house slippers on their feet. If we said we have no openings they would flop a paper down and say, sign this that we came in.” I learned that when they called to never say we were accepting applications. It was never ending. It was even worse if you said you WEREN’T HIRING. That’s where they went first. Obama stopped having to prove you were looking. They AWAYS know how to get around any requirements.

    • fort9erdon

      I would have signed it, noting their dress, # of chilluns they brought with them, rollers in their hair, with a comment that they really weren’t looking for a job, but was looking for a signature that allowed their “teat sucking” at the public trough continue!

    • Silver

      They would have everything filled out….. Name of business….contact…. Only line left blank was for a signature. Many times I refused to sign. I had the welfare office call me with a complaint about it. I gave the woman an earful about the way they call ahead to make sure you’re not hiring. I filled her in on their attire or lack there of. She never called back. They are not required to even look for work now.

  • El Poder de Cristo Te Obliga!

    This is just one example of a liberal genius (gagging) who would clearly spend the better half of a month trying to fit 12 pounds of bat droppings into a 3 pound burlap sack. Then sit around wondering how to fix the mess created!

    • Kent2012

      five stars on that one….

    • curmudgeon

      Ditto. Well stated.

  • John

    You can tell she from Cali. & black without even looking! Her & that damned Maxine Waters are like to moronic twin bookends!

    • curmudgeon

      Nope, Texas. I’m sure she emigrated from somewhere else though. Too dumb and ugly to be born there.

    • John

      Agreed,but I meant she’s in charge in Cali. a formula for disaster. Maxine Waters & she date I think! lol

    • curmudgeon

      Aye-Yi-Yi there’s a visual I didn’t need this early in the morning. Haha!

  • BobL

    As a citizen of the great state of Texas, I have to apologize to the rest of our Country for S. J. Lee. She is one of the few mindless numbskulls that has been sent to Washington from here. However, we have an excuse. She gets re-elected in her district by other mindless numbskulls who reside there.

    • Kent2012

      do not feel bad, the twits and the commies are spread out all over this great country…..

    • Silver

      Yep, we have Landrieu. I hate it when the pundits say she is in trouble. No she isn’t. The same idiots will vote her back in. They always do. Their hopes of regaining the Senate should never be on her losing. We’ve been trying to get rid of her for years. It’ll never happen. Then when I heard Mary Matelin say she is supporting Mitch Landrieu for Governor I nearly passed out. I guess James Carville finally got to her.

    • Kent2012

      a big part of the problem for conservative sanity is, as you point out, too many politicians with a “R” are voting communist, or at least “stupid”, which leads to this runaway socialist/communist spending and lifetime entitlement programs….

    • curmudgeon

      I love Texas, but would stay away from the Houston area for fear of meeting people dumb enough to elect a cow like Sheila.

  • Mercer

    “transitional living fund” ??? doubt anyone has transitioned out of this system……as we now have multi-generational families being supported…………”wealth redistribution” and “vote buying fund” would be more appropriate…….welfare was always a coded euphemism anyway

    • Silver

      Yeah, they transition from being a kid on welfare under their mom to being a mom on their own welfare fund……yep, they transition alright.

  • Jane18

    I’ve always known this woman is ignorant(to ignore), and this 5-minute speech proves it6! How about “Bum’s Fund”(for the abusers of all the “handouts”?)

  • patriotds1

    Only if she changes her name to Sheila Jackson Ahole

  • craigmayberry

    I’m sure someone had to explain to the idiot what the phrase meant.

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    Will this silly female ever learn to keep her inane ideas to herself. I often wonder what kind of drugs she had to give the wacko’s that put her into office… no one in their right mind would vote for the crazy woman.

    • John

      Her and Maxine Waters are two of the biggest fools on the planet! They need a white woman to show them the way,but then again,that’s always the case!

    • patriot

      they have and did

  • Toastertreat

    She calls herself Sheila Jackson. But her real name is Throat Warbler Mangrove.

    • Da

      You ripped Graham Chapman off. I’m telling! Wait…waht

    • Toastertreat

      Ha! Cyber high five for the Python pilferage.

  • Charles Hurst

    It is straight from Orwell. Let’s change the word and therefore it doesn’t mean what it is.

    Transitional Living Fund–other words from unemployment benefits to permanent support

    As most of us who have worked all our lives have lost a job at one time or another. I had a degree in physical therapy just as the field collapsed upon graduation. Huge debt, no money. I stayed in the ghetto for a year.

    And I survived and came back. That was 13 years ago. And today I’m a writer and doing rather well at it. And could contract in the medical profession any time. 1999 is only a horrible memory that most reading can share. We’ve been there And we survived. My sad story is a common one on the bookshelf in the school of rough slaps.

    Barry’s statement that people don’t want an unemployment check was valid thirty years ago for most.

    Today we have a culture of immorality and apathy. We have an entire youth that wishes to be catered to. That cannot grasp that life sometimes isn’t fair and sometimes hard. I lived through Reaganomics with no skills. I always had a job.There are always temp companies and in the worst economies I could find some type of work–in about a day. And some of you don’t fall into this lazy category–just ask yourself if you have worked most of your life? If you have then I’m not talking to you. I get it. I’m talking to all of you who do everything possible to extract from the dole.

    And sometimes people may lose their house. And have to downgrade. Does anyone remember the white collar “new poor” of the 1980s with downsizing in corporations?They survived and many came back in the late nineties. Because back then we realized we had no choice. Today we have a young generation that wish to live at home until they are thirty. They will take any free entitlement to keep them in beer their Xbox and shoes. They do not wish to excel. Not all of them but a lot of them. That is the difference–there was not a lot of them in my younger days.

    Do you think this is going to fix the economy? More benefits? When it finally collapses the unemployment check won’t be an issue any longer. Because we will have completed digging our grave to the end of our economic structure. We may come back years later, but not before we will have seen the greatest suffering since the Great Depression.And many will not survive as they don’t have the sand of our ancestors. And maybe that’s what has to happen. To relearn that self reliance is the greatest attribute to freedom.

    Or we will learn to say the word comrade.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • Kent2012

    more words of wisdom from one of the most ignorant people in DC, hell from anywhere for that matter…she should go on tour with that twit rodman, she would probably feel overwhelmed by all his jewelry though…..

    • curmudgeon

      SJL would be overwhelmed by a piece of string or a wad of chewing gum. Still, she is one of the brighter lights in the Congressional Black Caucus. Can you imagine her and VP Joe Biden in a room full of shiny objects?

    • Kent2012

      he he he he ha ha… may have happened already….

  • Old1946vet

    “Transition fund……..” Sounds right, a transition to permanent WELFARE! Why not use the word Fair Well?” Fair share for the Wellness of the recipients? The main point of this crap is NOT to give a hand up; But to use a “hold down.” KEEP THE PEOPLE NEEDING PEOPLE WHO KEEP THE PEOPLE NEEDING!

    • curmudgeon

      Great! Funny too!


    Well, heck, Representative Lee. That ought to fix everything…but I didn’t know ‘Welfare’ needed a new moniker. Oh, while we’re changing names, let’s change “Representative Lee” to REPREHENSIBLE Sheila Jackson Lee.

    • patriot

      shielajackson lee unemployed welfare reciepant

  • Liberty for All

    She would be one of the dumbs and corrupt politicians in Washington

  • ProudUSAVet

    Transitional? Temporary? Use this term only if welfare is given for a specific period of time and then cancelled. In other words…We will let you live rent-free in public housing for five years max. Then you start paying rent or move out. Or, we will give you food stamps for 26 weeks. That will be enough time for you to find a job and start earning a living on your own. Or, your children will get Medicaid until they finish elementary school. By that time you should have a job and be supporting your family on your own. And, if you are not married and have any additional children, your benefits will not be increased. And, you better have the father’s name handy because he is going to have to pay child support or go to jail.

    • curmudgeon

      What’s her answer to generational welfare families? Looks like it’s a career path and life’s vocation for a good many of the Obama supporting democRAT party voting leeches and moochers in our society.

  • peteyone

    Who helped her type ‘transitional”? I bet she couldn’t do it on her own! Marxist skank!

  • curmudgeon

    If SJL is not the dumbest broad in the Congress along with the ugliest she is definitely in the top ten and all are card carrying members of the donkey party. The democrat party must be a dating party so effiminate men and ugly women can find partners that are more or less of the opposite sex.

    • Tbear

      You nailed it!!!!

  • BarrackHussein

    A deadbeat is a deadbeat no matter what you call him. Personally I have been paying for this “transition” for over 40 years.

  • dieniggerdie

    Can we name it steal whiteys money to give to blacks so they can vote us in to positions we have no business being in like president of the usa and mayor of ny fund ?

  • Tbear

    The war on poverty like SJL are total failures – no matter what you call them!!!!

    Why not give everyone $3 million dollars and cancel all entitlement programs and departments; and of course we could tax them.

  • dieniggerdie

    In the immortal words of Michael Richards … He’s a naggar!! Thrown him out!! A naggar!! Look a naggar he’s a naggar throw his ass out!!!”

    Yes I know its name is Sheila but one cannot call that beastie a she

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Some people tend to “transition” from generation to generation.

  • tim_lebsack

    Sheila Jackson Lee, How much of my property are you entitled to take away from me ??

  • NotRedYet

    Most of these leeches are experts at playing the system, they are professionals and pass it on to their children generation to generation.

  • Donald York

    Sheila Jackson-Lee is what’s wrong with our country, and there are plenty like her.

  • Indymaverick

    T.L.F. LOL

  • USMC 64-68

    Typical of marxists – they work best when they deal in misinformation.

  • lndependent

    How about we call it what it is? Government theft from taxpayers!

  • ligersaurus

    Lee’s title should be changed from Representative to “unemployed” (with no benefits).
    In Obamaland, every deadbeat needs their fair share from the productive sector paying their fair share x10. If you’re not contributing anything to society, you get your piece of the pie that the doers bought and baked.

  • mrsgunnut10

    If Lee had her way, she would start calling those people that sell drugs on street corners – ” Unlicensed Pharmisist’s “. Have pity on her Tax Payer’s, She evidently does not have much of an Education. She only spouts a batch of Bull S_ _ T every once in awhile – It takes her some time to figure out something to say so she can stay popular with her stupid Constituents.

    • El Poder de Cristo Te Obliga!

      You may be on to something, mrsgunnut10.
      Her behavior does seem to support your hypothesis concerning her being silent on issues then babbling some ridiculous utterance as if she was suddenly awakened out of some comatose stupor just to appease her followers. And of course, absolutely no sense need be ever required as far as Jackson-Lee is concerned.
      Great post and point!

  • rosemarienoa

    You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig!!! & so is Sheila!!!!

    • patriot

      give me a high-five and a hell yea

  • greatgrandmasue

    Once they get on “THE WELFARE” they squat and hang on like stink. Cutting them loose is painful but they need to move back in with family and let them determine if they want to supportt them for the rest of their lazy life. It is NOT up to the government to write non stop checks with no accountability.

  • greatgrandmasue

    Since we have lawless Congress that will NOT enforce CURRET immigration laws, NO ONE has to obey ANY LAW OF THE LAND. I think I will move into the White House and let them take care of me. Move over Oblamers mother in law, you got company coming!!!!!

  • Raymond Michael Borland

    Don’t call a sow’s ear a silk purse. This reminds me of George Orwell’s novel “1984” where Big Brother
    changes the English language with “New Speak.” “War is Peace”, “Love is Hate.” The essence of government welfare programs is stealing money from hard working people who earn the money at gun point if necessary and using the government that pockets half of the money to pay the bureaucrats 125% of the salary and pension of private sector workers to redistribute our money to other people who did not work to earn the money. It is robbing Peter to pay Paul and it is Theft pure and simple. The ends do not justify the means. However even the ends of welfare are evil in most cases. Welfare creates a class of dependent people who remain on welfare as long as they can, make a lot of babies that we all end up paying for, who then remain on welfare for their entire lives. If the pure and simple fact that someone earns more money than another person gives the government the right (actually the POWER) to take the first person’s money and give it to the second person, than no one has a right to any money since there are people who have no money. Government workers are just people. What gives them the right to any money for whatever purpose using this Marxist dictum.

  • patriot

    this dumb bi*** is suppose to repreent 18 didtric texas she is a daner to ever texan

  • TAM44

    They say everything is bigger in Texas, guess that explains the huge a hole sheila jackson lee.

  • rick0857
  • ICorps

    A continuing tactic of the Left: Change the name of something objectionable to make it more acceptable to the gullible of America. Several examples come immediately to mind: “undocumented worker” in place of “illegal immigrant,” “pro-choice” in place of “abortion,” “affirmative action” in place of “anti-white action,” and “affordable care” in place of “socialized medicine.”

    Given the persuasive power of the leftist media, whose minions strive to influence popular thought, and the unwitting acceptance by the non-analytical (those who don’t think to question the falsity of “transitional”), you can expect “transitional living fund” to become the solution to America’s “welfare” problem.

  • J J

    Sheila, really??? What exactly do you think is going to change by changing the terminology?? Is that going to give the “welfare” recipients any more class, dignity or motivation?? Welfare is welfare – if you want to help these people, get the damned government out of the way so the private sector can create jobs for them!! But you are too arrogant to think that you could possibly be the problem!!! Get over yourself, Sheila!!!!

  • Flipperj

    How in the world do these idiots get elected

    • rosie46

      By those on welfare.

  • Kat

    Bullshit!!! It is what it is!

  • ARMYOF69

    Isn’t it great the way that our politicians consider that out hard earned monies, taken from our pockets at gunpoint, are THEIR VERY OWN ENTITLEMENTS to do with as they please?

  • nbamron

    Here’s an even more ingenious suggestion: instead of changing descriptive phrases that all mean “Taxpayer Giveaways,” why not change slackers and bums into workers?

  • Duggins

    Sheila Jackson Lee, goes off on another one of her tirades by saying the following;

    the word welfare should be changed to something of, ‘a transitional
    living fund.’ For that is what it is — for people to be able to live,”
    she said.

    Jackson Lee hailed the Earned Income Credit, food and nutrition
    programs, jobs training and education programs, Medicaid, Medicare, and
    the Affordable Care Act as “huge safety nets —

    She just named eight things that is the reason welfare is such a failed program, if the welfare minons are getting Income credit, food, nutrition, job training, education programs, Medicaid, Medicare, and Obamacare, why would those on welfare want to work when they can sit back and sponge on the rest of society. I am not talking about the sick or handicapped that can’t work i’m talking about those that always use illegal ways to cheat the system and are never held accountable.
    What Sheila Jackson can’t get through that mass of emptiness sitting on her shoulders is the fact that welfare was only supposed to be a temporary program until those people got a job, but under the socialist Democrats it has turned into a permanent thing. Give me all those benefits that she mentions and I would not want a job either, I would do what many welfare recipients do, and that is sell drugs, and do work where you get paid under the table without paying taxes.
    So to Sheila Jackson Lee I would say if you can’t say anything productive then shut your Pie Hole your making an ass of yourself once again.

  • willhen50

    The only thing that is transitional is her lifetime job because the slugs vote democrat and because masters like her don’t teach them to read.

  • Henry

    Maybe we change her title to Kunt-ho. Certainly more reflective of what she is in reality.

    • Toastertreat

      That’s a little blunt, ain’t it? Let’s just say that she’s a reckless, rabid racist without any redeeming qualities, and that nothing she says or does will improve the world, but only make it worse.