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Common Core MATH lesson quietly changes Lincoln’s religion from ‘liberal’ to nothing

Friday, February 7, 2014


Common core means changing history?
Check it out:

On Wednesday, The Daily Caller reported on a bizarre, politically-charged series of Common Core-aligned mathematics lessons for elementary- and middle-school students involving U.S. presidents and presidential elections (e.g., was the 2000 presidential election “fair”)

One of the perfectly innocuous-sounding lessons is called “There is a Difference: Histograms vs. Bar Graphs.”

Math teachers using this lesson use various facts about presidents, including religious affiliation. The lesson plan offers as its “recommended” website for obtaining this information about American presidents.

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  • The Big Kahuna

    Sorry Charley, but Lincoln got saved when he visited Valley Forge, and his mentor was the Canadian X-Catholic priest turned Christian.

  • Laddyboy

    Commmmmon Core is a Socialist method to “DUMB-DOWN” our students. It is also a way to indoctrinate children into being subservient to the know all government.

  • doctorbob

    While it is true that Lincoln never professed belonging to a particular religion, he DID attend services regularly at the Third Presbyterian Church in Springfield, Illinois, with his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, whose family was Presbyterian. And his marriage ceremony was a private Episcopalian ceremony performed by the Dean of St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral in Springfield. Lincoln did frequently refer to God (despite Liberal attempts to rewrite THAT history as well), and clearly believed in Christianity and “Almighty God.”. Common Core is pathetically attempting to rewrite history to favor Liberalism, and that does a gross disservice to history and to education. Congress should step in immediately and kill off Common Core. It is nothing more than Liberal indoctrination, and that can NOT be allowed to continue! The Federal Government has NO business in education in the first place. Nowhere in the Constitution is it described anywhere as “it is the duty of the Federal Government to seize control over all education at all levels, as Common Core attempts to do. In point of fact, education belongs the business of State and Local governments, and NOT the Federal government. ENOUGH with the encroachment of the Liberal agenda! ENOUGH!

  • lfhpueblo

    First of all Liberal is not a religion. Second his faith never became nothing. Grown ups need to know the truth to teach the truth to their kids at home. Re-writing of history is all over the place with Common Core and a way to push their agenda.

  • cle803

    I can print out a piece of paper with any information, highlight it in yellow to make my point, but if I produce the whole lesson plan from the teacher who created it and the school where it is taught, then my point becomes valid, until then, it’s more of the same bs the Koch Brother’s are spending billion to destroy public education so they can privatize it. Common Core is already having a positive results in the 80 thousand public schools that have adopted it.