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Obama to Take 15-Day Vacation in August

Thursday, July 10, 2014


More vacation.

President Obama will embark on a 15-day vacation next month, even as the nation and the world are engulfed in crises from the border with Mexico to the Middle East.

The Obamas will depart Washington on Saturday, August 9th and head for Martha’s Vineyard, staying in a $12 million vacation home until Sunday, August 24th, reports the Martha’s Vineyard Times.

The president will return to the town Chilmark, the site of last year’s Obama sojourn, where he will rest up “in a secluded house off North Road that overlooks the north shore and Vineyard Sound,” the Times reported.

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  • The HoG

    Is Patriot Update having “technical” problems? Is this their new commenting “format”? If it is a new “format”, I predict that Patriot Update will go out of business, very soon. That would be a shame, but then it would please the leftists.

    How’s about replying to my comment, Patriot Update?

    • http://PatriotUpUdate JulieB

      I agree, it appears to be their new comment company. It’s bad, took me 5 minutes of a delay of the typed information to appear to catch up to my keystrokes.

    • Stevn

      It is AS likely YOUR ISP was having technical issues at the time. Website wouldn’t go out of business if they ELIMINATED comments.

  • Winston

    Poor Barry. I guess he wears himself out doing absolutely nothing. What a boor!

  • govtrumbull

    Winston: I thought Barry and Mike were on a perpetual vacation?

    • Stevn

      I WISH the were on permanent vacation.

  • Mary

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have 7 Days in May while he’s gone enjoying 15 Days in August.

  • http://facebook Janeen Alley

    No wonder nothing gets done in WDC, Obama is always on vacation or fundraising! A Hawaiian vacation in Dec-January, then in Feb. it was golfing in Florida, the March he was off golfing, he spent memorial day getting back from Afghanistan, one week before he brought back our deserter for 5 terrorist! While his wife went off to China. He was just in California on vacation golfing in Palm Springs! Does Obama ever work?

    • Jim

      Just think how much worse it could be by now if Obama stayed in DC to work his evil on the country.

    • paul

      Yes!!! every 6th tuesday of each month

  • William M Durham

    Its not so bad that he takes a vacation what is bad is that he and his thing take the rest of their crowd with them on our dollar. Presidents should have to pay for all their unoffical travel themselves like the rest of us. Congress could stop this, but all Congressmen dream that they would one day be President so why change the benefits you so badly want yourself.All know politicians are just common thieves and need to be eliminated. Go back to citizen politicians, 2 year or 6 year tern [one term only] then back to their job as an American civilian. The only way America can be saved.

  • LibsTookMyDough

    It’s not so bad that he takes a vacation, the problem is that he keeps coming back!

    • Jim

      I have Eczema and the rash keeps coming back too.

      I don’t know which is worse, a constant burning and itching of my ankles that bleeds if I scratch it, or when Barry and Mike return from another vacation.

  • http://PatriotUpdate Flame


  • Jim

    So nice to hear that the Obama clan can spend a few days roughing it in the wilderness with the dogs and a hundred of their closest friends and servants. My wife and I have saved all year to take a vacation in Maine for a week. Unfortunately my wife doesn’t want to cook on vacation and the servants will not be accompanying us, so I have saved up enough to dine out at the crab shack, and will get a dozen donuts for our breakfasts.

    It’s nice that Barry and Michelle and the mother in law and the two semi-beautiful daughters can share in a vacation like the rest of us. What is this one, number 4 for this year.

    You know, this is one of the reasons we got rid on the English King, charging us 1% tax on a cup of tea, and using the money to enslave us. Now they take about 45% of every paycheck from us so we should be 45 times as ticked off as the colonists were. And we’re stuck with a ruler and his wife who think they are the King and Queen of America. (they can’t decide between themselves which of them is the queen.) He wears Mom jeans and throws a ball like a little girl, and she walks like a linebacker.

    • TexasOlTimer

      Well said! I saved all year to travel across the state to spend four days with my grandkids. I invited the hundreds of my closest friends and servants but they declined. Couldn’t understand that – surely at least a hundred of them could have fit in the back seat.

  • Liz

    I like this new comment section it has no tracking. Unlike Diquis so people calm down please trust this is a much better form.
    That being said perhaps an arrest needs to happen before he tries to pollute Martha’s Vineyard. The Vacation needs to be scrap ASAP start calling the white house every 5 minutes

    • Bree

      Much better for who? Sorry Liz but without disqus this is a pain and nobody wants it.

  • david

    So what else is ne with this lazy selfindulgent narsisistic fraud. Oh hes gonna get all he can fir himself and his family in the next 2 years and then have a fine retirement on our tax dime! What a shame that the American people were stupid enough to elect this do nothing whining blamining others for his poor decision and mistakes bozo twice.

  • Steve

    I hVe mixed feelings about his vacation. On one hand I’m outraged because our border has been destroyed by his actions and the Middle East is exactly where he wanted it to be:on fire. He does not deserve a multi-million dollar vacation. On the other hand if he is out playing golf and diddling secret service agents then he isn’t writing Executive Orders. The simple solution is to hang Harry Reid then impeach Obama. Too bad that will never happen.

  • Great grandpa Tom

    Something is planned to happen during that time. The vacation will be used as another excuse for allowing CHAOS And Anarchy. Everything is blue printed. Like an orchestra, everyone of his puppets will play their part.

  • Dave

    The insanity and nightmare of Obama continues unabated! The guy is nothing more than a parasite!

  • D. Martin

    How many vacations does he get? He is always on vacation and never working. Is this another “down-low” vacation with a personal trainer?