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White House Fears Impeachment If Obama Unilaterally Grants Amnesty

Friday, July 25, 2014


Can you really imagine Obama worrying about this? He doesn’t seem to care about anything he does. This is spin to keep it in the headlines.
Check it out:

As is always the case with anything involving former-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, our unbiased, objective, not-at-all-liberal media couldn’t wait to mock her impeachment case against President Obama — but not everyone is laughing. According to reporting from The Hill, The White House fears exactly that should the president take executive action to grant amnesty to thousands of illegals.

Senior White House advisers are taking very seriously the possibility that Republicans in Congress will try to impeach President Obama, especially if he takes executive action to slow deportations.

Dan Pfeiffer, a senior adviser to Obama, said Friday that the White House is taking the prospect of impeachment in the GOP-controlled House more seriously than many others in Washington, who see it as unlikely.

Obama’s senior advisor, Dan Pfeiffer, as quoted by The Hill: “I saw a poll today that had a huge portion of the Republican Party base saying they supported impeaching the president. A lot of people in this town laugh that off. I would not discount that possibility.”

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  • Lady Bree

    You betcha! Sounds like Sarah is another one of our conservative women with Obama’s number. Maybe she should say a few more words to Dan Pfeiffer since that’s all it seems to take. The rest can laugh on but you know what they say about who gets the last laugh. Come on Sarah, shake up Washington some more!

    • Flame

      Pray and pray hard…Sarah is a gift in a very wise package! Get him out of office!!! Congress is going to take 5 weeks off…I have to ask why? This spineless, useless group does absolutely nothing for our country…why in the heck would they need time off…get to work and rid the nation of this evil!!!!!!

  • gparra9

    I agree with Sarah Palin impeach this worthless Ghetto Rat, the problem is the Republican establishment (Rinos) in congress “DON’T” have the Cajones to start impeachment proceeding against this worthless Ghetto Rat in the white house !!!

  • suckcnn

    If this piece of trash had any morals at all he would resign and go back under the rock he came from in Kenya

  • Lindy

    Congress has the authority to stop this madness, take Obama’s power away, and do it now.

  • El Lobo Solo

    Before we get to impeachment, the Congress can defund executive orders.
    Anyway, I would like to see some cabinet officers impeached first.
    ie: Eric Holder or EPA head would be a start. Some judicial appointment I would like to see go too.
    Anyway I think Obama’s team is looking forward to impeachment. It will let him play the role of victim & whip up the mindless masses in his base into an orgasm.

  • Gil

    The GOP has been “contemplating (thinking about; considering) impeachment” for several YEARS now, it is NOT anything new, or particularly newsworthy – other than the fact that a DemonRat actually SAID THE WORDS! Considering doing something is NOT the same thing as the ACT OF DOING IT. The GOP (which only has about 5 full sets of cojones in the entire party) also realizes that the DemonRat-controlled Senate
    would not perform their due diligence in the process. The Senate’s failure to prosecute would make the GOP’s action look like nothing more than “political theater”, or an exercise in Onanistic self-abuse. However, on this particular issue, Congress DOES control the purse, and they MUST NOT authorize funding fo rthis immigration FIASCO!

    The Socialist-“progressive” left will never admit that Obama has done nothing short of moving mountains and jumping over the moon… as he scuttles our ‘Ship of State’.

  • C K Johnson

    Obama needs Impeached before he does anymore damage. I agree with Ghetto Rat even that is to nice of a name for Obama

    • Meathead

      I use “Ovomit” which is more appropriate.

  • ligersaurus

    He’ll laugh off any impeachment proceedings. The House brings the charges, but the Senate has to convict. He knows full well that the Democrat lap dogs in the Senate would never vote to convict him.
    It’ll be just another circus act like the Clinton “impeachment”.
    I say go after him for treason. Plenty of smoking guns there.

  • BlueMax372

    0v0mit is a tyrant. He deserves nothing more nor less than that which befalls tyrants. Impeachment of an impostor is not an option.

    • Meathead

      Firing Squad with ALL weapons loaded, not just one.

  • LoneStar

    I’m not so sure he fears it. I believe the Democrats are afraid that many members of their base are not going to vote in the midterm elections. Impeaching Obama now would likely rile up their base and get them out to vote, so instead of fearing impeachment, he may actually be hoping it happens. This Senate would never remove him from office anyway.

  • Don Ford

    Mr. Obama (I’ve nicknamed you Obumma) I’m on your side, I really am. Now let me help you pack. You will have to probably leave quickly, so don’t forget your two girls on your bums rush out of here. Take Biden with you for moral support, we don’t want him either. Make room for Pelosi too, she will be the next one on the long grocery list of those who will be charged to leave.

    You will not have to lift a finger, we will do all the housecleaning for you, so it is swept well and left fit for the next president. You’re leaving this office in quite a mess, but the ones coming in will know just what to do to bring the best order to the House.

    When you reach your destination and homeland, I’ll send a card. What was the zip code again for Kenya?
    You’re lucky to have friends waiting to see you, 5 guys in particular can’t wait to give you a big hug or whatever guys in your country do to show affection. (I don’t really want to know.)

    • Patriot1001

      Don, could you also include Dirty harry reid. Maybe give him a job as Oby’s man servant.

  • rchguns

    Dirty Diaper Head Obama not only has no fear of impeachment the possibility doesn’t even concern him. Here’s why:

    Any move to impeach him would call for an investigation. That investigation and evidently would be carried out by Eric Holder. Eric Holder is just as bad as Obama if not worse any certainly not going to justify impeachment because that would justify his removal as well.

    Members of Congress will not allow an investigation of the Obama administration together evidence for his impeachment, they can’t, in many ways because of the Fifth Amendment. An investigation into his illegal actions would also implicate the majority of the Senate and many in the house. Basically they cut his head off and there’s is right behind.

    Another reason Obama is not worried about impeachment is that he has a much larger worry. If he has removed from office and no longer under the protective wing of White House privilege and a justice Department that is totally dedicated to him is going to be in trouble. When he is no longer president charges will be brought against him and a large majority of his administration on everything from corruption to complicity to Commit murder. He hasn’t been able to get rid of all the evidence and he sees the penitentiary in his future. He’s Not about to Let This Happen!

    In less than two years United States is going to be forced into a Civil War, there is no such thing as a war being civil, in a full-fledged coup attempt by this rotten diaper headed traitor and his minion. The Obama administration and his supporters in the Senate and in groups like the new Black Panthers, and the influx of new Muslim’s into this country. You would rather see blood in the streets and the total destruction of United States of America then to be held accountable for his actions.

    • ABitterClinger

      I would be nice to get a “two-fer,” but I’m not holding my breath. Our side has no “huevos.” Cheers.

    • rchguns

      As long as Congress is infested with career politicians whose only concern is their own future and could care less about the nation men like Obama can get away with murder. Politics was never meant to be an occupation!

      Will we send these fools the Congress to represent us and when they get into office they realize that their in the nest with the golden eggs and have absolutely no desire to leave. In fact they will do anything in their power to maintain their position. If we elected official for a four-year term the work that he does for his actual substituents in the American people in general were lucky will amount to about 3 to 6 months. The rest of his time is spent campaigning to get reelected or just lining his own pockets.

    • patriot2

      there should be minimal pay & NO retirement,they should be elected if they desire to IMPROVE America only.the exact opposite of opposite of obama.

    • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

      The House does its own investigating. Eric Holder would have no part in an impeachment proceeding.

    • rchguns

      It really doesn’t matter a lot as to which branch of the government would do the investigation. The executive branch which is blame it on Bush and manufacture evidence to back it up. The Justice Department if they did the investigation they would blame it on the Republicans, and blame it on the tea party. If the Senate investigated Harry Reid would never bring the verdict up for a vote and kill it before it even came to the floor. If the house was to do it they would have to have an even number of Democrats and Republicans on the committee and when the investigation got around to who was to be implicated in incriminated by the prosecution Of Dirty Diaper Head and Friends they would stop the investigation because too many of them would be implicated in the crimes.

      The only solution is to put severe term limits on all government elected government employees. At the federal level you can be elected for eight years and eight years only, that means if you’re elected a senator you can serve eight years and then you cannot run I repeat can not run for any other federally elected office. You remove all pension plans and retirement. You give them an expense account of 3% of their yearly salary. Both senators and representatives will receive the same pay $85,000 plus complete medical for the elected individual and his immediate family for eight years only. This will be retroactive back to any elected official who was still alive. Their pensions will be eliminated, any Secret Service coverage will be eliminated, any medical coverage will be eliminated, and there will be no exceptions for any reason.

      Elections will be held on a rotating basis so that at any given time 1/8th of the individuals will be up for election. Supreme Court justices can have maximum of 10 years on the bench, the president will be elected for eight years and his powers will be limited by the Constitution as it is written executive orders will only be permitted in cases of emergency and once the emergency is over Congress will have to vote on those executive orders as to whether they will remain in place.

      All federally elected officials will be given an oath of office and if they violate that oath there will be consequences. The first time that oath is violated an individual is caught in a lie that individual will make a public apology to every member of Congress and to the American people, they will be find $10,000 and will be removed from the active roles for 30 days with no pay. The second offense the apologies are the same with the fine this time will be $25,000 and 60 days without pay and 30 of those days incarcerated in jail. The third offense there will be the standard apologies the individual will have to pay twice his annual salary, you will be removed from office in disgrace, and he will spend the mandatory two years in a federal penitentiary. This goes for all elected officials.

    • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

      You’re apparently not familiar with how a Senate trial is conducted. Harry Reid is NOT ALLOWED to stop an impeachment trial. The proceedings are headed by the Supreme Court Chief Justice.

    • rchguns

      The Supreme Court will head the actual trial of impeachment however investigations will be done by both houses and the Justice Department unless there is a specific special prosecutor put in charge.

      The Democrats in the Senate are so dirty that they do not want the soiled linen hung out for the world to see. Most of them are just as criminal as this pretend President.

  • SaneZidane

    Yes, congress can defund Obummer’s madness, but they may have run out of time for that also.. If they didn’t let Boehner and his cadre of scheming followers paint them into a corner, they could have done something more effective rather than continuing down the trail of lost causes. We need to elect officials that don’t give American people the perception of, “.hooray for me …screw you.”

  • Oldtymepatriot

    Why wait for another Constitutional violation, he’s got enough against him already to impeach several times over.
    Wait until the proof is finally brought to light that he is ineligible to be in the White House… What a mess undoing all of the things he has signed.

    • Mike G

      I’d love to see a military coup.

  • 1LTLos

    DOnt bother to pull on the amnesty lever buster -There are plenty of remaining Constitutional Violations and scandals that all focus on you to remove you from office about. Amnesty will only be another log to add to the removal from office flame and eventual life time incarceration for defrauding and stealing from our nation you POS!

  • Reelman1946

    Just do it! The cupcake GOP has sat in the corner knitting for over 5 years…put it on his legacy…along with the toxic secular socialism that is rotting a great nation….ignore all media and all polls….and why no serious defunding in 5 years? Where is the passion? The almost daily challenging of this arrogant apostle of rot?

  • Ronald Nelson

    He has already effectively granted Amnesty.. where are the Articles of Impeachment?

    • patriot2

      where are the charges for treason?

    • Ronald Nelson

      The same place that the Articles of Impeachment are… in Speaker Boehner’s trash can. The Speaker is defending the President and needs to be removed.

    • patriot2

      also everyone else that won’t do their job & get rid of obama.he’s done enough damage that any HONEST person would put him away.

    • Shorty Stuff

      Impeachment isn’t enough. It should be treason, in a military tribunal.

    • Mike G

      Amen!! shoot the creep Semper Fi

  • Chuck

    He could care less.

  • teedoffatobama

    watch how quickly obama signs into law another bullcrap amnesty law

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      Congress makes the laws. This Usrper-In-Chief needs to be taken out to the wood shed in chains.

    • teedoffatobama

      the president has the power to override congress and has did it twice on the obamacare and another one concerning youth illegals here so don’t think this arrogant SOB won’t do it again!

    • CincinnatiRIck

      Those aren’t LAWS. Those are Executive orders and many of them VIOLATE the existing laws. So maybe the Attorney General should prosecute him? ROFL….he’s as corrupt as John Mitchell!

  • mathis1689

    Obama doesn’t even consider the possibility of impeachment for two reasons. #1 As long as Dirty Harry Reid and the rest of his Communist cronies (otherwise known as Democrats) control the Senate Obama knows that he has nothing to worry about. #2 Even if the Democrats/Communists loose control of the Senate Obama can use the NSA to dig up enough dirt on them to me them keep their mouth shut.

    • patriot2

      the nsa is obamas j.edgar hoover.

    • mathis1689

      Yeah pretty much. I expect any day now that Fuehrer Obama will arm them and give them the power of arrest as well.

    • patriot2

      he probably has already!!

    • Stupid Stuff Obama Says

      Even if the GOP can manage to take the Senate… None of them has any spine to stand up to this idiot…

    • mathis1689

      He probably has enough dirt on all of them to hang them for high treason as well.

    • Mike G

      I’m afraid you may be right…………… balls.

  • Larry Cowden

    Wait and see if he writes another executive order banning the impeachment of the president! And follow that one up with a mass amnesty all in one order with a declaration of martial law to take control and force the issues of who is running the country. Scary scenario? Yup! But it could happen and that monkey won’t hessitate to try it to prevent him from being removed before he has a chance to destroy this country and remake it in the socialistic islamic vision he sees.

  • cuchieddie

    Where are the non union carpenters, we need to start building the gallows from coast to coast but the kick off will be in DC after the trials.

    • Meathead

      No gallows: A Firing Squad with live on-the-air coverage so ALL Public Servants can see that violating their Oath of Office to “support and protect” the Constitution is a serious Oath with dire consequences.

    • Virgil Hilts

      Thought you’d like to know that the phrase is to “..preserve, protect and defend…”.

    • cuchieddie

      Well the king of the Hershey Highway has violated all 3.

    • Virgil Hilts

      Yeah…probably within the first month!

    • cuchieddie

      Then neck readjustment may be warranted.

    • Virgil Hilts

      Hope they make it public.

    • cuchieddie

      Yeah with leather rockers and an open bar. That would be pure Americana.

    • game50

      Hang Barry the fairy by his Balls..after all he thinks that he has balls to do whatever he want.

    • JeffH

      Heck, I know a bunch of trade union guys, including carpenters, that want to see that POS POTUS impeached.

  • jong

    Given history impeachment would be the least of his problems. Revolt that would last a very very short time would happen in all probability because this would be a “tipping” or saturation point were people just wont put up with it any more.

  • ralphwylie

    Clinton was impeached and look what good that did…….not a fricking thing. Now he angling to get back into the white house on his ol’ ladies skirt tales. Baracko Bama should fear ass ass in nation more than anything. Someone is likely wanting to martyr him for the good of the country and the fleeting infamy.

    • Meathead

      There’s an “Oswald” out there somewhere. “Oswald” just might be a SS Agent in his security detail. But, that would put Joe “Shotgun” Biden in the Oval Office and he has already proven himself to be an idiot.

    • Mike G

      lets dig up his body

  • CincinnatiRIck

    If you impeach, he will of course not be convicted in the Democratic Senate. Still, it is a nice opportunity to put him on trial and air out his dictatorial tendencies. Let the Democrat Senators go on record supporting his rule by pen and phone.

  • Jim

    Damn straight they better take it seriously !!!

  • ffajaz681

    Sounds good but will never go thru the Senate. But is not good for his image

    • ijohnc1

      Actually the Senate has to do the impeachment, then it is sent to the House for them to decide whether or not he is guilty, so the chances of impeachment are slim and none with a senate majority
      being communist’s there is no way it will happen.
      Just another white house distraction to keep everyone off balance while he gets the UN to push us on the refugee promotion and keep bring the illegal alien teen agers into the country.

    • Avspatti

      Don’t you have that backwards?

    • ijohnc1

      I stand corrected, sometimes my dyslexia kicks into high gear.
      This may have been some chum to take the eye off of the trafficking of the illegal alien teenagers.

    • Avspatti

      No problem.

  • junkmailbin

    after the senate votes no, arrest all the noers on rico statute violations of conspiracy

    • Meathead

      Excellent point. It is doable.

    • Mike G

      with some luck the Republicans cad take the senate in Nov, then the commie will be history, then we can send him and michelle back to Kenya

    • 10579

      Dang then we would have no one in congress.

  • mtmountainman

    Impeach the little weasel. Then try him for high crimes and treason (giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war qualifies). Find him guilty (which he is) and follow it by carrying out the appropriate sentence befitting the crime.

    • mathis1689

      I’m not sure there is a sentence appropriate enough for his crimes!

    • Virgil Hilts

      Feet first through a roller-fed wood chipper…duration…about 20 seconds.

    • mathis1689

      That might work except that cr-p splatters and I don’t want to be the one who has to clean it all up!

    • Virgil Hilts

      We could just leave it for Moochelle…after all…the two of them have been giving to us for the last six years…

    • mathis1689

      Point taken. When she got tired she could let Holder take a turn. He’s just as full of it as they are.

    • Meathead

      Boy like. Then send Moochelle in after him.

    • patriot2

      reid,holder,pelosi,schumer,all the rest of his helpers.the list is almost endless,it might be the only full time job left in America.

    • 10579

      All one has to do is google, if the particular person you want to know about is a socialist/communist.You will be suprised how many democrats in both chambers are America hating commies.It might help people make up their mind in November.But when it comes to democrats I use the word “mind” very loosely.

    • Virgil Hilts

      That would work…after years of eating their..they can eat their own.

    • patriot2

      20 seconds is too quick,can we slow it down a little,maybe at the knees,better yet the testicles?

    • Virgil Hilts

      Perhaps smallpox or dengue fever would do….

    • patriot2

      anyting,as long as it’s painful.

    • hjjusa

      About one of those rollers they use to roll out metal sheets?

    • Virgil Hilts

      MY oh my… I have stirred up a hornet’s nest of painful, gruesome and creative solutions to his demise!

    • bigD

      Oh pasha. You’re so cruel. How about the electric chair, One volt at a time??

    • davesnrakleberger

      how about a life sentence served in a cell with Hil or Janet reno?

    • mathis1689

      Nah. We the long suffering American taxpayers have footed the bill for his useless hypocritical butt for entirely too long as it is. The only way I’d go for that approach is for Slick Willie and Dirty Harry Reid to have to foot the bill instead of us.

    • bigD

      I think that execution for treason should suffice. You can only execute a traitor once!!

  • Raul Jimenez

    The radical transformation of America and democrats in power for life a la Hugo Chavez is the goal of USA hating Barack Hussein Obama……Revenge of Hussein.

  • Pete Bundy

    As I recall one of his jobs is to uphold the laws-on this he has been a miserable failure and it is not because of his inept ability-while he is inept he also wants to destroy this country. RR granted amnesty when the Democrats controlled Congress. He said later it was the biggest mistake of his time in office. Enforce the laws we have now.

  • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    If nothing else, impeachment will slow down the rate at which Obama violates existing law. He has recently doubled the pace of his violations or at least they have doubled in their seriousness.

    Impeachment will bring more attention by the public to his actions. He will continue to redouble the violations unless he is impeached.

    • cathy

      He can’t be impeached because of reid and we have no control of the Senate. If we win the Senate and keep the House, we will have no problems. He will be a sitting duck. We can go after holder, et al also.

    • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

      It’s like you didn’t even read what I wrote. My reasoning doesn’t go to whether conviction would succeed – it addresses the rate at which Obama destroys the country.

      But in answer to your concerns, impeachment takes place in the House. The trial takes place in the Senate. Harry Reid has no control over the conviction phase of an impeachment. The Chief Justice presides over the trial, not Harry Reid.

      Your logic is also off because it takes 2/3rds of the Senate to convict. So waiting for an election doesn’t matter because Republicans won’t gain a 2/3rds majority.

      Impeachment is not a political strategy but a constitutional tool to keep presidents from running roughshod over our laws.

  • icetrout

    love this 1 so much just can’t wait for another Black President to take his place… the sooner the better….

    • patriot2

      careful what you wish for,we might get his wookie.

    • icetrout

      would Bills wookie be any better… Hillary in 2016… this is the most phucked up future I can imagine… Thermonuclear War with the USSR would have been preferable than BS… Black President MF’er!!!!!

    • patriot2

      don’t think we have to worry about the nukes unless the muslims get them,russias smarter than that.obama is proving we can be ruined from within.

    • icetrout

      what I’m saying is ,it would be preferable to have had a Thermonuclear War with the Soviet Union … America is becoming a 3rd world shit-hole… better to have nuked the planet than to let the 3rd world savages take control… God pity our progeny… they’ll curse us for sure… :(

  • Combatvet52

    Why wait Impeach now he has broken enough laws that would fill the state of California ………… He would look good in ORANGE

    • Virgil Hilts

      He’d look GREAT if a 747 fell on him, too….

    • Combatvet52

      Right on Virgil

    • Virgil Hilts

      Thank you…In that vein…I have speculated in the past that the appropriate ending to Bin Laden…were we to capture him…that he be placed face-up and spread-eagle on a runway…wherein a large aircraft is dropped on him. P.S. You did know that I was ‘following’ you, right? Also…I work in a commercial cabinet shop.

    • Combatvet52


    • Snookyjack50

      I personally prefer black and white horizontal stripes.

    • davesnrakleberger

      he’d look better in a coffin.

    • Dave from San Antonio

      How about going into a wood chipper…

    • patriot2

      he would look good in a 6 foot hole in kenya.

    • RedRiverD

      He would look better doing an imitation of Saddam Hussein (at the end of a rope).

    • Combatvet52

      Sounds good to me RED

  • 4USA2

    The thing that SHOULD happen is Obama should be ordered to produce his REAL birth certificate and EXPLAIN why he uses a dead man’s SS number? The issue of eligibility has precedence over impeaching him for all the laws he’s broken.

    • RedRiverD

      Terrific points one and all.
      And since he IS using at least ONE illegal SS# and I have heard he has at least 3 and they are ALL suspect.
      But the point here is that if “WE THE PEOPLE” tried that what would happen to us? We would be prosecuted and sent to JAIL. So why does BHO get a “get out of jail” card?
      Why is it that politicians in Washington, DC get to break ALL kinds of laws (that they make),
      but “We the People” can’t? He is reported to be human and puts his pants on one leg at a time (if Mooseshell allows)!

    • 4USA2

      The real insanity of his eligibility question is that every court case that was brought in front of a judge (and there were many) every person who was challenging his eligibility was DECLARED to have NO STANDING! So the evidence and the cases were never heard in court in front of any judge. Even the one military case … the LT Coronel, a well decorated doctor, lost his stripes, his retirement, was kicked out of the military, sent to Leavenworth for a while… for ASKING for PROOF that Obama was Commander and Chief before he was deployed for about the 5th or 6th time. (He wasn’t refusing his orders, said he would go again, but wanted proof Obama was eligible to give him the order. That military judge refused to hear the evidence because she said “it might embarrass the president”. WELL YAH, it might but that doesn’t change that we all should have the right to know the truth. I have never been able to figure out WHY ALL USA CITIZENS don’t have STANDING to ask for proof of where he was born and why he’s used other people’s SS numbers. We all do know the SS department never issues a used number to a new applicant….it would make retirement benefits and medical benefits a nightmare. I have no legal degree but I sure do not understand the word “standing”? American citizens should all have standing to demand proof of eligibility.

  • Dottie

    I would like nothing better than to see Obummer impeached–why hasn’t it been done already?

    • 820 REDHORSE

      I too would like to see bummer impaled! oops I meant impeached!

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      There is a start and a finish to everything in life. He is almost finished. Have faith and hang in there will the lord.

    • 820 REDHORSE

      Roger that! Would love to see it speed up a bit though!

    • Dottie

      I share your sentiment and second the motion that he be impaled, oops that word keeps slipping up when it should be impeached.

  • davesnrakleberger

    I think the illegitimate bastard (and he is one) should not be impeached. He should be tried for treason, found guilty and hanged in a federal pen. Then the next one should be Holder….there is a long list of traitors in high levels in our government that should get the same treatment. After a couple of hangings, the left-tards will leave on their own.

    Amazing what “examples” will do. Blackjack Pershing was a master at that. And if we started shooting at illegal aliens on the border states, the crossings would fall very quickly.

  • Canadianlady

    He’s not afraid the cowardly GOP will impeach him. He’s afraid that voters will turn against the Democrats. This is just his way of blaming the GOP.

  • Silas Longshot

    This clown should have been impeached 4 years ago, and would have been, if the roles were reversed with a republican prez and democrat house. If he does try this exec order amnesty, there’ll be hell to pay in November, because America is PIZZED about his stupidity with ‘border security’, this planned for ‘crisis’ and to put the cherry on top, now there’s talk of FLYING these ‘refugees’ up from all these latino crapper countries ON THE TAXPAYER DIME, so they don’t even have to make the trip on their own! Any democrat running in November would be out on their azz.

    • DollarBill

      Every Demorat voted for Obamacare.Every Demorat better start making out their resumes.Maybe they can get a job as Santa Claus at Macys for Christmas!

  • mattzweck

    I wish they already impeach him but people who voted for him are to dumb. To realize anything.

  • fidlin1

    With or without immigration Obama has already gone too many steps beyond. It’s just a matter of time now.

  • William Dean

    The American Sheeple couldn’t care less about the illegal alien Marxist/Islamic/ in the White House as long as they have Monday nite football and fatty foods in the frig. If the Sheeple cared anything at all about their country they wouldn’t have elected this trash the first time, let alone a second time. I have no pity for them.

    • Jack Adams

      Yes….But the *REST-OF-US* in the country are suffering over this Chicago thugs deliberate actions!!!

    • William Dean

      Jack——-so am I–with 30 years in the Military, three university degrees including an MA and a teaching credential, the best job I can find is as a part time security guard. I don’t miss teaching however, when the classes are filled with people who can’t speak the language, corrupt teacher labor unions, equally corrupt boards of education and schools totally lacking in discipline. I think Obama goes beyond impeachment–he ought to be tried for treason, have his citizenship revoked (if indeed it exists at all), have his passport revoked and shipped back to Kenya along with Mooch-elle.



  • Jack Adams

    Why are the RINO’s dragging their feet over this??? This “misfit” is breaking ALL rules and Immigration laws and does NOT have a clue about the POTUS position or Oath-of-Office he took!!! He is a total MAJOR EMBARRASSMENT* to the USA!!!!

    The problem is – the House can can *Impeach* him…But the senate needs a 2/3 majority to convict him to find him guilty…. But the GOP do NOT control the senate until November!!! And even then you will require some DemoRAT senators to join the GOP senators!!!!

    • DOOM161

      The only problem most republicans have with Obama’s actions is that a democrat did them.

  • BigMark

    Today the 1st Amendment got fried in the White House. No reporters allowed for the Apollo Moon landing mission celebration.
    What’s a matter Braaaack? Afraid one of those old moonwalkers might say publicly that you’re a bone head for canceling our space program?
    Sorry folks, had to get that out….just another impeachable moment among the many.

    • rightsmite

      Obama is a dictator and a coward. He could not possibly face any REAL Americans that close. The only people that coward Obama could face is that other coward and so called astronaut who is married to the looney congress woman griffin, that is responsible for casting the vote to put Obama care in place and is travelling around the country trying to take our guns away. Obama loves those freaks!

  • DOOM161

    Why? He’s been daring republicans to impeach him since 2011.

  • TonyDales

    DO IT NOW!!!

  • Maria castro

    No they don’t know. We have rinos with no balls that we let him get away with murder. They are eunuchs under the advice of Rove and Priebus. Just look what they did to Romney.

  • frankenbiker

    You don’t impeach someone who fraudulently stole the office. You drag him kicking and screaming out the door straight to the nearest brig.

  • DonRS

    Not to worry. So long as Sen. Mitch (Cornpone”s Disaster) McConnell, his twin and accomplice, Speaker John (I fail at everything I do) Boehner and Chief Justice John (Let me get my pen to rewrite un-Constitutional laws) Roberts, as heads of the powers responsible to insure the Balance of Powers between the Executive Branch, Congress and Justice System are executed in accordance with the Constitution (you know, that old, useless document they swore to uphold and protect), Obama has NO WORRIES!

    With these Bozos in charge, we, the citizens are the ones that should be concerned, very concerned!

  • CaptTurbo

    Please impeach the Muslim impostor and arrest him!

  • groscoe

    One thing I have never been able to figure out about Obama is this: Every politician or important figure in the country has their innermost secrets revealed sooner or later…….why hasn’t someone like Trump thrown a million dollars out to an investigator to get the facts?

    • David Tupper

      Threats of bodily harm or death go a long way toward keeping secrets. It’s the Chicago way of politics.

    • rightsmite

      Trump has put up $5 million dollars and I believe he may have put up more than that to the charity of Obamas choice if he would release his school records and his other documents. I don’t think if you offered Obama himself $100 million he would budge. The people behind Obama, like George Soros, who is the multi billionaire puppet master behind Obama, he would match that money to Obama, to not reveal anything. They all know if Obama reveals his actual school documents or his passport or visa that all of those documents will reveal where he was born and what country he was a citizen of before he came to America and it is worth an incalculable amount to protect this traitor.

  • agbjr

    “[In the case of] dangerous exercise of other powers, not granted by the said compact [Constitution], the states, who are parties thereto, have the right, and are duty bound, to interpose for arresting the progress of the evil.”

    James Madison
    Virginia Resolves

  • englishrancher

    If Obama were impeached and forced to resign, we’d have Joe Biden. Regardless of what people think, Biden isn’t nearly the Ideologue that Obama is and would be easier to pressure.

    • FlyTyer2

      Yes, but almost everyone except the mentally retarded residents of Delaware and his wife acknowledge Joe Biden as a fool! Who knows maybe Jill also acknowledges Joe as a fool.

      Anyone ever wonder why Obama surrounds himself with fools? I have an opinion.

  • FlyTyer2

    Obama fears nothing stated in the written laws of the land. As an attorney, he believes he can re-interpret any and all laws to support his position. The problem then becomes the Liberal Court system which re-interprets the laws that govern we the people and, being as corrupt as Obama, side with this Socialist ba&tard.

  • Josef Bercher

    Two reasons not to push for impeachment, 1. Harry Reid and his lackeys will never convict. 2. The new president would be Joe Biden. The ONLY possible result would be a tremendous photo-op and sympathy for the poor down-trodden barry.(The lack of a capital letter is deliberate)

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Biden may be a fool but Obongo is dangerous. At this point, I would take Biden Am I alone in thinking this way?

  • 1Prop

    I was amazed There was a booth set up in my NJ town today with a petition to impeach Obama. One of the people staffing the booth was a balck woman. I could happen.

  • zucccchini

    It was once said that women would never vote, liquor never legalized, …….impeachment of this guy is entirely possible and the sooner the better.

  • parlayer

    why wait for more reasons.

  • USARetired

    And that is only one of many reasons to impeach ‘Obozo the Illegal one’ ! We already have more then enough!

  • peter

    John Boehner will certainly help his rating and the country if he impeaches that criminal Obama

  • jak

    Obama must be impeached now. Never mind IF he grants amnesty to thousands of ILLEGALS.

  • Jan

    They will NOT impeach this illegal pos no matter what he does. Everything he has done has been illegal, against the constitution, or to destroy OUR America.

  • RedRiverD

    Its about time that the politicians in Washington, DC actually DID something about the IMPOSTOR in the White House…..

  • lark2

    Impeachment MUST be on the table. We are a nation of laws and no one is going to “change” that. If this President had been White and Republican … proceedings would have already begun. The Presidents “color” can only take him so far. He is at the end and he had better be mindful! Democrats had better be mindful as well … lets not forget NIXON was NOT impeached. Republican leaders went to him and told “time was up”. Compared to this President, Nixon didn’t do anything. This guy is wrecking the country … In 2008, regardless of his obvious incompetence, who would thought this was possible?

  • jdmurchie

    I prefer impalement!

    • FlyTyer2

      Impalement is much better than impeachment.

    • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

      Naughty naughty. LOL

  • gmhunt4

    Boehner is working with Obama, they both want amnesty for the illegals…..

  • Proud_to_be_American

    Obozo, holder, pelosei, biden feinKENstein, scumer, et al should have been “Strange Fruit” a dozen times over by now!

  • MuslimLuvChrist

    Being arrogant, lawless, and clueless is not the way to run the greatest country on earth. Especially by a so called “Constitutional scholar” (we still haven’t seen those records after 6 years). Start in October with impeachment of holder. He is already in contempt of Congress (“you don’t want to go there, buddy”, what an uncouth thug), and that will be the catalyst to start the ball rolling which everyone is afraid to start. Remember the Lying King always forgets who does and who doesn’t obey the rule of law that made America the greatest republic in the history of the world, and not a dictatorship that he and his crony clowns want.
    Please spend my tax money getting rid of this clown via suit or impeachment, but my money would be better spent buying the first bullet to put this dog down.
    Republicans will lose in November NOT due to threats of suits or impeachment, we will lose due to the massive voter fraud that will make our entire voting process worthless.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      They forgot to mention it was the “Soviet Constitution.”

  • pysco

    Obama is Planning to give blanket Amnesty, he wouldn’t be trucking them all over the US if he was planning on deporting them….. They will be gone within two weeks, and ICE will never find them.

  • vet4freedom

    the hell with with impeachment . get the rope

    • Virgil Hilts

      Nice Icon…is that an Abrahms ?

  • jdmurchie

    That was extreme, I realize. Impeachment and incarceration would be too minor a fate for him, though.

  • Donald York

    Do whatever it takes,(within the law), to remove this criminal from office. Be damned the naysayers!

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Well, the law apparently is whatever “it’s not my fault Obama” says it is. So, if that is good enough for him, it is good enough for us.

      Keep your powder dry!

    • 19greg45

      Remember Saddam Hussein’s most famous quote, “The law is whatever I write down on a scrap of paper!”? Obama is almost there. He should be reminded that neither history nor people who have suffered under despots and dictators are kind to them when they are no longer in power.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Yes, and his “scrap of paper” isn’t doing him any good now. They also found that out in Romania many years back. Most dictators have a lousy retirement plan.

  • John OMalia

    Granting amnesty with the stroke of his pen would be unpopular even in his own party. That would make impeachment and conviction a viable possibility.

  • 19greg45

    If Obama grants amnesty on his own nebulous authority and then opens the floodgates to more illegals, many of whom are illiterates in their own language, the people will demand his impeachment and there will be a march on Washington that will break all records. Many democrats are feeling the heat from their constituents already, and are more than willing to throw Obama under the bus to save their own worthless hides.

  • Levern

    This should be interesting.. Obama treats Hispanics like an over-indulgent father. Whatever they ask. he gives. If the American people knew just how much of their hard earned dollars went to Casa, there would be open revolt. Similarly, if they knew all of the entitlement programs that illegal aliens exploit which they are not eligible for, Obama’s approval level would go down even more. Of course,while he likes their slobbering sycophantic attitude and actions toward him, he is just using them the same way Hitler used the Germans. They suit his purpose—to destroy the US. Now, apparently, even he knows that there will be push back big time if he tries to grant amnesty by executive action which he has promised them. That is what the Hispanics have wanted all along. Of course, Mr. Guiterrez did not help the “cause” when he said that when Hispanics got citizenship they will punish those who were against it. Well we will see how this shakes out.

  • Daniel Gray

    If I was Obama I would be worried as well, especially since the committee that had this has approved it WITH Democrats voting for it. What am I talking about? Giving Boehner the ability to sue Obama for illegal and unconstitutional use of executive orders that the Constitution does not give ANY president this power. This will effectively stop the present president from issuing any more, while overturning all previous ones AND banning any future president from doing this.

    Oh yea, I would be scared spitless if I was a Democrat as this will kill the Obama Presidency. Thank God I am not a Democrat

  • rd4001

    The Republicans are playing dumb, saying they won’t impeach Obama, but I think they’re just trying to goad Obama into doing it. If he does, impeachment. The Republicans probably have all the paperwork ready to submit.

  • Doc Ryder

    That muzzie better be worried !!!!

  • dujaa74

    Solution: U.S. Constitution Article 2 Sec 4, IMPEACHMENT! #NDAA

    • Richard Brandt

      Works for me! The Man-child aka: “His Assholiness” needs to be removed like a decayed, rotted tooth.

    • Yehoshuafriend

      U.S. Constitution Article 4 Sec 4, Unlawful Aliens hostile Invasion of our sovereign Nation. Shabbat shalom!

  • John1943

    Not before time!

  • interestedobserver2

    I’d be more concerned, were I Obama, with the fact that now 13% of DEMOCRATS think he ought to be impeached now, rather than with how many Republicans do. If he keeps pushing the legal edge the way he is, even Democrats are going to be fearful of the imperial presidency, especially since Obama’s policy failures virtually guarantee that Republicans will wind up back in the White House in the not too distant future — and Democrats should be very worried about what that means if the Republican chooses to follow the Obama precedent and ignore congress and use the IRS, EPA and other bureaucracies against his or her political enemies.

    • Yehoshuafriend

      Dambocraps don’t have enough intelligence to know the difference between a constitutional violation, and a traffic citation. Shabbat shalom!

  • Faithful American

    IMPEACH the traitor! It is LONG OVERDUE!

  • Archie Bunker

    Impeach hell… In the fifties we would’ve strung that son of a biscuit eater up and though nothing of it. Like wiping dog crap if your shoe. Every friggin democrat in this country ought to be tried an executed for what crimes they’ve committed against our constitution.

  • SapientHetero

    Of course it is pointless to even consider impeachment while Harry Reid holds the Senate hostage. And talking about it before the midterms only serves to get the Obama base interested in voting in an election that they’d otherwise skip. The time to impeach is after the next Congress is seated.

    • Troy Berkely

      That is because, this is a deliberate act to keep the Democrats in office, and the RINOS are in on it. OF course if you want more Democrats voting in November, why not tip your hand? This whole thing is BS! Boehner? Really? This is an intricate web, sophisticated and stealth strategy to keep pulling the wool over American’s sleepy eyes! Everyone, I mean, McCain, Graham, McConnell, along with the Pelosi’s, Reid’s, Gutierrez’s, Holder’s, Kerry’s and that idiot Muslim Keith Elliot or Ellison, or WTF his name is in Minnesota, and many others I haven’t mentioned are the traitors that need to be removed. I am afraid the old conventional ways is outdated, and new methods need to be employed here!

  • F15TSGT

    The Democrats feel more loyalty toT their party than the country and some RINO Repubs too. The House can impeach but gutless Harry Reid will never bring it forward. Obama will end like up like Clinton but the Senate will block any vote to remove him.

    • DollarBill

      Hairy Reid has over 300 Bills sitting on his desk that he will not act on.Somebody get that sorry SOB to bring these bills to the floor for debate or throw his senile,alzheimer A$$ out of the Senate! He is doing as bad a job as OBUMMER!

  • whisper

    We can not just stop with Ovomit. We have to ROOT out every politician in carrying out acts of treason against every state of the nation. When drugs are found in a house, everyone is taken in. That is the law. Law makers are no different than anyone else.

  • M. Faze

    Impeach this Illegal Alien President. Then go after the people who put him in. That would be Hairy Reid and Nancy Pelosi. They both should be Hang and quartered!

  • tuvals

    Obama should be gone already. He is hands down the most defiant self serving, egomaniacal, dung tossing individual to ever reside in the White House. He is shaming Americans with his constant useless gum flapping rhetoric. The American voter best turn their TV’s off, get off the couch and start participating in their right to vote. Hell, the voters created this mess by their ignorance or staying home. A sad commentary on America…. What’s that flushing sound I hear? It is America going down the proverbial porcelain bowl. The time to act is now folks…

  • AmericanPatriot

    He should have been hanged for treason about 4 years ago!

    • Shamas

      Here, here! I second the motion.

  • ken

    I have received many mailings, with Proxies to sign, to Impeach Obama, they have outlined the many constitutional violation against him, many more than the single one “against Nixon Watergate” so why are we stalling on presenting the charges to Impeach before he tries to sell U.S. to Russia.

    • Up Huff

      The SENATE will not support an impeachment so it is doomed before it starts.
      On the other hand, if it is well documented and fully covered LIVE by the media, there are great opportunities to have the general public see and hear him for what he is. He could easily convict himself of treason out of his own mouth since he wouldn’t have his teleprompter to stumble/mumble over.
      Another point worth considering is whether he’d actually be stupid enough to “take the 5th”. Or, for that matter, claim “national security” for all of his responses. “Executive Privilege” wouldn’t work either.
      Democrats know that they’ve created a slippery slope with this guy, and will NEVER be able to hold a Republican to the standards they have been held to right through Bush.

    • William Dean

      “Covered by the Media?” Who do you think he is in bed with? The “general public” know who and what he is, they just don’t care. They voted for him and they deserve him. The rest of us do not.

    • gepops58

      because with a democrook controled senate there would not be enough votes to convict,wait until after november elections hopefully the Republicians will take the majority back things will happen and ovomit will not be as bold as he is now,he is protected right now so hopefully this will changs soon

  • Jose Khan Yohsi

    This guy should’ve been gone the day after he was elected he’s done absolutely nothing for this country but destroyed from with him which I believe is his full intent in order to establish one world order. The others to follow will be far worse

  • Remington 870

    Of course obama should be impeached, or arrested from fraud. However, are we to expect Spineless Bonehead Boehner to begin the GOP House impeachment process? Boehner is already caving into obama’s plans to sign an EX order for illegals. Time for the GOP controlled House to get rid of Boehner based on a vote of NO Confidence. Otherwise…obama will continue his war against America.

  • Pogo

    Entirely too much about the current occupant of the White House’s past is “secret,” and that should be a red flag for all Americans. The life—past and present—of the supposed leader of the free world should be an open book, not hidden from view and protected by lawyers and other liars.

  • Indian Andy

    He needs to be impeached as soon as we get a 3/4 vote.

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    impeach hell kill him

    • Jose Khan Yohsi

      Just remember at least the next three in line after him have to go at the same time. This requires coordination communication and skill

    • Indian Andy

      Be careful what you say on here. And remember Biden is next in line.

  • sborsher

    Wait a minute. Isn’t 0bama the WH; or has he risen above that in his mind too?

  • Yehoshuafriend

    The only thing Obummer is worried about is loosing his presidential lifeline, by loosing his Dambocrap majority Senate. That is why he is fundraising like there’s no tomorrow, he needs enough money to buy back his Senate in the upcoming elections. With a great majority Dambocrap Senate it is impossible to Impeach him, and he knows it! Shabbat shalom!

    • cactusbob

      I doubt very much that Obama is “worried” about impeachment. That possibility is the obvious result of his goal of ruining our nation, to which he is dedicated. The Dems are using this possibility as a major fundraising tool. They feign desperation to squeeze out more dollars. Just review the emails sent to their minions by DCCC. Check and get on their mailing list. Democrats have mastered the art of motivating their drones to do their bidding. Republicans would do well to learn from the masters of control. You don’t see the socialist/communist factions declaring war on the more traditional Democrats and threaten to crush them. Obama is not our worst enemy, it is the RINO leadership that has rendered the traditional Republicans helpless.

  • joe

    Impeachment should have been initiated during his first year in office. He has steadfastly refused to produce a _real_ birth certificate and the fake that he had made up could have been produced by an elementary school student on a toy computer.
    obama has consistently disregarded Congressional oversight (what little there has been of that particular commodity), he consistently has abused his executive order authority, and he has failed to uphold and defend the Constitution.
    He has given aid and comfort to the enemy in at least one circumstance, that of trading five known terrorist leaders for one deserter.
    All that is necessary for impeachment to begin (since he has met the requirement of “high crimes” and “treason”) is for the house to grow a set and start the proceedings.

  • hummingharpman

    Long past effective applicable impeachment, just one more “impeachable offense” for a despicable lying lowlife who would ALREADY be out if he looked more like his white half than his black half, OR if he were a conservative Republican, but, if he were conservative THIS and all the impeachable offenses would not have happened to start with!.It is way past time to give this Liar-in-Chief the boot by whatever means necessary and available!…….

  • preciousbwallace

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  • rifftop

    They will never initiate impeachment…….couple of reasons…..repubs are too weak, and we know it wont get through this senate. After 2014 election, if senate turns over, it might be a possible action. Also to initiate it now would “wake up” even the weak bama supporters to vote for more left wingers to “protect” bama. All we can do is flip over the senate and ride out the next 2 yrs of this corrupt regime, by stifling anything it proposes, reverse as much as possible and tie up the criminals in litigation until they can be dumped. Also in 2106 an absolute conservative, pro American, pro secured borders, constitutionalist needs to be put in the white house and spend a bunch of time to undo Obama’s edicts, and clean out the various departments from his vermin. They cannot leave any holdovers from Obama in the DC government. The rinos are worthless, so they need to be ignored and bypassed with new conservatives, tea party types and independents that must work together to salvage the nation.

    • chetohimler

      @rifftop…FIDDLESTICKS! The only reason Republicans won’t initiate impeachment is because Barrack is Black! Your comment that Republicans are weak is incorrect. The only reason is , if impeached the Black community would most likely riot. You are just trying to be too politically correct.

    • Don Ford

      Don’t count on all the good God-fearing Black folks to stand behind Obumbler. He lied to them, and said he was against Gay rights and Abortion, then after they voted for one of their own, they found he had pulled a Benedict Arnold on them. Not all Blacks are created equal or are unGodly. This is what I meant by having a law in place that had teeth enough to put folks behind bars who say one thing before an election, and later they switch sides. Their constituents voted for a platform, and when it was not there, they were betrayed. It’s
      kind of like paying good money for a product like a cow, and getting a chicken instead.

    • Indian Andy

      Let them riot.

    • 1_NKEN17

      Very well said! I couldn’t agree more.

    • rifftop

      Let’s face reality……with this fraud, you got exactly what he said he was going to do. He’s a criminal, Marxist, muslim……….period. He was “created ” to bring down the nation.

  • chetohimler

    Unseat this Imperial Socialist jerk. Last thing our Country needs is a weak Leader!

  • chetohimler

    Hurry and impeach the young weak man!

  • chetohimler

    SOB should have been impeached in his first term, as he pulled his Obamacare hat trick!

  • Glock _ 10

    He’s going to force the GOP to impeach him with amnesty. That will energize his base, he will play the Race card standing next to Holder who should be impeached as well. The blacks and the commie libs will be screaming louder than ever with the help of the MSM. Uninformed voters will overwhelm the polls causing the Dems to retain control of the Senate. Check Mate…..Game over..
    My advice, for what is worth, do not impeach until after the November elections, whats a couple more months, anything he does can be reversed by a majority Senate….

  • Sam

    SOB should have been impeached when he started a war in Libya, forced obamacare on us, and numerous other treasonous acts.

  • preciousbwallace

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    • ED NORTH


  • William M Durham

    Impeachment> Maybe an out right revolution and mutiny of the military, and then the great hunt for all these cowards and traitors who helped the muslim prince so they too can pay the full price for their betrayal of America, Maybe public hangings on the white house lawn on National TV would help unite America again.

  • citruscnb

    As far as impeaching him now it is probably too late and think about Biden taking over. Waiting until November is probably more practical (if we can wait) and if this treasonous POTUS manages to worsen the situation ( and it looks like he couldn’t make things any worse) then it is definitely the duty of ;;;;;;;we the people,, to do what is necessary in order to restore balance and put this nation back on track.

  • Kevin Fedor

    If the republicans keep the house and gain the senate……then let’s KICK HIS BUTT TO THE CURB :-)

  • William Sanders

    It’s not going to end well for our historical first black President.