My good friend Alfonzo Rachel and I have a disagreement. Its about music. More specifically, his music. Even more specifically, his band 20 lb Sledge’s music.

IJR readers may be familiar with Alfonzo. He is a leading video blogger and commentator at PJ Media and his book “Weapon of A.S.S. (American Socialist States) Destruction) has been featured here on this blog as well.

20 lb Sledge is his hard rock band that includes members Kem Wade, Eli Chatman and Shawn Taylor. Their pulsing rock rhythms are enough to please any headbanger purist and they are subtly laced with what I can only describe as a type of soulful groove led by bassist Kem Wade. Wade clearly loves his instrument (that sounded so dirty, sorry!) and 20 lb Sledge has found a way to make his bass prominent without watering down their edgy, hard rock style. I’m not a fan of hard rock music. I am a fan of 20 lb. Sledge.

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