Via Greg Hengler, we’re late to this but it’s still a must-post, simply because it’s one of the great narrative derailments you’ll ever see on cable. If ever there was a dynamic primed for a gun control cri de coeur, it’s DNC TV nudging a relative of one of the shooting victims while he’s still grieving. No one would have faulted him for responding emotionally; instead, he came back at them with this. His composure and insistence on sticking to principle under the circumstances are remarkable.

HuffPo is wondering when/whether The One might follow his M.O. on gay marriage and “evolve” on gun control by re-embracing a position he held in the mid-90s. In a sense, that’d be in keeping with his overall campaign strategy: He’s given up on white working-class voters, more or less, and is playing chiefly to his liberal base now, so why not throw them some invigorating red meat by calling for a new assault-weapons ban or whatever? The difference between this and SSM, I think, is that when he “evolved” on gay marriage, he was falling into line with virtually the entirety of his party.

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