A libertarian radio show host is organizing a Fourth of July march on Washington, D.C., by inviting participants to open carry their loaded firearms in a nonviolent organized demonstration.

Adam Kokesh, who hosts the YouTube-based “Adam vs. The Man” radio program, is gathering RSVPs for the planned event on Facebook. The invitation extends to all Americans who own firearms as well as those who don’t, but are supportive of rigidly preserving the unambiguous sanctity of the 2nd Amendment. Law enforcement officers are also invited to take part.

The invitation originally characterized the march as an act of “civil disobedience, not a permitted event.” But Kokesh changed that phrasing, saying he had received a large response from would-be participants and is now coordinating with Washington, D.C., law enforcement in an effort to ensure the event remains peaceful and that the demonstrators aren’t harassed.

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