Joe The Plumber receives a modicum of validation.

The Chairman of the Cato Institute – Robert Levy – must not have been able to sleep since reading my “OPEN LETTER: To the parents of the victims murdered by Elliot Rodger.”

That’s the one where I had the temerity to push back against the Marxists exploiting those Santa Barbara murders for their gun control agenda…
… Oh, crap – there I go not being sensitive again. Sorry, I didn’t mean to call the folks trying to take away your civil liberties “Marxists” – I mean to call them “Maoists.” Sorry.

Okay, so the Washington Post didn’t call for an interview and Mr. Levy couldn’t quite bring himself to say he was on the same page as myself when I said; “Your dead kids don’t trump my rights” – but read his tardy column below and decide for yourself.

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