Montana Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg is calling for Attorney General Eric Holder’s immediate resignation, becoming the 35th member of Congress to demand it.

“It’s become clear that in his efforts to advance the President’s anti-gun agenda, Eric Holder was willing to cross lines that should never have been crossed,” Rehberg said in a statement Friday morning. “Mr. Holder has lost the public confidence necessary to do his job.”

“He has also put our Second Amendment Rights, rights he swore to uphold, in serious danger,” Rehberg continued. “Mr. Holder should immediately resign, and the Senate should refuse to confirm anyone who won’t respect our gun rights.”

As of Thursday morning, there were 34 Congressmen calling for Holder’s immediate resignation and many more have publicly stated their distrust of him. Rehberg brings that number to 35, adding extra clout to the fight as chairman of the House appropriations committee’s subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies.

Virginia Republican Senate candidate Jamie Radtke also told The Daily Caller she thinks “all indications are that Eric Holder perjured himself.”

“If he perjured himself and was involved in selling guns to the Mexican Drug Cartel, he should be removed from office and charges should be immediately considered,” Radtke said in an email to TheDC.

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