Intolerant liberals are taking over the public-school system, including some preschools.

In January 2013, it was reported that a five year old girl in Pennsylvania had been suspended for threatening to shoot another kindergartner with her Hello Kitty Bubble Gun.  The toy generates a flow of soapy bubbles and is totally harmless, but school officials say that her actions were against their no tolerance policy.

The girl did not have the bubble shooting toy with her at the time of the threat. But school officials at the Mount Carmel Area School District in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, leapt into action and detained the dangerous 5-year-old. They interrogated her for three hours without her parents or any legal counsel present.

At the conclusion of the Gitmo-like interrogation, school officials suspended the little bubble gangster for 10 days for making a ‘terroristic threat.’ After speaking with her parents, the suspension was reduced to only 2 days. In addition to the suspension, the girl was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation before being allowed to return to her kindergarten class. Upon being tested, the psychologist reported that the girl posed no danger to the rest of her classmates.

In early 2013, two 7-year-olds were suspended from school for playing with their pencils, pointing them at each other and making shooting sounds. This violated the school’s zero tolerance policy, which the school system’s spokesman Bethanne Bradshaw said has been in place for twenty years. She said that the policy also prohibits the drawing of guns and pointing one’s fingers “in a threatening manner.”

When the father of one of the students asked his son what happened, his son told him that he was “being a Marine, and the other guy was being a bad guy.” The problem is, according to Bradshaw, that a pencil becomes a weapon when it is pointed at another student “in a threatening way” and when “gun noises are made.”

Also in 2013, one second grader was suspended for two days for his terrorist actions. His crime? He was at school eating a toaster pastry with the idea of making it look like a mountain. According to Josh:

“It was already a rectangle. I just kept on biting it and biting it and tore off the top of it and kind of looked like a gun, but it wasn’t.”

However, a teacher saw the pastry and claimed that Josh intentionally made it look like a gun. We all know how deadly toaster pastries in the shape of a gun can be, so before Josh could terrorize the whole school, the teacher dragged him off to the principal’s office. The principal didn’t believe Josh either and suspended him for 2 days.

In 2014, a 9 year old girl in Grand Junction, Colorado found herself to be another victim of zero tolerance and lack of common sense from educators.  Kamryn and Delaney have been friends for some time.  Delaney has been battling cancer for several years and is undergoing another round of chemotherapy.  The treatment has caused Delany to lose her hair and become the subject of teasing and harassment by other school kids.  Some of the kids called her a boy and made fun of her.

Kamryn felt for her friend and felt she needed to help support her so she took it upon herself to shave her head.  Delaney was ecstatic with Kamryn’s actions and told the local news:

“I was really excited I would have somebody to support me and I wouldn’t be alone with people always laughing at me. I would at least have somebody to go through it all.”

But when Kamryn showed up at Caprock Academy Monday morning, school officials reacted to her shaved head.  The school’s policy states that no shaved heads are allowed, so the newly bald girl was not allowed in the classroom and had to spend the entire school day out on the playground.  Then school officials told Kamryn that she would not be allowed to return to the classroom until she purchased a wig or her natural hair grew out.

Now we can add a 4-year-old to the list of young terrorists who have been suspended from school, in this case, preschool, for the dumbest of reasons – being a kid. Hunter Jackson is like any other 4-year-old boy, interested in many things and virtually everything. Excitedly, he took a spent .22 caliber shell (by spent, it means fired) to school with him to show his friends. Yep, you guessed it, the teacher freaked out, demonstrating her ignorance when she contacted Hunter’s parents, according to a report:

“‘I was met with a stone-faced teacher who said that my son had a shotgun bullet.  I was horrified thinking, ‘where could he have gotten this?’” Jackson said, recalling when she picked up Hunter from the preschool in Troy, IL, Tuesday.”

“Hunter’s parents got a letter from the school’s director saying Hunter had been suspended for 7 days.  The letter says they’d repeatedly been reminded about Hunter using other toys as make believe guns, in violation of school policy including Monday, when Jackson picked Hunter up from the preschool, the day before the shell casing incident.”

Kristy Jackson, Hunter’s mom pointed out that what her son found was NOT a shotgun shell but only a .22 caliber shell. The difference in size between the two of them is like that of Volkswagen bug to a Greyhound bus.

A long-established form of brainwashing is to prevent a person from doing any of their normal activity and punishing them when they do. This is exactly what so many schools are doing these days. They are not allowing kids to be kids, to play and use their imagination like kids have done for centuries. Instead, they begin molding them into proper little socialists from the earliest age through high school.

Is this what you want for your kid(s)?