Wednesday’ Child is full of Woe… (Depressed and Dangerous)
Thursday’ Child has far to Go… (Dropout and Misfit)
Because our Teacher “labeled” us So… (Suspended)

Who’s minding the shop at the Department of Education? Under a proposed bill children aren’t allowed to use threatening gestures with their fingers. Some State Statutes explicitly allow a school to suspend students who maliciously display anything that looks like a gun.

Union teachers who cannot be fired have been given the green light to target our children ages 5 to 8 but emphasis on 6 &7 for suspension. Why target this particular age group? This age is crucial “fertile ground” to the developmental formation of self-identification and social structure. There is a short window of time to ingrain core concepts of a belief system into a child who is receptive and especially “desiring” daily approval from teachers who they are closely associated with. Why else would there be a rash of 5-6-& 7 yr. olds suspended for, replicas, facsimile, toys and fantasy guns?

Age * Developments:

5. * Wants to please and do things right for adult approval
* Loves “make believe”, relates it to real life
* Prone to Tattle on others due to sense of right and wrong
6. * Changes friends regularly to make comparisons between each other to acknowledge
his strengths and weaknesses
* Desire to belong
7. * Values ruff and tumble play & Sports Leaders, Le Bron James, Alex Rodriguez, etc.
* Enjoys watching or reading “Fantasy” oriented stories
* Peer Pressure “to belong” to the group enhances pressure “to conform.”
* They respect their teacher’s opinion until age 8, when friends matter more

Teachers are targeting this age group to reprehend them about any resemblance size or shape of an object that looks like a gun. When suspended from school the teacher labels them as “misfits or drop outs”. What they are suspended for having, replicas or actual toy guns, labels them as “dangerous” to the In-Crowd. We just read at each age level they love “make belief” and desperately seek friend and teacher approval to fit in.

Teachers prey on this developmental time and utilize suspension as a maneuver to degrade, ostracize and control the student into correct behavior. Thus reward is to gain acceptance back into the “group” they desire to belong to. Statistics show that kids suspended are repeat offenders and are ranked in the highest level of drop outs.

Teachers are using this tactic as a tool against our elementary school children to have them snitch and investigate their own parents unwittingly. Homework assignments have been up to three pages of questions asking kids to rummage through their home, closets and basements looking for guns and other items all for their teacher’s knowledge.

They are teaching a very impressionable child that our second amendment is “BAD” and on trial in their elementary school. Teachers are labeling these suspended kids and their parents as “dangerous and criminal” for obeying their second amendment right. They don’t teach the flip side that guns have a good and vital role in society, hence Military, Police, and Protection.

A mother reported her son in third grade was suspended for pointing his finger at 4 children. The social worker grilled him to see if he had guns at home. Mom had to attend a school meeting but now her 8 yr. old son has a criminal record for committing an A35 (NYC discipline code) engaging in an act of coercion or threatening violence, injury or harm to others. Today’s news reports Homeland Security has lost 266 potentially dangerous criminals. This child’s criminal record will have him treated akin to them.

The finger pointing starts wagging at the parents considered incompetent to raise their own children. They are blamed for causing undue emotional harm from child’s play when the teacher initiated the interrogation. This excuse will be used to shut down ideas of home schooling and bring in the new “Community” idea that it’s ok to be over-burdened because the State will take over for you. The DOJ wants to stop anybody even thinking about home schooling. No 2nd Amendment, no Bible teaching, no Home Schooling!

Remember this? “Children do not belong to their parent’s! Instead, I call for the community to take charge. Once it’s everybody’s responsibility and not just the house holds then we start making better investments. You have some private notion that your kid is yours and totally your responsibility, they’re not.” Source: msnbc, Melissa Harris Perry, statement

Miss Perry wants moms who chose to hormonally torture their bodies for 9 months to voluntarily give their children over to the state to be raised in the “Community” from which we see no signs of intelligent life. From what I remember at the Democratic convention women have rights over their bodies to choose to kill their babies or choose to do the time and create a life. That would make it my child, Ms. Perry. In fact the DNA would be a perfect match. I also believe that since I had the right to kill my baby I have the right, not you, to choose how to educate and raise the precious life I decided to let live!

I understand that a solid moral character is the glue to keeping a family together and a solid moral family is the glue that keeps our country together! We cannot take this lightly. It’s not a simple matter of child’s play, there are bigger issues embedded in this statute we need to uncover. This Administration has so many scandals going on we are at their mercy just trying to resolve one at a time. Right now this future generation hinges and depends on us to guide them in the right direction and not be distracted.

We have got to have a say in our children’s school curriculum. They cannot go through life labeled as a criminal. If we must go to the Governor’s Office and plant ourselves outside the door then we do it, because this is not in every State yet. It is being tested to see the outrage level, which should be off the charts!

We have to call for the separation of School from State and get the politics out. Then we consider if we have accidentally been warned of the Left’s secret weapon by Ms. Perry, that mere child’s play is part of the Community take-over already in progress…