Yesterday, in response to my post about the church failing to disciple a generation, Florida pastor Uri Brito​ asked me what five ways do I think the church has missed its mission in that regard. I’m going to post my response here because it may be useful beyond just Uri’s specific interest.

Warning: this is a LONG post. 🙂


This is a great question. One I probably am not qualified to answer. However, since I broached the subject it is perfectly fair of you to ask me that. Here’s my best stab at your question:

1) People are confused between a moralview and a worldview. I see this a lot in politics where I work. Most people know what is right or wrong, and will even verbalize it generally. However, they have no framework for how to integrate that into the way they live their lives, do their daily work, etc. In short, we have created “Character Counts” moralists, but not Christians with a fully integrated worldview. In fact, I think all our other issues have their origin right here. For if we can not integrate our faith into a well-rounded worldview among ourselves we have nothing to offer the world from there.

2) Too much of evangelicalism has outright abandoned tradition. Thus we lack a present day context for much of the Bible’s teaching. For example, a mother may tell her daughter the way through a man’s heart is through his stomach, and that may be an absolute truth. But if that mom then doesn’t also share tried and true family recipes with her daughter she knows that work, and have been tested to prove that principle true, she’s at a disadvantage incorporating that truth into her life.

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