President Obama’s average job approval rating for the month of February in Gallup Daily tracking was 45%, with 47% disapproving, unchanged from January.

Obama’s job approval in February exceeds the lows seen last summer, when his monthly approval rating dipped to 41% from August through October. That followed a slide from 50% in May after the successful U.S. military mission in Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden. However, despite the recent improvement in his score, it has yet to recover to the level seen at the start of 2011, when 49% approved and 43% disapproved.

Apart from the rally in approval after the bin Laden mission, the last time Obama’s monthly approval rating averaged 50% or better was two years ago, in February 2010.

Apart from his monthly averages, and aside from the bin Laden rally period, the last time Obama had approval ratings of 50% or better for even several consecutive days in Gallup Daily tracking was in January 2011. Obama’s sub-50% approval ratings are continuing thus far in March, with his approval rating registering between 43% and 48% in Gallup’s three-day rolling averages.

That half of Americans say Obama’s presidency to date has been a “failure” underscores the challenge the president faces in convincing voters he deserves a second term. The 44% today saying Obama has been a success contrasts with the 64% saying this of Bill Clinton just a few months before his re-election in 1996.

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