When I was in 7th grade, I had an English teacher with black circles under his eyes and an angry, sarcastic sense of humor. You never knew if he was joking or not when he threatened to fail you. Not the dream teacher for a thin-skinned 4.0 student like me, who asked those annoying questions like, “Do you want us to write each sentence to the end of the margin or all the way to the end of the paper?” He’d say something like, “You’d better guess right, or I’ll fail you.”

So, one day, he leaned over his podium and said, “Ok, kids. Your homework tonight is to write a 500 word essay on all the reasons that I, Mr. Loggersomethin’, should die.” Nobody laughed. This dude was unreadable.

So, it seems like every day, there’s a new news story about some outrageously bogus school assignment that’s being given in our public schools. This past week, there was the Florida father who found out that his 4th grader’s homework assignment was to write a letter about his willingness to give up the Constitution.

Also, in the news this week, high schoolers in upstate New York were given an assignment asking students to argue why “Jews are evil” in a persuasive paper about why the Jews were the problem in Nazi Germany.

In Wisconsin, 8th graders were given a crossword puzzle. The descriptive clue for 2-down was “the political belief of preserving traditional moral values by restricting personal freedoms and encouraging prosperity through economic freedom.” Want to take a stab at the answer to 2-down? Conservatism.

Something is happening in our education system, and it’s not just your typical distrubed-teacher-screwy-assignment issue. There have always been wacko teachers who give odd assignments. Why? Because, when you’re a teacher, you’re the king or queen of your own little world, with little to no supervision. I was a teacher for a few years – fresh out of college. I earned a less-than-useful degree and had no job prospects, so teaching felt like the natural progression. I remember how much I enjoyed the power trip. I loved my kids and I treated them well, but there was a thrill in saying, “Ok, young children. Today, I decree, NO MATH!” Cheers filled the room. Fists flew into the air. You can’t help feeling like a queen. So, duh – of course the slightly mentally disturbed teachers with tenure will be caught taking advantage of their power. What else is new?

But, ah. The world has changed. “Back in my day,” (I think 27 might be too young an age to use that phrase), teachers got in trouble for weirdly dark and confusing assignments like the essay I was told to write (yeah, I had one of those moms). But, nowadays, there seems to be a theme. It’s not just wacky teachers giving weird assignments. We’re seeing an across-the-board shift in morality and truth. Teachers aren’t the kings and queens anymore. They are servants who are echoing the liberal mantra that there is no ultimate truth. That what’s right for you is acceptable. That sin doesn’t exist. That people who believe in a right and a wrong are evil hate-mongers.

Liberals are getting the leftist worldview crammed into brains that are so young and squishy, they’ll absorb just about anything. Meanwhile, the feeble minority of outraged conservatives aren’t even being given a proper platform where they can air their grievances. Most all of the liberal media downplays the news stories that make them look bad and reinforces the idea that conservatism is, well, you know what they say about us. Just look at the media blackout that’s happened involving the disturbing Gosnell murder case. Liberal news outlets don’t want to report stories that are going to put the liberal agenda in a bad light.

Conservative parents have got to be vocal and involved in their child’s education. We’ve got to see what our kids are being taught and fight against the injustice of this indoctrination from the left. Mr. Loggersomethin-er-other may have been a sad man on a power trip, but his issues were his own. Teachers in the news today aren’t just personally disturbed. They are promoting an idea being reinforced on billboards and TV shows and politics and everywhere you look. And your kids are the target. Pay attention.