Really? Does common sense not come into anyone’s head through this whole process? And now the kid thinks it would have been better to keep his mouth shut and hope he didn’t get caught than to be honest.
Check it out:

A first-grade student in New Kensington, Pennsylvania has been suspended and may face expulsion for bringing a plastic toy gun to school, despite the fact that he realized he’d made a mistake and voluntarily handed it over to teachers.

In an all too familiar story, 7-year-old Darin Simak faces a disciplinary hearing Friday, all because he used a backpack that he doesn’t normally take to school, not realizing that the toy was inside.

The boy’s parents are fuming that the incident has not been quickly resolved by officials at Martin Elementary School officials, and has instead been needlessly exacerbated.

“He found the toy gun on the outside pocket,” the boy’s father Chris Simak told local reporters. “He took it straight to the teacher and said that he wasn’t allowed to have it.”

“In the middle of math, I had to go to the principal and have a talk with her. As I’m telling the truth and then I got expelled,” Darin himself said, meaning that he’d been suspended.

Instead of dealing with the incident in a rational way, the teacher in question “followed protocol” by escalating the case to the principal, who in turn escalated it to the superintendent for review. The boy is suspended until a decision on punishment is made.

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